The Watch Tower Lie about The Christ

The New Reality

You people are love without mercy and don’t know
how to reason.

Luke 22.42 saying, “Father, if it is Your will, take this cup away from Me; nevertheless not My will, but Yours, be done.”

If this man was The Christ and the only way for
all of God’s children to be saved was for him to die,
and that was God’s will and he had volunteered according to
The Bible (Isaiah: who will we send? Here I am, send me)
And he knew there was no other way but to die in place
of Adam, he wasn’t sure yet 1 million percent that he was The Christ, despite the miracles. That is the truth.
He had no knowledge of his preexistence in Heaven as
Watch Tower claims. He was just saying, “is it me for sure?”.

Now, depending if God complies with my order as Ari’ah
the spirit of The Sacred Spirit, by 11.32am, you will
know that a hologram angel was sent in this holodeck
to comfort him.

Moses sees a bush on fire that was not being consumed by fire, in a holodeck is now explained.

I have certainty I am the Woman of The Bible, which may be an artfully contrived book on a demon planet and the demons from another dimension are enjoying the asymmetrical torture of vulnerable humans in their virtual holodeck and The Bible is a way of identifying people with love with mercy and it is a Magu Trap. The Magu of China, with advanced biotechnology and hyperstealth biotechnology and a microphone.

Like me, The Christ had no knowledge of his existence in Heaven, but he knew who he was according to The Bible he had followed perfectly, like me.

Also, the resurrection was physical, not spiritual as Watch Tower claims.

A spirit does not have flesh and bones as I have, said The Christ.

Materialized angels such as the ones who visited Abraham have a different type of body.

We’re done here, I’ll let you know after 11:32am Eastern Standard Time.

12:21pm 10/09/2023 Complete

Wikipedia Human Flesh Search Engine (gone mad), brain hacking the speech center in your brain. No one is in your mouth except an asshole with a microphone. It’s just The Magu of China who worship God of Magog and make you hear voices and make you have 1080p dreams using ancient advanced technology from the morning of Creation. The Electromagnetic Spectrum is what they use in this holodeck. Photons for images, chemical reactions and the portion of the EM Spectrum known as “radio” for voices. There is also virtual reality with haptic response being done to people in this asymmetrical war of evil with hate against love with mercy. They don’t want your technology to advance beyond theirs, so I am taking you to the 50th century to overwhelm and kill them.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart aka Sher to The Meshikhi

Just say “Help me Ari (Ah’ri), help me Sacred Spirit” when you need to and talk to Father any time about anything. And if you are doing something else, just say, “excuse me Ari, in the name of Yesha’vah, ahmeyn. Ye’-sh’-vuh is Galilean Aramaic. It’s Yesha’-vah in Hebrew. YSHVA Aramaic YSHVAH Hebrew.

Whatever happens between God and Satan, if you have faith in Yeshavah at Calvary and are love with mercy, you will be with people who only love with mercy. The Sacred Spirit, Ari, has prepared a place for us. If you listen to me, it can start being created now.

Aba, ab with suffix -a is The Eastern Dialect of Aramaic

Abba is The Western Dialect, It is actually Avva. The b is pronounced as a /v/.

God’s Name is Avva (Ahvah, Hebrew Yahvah from The Hebrew Tetragrammaton). Christ brought the pronunciation from Heaven. Avva, Father.

Ugaritic Ahb is Ahab. Ugaratic is the source of many of the false gods mentioned in The Bible.

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