Warning About Watch Tower

March 12, 2023 A shooting at a Kingdom Hall is pure evil. God is mourning His Children today.

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred.

What to do if there is a shooting at a Kingdom Hall was discussed recently by Watch Tower and someone acted upon it.

No Watch Tower, it was not prophetic. It’s called telegraphing something to an unstable person.

I wrote this song when I heard about a Church Shooting. I thought, Cantcha love, Cantcha just let go of the hate.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Founder of The Meshikhi Faith

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and Jehovah’s Witnesses are Satanic

The Hebrew diacritic system is Kabbalistic and hid the name of Satan, Hillel. Hillel The Elder was associated with the Synagogue who accused Our Lord of blaspheme and supported the vowel pointing for the name Yehovah.

Direct link between Jehovah and Hillel The Elder


Search the page for Hillel and the preceding paragraph

Methodology that produced Hillel. Putting הילל (הֵילֵ֣ל with no vowels) into Bing Translator produced Hillel precisely.

Hillel (c. 50 b.c.e.–early first century c.e.)

Palestinian rabbi, president of the Sanhedrin and interpreter of Biblical law: first to formulate definitive hermeneutic principles.

What we have received is the actual revelation of God’s Name Y’hayah not the traditional rabbinic interpretation yehovah.

Hillel was never referred to as “Rabbi Hillel” in classical times or among early rabbinic sources. It was said about Hillel that his reputation was a greater honor than any rabbinic title would have been (גדול מרבן שמו). Nevertheless, in the modern era, when anecdotes of his life are recounted or his sayings are quoted by non-Orthodox writers, he is sometimes given the anachronistic title “rabbi”.

The Bible is The Word of God, not The Zohar.

How Yehovah became Jehovah
Same Kabbalistic vowel points

The j sound in English is an example of a palatal consonant, while the y sound in English (akin to the j sound in many other languages) is an example of a palatal approximant.
In the former case (palatal consonant), the tongue is raised and flattened to touch the palate while in the latter case (palatal approximant) it does not touch the palate completely, allowing air to flow between the palate and the tongue.

While the modern Latin script has the letter j, Latin itself did not use j to start with and did not have a well-defined palatal consonant sound. Words like Iapheth, Iesus, Ieremiah, etc. were meant to be pronounced starting with a palatal approximant. In due course, due to natural phonological evolution, they began to be pronounced with a palatal consonant in certain Roman colonies. This gave rise to the need for distinction between the two sounds in writing. The letter j, which was really special cursive form of i became the symbol for this distinct new sound.

The voiced palatal approximant is a type of consonant used in many spoken languages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is ⟨j⟩. The equivalent X-SAMPA symbol is j, and in the Americanist phonetic notation it is ⟨y⟩.

This means that when translating Hebrew to English the yodh is always a /y/ not a /j/.

Watch Tower has broken this rule when translating the yodh to English.

Watch Tower Christian Kabbalism and Kabbalistic Judaism are The Synagogue of Satan mentioned in The Book of Revelation (Revelation 2.9 and Revelation 3.9). There is a difference between Kabbalistic Judaism and spiritually clean Judaism.

In fact, it was Paul who said: “I know that after my going away oppressive wolves will enter in among you and will not treat the flock with tenderness, and from among you yourselves men will rise and speak twisted things to draw away the disciples after themselves.”— Acts 20:29, 30

That’s Watch Tower little ones, avoid them. Read the Gender Identity page about people born with birth defects and my experience with them. We are love with mercy, love without mercy is nothing. Watch Tower are nothing and speak twisted things and do not accept The Cross and they burden the people. Do not be seduced by their song of love, they know the words to the song but not the melody. They made a woman I know feel unworthy of life itself, but I was able to help her at the right time. I once expressed myself at a meeting and was told by an elder, “Use the thoughts from the paragraphs in The Watchtower, those are the good ones”. No one raises their hands to God at a meeting of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred. Our God and His Son are Love with Mercy. Where there is no mercy there is no God and no Son of God.

There is overwhelming evidence that Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and Jehovah’s Witnesses are part of The Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2.9 and Revelation 3.9). Many of them have been so from the womb. Watch Tower do not have the sacred spirit.

The reason is well known. They don’t accept The Cross. Historian Josephus c. 36 AD [PDF] is the authority and he said it was a cross and Beth Mardutha, The Syriac Institute, translates the word in Aramaic as “cross”.

The Holy Aramaic Scriptures agree ܙܩܝܦܗ


And Watch Tower goes so far as to say that The Cross of Ishouh is a phallic symbol. What looks more like a phallic symbol Watch Tower, a cross or a pole. You have a sacred pole and you display Our Lord upon it in your publications and on your website Watch Tower. You had a nightmarishly graphic version of it on your website, I was so disgusted I prayed to God and He made you take it down.

After the death of Christ, all those who carry The Cross became persecuted. Satan leaves Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses alone for this reason and they live the life of riley because they don’t accept The Cross and do his will, making people believe god is unreasonable. It takes 6 months to a year and a half or more to be indoctrinated into The Synagogue of Satan by Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and to be baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Satan leaves people alone and Christian love flourishes among the laity if they worship a false god and Satan rewards them in many ways. Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses are an example of this.

EMERGENCY Watch Tower unreasonable about the use of blood

EMERGENCY Watch Tower may cause those with dysphoria to commit suicide

Watch Tower’s View of Masturbation

The Etymology of Jehovah and Jesus

New World Translation footnote system Proves Jesus is Jehovah

The video is proof that the footnote system of the New World Translation proves Jehovah is Jesus, anethema to their beliefs. They did it “unconsciously”. They are dangerous for this reason.

Many of them have been trained “from the womb”. They are very smooth in their delivery.

Watch Tower introduces dangerous thought linking technique to make masturbation an unclean practice. Watchtower magazine decoded.

CIA Submission Reference ID: 6156HQTN

I once expressed myself at a meeting and was told by an elder, “Use the thoughts from the paragraphs in The Watchtower, those are the good ones”. 

Jehovah’s Witnesses have progressively become a closed society since 1931. They are genuinely loving people by nature and believe their doctrine is the only way to salvation and their god, the only God. The religious leaders know how to control people and they know how to gaslight them and convince them that anything that they say is gospel. They are able to change the reality of God and the Bible in your mind with their exclusive doctrine and excusive matching Bible.

The Bible is explicit about what not to do sexually. Nothing else is needed but its clear instructions. 2 Timothy 3:16,17

Normally, the thought linking technique is very sophisticated and invisible to readers. On this subject however, it is abundantly clear.

Watchtower August 2016 paragraph 17 implying masturbation “is the same as” or “is as bad as” sexual immorality when it is not even directly mentioned in the Bible.


Bold is the association.

Italic is the desired belief they want to inculcate in the mind of the reader

Here is the excerpt:
What can help a Christian to decide whether to get married? 17 Whether to stay single or to get married is a matter of determining in one’s heart if one is able to cultivate the gift of singleness. The apostle Paul recommended singleness; yet, he said: “Because of the prevalence of sexual immorality, let each man have his own wife and each woman have her own husband.” Paul added: “If they do not have self-control, let them marry, for it is better to marry than to be inflamed with passion.” Getting married can help a person to avoid letting passion lead him to such a practice as masturbation or to sexual immorality.

Note the linkage. …such as a practice as masturbation or to sexual immorality. There is no actual link, it is very sophisticated editing. By tying it to sexual immorality with the word “or” it is making it the same as sexual immorality.

If you want to and insist on tying the word uncleanness to the emission of semen at Leviticus, then what about a woman who is masturbating? There is no emission of semen. You are only ceremonially unclean for a while after sex across the board. But if it is urgent or an emergency, pray anyway.

The leap by Watchtower – Making masturbation an unclean habit, once again making associations, not using scriptural reasoning.

Watch Tower August 2017 paragraph 8 8. What are some things that can make us unclean in God’s eyes?

8 Uncleanness. The original Bible word translated “uncleanness” is a broad term that includes much more than sexual sins. It can refer to the harmful practice of smoking or the telling of obscene jokes. (2 Cor. 7:1; Eph. 5:3, 4) It also applies to unclean activities practiced by an individual in private, such as reading sexually stimulating books or viewing pornography, which may lead to the unclean habit of masturbation.?—Col. 3:5.

To fully appreciate Watch Tower’s view, you must read this page.


Watchtower is the widest distributed magazine worldwide and included the above instructions about masturbation.


It is better to masturbate than to have sex before you are married. Or worse, engaging in spiritual things while sexually aroused.

Where it concerns sex, Watchtower doesn’t know anything. Nothing else is needed except for the Bible’s clear instructions about sex.

What can I say about you, beloved Witnesses. So much faith, so much love for God, so much gone wrong.

A young man in the ministry once told the group that an elder had once told him never to put his penis in a girl’s mouth.

This is the truth about the kind of things that happen with people who are raised as Jehovah’s Witnesses.

As for Christianity, the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and their Elders are socially backwards, spiritually xenophobic and sexually immature people with regards to God, who believe they will lead people to Salvation by telling them not to masturbate.

Transsexual, transgender and intersex people are not represented in Kingdom Halls of Jehovah’s Witnesses because they are sexually harassed and expelled for the way they are born with birth defects.

The tragedy of it is, they (the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and their Elders), believe they are God’s chosen people and they don’t even know His blessed Name.

They used the term “no sex outside of marriage”, which would preclude masturbation. The correct words are “no sex between unmarried people”. That’s what “no fornication” means. It is an antiquated term and is ridiculed for that reason. It should not be used.

Masturbation is a personal choice, we are dignified by God with it and do not agree with Watch Tower’s explanation.

The Government are called “God’s minister for your good” in The Bible and should act.

Justice from God

We are waiting for Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses to repent. There is overwhelming evidence that they are a part of The Synagogue of Satan of Revelation 2.9 and Revelation 3.9. The suffering in this world continues until they are saved. I urge you to urge Watch Tower concerning this website and Bible. They are monotheistic and have faith in Christ, but that is mostly all that they know, but it is enough for God for them to be saved if they want to be. Our suffering will continue until Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses renounce Jehovah publicly and become Meshikhi. I repeat, all we are waiting for is for Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses to fulfill Revelation 2.9 and Revelation 3.9.

Because of their faith in Christ, God allows Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and Jehovah’s Witnesses to get away with the things I have provided evidence about and I am calling Him to account today March 8, 2023.

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and Jehovah’s Witnesses cannot be allowed to run amok and wreak havoc in peoples’ lives just because they have faith in Christ. Christian Kabbalism is not Christianity.

Satan simply likes to see people suffer. God cannot look upon evil, so saith The Bible, He is not capable of having an evil thought so He is unable to understand Satan’s ulterior motive for asking for humans to be tested. Satan is Evil with Hate, diametrically opposite to God’s Love with Mercy. When we feel it physically seeing someone hurt, it is diametrically opposite for Satan and evil people, they delights in it and even get physical pleasure from it. God is innocent. He only knows cause and effect and that thoughts in contradiction to His perfect thoughts are wrong. God understands us, because the sacred spirit forms words only God can understand, words that are pure and holy and clean. When The Sacred Spirit is called He in The Bible, it is called personification. And these three are one in The Bible means, in agreement, in unity (Psalms Chapter 133). God has a body He can’t and doesn’t account for in The Bible. He appeared in a cloud next to Moses. Moses demanded to see Him but He was only able to see His back so Moses knew He had a body. Also, it is said He is a person with a body who sits on a throne, etc. Paul was very astute and reasoned that we know we are created because we have a body and move about. Where did God get His body?

Further God is 100% singular masculine and there is no way that He can understand the thoughts, feelings, spirit, heart or soul of a woman. No male can. Males cannot have empathy for females in that way. Period.

But He is the only one with the objectivity and the ability to understand what we are feeling because He understands by means of The Sacred Spirit which forms words only He can understand.

Life can only be one way.

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred. Love with Mercy is all the time.

I am Lalu, I am only love with mercy and that is what lalu means in ancient Hebrew. I was honored with bearing that name.

God can’t explain His reasoning to us. It is too far above ours. But I am an imperfect human and know how you feel.

~Zoe Lalu Ahlalu (Life, Love with Mercy, The spirit of Love with Mercy)

Just a name, but significant in meaning.

Honor Our Creator, Ahv’ah, for He is the Source of Our Life and the Utimate Reality. And Honor Ishouh at Calvary, The Finest Soldier who has ever existed or ever will exist. Follow the precepts in The Bible and regardless of what happens with Satan, we will be with people who only love, with mercy.

God’s heart is soft as rain and He had watch as His Son was tortured in a horrible way, invisibly, by pure evil, but it wasn’t invisible to God. Be Love with Mercy about it.

Remember God loves you and Ishouh loves you, that much.

Little life lessons for Heaven and Earth.


Avoid crazy talk. Just know stuff.

The 4 winds of salvation come first and “then” later Watch Tower, The 4 winds of destruction. You have carried the golden calf into the sea bed Watch Tower, and not put the story together in the right order.

I will tell you the riddle of the golden calf, Watch Tower. The golden calf is the name Jehovah. It is impossible to swim while tied to a golden calf, Watch Tower. Drop it Watch Tower! Drop it! Let go of it!

We entered the time period now known as “Jericho” at the end of February 2022 when The King of The North from Dany’Al Chapter 11 (Russia) made his aggressive move into the Ukraine. In the predawn hours of Feb242022, the long-feared Russian invasion of Ukraine began. 

Jericho, 7 years, Bible numbering, a day for a year.

The Prophecy about Jericho

A leaked government report from a .gov web address

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1174772/ [PDF]

The mental health of Jehovah’s Witnesses
J Spencer

PMID: 1174772 DOI: 10.1192/bjp.126.6.556


The function of religion in human society is complex. The part played by religion in psychiatric disorders is even more obscure. Previous literature and theories are divided into two groups: one school believes that intense religiosity is a symptom-complex indicative of psychiatric disorder, while the opposing view is that religious belief in some way acts as a defence mechanism protecting the individual and his psyche. The present study of 50 Jehovah’s Witnesses admitted to the Mental Health Service facilities of Western Australia suggests that members of this section of the community are more likely to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital than the general population. Furthermore, followers of the sect are three times more likely to be diagnosed as suffering from schizophrenia and nearly four times more likely from paranoid schizophrenia than the rest of the population at risk. These findings suggest that being a member of the Jehovah’s Witnesses faith may be a risk factor predisposing to a schizophrenic illness. Further studies would be interesting in investigating whether pre-psychotic people are more likely to join the sect than normal people and what part (if any) membership has in bringing about such a breakdown.

https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/1174772/ [PDF]

Communications with the spirits is done by “whispering”, moving your mouth silently. This is especially problematic for schizophrenics who whisper to themselves as part of their illness. Hence the diagnosis by doctors that people who become Jehovah’s Witnesses are predisposed in this way. I was in the hospital and an elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses visited me and every word he was saying was articulated by the tip of my tongue on the roof of my mouth behind my teeth. It is Satanic and leads to the “whispering” phenomenon similar to schizophrenia. It’s adaptive artificial intelligence and it uses words you think or say to form responses. The excited voice is the worst one. Neither God, nor Ishouh nor The Sacred Angels will use profanity or sexual language, ever, for any reason. I knew it was some form of spiritual communications and I became adept at it. It progressed to “whispering” discretely and then “voices”. Those who engage in it are susceptible to mental torment and eventually mental torture. I refused to believe that God, who is love, would do this to anyone. Neither God, nor the Son of God, nor the Sacred Angels would use profanity and sexual language. Eventually, the true God, Y’yah, helped me to understand it and gave me the strength to endure it and gave me mastery over it.

The Society has it’s own secret language which is ambiguous speech. Only those who are anointed can understand it and I am a master of it. Messages and related images are sent overtly through the Watchtower magazine. This is why some images seem strange in the Watchtower. For example an image of a classroom full of monkeys. This indicated you were part of Monkey School, a Society inner circle thing. There are many such examples. Spiritual insights are known as “coffee” and communications via ambiguous speech is known as “the recipe”.

I hinted my inner circle code to an Elder while in field service. We were writing down house numbers. The house number was 33, so I saw the opportunity to let him know I was with the inner circle. When I used my inner circle code 333 he said to me, “I thought you were interesting”.

I also had the ultimate authority codeword “discrete”, which I used on only one occasion privately while in a car with an Elder and explained something spiritual to him.

As one who has the gift of discerning the spirits I have explained everything. Read the home page. You can be safe with Y’yah and He knows what was done to you. Understand that it is only communications, you are not demonized. It is impossible to have the sacred spirit of God and a demon at the same time. You might end up in a nauseating conversation with the stupid ones, that’s about it. The dreams have been programmed in, they are meaningless. Ignore them, regardless of production quality.

Here is where the man with ambiguous sayings is revealed. It is The Society. (Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania)

Daniel 8:23 “And in the final part of their kingdom, as the transgressors act to a completion, a fierce-looking king who understands ambiguous sayings will stand up.~New World Translation (NWT)

Isaiah 33:19 You will see those arrogant people no more, people whose speech is obscure, whose language is strange and incomprehensible.~New International Version

I was told about Area 51 by an Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses. He told me that all Jehovah’s Witnesses know about it.

No more secret society.

The Synagogue of Satan is The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania the secret society known by insiders, simply as, “The Society” and and Kabbalistic Judaism.

Kingdom Halls of Jehovah’s Witnesses are a processing center for Satan. People born with birth defects caused by Satan are tortured there. Women who suffer from masculinization in the womb are groomed and conditioned and Satan along with the elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses try to convince women born with a birth defect, that they are men with a feminine side. And elder told me that men have a feminine side, which is not how God created men and women. They are either masculine or feminine. The soul is formed first and then the body is masculinized or feminized in the womb. One elder visiting with another elder where I lived appeared to me, he is a man, but a the appearance of a woman did I see spiritually superimposed on his face. The way the men all cut their hair the same who are Jehovah’s Witnesses is a design of Satan. It must be brush cut around the edges. If a woman who has been masculinized in the womb and realizes it and grows her hair, the elders immediately begin to sexually harrass her and whip her with the Bible in the back room. Two men alone in the back room with a woman, trying to convince her that she is a man with a feminine side, which is not how God created men and women. Further, in the ultimate degrading of all time, asked me rhetorically if I had a penis. I am a woman who had a birth defect and had it surgically removed. They charged me with brazen conduct, made me read a scripture about male temple prostitutes, and told me I did not appreciate sacred things like my baptism into Christ. All the evidence about the name jehovah on this site prove that it is the two sex god of the Roman Religion that incorporated Christianity, and that Watch Tower and the Society reflect the thoughts of Satan and do Satan’s will in this regard without even knowing anything about people, and life or anything else. They do not see the tears of the lowly one or hear their cries nor listen to them as they pour out their soul before them. People born with birth defects are branded as wicked and handed over to Satan to be whipped spiritually by Satan as Our Lord Y’sho was. This is the truth of God that I am speaking. But God was with me, and always a Father to me and helped me to understand what was happening to me, His daughter.

Jehovah’s Witnesses call the process of getting rid of people born with birth defects “cleansing the congregation”.

The following video proves Jesus is Jehovah, a belief anethema to the beliefs of Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

Their footnote system appears to prove it conclusively, even though I have proven it is false on this website.

This proves that Watch Tower created the footnote system in their Bible unconsciously. There is no doubt.

The Society is a cult of Satan.

Ruah not Ruach

The word for spirit is ruah, not ruach. The patach is part of the Kabbalistic vowel pointing. God’s spirit is not “wind”. God can move the wind with His spirit, but His spirit is not wind.

The ruach is located in the upper respiratory tract above the soul and also is a component of the “whispering” phenomenon a male presence breathing and speaking using your mouth. Do not believe it or use it. It is not God’s spirit, it is a trick of Satan that is projected by Satan and the demons. Do not be concerned, it is impossible to have the sacred spirit and a demon at the same time.

We have a heart with its heart brain that has 40,000 neurons, our brain with its mind and the interaction between them is the soul. It’s what makes us a person. The soul can be felt to the right of our heart, in the center of our upper body, which leads people to believe in the ruach.

The word ruah was found using Reverso Context Hebrew to English without diacritics, diacritics in The Masoretic Text and Hebrew Bible are Kabbalistic, explained in the introduction to this page.

Neither God, nor Ishouh nor The Sacred Angels will use profanity or sexual language for any reason. The discovery of all time. Satan and the demons are able to detect negative thoughts. If you only emote positive thoughts and have faith, he is silenced. It has to do with brainwaves. You can Google brain reading technology to learn more.

No Name of God researched by The Meshikhi has been able to remove The Ruach, but a partial solution has been found for it. The damage to the female limbic nucleus may heal with time.

Treat the whispering phenomenon as a joke, a lying thing. It’s all lies.

Avoid crazy talk, just know stuff.

The Son of God, Ishouh, loves Watch Tower but will not allow them to get away with murder anymore. Ishouh has absolute authority and power from God except for Prayer. Only Ahv’ah is “The hearer of prayer”.

New! Read The Bible online

The Gospel in one minute

John 3.16 For Our Father in Heaven, Ahv’ah (Hebrew יהוה Yahvah), so loved the world, that He gave His beloved only begotten Son, Isho (Aramaic ܝܼܫܘܿܥ Y’sho), The First of His Children in Heaven, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.~The Meshikhi Faith

Romans 10.9,10 If you declare with your mouth, “Y’sho is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

Matthew 28.19 Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, Ahv’ah and of The Son, Y’sho, The First of God’s Children in Heaven and of the sacred spirit that has the name Ahri.

Y’sho resurrects Christians and anyone he wants to. God resurrects everyone else.

That’s the entire message religious leaders make incomprehensible.

Do not be afraid if you did not know. Fear and being afraid creates an opening for evil, leading to sin. Only be happy about what you are learning. No gnashing of teeth or anything like that. God is Love and God is Mercy.

How many people are affected worldwide.

Read about baptism and the minimal requirements for being Christian.

The Sacred Spirit has sided with me about everything.

Do not be afraid, fear and being afraid creates an opening for evil leading to sin. Revere God is what you are to do, do not not fear Him.

Love with Mercy is diametrically opposite to evil with hate and is naturally opposed to it. When someone demonstrates love for you, it is only natural to love them back. Not to, is unnatural.

Incidentally, Love with Mercy is more powerful than Infinite Power and Strength.

Judge Judy. Heard it all, seen it all. And when Judge Judy raises her little hand, criminals know, it’s over.

How it works.




You are now conscious of these things.

Get behind me, you think man’s thoughts not woman’s thoughts.

~Lalu, The Lioness of Yudah and Judge Judy Jetson

Gamie Ovary, squiggly to you.

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