I listened to your songs, and looked at your art and watched your theatre and watched your TV shows, and read your books. And I kept understanding. And I came up with this word “diametric”. Love is diametrically opposite to evil. And love is naturally opposed to evil, is what I came up with. And I couldn’t stop because everybody’s faith, the people in The Bible who hoped in The Messiah, Those who met Him, those who came after them, and you, little ones, wouldn’t let me stop. And I kept understanding profound things trying to figure it out. The people do not… know… God… and that was one thing, and it kept happening. But I think the big one was. They do not know Father. I always wanted you to have what I have. And I told Father. I want them to have what I have. Going through life, one disaster after another, but after every disaster, there was Father. And as I looked back on my life with Father, I saw my life and it was the same thing, over and over and over. And then I understood Father’s Eternal Love.

What I experienced is unheard of for a woman, everything but The Cross itself, but I am happy to know that eternal love always comes back, no matter what the trial and it is a fact of life that Satan cannot touch you if it is in your heart and soul. He can even break your mind, but Father’s record of love for you over your life cannot be erased once it is in your soul and you know Him at all. And you will declare, Avva, Father! I love you, bless your heart and soul for never leaving me. I am weak but you are strong with me and I will be unafraid, even through suffering, I may curse Heaven itself but you are loyal and so is Your Son to me.

When someone demonstrates love for you, it’s only natural to love them back. With every spark of love burned away, there would always be one light that remained. That’s Our Father. And it would not be possible to know Him at all if it wasn’t for The Sacrifice of Isho. Isho is SACRED to The Meshikhi for many reasons. He is written all over my heart and everything I ever comprehended about Him is in my soul forever.~Tiffany

Now that we have The Name of God and His Son’s Name, if you are Meshikhi you know, life is much better. May Y’hayah bless you.

I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11. I have 25 years of Biblical Research Experience and 15 years of Military Communications Research Experience. The Hebrew diacritic system is Kabbalistic and hid the name of Satan, Hillel. “Oh how you have fallen, Hillel, Son of the morning”. The morning is the morning of Creation. Kabbalism involves Jewish Mysticism, magic and the occult, or a feeling that involves guessing. Meshikhi do not guess, we use etymology to uncover root words, prefixes and suffixes to solve things pertaining to The Bible. Without diacritics, The Bible comes to life and is beautiful to understand. 

We are setting The Bible record straight through etymology. Etymology is the study of the origin of words and the way in which their meanings have changed throughout history. It is a linguistic discipline. Read The New Authorized Version of The Holy Bible online. Deeper etymology is constantly being found. Use Microsoft Bing Translator, one word at a time when necessary, and for Hebrew, without diacritics, to find root words prefixes and suffixes that make sense in context. Reverso Hebrew to English in context is an etymologist’s dream for looking up Hebrew root words, along with the Hebrew Lexilogos Keyboard for transliteration. The GTranslate WordPress plugin with neural technology is then used to translate beautifully word for word to other languages. Read The New Authorized Version of The Holy Bible online. Deeper etymology is constantly being found.

YHWH is not God’s Name. Read about YHWH of Shomron and his consort Ashera.

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