Abused by The Christ

Why Christ left The Watch Tower Torture Device in my mouth

The Watch Tower Torture Device is the abusive male voice
of Satan with profanity

I am a holy woman.

Creation gives evidence that the Earth was originally
created for men only, women were an afterthought as
The Bible says, it was not good for the man to be

The Sky is Azure Blue, The Green Flash over Hawaii
is emerald green, an artistic signature on what
The Bible calls The Sky Phenomenon. Green is a calming
color, but still reflects the taste of The Creator who is 100% singular masculine.

It has been proven that aggressive men are less aggressive
when they are put in a room with the walls painted pink.

Women naturally prefer pink over blue, it is as old as Creation, blue for boys, pink for girls.

According to The Bible, the rainbow around God’s throne is Emerald Green. If it were pink, He would be less aggressive, the same applies to His Son, who thinks it is funny for a woman to have The Angel of Satan that Paul had.
Women put up with abuse for a long time. I put up with it for 7 years then started screaming for Mercy and Justice and received none. It has now been 9 years, two of which I have been screaming for Mercy and Justice until I gave up.

I am a woman born with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH). I made a major discovery that vocal frequency
affects the limbic nucleus and brain/whole body communication. Christ has been trying to masculinize me by means of my limbic nucleus.

In 1978 my face was kicked in to the point of death
by a gang of men. I played dead but they kept kicking anyway. I woke in shock in the hospital with police surrounding me taking pictures. They erased my dynamic symmetry and natural artistic beauty.

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) causes a form of multiple personality disorder from being raised as the
wrong gender. I suffered from dysphoria and was expelled
by Jehovah’s Witnesses when the multiple personality disorder stopped. However, Christ was determined and actually tried to place the alter ego back on me. I was underneath it and rejected it naturally.

I have been abused by The Christ Himself. I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11 and The Woman of The Bible,
but He decided he preferred someone else.
Brittany, a professional singer from Soundbetter.com
She is closer to genetic perfection and may also have
matching facial features like the same nose and chin as
well as ocean colored eyes with lustre.

The cycle of abuse of women must stop. That includes
by Heaven, who allow women to be abused, beaten and raped.

Genesis 6.2 the sons of the true Ahv began to notice that the daughters of men were beautiful. So they began taking as wives all whom they chose.

And God let them, and is not going to lift a finger to do anything to stop The Great Tribulation or Armageddon despite the fact that I proved they are not necessary and
that I could save more people than Heaven. 30% of men in Germany believe that’s it’s ok to abuse a woman. So the writing is on the wall and I am putting a stop to this bullshit now. No Great Tribulation, no Armageddon. I can fix mostly anything because I am genius like Einstein.
The Bible ends at The Strange work of God mentioned in
The Greek Scriptures. I cannot allow it to go further because God did not consider women or children being brutalized by evil men and evil spirit men.

I am a nurturing woman, that is the reason. More than a man can be. It is literally impossible for a man to have real empathy for a woman because they do not know how we feel in reality. But some men are more loving than others.

Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and Jehovah’s Witnesses are actually a deadly cult who are Aryan about Gender Identity, sexually harassing and expelling anyone who appears to be making changes once they understand what is happening in their life.

God’s favorite colors are blue and emerald green, mine are soft pink and soft purple. A male female issue only, not blaspheme.

I’m done screaming for Mercy and Justice. All men in Heaven and on Earth must learn, NO MEANS NO TO A WOMAN.

Summer Fernihalgh

I have 47 years experience studying the virtual holodeck.
I have 26 years of Biblical Research Experience
I have 15 years of Military Communications Research Specialist 1981-1995 Experience including Global Communications and Satellite Communications
Military Occupation Code 291
Canadian Decoration and NATO Clasp
Other qualifications
FCC Facility Control Center (NATO Lahr, Germany)
RADFAC Radio Facility (NATO Lahr, Germany)
Dell XPS Technical Support Specialist
Compaq Consumer Technical Support Specialist
17 years experience as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses expelled in 2017. I have not been a part of their cult or any part of Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society since then. They are The Cult of JHOH, a part of The Jovian Cult. I am a cult prisoner in a pretty prison with perfect optics. My life is totally controlled by them.

CIA Submission Reference ID: GVZSH6TV

My identity found through research

Summer Fernihalgh

Summer, Empress of Austria (Rome)

Summer, Queen of Britannia VCRNAI

Summer, Duchess of Normandy (d’As Sisi, Duchess like Sisi)

Summer, Princess of Lancashire

The name of St. Francis, San Francesco d’Assisi is a prophecy about me.

Elizabeth I of Austria nickname “Sisi”

Microsoft Windows background color cc

Legal name Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Dead name Daniel Edward McTaggart

Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), a birth defect

Legal name change in my purse.

Elizabeth II

Tiffany R

My baptized name was Daniel Edward McTaggart
I had my birth defect removed May 22, 2019 by SRS Surgery in Montreal, Canada and changed my name to Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

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