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Demonized men and women frequent bars, they call it “clubbing”

The problem Sisters is this. The Children are all over the streets worldwide with nothing, while the men with power in Heaven and on Earth are holding a meeting, stroking each other’s man thing and approving each other. A M.A.S.H. Unit is what is needed in this warzone. Whether men have a penis or not, they have one. And that is the man thing, their testosterone. Too much testosterone in the room and not enough love with mercy is the problem and only women who are nurturing feel this way. I cannot stand the suffering and screaming of these Children when in one minute reading this page, they could have been helped long ago if Heaven had wanted this web page worldwide. There are men who are stupid cute and men who are only stupid. This is a fact of life.

Would one of you girls read that worldwide to the boys, thanks. ~Tiff

Men sit back running their stores, see the women merchants making a difference. ~Tiff

The doctors wiz along in their fancy sports cars while the nurses are the ones that carry the bowel movement trays. ~Tiff

Women are kept in women’s shelters that are like animal shelters. They have food and a water dish and are warm, but they cannot get the things they want. See my plan to fight the economic war at ~Tiff

Genesis 6.2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.

And God let them.

The male decision making process. Let the Tribulation happen. Doesn’t matter that there are brutal Satanic men all over the place. What about the women and children O God? Did you even consider them at all?

I did 25 years of Biblical research and produced

I did 15 years of Communications Research in The Military and a lifetime of work and produced Smile2Smile HyperWeb with Hyper Recursion. I will never give any of the powerful men who ripped me off all my life anything and they can deal with me or they will be broke, because they will not be on The Smile2Smile Array.

And I still cannot afford a place with my own toilet and a lock on the door. You see the problem. My operation was botched on my vagina and I can’t be too far from a toilet at times. Men including God and His Son and The 144,000, all men, do not have empathy for a woman’s wants and needs because it is impossible for a man to know exactly how a woman feels.

Example in The Bible

Our little Sister has no breasts.

In The Bible, God says “I do not change”. I don’t change either God, I’m a no bullshit woman and a righteous woman and now you have met one to the ultimate degree possible. You’re not me God and I’m not you. Don’t even try to pretend that you know what I want or need.

Life under The Rule of Christ for women since 1914

Violence against Women. My Sister, your suffering was not in vain.

Is this much violence required to arrest a woman?

Romans 13.3,4 For the authorities do not strike fear in people who are doing right, but in those who are doing wrong. Would you like to live without fear of the authorities? Do what is right, and they will honor you. 4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

If they are your ministers O God, put a leash and a collar on these animals. It’s not an isolated incident, there are page after page of these videos.

cop slams woman’s head into cement – YouTube

cop slams mans head into cement – YouTube

Male/Female issue only. I have never blasphemed The Beautiful Sacred Spirit, Ahri, in fact The Sacred Spirit has sided with me in all things. Elizabeth of Austria was captive from a young age like me and went on to be Empress of Austria, d’As “Sisi” is me. Empress like Sisi. Her nickname was Sisi. She is my kindred spirit, there are no past lives.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart, The Lioness of Yudah.

When you have nothing, The Bible becomes a book of empty promises is not true. I am proof.

The Rise Decline and Fall of The Roman Religion

The Hebrew Tetragrammaton in the Torah currently used by The Earth is a lie. The only true Torah is Targum Onkelos in which we find God’s Name represented by the double yodh /YY/. His Name is Y’hayah (Y’aya).

There are deep Satanic undertones in The Bible, because Satan knows that God cannot look upon evil and cannot have an evil thought or even imagine such evil. The Garden of Eden was the first manifestation of evil, before that, there was nothing for God to foresee or foreknow. God is innocent.

Conclusive proof: Scene of The Crime

James B. Hannay, author of The Rise, Decline and Fall of The Roman Religion knew something was wrong with the Hebrew Scriptures but did not realize Satan wanted him to destroy The Bible completely.

By meditating about Our Father, I learned to create like Him but without the power and strength. I am love with mercy like Our Father and His Son, therefore could not be defeated by Satan. Eternal love, once cultivated, cannot be defeated by evil.

Whatever happened to me, I stand with my Father, because a lifetime of love for Him is in my soul. Satan can destroy your brain and mind perhaps, but as long as you cultivate spiritual things in your soul, no matter what happens you will defeat evil. The Sacred Spirit looks into all things to the dividing of soul and spirit. I have discerned the problem. Replace The Torah with Targum Onkelos without diacritics and the problem is solved. It must be transliterated one letter at a time and then translated one word at a time using Bing Translator. Then we will have as close to the original meaning as is possible.

Me and Our Father are a Father/Daughter team. Satan could not separate us.

Overwhelming evidence: The name Jehovah is Satanic

I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11

Our Father in Heaven is Y’hayah (Hebrew יְאיא Y’aya). He is represented by Abraham in The Bible. God’s Name is not Jehovah, it is Y’hayah for sure, all the theophoric references in The Bible prove it. The names all end in yah or ayah.

The Son of God is Ishouh (Aramaic ܝܼܫܘܿܥ Ishouh pronounced ee-sho’-uh). He is The First of God’s Children in Heaven. He is represented by Isaac in The Bible. Before Ishouh was created, God was alone, with infinite love to give.

Two people. Before His Son was created, God was alone, with infinite love to give. Now you know the “why” of why we are alive. God wanted other people in His life and only wants to love them as His Children. That is all.

Our Brothers and Sisters in Heaven are The Sacred Angels.

Our Brothers and Sisters on Earth. Some are saved, some are yet to be saved.

We pray “Abba, Father” and end prayer “in the name of Ishouh, ahmeyn”.

The beautiful expression “Abba, Father” was used both by Ishouh and the disciples (Mark 14.36, Romans 8.15, Galatians 4.6).

The Name of The Son of God. The Koine Greek transliterated directly to English is Ihsou (Yiddish Isaac) at Matthew 1.1. Esou is Coptic for “lamb”.

Only Aramaic has the /ܫ/ character for the /sh/ sound.

Galilean Aramaic Alphabet

The letter ayin in Galilean Aramaic is pronounced /uh/

Aramaic transliteration chart

The Beautiful Reality

The story of a Father and His Son, out fishin’

Innocence cannot imagine the evil in this world. Satan knew this about Y’hayah and Ishouh and used it to the full. God cannot look upon evil, so saith The Bible. And The Christ is The Image of God, Ishouh is just like Him.

Everything you need to know

The CIA is wrong. Do not listen to them about the Earth experiencing a polarity flip. The Earth Wobble is a timing mechanism, like a self winding watch. The Universe works the same way. At most, God will give it a little shake and it will continue for billions more years, every time. T=1 as long as you are grounded in this reality, nothing is impossible.

Ecclesiastes 1.4 Generations come and generations go, but the earth remains forever.

T=1, even for God.

That’s why when God forgives your sins, He doesn’t look back. There’s nothing He can do about it. Don’t look back on your sins.

Time is like a river, it just goes on and on. There’s only one direction, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.~Tiffany

Scriptural evidence. The Sacred Angel above The River Chabar saying “When will the wonderful things be?”

Never forget the love and mercy of Ishouh. He showed us The Way.

Have love with mercy for everybody until they feel better. That is ahabah, outward love.

Do not be cerebral. Always speak love with mercy, don’t just think it, especially when talking to Our Father in Heaven. When you speak it, you feel it in your heart and soul. Hanna’s lips were moving when she poured out her soul to God. Do this even with your soul using your name and your soul will be a beautiful soul and make sure and tell your soul that it is beautiful when it moves you to do the right thing. Ahri is beautiful and wonderful. Talk to Father and Ahri, the comforter and the spirit of the truth, will help you, my beloved little ones.

We have a brain with its mind, a heart with its heart brain containing 40,000 neurons that learn, feel and remember. The interaction between them is the soul. You feel it in your upper body to the right of your heart. It’s what makes us a person. The Sacred Spirit is located between the brain and the mind and does not touch the body. It actuates our mind. Filled with The Sacred Spirit means “supplied with a full complement”, the Merriam Webster definition of filled. You receive The Sacred Spirit once and it is with you forever.

John 14.16 And I will ask the Father, and He will give you another Helper, to be with you forever,

The name of The Sacred Spirit is Ahri. /ah/ from ruah which means “spirit”, /ri/ from ridi which means “with laughter”.

Nothing will prove to be an impossibility for God, so saith The Bible, and of His Children, “nothing” will be impossible for them.

God is Love. And Ishouh is Love. Anything in contradiction to these statements is a Satanic Lie.

The man next to Ishouh on The Cross looked at Him and thought…

He doesn’t look like a criminal…

He’s not reviling…

He’s praying to God…

He’s The Messiah.

Luke 23.42 Then he said, “Ishouh, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

Luke 23.43 Ishouh answered him, “Truly I tell you today, you will be with me in paradise.”

Before Ishouh was created, God was alone, with infinite love to give.

A few things that came up in my life experience

There’s obviously a problem. I tried to fix a Roman Bible and it doesn’t seem to always add up. It may be that The Khaburis Codex is all that is left of true Christianity. A loving Father, loosening His Son’s bandages in person in The Tomb, and the disciples asking Ishouh to pray to God for them during the storm on the sea. That seems more likely than Our Father being a monster or a moron, like Satan. We’ll work it out, don’t be worried or afraid. I have The Sacred Spirit and that can only come from one place, Our Father, and The Sacred Spirit has taught me all things. Jehovah is a Demon. Period. The Romans incorporated Christianity and the result is The Roman Religion well documented on this website. I have 25 years of Biblical Research Experience and 15 years of Military Communications Research experience and I am meticulous. We shall base Our Faith on what I found in The Khaburis Codex and when reading The Bible, if it resolves to anything other than God and His Son are beautiful, we will use discernment and disregard it. I have authority to say and do these things and I am the only who can translate portions of The Aramaic Scriptures correctly. has a good copy of the scriptures in Aramaic, but the translation is the work of copyists who trusted The Roman Bible in their translation and should not be trusted at all. Perhaps in the future I will be able to do more. Test, test, test is all we do as Meshikhi and use our reasoning power and thinking ability.

Y’hayah is God, Jehovah is a Demon. You have to have it clear in your head, whoever is God in Heaven in your mind will continue to be your master. The whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one. So saith The Bible.

I didn’t have time to go back and edit a million pages. Just know that Y’hayah is God and Ishouh is Lord.

The problem caused by The Roman Bible

But there’s a problem. Satan thought he had me and revealed himself to me, haha I got you bitch with that asshole look on his face. Satan is 5’6″ tall, relaxed length hair, ugly disposition, unwashed looking. The Christ knew this information and maybe the information died with his disciples. But it’s not mentioned in the Bible. This is The New Bible. If anyone looks at you funny, says anything funny, does anything wierd or anything else, it’s just little asshole Hillel, his name in The Bible uncovered by removing the Hebrew diacritics and translating with Microsoft Bing Translator.

Luxury information to know isn’t it? But it was not transmitted in The Bible. Satan and The Demons are all average height people, using invisibility technology which is not perfect and they can be motion detected using The Rogers Communications Security Camera system in Canada.

All the horrors and suffering and torture and psychological warfare done to us would never have happened if everyone knew this information. Satan can create complex social situations, that’s all. And he has knowledge of The Electromagnetic Spectrum from the morning of Creation. But it’s worse than that. Evil men have this technology and can create virtual reality for people with haptic capability. There are no aliens. But when people experience virtual technology with haptic capability, they feel being dissected by “aliens”. That’s what haptic response means. They feel it.

Satan has no power from God, it’s all EM Spectrum. Photons for images, chemical reactions and a portion of The Electromagnetic Spectrum called “radio” to make people hear voices. Extrapolate the information on The EM Spectrum page a million years ahead and that’s about right.

Satan’s nothin’. Don’t worry bout nothin’. Anything you see or hear that’s not natural is what I call “The Cartoon Network”. Be doing the same.

Critical information about the enemy, not transmitted in The Bible.


Revelation 12.9 New International Version 9 The great dragon was hurled down—that ancient serpent called the devil, or Satan, who leads the whole world astray. He was hurled to the earth, and his angels with him.


Revelation 12.9 Down the little asshole Hillel was hurled, having great anger.

Misery loves company is all it is.

The Pharos are the world leaders. All those around them, especially the “gurus” are magic practicing priests with Satan. They think they are geniuses, but they are morons, because they are with Satan. Satan only makes them think they are geniuses. And the world leaders listen to their gurus. Pharo of Egypt thought he was God. Because from birth, that’s all he was told. Until He chased after the Isral’ites. Who is Y’hayah that I should listen to him? I do not know Y’hayah and what is more, I will not let the Isra’alites go. Until he was in the middle of the seabed and the water came crashing down. At that terrifying moment, he finally knew that he was not God.

The gurus have stolen from me all my life and The Jehovah Demon tried to stop me. But I kicked his ass. Even the most powerful gurus on Earth, the very top ones, could not stop me because I wanted to help people with love with mercy. And The Sacred Spirit was in agreement with me in all things.

Take a look. Do not be concerned about sexuality. Sexuality is “Yum”, Pornography is “uk”. Get used to it people. In a perfectly restored Paradise, you might decide that clothes are too restrictive. You’re gonna love the way you look!

In the year 1914 God offloaded all of the pure evil invisible spirit men in Heaven onto His Children on Earth who did not have The Name of God to protect them or so they could ask for Mercy like the ancient Isral’ites had. No one touched The Isral’ites. After 25 years of Biblical Research I have found the actual Name of God, Y’hayah. God is not in your mouth. Satan said to The Demon “You be God and I’ll be The Demon”. Fight it with all your might, it might just be Chinese Human Flesh Search Engine Technology. God is not in your mouth, keep your mouth closed while reading The Demon Planet page.

Coming Soon: The Demon Planet by Thomas Cahill author of The New York Times #1 Best Seller “Gifts of The Jews”.

With love,

You are all my little ones, in my heart always,

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

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