The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic

Used with permission from the beloved India Jiva

Ancient Aramaic and Hebrew are beautiful, soft and musical, not gutteral.

abwn d’bshmya

ܐܒܘܢ ܕܒܫܡܝܐ

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ܐܒܘܢ ܕܒܫܡܝܐ

Ab wun d’ B’shmya

Merciful Father in Heaven

net qadda shmach

Sacred be Thy Name

tee-ete mal-ku-tach

May Your Kingdom come

neh-weh tsarayanic

May Your will be done

ay kannat b’shmayaph bonop

as so in Heaven, also in the Earth

havalah lahma d’sunkunana ya manah

Give unto us the bread of our need today

wash-bu-o-qan hau-bayn waha-tym

And forgive us our debt

ay-kana do-phnan sh-bo-qan ahlay-ban

as we have forgiven all who are indebted to us

we-la tah-lan layanes-yu-nah

and do not let us succumb to temptation

ela pa-tsan min bi-sha

but deliver us from evil,

me-tulin dee-la-khe mal-ku-tah

because Yours is The Kingdom

nu-hay-ee bahan, wah-tesh-buhta

and The Power, and The Glory

l’-ah-lam al-min

never ending, eternal

B’eh b’shem Isho

In the name of Isho,



Understanding “merciful” in the first line.

Isho is a cognate of Yeshua which means “Salvation”.

It takes 53 seconds to say the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic, even less in English. Isho started every day with prayer so He was always prepared spiritually. Isho was not married. If you are married, see the Spiritual Couples page. It is different for couples and God wants you to be happy about prayer.

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