Deconstructing Hallelujah (constructed by Hillel – Satan)


It is Ha-lalu-yah – Halay(Praise) Lalu(Love with Mercy) Yah from Y’hayah (Praise Love with Mercy, Spirit Sacred Father Y’aya).  It’s a rather complicated construct. The / Ἁ / is a soft alpha creating the /ah/ sound. The /ά/ is of longer duration (aa) also creating the /ah/ sound. Ἁλληλουϊά suffix is wrong, should begin with a /y/ not an /i/ in the Greek Scriptures translated to English, not translated Halleluyah or Halleluia. Hallel is from Hillel, the name of Satan revealed by the Meshikhi on the page titled The Roman Jehovah. Note  it also contains /el/ (El is The Supreme god of The Cannanites).  In The Hebrew Scriptures it is הללויה‎, Ha-lalu-yah’ (ha-lā -loo’-yah) Praise and love Y’aya!

There is also much confusion about Hebrew phonics, particularly the /ah/ sound and the /aw/ sound, explained in detail at on the Welcome page.

There is also another danger with pronouncing it Halliluyah.

lilu or lilû is a masculine Akkadian word for a spirit, related to Alû, demon. It is disputed whether, if at all, the Akkadian word lilu, or cognates, is related to the Hebrew word lilith in Isaiah 34:14, which is thought to be a night bird by some modern scholars such as Judit M. Blair.[1] The Babylonian concept of lilu may be more strongly related to the later Talmudic concept of Lilith (female) and lilin (female).,Blair.

Laylu as in the original lyric of the song “My Jesus” is also not to use. Search for the word on this page. [PDF]

Hala is also not to use. [PDF]

Etymology of Praise Ayh

Strong’s #01984 Halal

uyah in Hebrew [PDF]

ואיה wayh

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