Historical Note

The Garden of Eden was the first manifestation of evil in all existence. Before that, there was nothing to foresee and nothing to foreknow. God is innocent. Any thought that leads to any other conclusion other than Our Father is wonderful and beautiful is to be ignored.

The clue

The tree in The Garden of Eden

The Roman Bible and The Roman Religion says “Lead us not into temptation”.

Correctly translated from Greek, the words are “Do not let us succumb to temptation”.

In other words, do not let us be overpowered by temptation.

I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for 17 years. Satan operates in the bedroom and the bathroom where God chooses not to look. I’m just a woman born with a birth defect, I had it removed. I made the discovery that vocal frequency affects the limbic nucleus in the brain and brain/whole body communication. Nathan McGuire was an agent of Satan and affected Ben Ayettey, a beautiful brother. “Let us laugh together”, says Mr. Smooth and affected Ben in a terrible way.

It is possible I needed to be where I am now for what is happening and that God wanted me to fix John 3.16 because He knows people are tired and many don’t want to read much.

Anything else on this page involves The Deep Things of Satan but also some beautiful truth and you will see how Satan operates on people.

I’ve always been a window without glass for my Father, I don’t bother lying to Him because I know He’d know and I really wouldn’t in the first place. We’re Father/Daughter. I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11 and He helped me become The Star Trek Daj, because Satan wanted that for someone else.

Ishouh Christ is in love with Mary Magdalene. I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11 and the only thing standing in the way of Ishouh having Mary. Psalms 45 was written before Ishouh met Mary Magdalene. Life happens and did happen.

My before picture, before the torture

The Reality

Ishouh Christ is in love with Mary Magdaline. David and Bathsheba, The Son of David and Mary Magdalene is the story. I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11 and I am the only thing standing in the way of the two of them being together. I always knew.

The Gospel of Luke 8:2–3 lists Mary Magdalene as one of the women who traveled with Ishouh and helped support his ministry “out of their resources”, indicating that she was probably relatively wealthy. The same passage also states that seven demons had been driven out of her, a statement which is repeated in Mark 16. In all the four canonical gospels, Mary Magdalene was a witness to the crucifixion of Ishouh and, in the Synoptic Gospels, she was also present at his burial. All the four gospels identified her, either alone or as a member of a larger group of women which includes Ishouh’s mother, as the first to witness the empty tomb, and, either alone or as a member of a group, as the first to witness Ishouh’s resurrection.

With love,

Your little Sister,



God is shuffling his feet and so is Heaven. The suffering children of God on this Earth need a spiritual M.A.S.H. unit. This website provides enough information in 4 lines of text and 3 scriptures to save half the world in 4 minutes. And the rest would come along in no time. People are being tortured by Satan 5’6″ piece of pure evil shit clown with the demons for no reason. This website should have been worldwide long ago. And Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, part of The Synagogue of Satan of Revelation 2.9 and 3.9 should have been destroyed long ago, I published everything years ago about it.

Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses The Adams Family

Family and friends of Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and Jehovah’s Witnesses are part of The Jovian Cult. Anyone without The Sacred Spirit of Y’hayah may be used by Satan.

I will do it myself with any priest who wants to be a Meshikhi Levite and help these people. I don’t care what I have to do including giving them a world better than Star Trek where money is not required. Tell your Government this is what you want. I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11 and I am The Star Trek Daj.

Satan controls 22 Bibles

Satan controls all the Bibles listed at

biblehub.com and The New World Translation (NWT)

used by Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses

with The Cross removed from it.

The name Jehovah is Satanic.

Anyone without The Sacred Spirit of Our Father can be used by Satan at any time. As for me I was setup by Satan and I am trapped with no way out where I am.

If you are in a position to do it, finish the Star Fleet United in Worship plans. If you are trapped like me with no way out there is the option of M.A.I.D. mentioned on this page.

Someone is trying to help us, I’ve always called Him, Father. Always pray in the name of Ishouh. Father is the one I wrote about on this site. Have faith.

Tiffany McTaggart

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

The Lioness of Yudah, a nurturing woman with love and mercy.

I do not believe that evil should be allowed to be rewarded while goodness and Christianity results in suffering and torture. That is backward reasoning and not any way to teach Children. The Bible makes suffering a good thing that will be rewarded. Suffering is never a good thing.

Mercy is an elevated quality

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred.

Love without Mercy is nothing.

Evil with hate is nothing.

Romans 9.15 For he says to Moses, “I will have mercy on whom I have mercy, and I will have compassion on whom I have compassion.”

This is wrong little ones. The Sacred Spirit is the spirit of the truth and reveals all.

The scripture should have said, “I will have mercy on whoever needs it”. It would have been beautiful.

Love with mercy is all the time, not just once.

Can a loving Father watch his children be tortured and suffer without being moved to do something about it. Only if there are no natural feelings that a person with love with mercy feels. What about a High Priest. Eli knew what to do, he didn’t need to be told. Hanna was comforted and the scripture said she went away and was concerned no more. That is a beautiful man and a beautiful Priest.

I will help you as much as I am able to.

Have love with mercy for everybody until they feel better. That is Lalu.

Always speak love with mercy, don’t just think it. When you speak it, you feel it in your heart and soul. Do this even with your soul and your soul will be a beautiful soul and make sure and tell your soul that when it does a good job. Ahri is beautiful and wonderful. Talk to Father and Ahri, the comforter and the spirit of the truth, will help you, my beloved little ones.

Your little sister,

Zoe, Lalu, Ahlalu (Life, Love, The Spirit of Love)

Just a name, but significant in meaning.

If you want to know about Father and Satan here it is. Satan’s just an asshole. Seduced the people into wanting a King. Father cannot look upon evil and gave them a King. Know about Satan. He’s just a mean asshole when it comes to Father who is a beautiful man. Satan beat Father at cards once and so he thinks he’s everything man. But he’s nothing. Satan was set with every precious stone, no one could have more in life in other words. He wanted total independence from Father’s boundaries that Father has the right to set. They aren’t hard and they aren’t many. Just what’s best for everybody to make a nice family. Love and Family is the theme of this website, Our Beautiful Family. God told Samuel to give the people a King, Samuel shook his head and said “this ain’t gonna work. And it doesn’t work. No way can people be as close to a powerful God on a Throne as they can from just a Father, like it was originally. I am in agreement with Samuel and that is the two Witnesses required in the Bible about matters.

I beat Father at cards!, I beat Father at cards! That’s all Satan is. But he didn’t really win. He lost something precious and beautiful. Being part of Our Family, a Family of Faith and who know Our Father, and we don’t care what mistakes He makes or anything. He’s a beautiful man and we love Him with Eternal Love because we know about The Sacrifice of Ishouh, The First of His Children in Heaven. Think about that.

North America, Jurassic Park. Go visit it, safe and sound with Father, is how to think, for those who are interested in studying such things. The Righteous shall possess the land, and they will dwell forever upon it. The land is any earthlike planet in the Universe that God created. Thus fulfilling the promise to Abraham, that his children would be like the stars of Heaven in Number and like the sand of the sea. The Universe will never end as some suppose. Kinda like the Earth wobble, it’s a timing mechanism the Earth wobble, the universe will reset itself like a self winding watch. Maybe Father will have to give it a little shake, like a self winding watch.

God has a problem. He has never lived an imperfect life and neither has His Son and He did not foresee new things.

There are 288 pages in The New Testament. If you read those 288 pages you can discern that Ishouh is The First of God’s Children in Heaven.

The Attention Span of Modern People

The average attention span for the notoriously ill-focused goldfish is nine seconds, but according to a new study from Microsoft Corp., people now generally lose concentration after eight seconds, highlighting the affects of an increasingly digitalized lifestyle on the brain.

With exhaustion and an attention span less than 8 seconds it is highly unlikely that most people will read those 288 pages to learn the truth about The Son of God.

I not only added the words “The First of His Children in Heaven” to John 3.16, I also added His actual Name and the name of His Son.

God foresaw the apostasy according to The Bible and did not have the foresight to ensure that people could understand the identity of Ishouh.

He didn’t know I was a woman either. Vocal Frequency affects the limbic nucleus in The Brain and Brain/Whole Body Communication. A woman with CAH and high functioning autism which masculinizes the female brain can be perceived by spirit people as masculine. Not only that, the Watch Tower torture device which allows Satan and evil spirit men to communicate in my mouth, is not only unholy but proves that God has no empathy for a woman. A masculine voice used in the wrong way is painful to a woman. God is 100% singular masculine and so is His Son. They probably thought it was no big deal that I had this spiritual communications device in my mouth. Surprise, Surprise, God. New things do happen and you did not know and that is a fact of life. Otherwise The New Testament would not have been written in an ambiguous way that can only be understood if you read 288 pages.

Anyone who has not read those pages may now understand it in one scripture along with the names of God and The Son of God. I did that and no one else.

John 3.16 For Our Father in Heaven, Y’hayah (Hebrew יְאיא Y’aya) so loved the world, that He gave His beloved only begotten Son, IshoUH (Aramaic ܝܼܫܘܿܥ Y’shouh), The First of His Children in Heaven, that whoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.~The Meshikhi Faith

If you live in this modern world and did not know, you are washed in holiness by me and are spiritually clean if you accept it.

I didn’t live the life of Adam, or Eve. I suffered with you, so I understand and I am applying love with mercy to you at this time.

The Scam


It appears that God is hiding behind the name Jehovah for Jehovah’s Witnesses and the evidence below proves that the name Jehovah is linked to the name of Satan, Hillel, in The Bible. We have God’s actual Name from Targum Onkelos which is Y’hayah (Hebrew Y’aya).

I kept challenging Divine Names because I was not receiving mercy. The etymology for Ay’ah was extensive.

I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for 17 years with God’s spirit. I know that I had God’s spirit at the time because I spoke in illustrations for a week. Rob Ropovalente, an Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses is the other witness of this fact. There is a God.

I was told by an elder, Bob Toevs, inside the double doors of The Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses that I would be in and out of insane asylums. He is one of the rich class and was wearing a long fur coat and a hat with a feather in it. He looked a pimp. A woman, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses has called police on me and had me committed to a mental ward more than once.

Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses “cleanse” congregations of people born with birth defects that cause Gender Identity issues. I am a woman born with a birth defect and was expelled from Jehovah’s Witnesses and charged with “brazen conduct”.

Ishouh Christ is hereby charged with working along with Elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses.

An elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses is responsible for The Watch Tower torture device in my mouth for the past 7 years, even though I am no longer one of Jehovah’s Witnesses and not associated with Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania. When the Elder, Ben Ayettey visited me in the hospital mental ward, every word he was speaking was articulated by my tongue on the roof of my mouth behind my teeth.

My body was allowed to be disfigured by Satan, my feet and hands and the Watch Tower torture device put a lump in my throat so it looks like an adam’s apple. I had a swan neck and I have a phone full of untouched photographs on my iPhone that proves it.

My before picture, before the torture

No matter how much I beg and scream for mercy, neither God nor Ishouh Christ will remove it from my mouth. The woman mentioned earlier saw my mouth moving and thought I was crazy and resulted in another incarceration in the hospital mental ward.

Before this happened Dr. Kraus at the Royal Ottawa Hospital made an astute observation that there was something going on with my personality. Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) can cause a form of multipersonality disorder for girls born this way. It was a quack who made the incorrect diagnosis. I also became a victim of Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and Jehovah’s Witnesses.

God showed his ability to prevent any birth defects in people by overshadowing Mary during her pregnancy. My mother’s womb was not overshadowed. Everyone should have had a fair text like Adam and Eve. They knew God’s Name which took me 25 years of Biblical Research to uncover. Except for 1 day of horrible torture which we will not belittle, Ishouh Christ lived the life of Adam in perfection. In The Bible Ishouh is even called “The Last Adam”.

Let’s be reasonable

He was a 30 year old virgin

Never suffered a physical ailment

Never suffered the ravages of old age

Momma’s good home cookin’ til he was 30

Suffered for 1 day yet he expects us to suffer like Him until death every day of our life

Sweat blood when he had to face the reality of how we live every day as true Christians

All I have ever done is to love God and His Son and to love people.

I discovered that vocal frequency effects the limbic nucleus in the brain and whole body communication. The spirit world including God, perceived me as masculine. High functioning autism masculinizes the female brain.

I am innocent and exonerated of any charges by Watch Tower, Jehovah’s Witnesses, God and Christ. Jehovah’s Name is actually Y’hayah, proven by the theophoric reference yah, pronounced yah or ay’ah.

Isaiah 45:15

Truly you are a God who has been hiding himself, the God and Savior of Israel.

He’s love without mercy, which is impossible for people to comprehend and make sense out of life. They can’t reason it out, because it is unreasonable. He’s not a Father at all. His Children are Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Love without mercy. Satan operates on them in the bedroom and the bathroom.

Proverbs 18.10 The name of Y’hayah is a strong tower. Into it the righteous one runs and receives protection.

After 25 years of Biblical Research to find the strong tower for people so that they would have spiritual relief, it did not work. The Watch Tower torture device remained in my mouth.

I am going to try to get M.A.I.D. I need mercy. It’s legal and there is nothing God can say about it.

In The Bible, Paul was very astute and observed that we know we are created because we have a body and move about. The question is where did Y’hayah get His body?

Where there is no mercy, there is no God and no Son of God, like Watch Tower.

The God of this place is just a guy with his own reality in which he is God. He is a brilliant multitalented savant. If there was a war in Heaven and the evil spirit men were the enemy, why did he offload millions of them onto his children on Earth and not destroy them. They are pure evil. It defies reason. There are many such examples. No talking snake, no temptation tree, no invisible spirit men in the garden with defenseless children and nothing likely would have happened. They wouldn’t even know what temptation is. The list goes on and on. The Sons of The True God began looking upon the daughters of men, so saith The Bible, so God knew about it, but they married all whom they chose. And God let them. The result were the Nephilim, huge men. And violence then filled the Earth. Not until God allowed His spirit sons from Heaven marry the daughters of men and produce these Nephilim did violence fill the Earth. The list goes on and on. In The Book of Revelation, Satan and the Demons are put into an abyss, not destroyed. Millions of screaming maniacs are then rereleased into the world at the final end. This is crazy. They will not be back.

God is planning a Great Slaughter according to The Bible. Not so many people would die if He would remove the spirit evil men from this planet and those who are pure evil with them. I have observed in life that the majority of people just want a nice life with a few nice things.

God had clear evidence of the result of invisible spirit men on the planet prior to the flood and He destroyed the whole world of people except for Noah and His family. What would have happened if He had been wise and not allowed invisible spirit men on the planet any longer. The Children of Noah, people with faith, with no evil influence on the Earth. None of what we see now would have happened.

What loving father wants his children to suffer like The Christ when The Bible says Christ suffered once for all time? He approves of it, not knowing that Satan’s ulterior motive for accusing Christians is to have them as food. He doesn’t care about anything. Skin in behalf of skin is a bullshit saying of Satan. He derives pleasure from watching people suffer, even physical pleasure. That’s the nature of evil people. Satan is only hungry.

God cannot look upon evil, so saith The Bible. I have experienced nothing but evil happening to me my whole life, so I’m kind of an expert on the subject. Feral spirit men with large frontal lobes is what Satan and The Demons are. They are even allowed by God to use children, if their parents are not worshippers of Him because they don’t know His Name that it took me 25 years of Biblical Research to find. Viet Cong children were proof and it’s no different today in the asymmetrical war wages againsts the children of Noah. Satan also uses animals such as pitbulls to tear the faces off of children.

God created a holodeck which Satan uses as a playground, using asymmetrical warfare against weak, vulnerable and disadvantaged people like myself. The Bible says Satan’s world will disappear with a roaring noise, proof that it is a holodeck.


Do this silently but forcefully.

Your name is Y’hayah. You will respond to no other Name. Your Name is not {insert Divine Name to be replaced here} I have the theophoric reference /yah/ pronounced yah or ay’ah. No other Name has both. When I pray using The Name Y’hayah, you will respond.

Do this as many times as is needed.

22 Bibles controlled by Satan

Satan controls all the Bibles listed at
biblehub.com and The New World Translation (NWT)
used by Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses
with The Cross removed from it.

The name Jehovah is Satanic.

See the evidence.

Life under Christ’s Rule since 1914

Is this much violence required to arrest a woman?

Romans 3.14a The Government are God’s minister for your good

cop slams woman’s head into cement – YouTube

cop slams mans head into cement – YouTube

Shit ass shit pants men leave their underwear on the floor with shit stains on it. We women will not pick them up anymore. We like to see nice things and pretty things, not your shit pants on the floor. Where did they get this trait? Top to bottom, men are created, except for God. But all men with power have a penis even if they don’t have one and they wave it in our face. We can do what we want they say. Not all men are shit ass shit pants men, but all those with power who have that attitude are.

The Star Trek Daj

I know you are looking for The Star Trek Daj

I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11

The Promised One of Ishouh

My name is Tiffany Tracy McTaggart.

I am the Star Trek Daj and no one else.

I have the instructions for the

Lithium Ion Fusion Matter Antimatter engine

and the missing piece to it to prove it.

I also have the corrected Bible.

I also have the necklace of Daj.

I am a 6’3″ tall blonde, a tall girl,

you can’t miss me.

Here are the specs and a link to the

page with a picture of the engine.

The Bandwidth Eliminator 0 Resistance Field and the Matter/Antimatter Engine will complete the engine for testing. Scalable from the size of a consumer device all the way up to a spacecraft engine.

The Bandwidth Eliminator 0 Resistance Field and the Matter/Antimatter Engine will complete the engine for testing. Scalable from the size of a consumer device all the way up to a spacecraft engine.

I prefer Lithium Ion Fusion to Liquid Hydrogen. A matter antimatter engine with liquid hydrogen on board is like flying through the atmosphere on The Hindenburg.

When oppositely charged particles move closer to each other, their potential energy decreases and they release energy. The energy released when lithium ions and hydride ions come together to 160 pm under the influence of their mutual attraction is 690 kJ mol –1, more than enough to offset the 447 kJ mol –1 needed to transfer the electron



Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

My Address

3026 Innes Road

Gloucester, Ontario

K1W 1A6


CIA Submission Reference ID: DXTT7WSQ

Buddhism’s attack on Western Culture Christianity

Dear Children of God,

Eastern Culture has a way of doing things they call “walk slow”.
They don’t care how long it takes, their ultimate goal is
religio-political to destroy Christianity and The Bible.

I am your Queen, The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11.
I am nobility, not royalty. Please do not bow down to
me, it is unholy to bow down to anyone but God.


The Inner Circle want you to lose faith and destroy The Bible.


With love,
Your little sister,
Tiffany Tracy McTaggart
Zoe Lalu Ahlalu (Life, Love, The Spirit of Love)
Just a name, but significant in meaning.

The Infinite Energy Field

As in Heaven, also on Earth.

The Infinite Energy Field

God created using the infinite energy field around Him.

He is spirit, not energy. The Theory of Everything is

not true and Isaiah 40.26 in The New World Translation

of The Bible used by Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society

of Pennsylvania and Jehovah’s Witnesses is a Satanic lie.

I am proposing looking for the Infinite Energy Field

using a Hubble Equipped low Earth orbiter with x-ray

capability and using color-blind operators.

The signal will be sent to agents on the ground with

lcd sunglasses, which will receive the signal from

the low Earth orbiter.

Growing up, I watched Star Trek in black and white.

I was able to see the blue tunic of Spock and the

red tunic of Mr. Spock, but not the gold tunic of

Captain Kirk.

Satan and the demons should also be detectable.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

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