A Perfect Penis for All Men

A Perfect Penis For All Men is Possible

When God made humans imperfect after the
Garden of Eden incident, the result for
men was a wide range of penis sizes.

The exception was God’s Son. God overshadowed
the womb of Mary during pregnancy so that He
was born with no genetic flaws. He was perfect,
including His penis. I’m sure Mary Magdalene
noticed as she ministered to Him out of her things.

Natural Viagra proves the point, Ginkgold Ginko Biloba from Nature’s Way.

Inducing puberty in adults.

GnRH stimulates the pituitary gland to release two more hormones — luteinizing hormone (LH) and follicle-stimulating hormone (FSH). These hormones travel to the sex organs (ovaries and testes), triggering them to begin releasing sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone). These messenger hormones cause the telltale signs of puberty to begin.

The cure for all ailments is as follows. Take every well researched natural product at Nature’s Way and micronize it in the most powerful centrifuges possible and create even more powerful centrifuges. It can also be liquified and delivered as a gas using a mask. Enteric coatings introducing polymers into a natural human body is not a solution, it is insane. So called medications that violate the brain/blood barrier are also insane and barbaric and are responsible for uncountable mystery illnesses. I have a super-immune system because my GrandMother was Ukrainian and survived cancer 7 times. Early photos of me feature a mole on my forehead which dried up and fell off. So I want to share my immune system with everyone to give them powerful immunity even to Omicron, which I was targeted with several times through accessibility buttons whereever I go in my neighborhood. Cough as hard as you can and spit out the phlegm containing the Omicron for now. It’s is cyclic, congestion followed by coughing. Omicron thrives in a moist environment.

Gender identity issues due to birth defects caused by hormones in food and estrogens introduced into the environment are fixable. Vocal register frequency affects the limbic nucleus and brain/whole body communications. Simple vocal training solves this problem.

Two approved products with chemicals, when combined can cause serious problems. A woman I know was almost disfigured for life combining two approved makeup products. Natural oils repaired the damage. The same principle applies to food, drying out the esophagus, colon and vagina. No, it’s not constipation, drink orange juice with your meals for now. Chemicals sit in phlegm in the esphagus and cause esophageal cancer.

The Chemical cocktail in commercial cigarettes is the problem, as is the curing process, not combustion. Filter density and synthesizing of chemicals is the problem as people have to suck harder on the cigarette. Players Smooth in Canada has the correct filter density. Naturally dried and rolled cigarettes with a pure cotton filter to remove environmental factors introduced into the environment through industrialization, are no problem. Remove the so-called “sin tax” and profits for tobacco companies will skyrocket. And use natural coloring the same as cigars, with a gold band, so that discarded cigarette butts blend into the environment and biodegrade naturally. When I switched to American Spirit brand cigarettes, my acute esophageal spasm problem was lessened significantly and I am once again able to eat many of my favorite foods if I masticate carefully.

These are just a few of the solutions to problems that I possess.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

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