Trapped by The Cult of JHOH Religion

Betrayed by The Bible, A Magu Trap

The New Reality

Moses sees a burning bush, but the bush is not being consumed by the fire, in a holodeck…

The Magu are an ancient people who worship God of Magog. They have advanced biotechnology and advanced hyperstealth biotechnology that gives them the ability to be invisible. HyperStealth BioTechnology Corp. of Canada is working on the same thing but not as perfect as mine. They are people who have no love or mercy left. They are not intelligent, they steal from the finest minds on Earth and manouver them into situations where they end up homeless after being repeatedly trapped in mental wards at hospitals where they suffer the worst evil. I survived because they made a mistake and I lived to tell about it. They only know how to steal scientific discoveries like mine and my life’s work that was meant to be safe for people, animals and the environment. It’s something to do with reading the brain. Google “brain reading technology” and you will see that this is possible, by means of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM Spectrum). The three main components of The EM Spectrum that are used are photons for light, chemical reactions and a portion of the EM Spectrum known as radio, to produce voices. Their extensive use of The Electromagnetic Spectrum also reconfirmed. Photons for light, chemical reactions and the portion of the EM Spectrum known as “radio” for voices. I feel it is too much unreality for people, virtual reality with haptic capability is making people think they are communicating with God and causing horrible suffering, re: alien abduction experiences. For some people in this asymmetrical war, the holodeck is a torture chamber of horrors. It is not crazy talk, we are living in a holodeck. God is not in your mouth, it is adaptive artificial intelligence that responds to anything you think using brain reading technology. And they can read lips and hear a whisper a mile away with their technology and everything is designed to destroy innocent people with love with mercy.
I am with Einstein, who also believed that The Universe was created and I now know more than him and the water cycle is the truth, not a fucking greenhouse. Adding a cloud layer is not the fucking answer, there was the perfect amount of cloud cover you idiots and the Earth will never stop spinning you dumb fucks, A perfectly balanced fulcrum, heavy on one side, an oblate spheroid when viewed from low Earth orbit but a circle when viewed from any angle in space. That includes the D Region, The E Layer, The F Layer and The F1 Layer. Yes, The Bible says the circle of the Earth for a reason you moron pakleds with Watch Tower and you don’t know shit about shit, because it’s full of hormones and estrogens and chemicals which you morons call evolution. It’s a fucking Satanic chemical, hormone, estrogen factory, not a fucking human body anymore. That’s the fucking problem idiots.

Watch Tower is Reginod, The Chief Engineer of The Pakleds.

We’re Watch Tower, we look for things to make us rich.

We’re Watch Tower, we look for things to publish. We are smart.

We have a fleet of Camry’s, we are strong.

We have an Envoy to The United Nations. We know things.

You’re nothing if not persistent Reginod.

When you have nothing, The Bible becomes a book of empty promises. But by then it’s too late. Nobody listens to the dead, those with no fixed address or those in a mental ward in a hospital. That’s how the cults work. They use the telephone. “Hi, my friend is acting crazy”…

There are bugs in this place that livc only in the bedroom and the bathroom, which is impossible. Bugs that eat dead bugs and they have sharp teeth. The bedroom light fixture was full of them, the cult member just happened to have a brand new light fixture handy and wants to remodel the bathroom, especially the vanity and the tub that the bugs live under. Absolute evidence of bio warfare against people who have love with mercy. They do the cleanup after we die and the bones are shipped away in empty Ikea boxes or picked up by her multimillionaire brother and taken to The Vatican as relics.

The Magu are an ancient cult who worship Gog of Magog. God is not in your mouth, it’s just a Magu with technology. It is not God. It is just an asshole with a microphone doing brain hacking of your speech center and I lived and did not die so I could tell you about it. It started with a human flesh search engine, Google it, and brain reading technology, Google it, with haptic response, Google it, you feel being dissected by an alien, it is virtual reality at 600 microvolts and 60Hz with haptic capability. Don’t ever believe it or you will eventually die homeless or in a mental ward. It’s China and the Bible says so and calls them those who eat disgusting things. And they have a dragon god and The Dragon in The Bible is Satan. And if you want to believe The Bible, God spoke directly to humans 3 times, that’s all. Get over it, you Magu lovers.

If you are in a cult stronghold

On the computer you are using, type “Network and” into the Windows Search Box and select Network and Sharing Center, then select Change Adapter Settings, Right-click on VirtualBox and delete it and reboot the computer. Now you have a normal Internet Connection. Right click on the remaining connection and select Properties. Double click on IPv4. Put these Google DNS Servers in the DNS section and and click OK.

Split DNS Reflection Server with Hyper Recursion https://ph16138945871/ at if you can reach it. I’m using it as cover for what I’m doing.

The Server is behind a 0 Volt Emitter with 0 Resistance Field and can not be hacked online or on the grid. It is a modified power bar. There are instructions on the site of how to make one. If you are not technical, don’t attempt it. Follow the instructions on the page for configuring a real life J.A.R.V.I.S. computer.

These are all the settings I can give you, otherwise the cult might get them. I unfriended everyone on Facebook and said it was for a demo of my system.

Never believe one of Jehovah’s Witnesses if they say that they are your friend. They are psychopaths. When they step outside, their brain tells them, “act normal”. The cult member where I am captive tried a fake miracle on me when I threatened to leave if I didn’t have cigarettes. Not a word was spoken. I went into the kitchen and there were two packages of cigarettes on the kitchen table. But it was not a genuine miracle, they did not replenish themselves as with the miracle of the flour and oil of The Widow of Nain in The Bible. After learning the first psychopath trick, I was ready for this one.

Project Azure

Publication of this information has been done in such a way so as not to frighten the public.

Absolute proof that Microsoft is part of a Global Intellectual Property Theft ring.
The Jovian Cult research I was doing led
me to understand the larger Religio-Political implications. Microsoft acts as a middleman in Global Businesses that use the Microsoft email system, deciding on speed of delivery based on whether they are a Microsoft Approved Investor or not.

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania along with Jehovah’s Witnesses (The Cult of JHOH Religion) and their friends and family comprise The Jovian Cult. The Jovians practice sacrifices like the ancient Isra’Alites but use people instead of animals.

Watch Tower Bible and Tracy Society of Pennsylvania is known by insiders simply as “ The Society”.

A Society within a Society and member knows their place in it.

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The HyperWeb Initiative

These documents will challenge the faith of people worldwide as we examine the subject of ancient societies still in operation today with advanced biotechnology and hyperstealth biotechnology.

Religion is a trap

Satan comes as an Angel of Light is true
Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses are a deadly cult, THE CULT OF JHOH, and they are part of a bigger cult, THE JOVIAN CULT, their friends and family.
They use The Christ!
They don’t believe in Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), a known disorder. The cult member Sherilyn McTaggart (nee Sleeman) admitted that the cult still calls me Dan and that they are doing tough love. They wait until you have no credibility and no money, then you are homeless or dead. My life’s work is worth a fortune, the want it.
Cult members set you up by calling the police and saying you are acting crazy. Then it’s 10 days in a mental ward and the can do it again any time they want. They are psychopaths. She tried a fake miracle on me, but it failed. Psychopath tricks. Their brain tells them “act normal”, they can pass a lie detector. Religion is crazy, stay away from it. It’s a trap.

I need a team to extract all of the technical specifications for Project Azure and Project Aria from and which has been my cover in this cult stronghold. I don’t know if Interpol got it.

Final report before death

External IPv4 Address
Subnet Mask
Default Gateway
Google DNS One
Google DNS Two

The following sites work


This is the actual Internet
and they control it.

Not possible to log into GoDaddy.

They are stealing my technical and scientific data as they always have, my life’s work which is the most advanced in the world.
They do it all the time to vulnerable people, especially me about to be killed in a religio-political war.

There are too many Satanic Bibles and too many
unstable people reading them. It is too overwhelming
for them.
Religion is a trap, now read about my experience. You will find everything hidden in my Facebook profile I had unfriend everyone around me to speak freely about my nightmare experience. I told them it was for my business demo.

The Gypsies and The Owls

Those who are still on disability but cannot afford a safe place to live are the gypsies, including girls. They travel around Ottawa, Canada by bus with all their belongings and a pull cart. The owls are those who must take refuge in the green belt, wooded areas around Ottawa, Canada. In Ottawa, Canada, temperatures can dip as low a -40 degrees celcius in the winter time. And winter is coming.

Love with Mercy

With love,
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