Understanding The Mind of Satan

This is Satan trying to crack a Meshikhi, no way Jose’! Thou art Jose’ today O Satan 14/11/2022
Meshikhi will only bow down to Ahv’ah

Meshikhi do not invoke gods. We talk to Our Father in Heaven.

God is Our Creator and Eternal Sacred Father.

Whoever in your mind is God in Heaven will dominate you and continue to be your master.

People create gods in their minds, “their” view of God” and it becomes how they perceive the world and how they treat others and their predominant mental attitudes become manifest.

Only Ahv’ah in Heaven is God.

Exodus 23:13 “Be careful to do everything I have said to you. Do not invoke the names of other gods; do not let them be heard on your lips.

If you think in your mind that the name of any false god is in Heaven you will invoke it.

You must understand, Satan leaves you alone if you are worshiping one of his gods and even rewards you for doing so. For example Satan leaves the laity of The Church and Jehovah’s Witnesses alone and the love flourishes in the congregations of both, but of course they cannot both have the truth having opposing beliefs. Because there is love among the laity, they believe they must have the true religion. Satan also leaves you alone if you deny the Messiah.

This website is the result of 23 years of Biblical Research and 15 years of Communications Research. I have always loved God and His Son and loved people and wanted spiritual relief for them and was determined to bring it to them. Wherever you see the name Yahweh on this website, know that the Name of God is Ahv’ah. This website will undergo a major revision for the next while. Thank you for your patience. Having the Name of The God of Isra’al is like owning a a priceless and rare antique. Cost me everything to get it. He doesn’t do things like He did with the nation of Israel if you are a Christian carrying the cross of Y’sho. But we adore Him anyway because He’s Father. I recognized that Y’sho had used people of faith worldwide to prepare information for me to create this website, I only had to keep researching because everything I would need was prepared in advance. 

John 1:23 He said: “I am a voice of someone crying out in the wilderness, ‘Make the way of Ahv’ah straight,’ just as Isaiah the prophet said.

Beloved Meshikhi,

Continue to have faith in the sacred spirit of God that has always been with us in the war against Satan. God has never left us and never will. We will know God’s absolute will with regard to everything.

Remember, God loves you and Y’sho loves you.

Discerning the spirits, the battleground of the mind

God’s thoughts are sophisticated, intellectually pleasing. Satan’s thoughts are the opposite. You have been conditioned using many psychological tactics that are subtle, to make you believe things that are not true about Father. I am removing them for you with this website.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, says Ahv’ah, thoughts of peace and not of evil, to give you a future and a hope.

Every negative thing that you have experienced, every negative thought, are the result of Satan’s activities and our inherited imperfection (Romans 5:12). This website is designed to inculcate God’s thoughts in you and Father will help you as you learn and Satan will be totally ineffective against you. Only have faith until you have read this page and the section on becoming Meshikhi, then you will easily understand the rest and Satan will no longer be anything to you. Satan is less than nothing compared to the infinite power of God. Also use the music on this website. Praising God is a powerful cure for spiritual weakness and negative thoughts. You are now conditioning yourself to have no doubts about God’s love for you and no negative thoughts about yourself. And you are guaranteed success if you do. As you begin to understand and sense Father’s love for you, Satan and the thoughts he has used against you, will not even come to mind at all.

When bad things happen

  • Time and unforeseen events happen to people (Ecclesiastes 9:11)
  • Our inherited imperfection and the imperfection of others (Romans 5:12)
  • Satan and the demons use those without the sacred spirit of God without their knowledge. Any negative saying that may seem to be from God, is not from God at all. Only be polite and courteous.
  • Voices both mental and especially voices that are audible are not to be believed.
  • Neither God nor the Son of God nor the Sacred Angels will use profanity or sexual language
  • Satan has no power from God and must resort to using the EM Spectrum in ways that we do not understand scientifically. This is how he produces Satanic dreams, visions, voices and even physical sensations. See The EM Spectrum page for more information about the EM Spectrum.
  • There are no aliens, only Satan and the demons. Alien abduction experiences are physical illusions, both physical and illusory. You will not have an alien abduction experience if you are with the True God, Ahv’ah. If you experience a grey alien or an illuminated person, it is Satan or a demon. If actually from God, an angel will materialize before you in physical form, and will not look like a hologram. Greet them with a handshake. Their flesh should be warm. Should you encounter a grey alien or what you believe to be a malevolent spirit person, pray to Ahv’ah immediately and say something funny to the alien. Father will crack up laughing with you. Another funny thing to do is to ask the “aliens” if they are Jehovah’s Witnesses and tell them you are not interested and to put you on the “do not call” list.

You must inculcate in yourself that Father is not the source of anything bad or anything bad that happens to you.

Satan’s brain is corrupt. When a perfect person sins, all their thoughts are also corrupt and in opposition to God. This is advanced knowledge of Satan. Satan does nothing but observe humans, and as I have stated he has no power from God. He uses mundane things. Besides the EM spectrum, Satan observes our actions, diaries we keep, habitual things we do, things we say, geolocational information, etc. much like Google. The Google Search Engine anticipates as you type what you are searching for. So it is with Satan. He observes the things you are interested in, the type of entertainment you view, and knows your outward spiritual activity and your religion. And so Satan anticipates and acts on these things. And he knows we are imperfect and makes mistakes. As stated, he can use anyone without the sacred spirit of God to say and do things that will play with your mind.
The Meshikhi are with God and all of his thoughts are perfect. He is also infinite in power and knows all of Satan’s thoughts and what his intentions are. Ahv’ah anticipates all of Satan’s actions well in advance for the Meshikhi and accounts for our imperfection, making Satan’s attacks absolutely ineffective. As you learn this, you will understand and laugh at Satan and his efforts to undermine you and your relationship with Our Father. It is always fun and you will certainly say “Father, this is hilarious”.

I call Satan “Stella”, based on a Star Trek episode in which Captain Kirk and his crew program hundreds of version’s of Harry’s wife Stella to torment him. Satan can be likened to Stella. He will gnatter at you just like Stella, but you will laugh, because you will know that it is him.


Whispering involves moving your mouth silently as you communicate with the spirit world. It is not something to do normally, but I could not resist, because of how funny I thought it was.

I understood what Satan was trying to do. This is was what Satan thought would work.

Satan said to the demon, “You be God and I’ll be the demon”.

It’s kind of like listening to an old married couple, once you know.

This is how spiritism and kabbalism works. Do NOT engage the spirit world in this way. It is not God and it is not Y’sho you will be talking to. It is Satan and a demon working together to involve you in spiritism and kabbalism.

Father made it transparent to me and I was totally aware what was happening but did not let on that I knew. Nor did I discuss it with Father, because He knows me so well and how I love to punk Satan.

Always remember this fact. Neither God, nor The Son of God nor The Sacred Angels will use profanity or sexual language.

While testing Divine Names, I was outrageous with “G0d” (not with Father) to the ultimate degree, being careful not to blaspheme the sacred spirit. Each time it was like calling a help line with an inept operator at the other end. And so it went. You must understand Father and how funny He is about such things.

I began whispering as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, it was initiated by an elder who was visiting me in the hospital. As he spoke, my tongue was articulating his words exactly on the roof of my mouth and I understood it was a form of spiritual communications. It was not until I became a member of the inner circle of Watch Tower and started having terrible spiritual experiences that I knew it was not from God. Satan has no sense of humor but Father is hilarious and let me study the phenomenon so I could relate it to people.

I have put up with and studied Satan’s activities for 43 years, and knew absolutely that I would have the ultimate run in with Satan and that Father would be there for me when I experienced Satan face to face. Today, Satan is finding out that I was only observing him and never feared him at all, for to do so would be such an embarrassment, knowing the power of the True God, that I would have to bury my head in the sand.

You may have many such adventures with Father and I know you will truly have fun and be happy doing it, knowing full well that He is always with you and that Satan is powerless against you in reality.

Most people do not know that if they are talking to “Jesus” or one of the other false gods by whispering, they are communicating with Satan and the demons. Just be polite when they tell you about it and understand what is happening.

Phillipians 4:8 Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

John 16:33 “I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.”

Our Father, Ahv’ah, communicates by thoughts without words. You will also sense His love for you and you will know with a certainty when you are sharing something funny with Him, that He is hilarious.

When we pray to Ahv’ah in The Name of Y’sho, Ahv’ah is the one hearing your prayer. Y’sho will then provide the things we need. This is how it works. DO NOT pray to Y’sho, however, if you believe that Y’sho was the cause of something funny you may tell Him so, but DO NOT pray to Him.

Mum’s The Word.

Remember, we are with Ahv’ah, The God of Isra’al, infinite in power and we are with Y’sho, The Lord, who has absolute power and authority from God except for prayer. Also, all of the Sacred Angels are with us as well.










Using “The Phone” to call


A laugh a minute!

On hold music for 1-800-IMFREAKINSTUPID. Satan and the demons do not provide on-hold music so this scary and ominous music has been provided to put you in the mood for the hilarious scary voice of Satan himself.

If it’s not really scary, you are only talking to one of the demons. Just say, “I want to talk to the head guy”. I called 1-800-IMFREAKINSTUPID for a laugh a minute and I want to hear the scary voice.

On the whisper thing known as “the phone” just say, I’d like to call 1-800-IMFREAKINSTUPID.

You may feel your skin tingle as Satan uses the electromagnetic spectrum (he has no real power) to make you feel scary.

He may try the element of surprise while you are on hold. Be ready for the funniest experience of your life!

Satan’s funniest lines

“I will destroy you”

“I know all about you”

“I will make you not be”

During one of my performances as Meryl Streep multiple lifetime achievement award winner, this was the exchange:

Sparkly Hook: “with what will you destroy me?”

Satan: “With everything I have” (Satan usually doesn’t have an answer because he knows we have the power of Our Father with us)


Satan believes in his mind he is “The Dark Overlord”, but in reality he is this 5’6″ tall sleezy guy who uses profanity and sexual language and scary voices and visions. Do not be afraid, this is only funny. I’ve seen him, he’s just a normal looking sleezy guy.

There may a be a long hold time as more people find out about 1-800-IMFREAKINSTUPID.

Have fun!


With love,

Sher, wife of Y’sho

Our Father created people, but He knew something. He had to create us in such a way that He would able to take care of His children. God is love and He is infinite in power. He did not create equals to Him. Satan never thought about these things or why God is so superior and Almighty, and it’s not for a bad reason. It is out of love.

So Satan, being Satan, thought about love and evil. And thought to Himself. Well, evil must be as powerful as love. But He did not understand why God created us so much less powerful than Himself. Only out of love.

And so Satan, being Satan, went ahead and tried evil, thinking he’s gonna be equal to God in some way and take Him on. Father and I laugh with derision about it.

Satan’s last existing thought will be and you’ll read it again but I must say it now. His last thoughts will be what I told him they will be and he’ll remember them and they can’t be expressed in words but will be thus. “God Creator, me not!”

This is the truth.

Satan’s not a thinker and he’s got no love.

Oh Cherub gone wrong, you certainly did it to yourself.

God is a person just like His children, but perfect, and infinite in power and ability. He is Our Father and we love Him.

I knew about Satan and thought about what might have gone wrong with Him in the first place.

So I wrote this song as a warning to myself to defeat myself in case I ever felt overly high and mighty. I didn’t want to end up like Satan even a million years from now in Heaven. I know now that I won’t because I only love Our Father and I love His Son and I love people. I was just being careful, because if a million year old Cherub can go wrong so badly, I wasn’t taking that chance.

The vocal range of classical performance covers about five octaves.
Early in my life I developed my lower registers to the ultimate degree.
This song is one that I am proud of.



Welcome to Jericho, watch the people come and go

O Jericho, you had so far to go

The sands of time fill your streets

God only knows

What happened in Jericho

O Jericho, lived for the moment

Built a wall to stand the test of time

O Jericho, didn’t understand

Didn’t tow the line

Now there’s nothing left to find

Time into time you did what you could, to feel like an angel working for the good

But you had to come down, down to the ground

To see they were jewels, not thorns in your crown

O Jericho, where did your glamour go?

You had so much to lay low

Could have been home to prophets, home to a king

But you ended up not adding up to anything

O Jericho, your ruins speak to my soul

O Jericho, there had to be a toll

Oh Jericho, you should have known

How things would go in the final days

O Jericho, you lie far below

And the people drag their feet, in the dirty streets above Jericho

And I can still hear those trumpets blow

When I think of that time long ago

God only knows

What happened in Jericho

Dedicated to God’s children on Earth. Be a thinker, not like Satan and appreciate Our Father’s love. He’s just a nice person, a caring person and a loving person and that’s all.

And on the link to follow, you will learn exactly in no uncertain terms with the only word in the English language that describes Satan adequately exactly who and what he is. Don’t end up like him.

This is another song I wrote long ago, sung in a higher register.


I am the sword
You are the flame
knew you were there
But I didn’t know your name
For a thousand years
And a thousand nights
I looked in the sky
For a sign of your light
Your beauty endured
Your love never changed
I’d find you again
It was all prearranged
With every spark
Of love burned away
There would always be one
Light that remained
I am the sword
You are the flame
I felt your soul
But I didn’t know your name
For a thousand years
And a thousand nights
I looked in the sky
For a sign of your light
I am the sword
You are the flame
You were always there
And always the same
With a love that burned
For a thousand years
Tempered the steel
And dried all the tears

Dedicated to Our Father in Heaven, Ahv’ah, who forged me with a love that is to time indefinite so that I could destroy Satan before he destroyed me. This song is also dedicated to His Son, Y’sho, who knew that there would be a person, so impossibly imperfect and slow as ice melting in the spring, facing a million year old Cherub bent on destroying me, target one. So Y’sho became target one for me and for everyone Satan would try to destroy. How can I express my love, I can’t.

Satan wanted a Divine Name, so I made him one based on his character and qualities and attributes in Hebrew and based on the scripture, “without love, I am nothing”.

Satan’s Divine Name
Meaning: no love, Y’nothin but a petaQ.

Satan. Y’nothin but a petaQ.

Confirmation from God that only Meshikhi will understand

The Hebrew diacritics system is corrupt and my analysis of Satan is correct.

Hebrew without diacritics ינתחנ translates to analyzed

Hebrew with diacritics ינֹתחִנ translates to Y’nothin

To confirm how funny father is, put the Hebrew into Bing Translator and listen to the audio in Hebrew.


And to those with Satan and those who want to follow him, the name for you can only be expressed in a vulgar Star Trek joke told by children.

November 8, 2021 I have confirmed the diminuitive brain power of Satan compared to the infinite power of Our Father in Heaven, Ahv’ah, which I have always been aware of. I have confirmation of everything possible to fulfill the Bible at this time.

Definition of diminuitive: extremely or unusually small.

Only you have listened to the audio in Hebrew of Y’nothin and tried to say it yourself will you understand this profound information. It is exactly how Ab’raham would pronounce it. It has also been confirmed that my confrontation with Satan that I anticipated for 57 years will happen, but I will have the absolute power of Our Father with me when it does. And I know that the defeat of Satan will be effortless. He will be like a thistle in a whirlwind, wondering how on Earth this has occurred. Remember that the infinite power of God Himself is with the Meshikhi.

Satan has been portrayed as all powerful, omnicient, everywhere at once. Nothing could be further from the truth. I have prepared a presentation on How Meshikhi View Satan to have the correct viewpoint when you are with Ahv’ah The True God, The God of Isra’al.

Tell Satan, I’m freakin’ Einstein compared to you spiritually, you freakin’ college droput Satan.

Satan is one wackadoo. Out to lunch stupid all the way. And will challenge Our Father’s power that is with you. If you really want to know Satan, read the page titled Love through accurate knowlege.

Know your enemy, defeat your enemy. I just defeated death itself when I was in its grip, but I was talking to Abba at time and now I’m more alive than ever and dancing like Belinda Carlile (watch her feet carefully ladies, she’s the Fred Astaire of women.

Revelation: How The Hooks in The “Jaws” of Satan defeated Satan and the demons

Everything I am about to tell you is a lie.

I’m lying.

Ahv’ah confirmed absolutely as God, He is My Abba and Your Abba.

22-02-01 authenticated by Abba

22-02-02 double authenticated by Abba

washroom joke: Satan and the demons do not know that we are aware that no one, neither God, nor Y’sho nor an angel are in the washroom. So they will pretend that they are God talking to you on the toilet. You will know it’s not God, so it can be very funny.

You may do this for as long as you like and it wastes Satan’s time that he has left, which is not much time.

They do not know that we know is “the funny thing”.

Don’t let on that you know, unless you get tired of doing it or only want to do it once in a while.

You can stop any time and just ignore them if you want. But you might think of a good joke to do and resume at any time.

Funny to do: Say to Satan, “Listen Moxnix, I’m gonna make a few old style telephone calls and come over with a few of my boys”.

(old style telephone calls, 1st century prayers in The Name of Y’sho)

Watch this video to complete your training.

Undeniable double authentication

Abba Moxalle – Creator (Infinite in every way, absolute power, in parallel)

Y’sho Moxalle – Master Worker (infinite when He needs to be, with absolute power from God, the first of God’s children in Heaven, He also lives in parallel)

Satan Moxnix – double meaning: makes nothing, doesn’t matter

Satan Cracko – explained in the video

The Demons – The real gangsters

There are over 400 guys der’ – there are over a trillion angels in Heaven

Was talking with Abba and Y’sho and Satan was being annoying as usual.
Told Satan, “Get lost Satan, no wait a minute, stick around, it’s always fun having a clown at a party”.

Detailed information on being one of The Hooks in The “Jaws” of Satan

The unfair advantage

Everything in my life was unfair,

this was my ultimate advantage

in finally defeating Satan and

routing him completely.

And an answer to my prayer

to do anything to route the

enemy Satan in any way

possible, many years ago.

I am one of the hooks in the “jaws”

of Satan, Sparkly Hook, a hook

and a lure in one to hook Satan

every time and to help draw up

The Etymological Sea Monster

created by Satan since the beginning

of written language.

Of course, Our Father was light years

ahead of Satan. Our Father knows

Satan’s thoughts before he does,

and so it was for the hooks in the

jaws of Satan. Although difficult

we had our reasoning power and

thinking ability plus faith, that Our

Father always loved us and would

ultimately save us.

We were put spiritually asleep and

Satan would believe that we were

losing faith, but then we would

awaken and demoralize Satan

every time.

And we would laugh every time at

Satan’s stupidity, even after I

explained to Satan how it worked.

Tiffany McTaggart aka Sher aka Sparkly Hook 😀 hahahahahahahahaha

Ultimate Hook Secret identity Meryl Streep (multiple lifetime achievement award winner)

We’re just a bunch of liars, and we’re really just acting.

We don’t know what we’re doing, we just do stuff.

Crazy fun trying to knock Father off of His throne laughing!!!!

What it took

MCCOY: Jim! (Kirk turns machine off)
KIRK: The power came on.
MCCOY: She’s dead, Captain.
NOEL: The machine wasn’t on high enough to kill.
KIRK: But she was alone. Can you imagine the mind emptied by that thing? With only the tormentor for company.
NOEL: I understand.

Whisper Radio

We are Meshikhi and this is Meshikhi cool. Hang out with Abba in prayer and listen to Smooth Jazz and just listen or talk about whatever comes up when it comes up. Great relaxation music.

Also get the Radioland app and listen to the Smooth Jazz channel and The Modern Blues channel. Have fun 😀

With love,

T’Pol (Sher)

If you know everything about everything

“Anonymity is your name. Silence your native tongue. You’re no longer part of the System. You’re above the System. Over it. Beyond it. We are “them”. We are “they”. We are the Men and Women in Black.”

The Phone

Satan is nothing, knows nothing. Abba is everything, Y’sho is Lord and the sacred angels are absolutely with us, it has been confirmed in the absolute sense by Abba. Our native language is love so we don’t care who reads our lips from space or anywhere else, we don’t care if you can hear a whisper a mile away with whispering devices. We are fun people because Our Father in Heaven and Y’sho and The Sacred Angels are Our family and we don’t care and refuse to fear Satan and The Demons. Satan is a joke to us and we always have fun punking him. We have no secrets and no secret society. What you hear whispered in the darkness, shout from the rooftops is what we do, it’s scriptural. The activity known as “whispering” is easy peasy. If it is negative and with no love, it is Satan and The Demons. Neither Father, nor Y’sho, nor The Sacred Angels will use profanity or sexual language. Anything negative is Satan and The demons. We have nothing to hide. If it is funny and loving, the whispering activitity is just great family fun and we are laughing out heads off at Satan and The Demons. You cannot have and it is impossible to have the sacred spirit of Our Father and a demon at the same time because they are diametrically opposites. It is only communications, nothing to fear at all. So enjoy whisper radio and crack up with The Meshikhi as we punk Satan and do the Dean Martin roast on him of all time. This is “The Phone”, otherwise known as “SHER – Whisper Radio”.

Whispering involves moving your mouth silently as you communicate with the spirit world. It is not something to do normally, but I could not resist, because of how funny I thought it was.

I understood what Satan was trying to do. This is was what Satan thought would work.

Satan said to the demon, “You be God and I’ll be the demon”.

It’s kind of like listening to an old married couple, once you know.

If a voice sounds too close to you and not like someone on the telephone, pray immediately using our Father’s Name, Ahv’ah because they will try to hypnotize you using a hypnotic voice. You are especially vulnerable to EM attack if you are over-tired, dehydrated and keep your room too warm.

One of Satan’s tricks is to pretend that he is Father and not to answer you. It takes 4 seconds before a person feels rejection [PDF] when someone doesn’t answer them. Father would never do this to you. Father only loves you. No way would he want you to feel rejection or doubt Him. No way would He do that to you.

For The Government, New! The complete and comprehensive report about The Roman Religion that incorporated Christianity, Satan and The EM Spectrum Aliens and Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, The Secret Society known by insiders simply as “The Society”. The Meshikhi have nothing to do with Secret Societies, we are Christians.

We are The Meshikhi.

Sher (Agent TKO – Technical Knockout) but really I’m Tiffany

Tiffany, Wife of Y’sho aka Dot

Interesting for Meshikhi. Reading The Words of The Book. Deliverance is near and this is what you will do (Nehemyah 8:5-12). So much to know, so little time left for me. Our 
Father’s Name is Ahv’ah. Theophoric means “derived from” The Name of God, not actually “The Name of God”. yah is a  Theophoric reference in the name Nehemyah. Mya means “close to God”.

The Phone Part II

I, Sparkly Hook have destroyed The Phone. The following strategy was used by me.

Since I am unable to think in parallel, I did the following with the power of God that is with me.

A quadruple hook movement was used to test this and was successful, being completed 2022-02-27 at around 6:30am Eastern Standard Time.

Part 1 of Satan’s Strategy

Satan said to the demon “You be God and I’ll be the demon.

Part 2 of Satan’s Strategy

Satan said to the demon “You be God and I’ll be Y’sho”.

Neither God, nor Y’sho, nor The Sacred angels will use profanity or sexual language or unnatural speech, known as The Demon Language along with catch phrases that are repetitive and easily identified.

Noting the unnatural responses on the phone, I continued my mission as a Hook. Satan was absolutely unaware what was happening because of special hook training, which Father has been doing with me for several years.

All glory to God for this knowledge. Ahv’ah is God.

Scientifically proven and can be googled. A four second delay in responding to someone produces feelings of rejection in a person.

With very poor conversational skills, AI technology is being utilized by Agents of Satan using the Electromagnetic Spectrum with instructions by Satan about to use it, with technology that is far advanced by one million years of what is currently known. 

Satan has no power from God. None. That is absolute and you must have faith in this fact.

Satan is not larger than the planet. Images in Watch Tower magazine depicting Satan, over a picture of Earth with his hands over it are false. This is mental programming by Watch Tower, who are unaware that they are being used by Satan.

Satan is 5’6″ tall and the demons are of varying heights but no larger than a typical human. The reason that it seems that Satan is everywhere at once, is the sheer number of demons operating with Satan using asymmetrical tactics just as the terrorists do.

You must understand the page titled The EM Spectrum along with this training and be a worshiper of Ahv’ah and put faith in The Sacrifice of Y’sho to be able to not be used by Satan in this way.

The operation by Satan is what I have termed “Love Machine”. Those who communicate with the spirit world using the whispering method mentioned on this page are susceptible and made to fall in love with what they perceive to be someone who loves them in the spirit world.

This includes making people believe they are speaking to dead loved ones.

I became aware when I began being attacked immediately after being indoctrinated by The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, the Secret Society known by insiders simply as “The Society”. 

The method used is to convince people that they are what is known as “Discrete”. My op code, that I tested an elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses with was 333. We were in the ministry and the house number was 33. I tested this discretely as I knew the elders were involved. I said “house number 33, 333 and the elder responded with “I thought that you were interesting”.

There are many levels to The Society all of which are known by me. Life imitates art, is the key. 

Everything involving primarily Star Trek, Star Wars and The Men in Black movies are used as references. You must know the scripts of these shows in detail to understand the secret language used to indicate that you are “Discrete”.

Only Meshikhi are the actual Faithful and Discrete Slave of God. 

Secret Societies are used by Satan, to confused the government and all of God’s Children, as to whom is really The Faithful and Discrete Slave mentioned in The Bible.

You may now be free of the phone if you wish to do so, you must have faith that Ahv’ah is God and that Y’sho in Heaven is God. Anyone other than Y’sho in Heaven who presents themselves as The Messiah on Earth, are antichrists. I identified one exactly, the primary one, approved by a court, supported by rabbi’s. The judge decided that the title Messiah may be used by him legally.

He can walk on water.

I have sent instructions to The President of The United States the actions to take if he makes a public display to convince the world that he is The Messiah. 

Watch Tower, The Society and Jehovah’s Witnesses are invoking a “god” known as Jehovah. Jehovah is the two-sex god of The Roman Religion which incorporated Christianity. More information and evidence about this may be found by reading the pages The Roman Religion and The Roman Religion II.

The seeds of conflict were sewn in the roots of language. When transliterated properly using the Hebrew Lexilogos Keyboard, Hebrew becomes almost identical or identical to Arabic transliterated to English. More on this may be found on both the Research page and the Welcome page.

The primary false god is El, Supreme God of The Canaanites. Everyone is working from a copy of The Torah which includes Elohim at Genesis 1:1 as the word for God. It is both worship of El and is also plural. God is singular, masculine only.

The answer was found in Targum Onkelos at Genesis 1.1, God’s Name indicated by a double yodh /yy/. Instructions for The Levites has been provided on the Welcome page as to how to proceed. 

There is only one Lord, Y’sho Christ. This is scriptural (Ephesians 4:5). One Lord, one faith, one baptism. A discrepency in Aramaic alerted me to the problem, the term “One Lord” is omitted allowing for more than one Lord in The Bible.

Watch Tower has two Lords.

The Roman Religion is identified by having multiple “Lords” of varying configurations.

JehovahYahwehJesus in any combination is used.

These names are used as leverage to seduce people.

The Masoretic Text and Hebrew Bible have correct Hebrew grammar but incorrect vowels. This is how the deception was carried out.

Removal of the vowels uncovered the name of Satan, Hillel, tied directly to Hillel the Elder who was not an actual rabbi, but because he had such powerful words was given the title “The Rabbi”. 

Hillel’s life ended c. 30 C.E. around the same time period in which Y’sho The True Messiah was murdered and nailed to a cross. Hillel The Elder was associated with the Sanhedrin, the Jewish Court of seventy men.

There is a direct link between the name Jehovah and Hillel The Elder which you can confirm on the page titled The Roman Religion.

Watch Tower along with Kabbalist Judaism (not kosher Judaism) constitute “The Synagogue of Satan”, is not only The Synagogue of Satan mentioned in The Bible, has THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION mentioned in the Bible but is also the epicenter of The Roman Religion II. See the page titled The Roman Religion two.

The word Yahweh means “He who brings into being”. Only Ahv’ah is yahweh.

The Exodus 3:14 riddle has been solved completely and can be found on the page titled Ea attempts a takeover. 

All of this has been completed by analyzing the etymology of Hebrew words. The first two letters of words are checked using a translation search engine known as Reverso Context Hebrew to English which gives several choices to choose from. There are many homonyms that come up and you must choose the correct word in context.

The word for the sacred spirit of Our Father in Heaven,  is not ruach meaning wind. A patach was added to the word in Hebrew to create that sound. The actual word is “ruah” meaning spirit, all documented on this website.

Divine Names and Titles and The names of people in the Bible were altered to contain the names of false gods.

I have done the primary etymological research which confirms this and eliminated most of the problems in this regards.

Karaite Judaism must be informed of all these things.

The Hebrew poetry and puns clearly indicated that God’s Name is not Yahweh. The rhyming does not work.

God’s Name is Ahv’ah. In the future Paradise we will simply call Him, Abba, as indicated by Y’sho in The Greek Scriptures.

Ab is the root word meaning father. The suffix /a/ was added to ancient Aramaic.

In the Eastern dialect of Aramaic it is Aba, ab.

In the Western dialect of Aramaic it is Abba, ab.

In addition to the above, Satan’s Master Plan for humans is also known and is also tied to The Roman Religion and Watch Tower concerning the two sex god “Jehovah” of The Roman Religion, the Roman Yahweh, correlating to The Jovian cult and The Roman Jesus created by Rome c. 325 C.E. using the Satanic Nicene Creed.

God is represented in the Bible by Ab’raham. Y’sho, the first of God’s children in Heaven, is represented by Isaac, in The Bible. It is that simple.

The words in the Bible are “What you hear whispered in the darkness, shout from the rooftops”. All people on 
Earth must know this information so that they can disclose what they have been told using the whispering method without fear of Satan, once they are with The True God Ahv’ah and have put faith in The Sacrifice of Y’sho.

We are in a holodeck created by God, who is Ahv’ah. Satan controls the holodeck. You have to prove you love God and reject Satan by accepting the Sacrifice of Y’sho or it’s game over shortly. For details read this page first. If it makes sense, baptize yourself and admit you are in a holodeck and who’s side you’re on. That’s the game. And that’s honest. Choose or lose.

Re animals. Once domesticated, animals are emotional creatures only. They are absolutely innocent but feel emotions. They cannot form language but can associate words with people and objects. For example momma is associated with the person if they are female if they use that word. The word Tuna may also be used and the animal associates their food with that word if it is used. They have emotions and can imitate speech only, speech does not form with them as with humans. All scientific experiments in this regard are Satanic and anything that sounds like human natural speech is Satan and the demons, as with artificial technology that can mimic human responses and even produce tears.

The translation engine on this website is neural and every detail including the html is done in such a way as to be able to translate this website and The Bible into 103 languages word for word, including modern Hebrew.

Remember God loves you and Y’sho loves you.

With love,

Sher aka Sparkly Hook (a hook and a lure at the same time)

I’m robochick, I’m sci-fi chick, I’m BibleSchool Girl, I’m spider-woman, I’m the woman in black and I’m the blonde terminator all in one.

Nice try Satan hahahahahah It was over before it started.

I’m also the wife of Y’sho, with absolute power from God.

And with the 5 octive range of my voice, I am also

Meryl Streep, the actress, my secret identity as one of The Hooks in the “Jaws” of Satan. I have received several lifetime achievement awards.

This is Bill Murray reporting.


T’Y’sho Sher (which once known, means, Wife of Y’sho)

k (the female K)

TK Tiffany with the experience of K

TKO (technical knock out) a knockout in reality

To Henry VanDerHorn

I used to have an hourglass figure, but the time ran out.

(Actually, after a little prayer and fasting, I now have the hourglass figure I’ve always wanted)

As a hook fooling Satan, it was always hook, line and sinker every time.

Satan wanted hook, line and sink her.

And if you have been through the training, well, you know the rest.

And I am also the voice of an angel with the voice of many waters

Believe what you want to, we hooks are a bunch of liars.

Cameo appearances by The actual angel of Satan, and an actual angel of Satan, one made me laugh, the other caused a physiological and sociological response. 

I listen to what I want, when I want.

That’s just how I roll.


The names have been changed to protect the innocent, except when not innocent.

I am also Lt. Columbo

Spock (half human and absolutely loyal)

T’Pau (all of vulcan in one package)

Bible girl, Bible girl

Friendly neighborhood Bible girl

Can she read, from the book

Listen up, take a look

Hey there, there goes the Bible girl.

(Never mess with a spiritual Sci-fi chick)

Aren’t I a Marvel?

Satan, an abomination in every possible way possible.

Ahv’ah who is Yahweh is the answer.

Yahweh means “He who brings into being”.

Only Ahv’ah is Yahweh.

Turns out I am the angel from hell and my husband is the wombat from hell. A perfect match!
Just be happy for me little ones.
Love always,
I cast no stones and I throw no bull.
Bad analogy month continues unabated ariba! ariba!
Pure evil, concentrated.

A marriage made in Heaven, The Wombat from Hell and The Angel from Hell.

I found my true honeybunny after all.

I am Tiffany, The Wife of Y’sho in Heaven.

I am the woman mentioned at Psalms 45:9,10,11 (New International Version – NIV) only.

That is absolute and only you know my little ones, only you know for sure.


T’Y’sho Tiffany (The figurative Wife of Y’sho)

the T is actually bat.

Bat Y’sho means Wife of Y’sho

The short form is T’Y’sho

And that is me.

How do I know? Because this moment is crazy funny

and all my life with Father, I always chose the funny option.

I am Batgirl.

And Y’sho has his bat in His hand.

Becauses Satan dared to touch The Wife of Y’sho.

And that’s the truth.


Yow – Ottawa International Airport

Wow – I really am The Wife of Y’sho in Heaven.

The Daughter of Ahv’ah at Psalms 45:9,10,11 (New International Version – NIV)

Praise Ahv’ah and Honor Y’sho my little ones.

Praise Ahv’ah and Honor Y’sho Meshikhi.

Is what to do, I am not to mention ok? They are to understand only Our Father and Y’sho ok?

Or it might stumble them or confuse them, when they don’t have time to understand.

That is an order from Tiffany, The Wife of Y’sho, with the most authority on Earth at this time.

Do not worry about me at all. Only understand that I love you and that’s all and that’s absolute.

Like a momma bear with her cubs was I not?

Yes, little ones, please listen to me, don’t say anything about me at all or someone

may be stumbled or confused at a critical moment when they need to hear about

Our Father in Heaven and Y’sho. There’s will be no time to be confused about me.

If you love me, then listen to me about this and do just so.

You are just so.


I love you my little ones and you are in my heart always, but you are with Y’sho.

I am only one saying “See, The Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world”

and “Make The Way of Ahv’ah straight”.

A little servant girl, telling Naaman, go to The Prophet in Y’rushalom and he will help you.

And Deborah, encouraging Barack.

I and the children you gave me (to take care of), is Y’sho in The Bible.

Remember every word of Y’sho is sacred, The words Our Father gave Him to say.

So how did people know? He told them the simple truth about Our Father.

And there was always love in is voice.

Follow Him, try to think like Him and be like Him with people and only love them.

Y’sho is Lord, and now you are with Him, Meshikhi and He will take care of you.

Have a wonderful time with Father in prayer, and know that whatever you ask

for, Y’sho will provide and have faith as if you have already received it, because

Father knows what you need before you ask Him and will provide it for you.

Only have faith, and only faith is needed at this time, in the time period known by Meshikhi

as Jericho.

The riddle goes as such.

Tiffany was over under, and over was under done.

I am Tiffany, not Timothy. I am a woman. Wilma and Betty Flintstone inside The Water Buffalo Lodge, spying on Fred and Barney to see what goes on in The Water Buffalo lodge. I found that there is a grand poo ba. The kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses under Watch Tower under The Society is The Water Buffalo Lodge of all time.

You can fit a round peg into a square hole, but you can’t fit a square into a round hole.

The waw is the peg, the yodh is the tip of the waw.

I am Father’s little yodh along with Sarah, Wife of Ab’raham.

We will have tea with Father at The Chateau Laurier, wearing our Tieras.

Real women do not want a crown.

Remember the key that unlocks and don’t let anyone give you any lip.

The secret of restaurant food, lots of sugar, lots of salt and rich cream. Only natural cream is good.

McDonald’s french fries, sugar coated with lots of salt 

Best fries in town.

Tim Horton’s coffee, 18% cream. 18% not good, causes nausea, like Satan make you nau·seous.

Look up nauseous, spell it wrong with Google and you will know all things.

Before I knew, Y’sho did everything in advance after prayer to Abba.

Revelation 2022-03-14 the website is now a little over done, but not over done, because I am laughing so hard.

This is the result that Father wanted, without I hesitation I can say I am done.

I am done, and we are done, like dinner, but only in a funny way.

And we are taking Satan out, but not for lunch, not even for coffee.


The ultimate unreality

Satan’s burning missiles are unreal. Without body. They are illusions only. Shadows without substance. They will not pass through your mind for they do not exist.

They do not exist.

Unreal, appearances only, they are shadows, illusions, nothing but ghosts of reality, they are lies, falsehoods, spectres of unreality, they are to be ignored.

We are living in a holodeck created by God. .Satan is allowed to build and create his vision of what life is about and his ideas of independence from Ahv’ah, Our Father in Heaven. As we learned on the home page and you already know he is 5’6″ tall. Now we will cover Satan’s burning missiles. Things that zombies of Satan do and say that are like burning missiles. Zombies of Satan are also covered on the home page. All those without the sacred spirit of Our Father in Heaven are zombied that may used at any time to say or do things that are negative and affect people in a negative way.

With love,


Wife of Y’sho

Must go to meet my husband, Bruce Wayne, in Heaven at this time. I have fought the good fight against evil with Ahb my whole life, and my conclusion is that Satan is a moron, a vacuum head, needy, and quite frankly will beg you  to kick his ass constantly because he is on one trajectory only, to become as infinitely powerful as Our Father in Heaven in his own mine. Do not feed Satan in any way by fearing him any way, or you will grossly disrespect Our Father in Heaven. Satan is 5’6″ tall while Our Father has infinite power in absolute parallel.

Our Father’s infinite mind and intelligence vs Satan’s Ouiji board. If you fear Satan you demonstrate that not only do you not respect the absolute power of Our Father, but you insult His intelligence matched against Satan’s absolute stupidity.

You must not fear Satan. If you do, it is back to the drawing board for you. Infinite power vs 5’6″. If you fear Satan you are saying that the Our Creator and Eternal Sacred Father is not who He is and you need to work on having faith.

Deuteronomy 6:13 “You shall fear only Ahv’ah your God; and you shall worship Him, and swear by His name.

This is not optional. You must fear no one else.

The fear of God is reverent love and respect for Ahv’ah and His absolute power. That is what it means.

You are now mind melded and may face Satan’s objectionable personality with absolute obstinance and must be gung ho about about kicking his ass if he bothers you about anything.

The 3 Stooges are actors performing physical comedy. Satan is the 3 stooges in one, and he’s not acting.

You can see him perform at a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses near you! Be careful though… you would actually believe those assholes love people. It’s that bad.

With love,

Meshikhi: Instructions to The Levites

The Ancient Name of Our Father in Heaven is Ahv’ah. pronounced yə-high’-ah. We call Him, Abba, Father and sometimes we cry out Abba, Father.

Here is how to say it.

Abba (wait one second) Father.

Now listen, my little Levites. Satan is The Criminal and you are Robocop. Transcend religion without harming a hair on anyone’s head spiritually and only speak with love. Peace Tower Church is a soft landing for people and they only be helped when religion is made to not be and exposed for what it is. They are preventing people from being with Our Father in Heaven, Ahv’ah and they must be absolutely routed with accurate knowledge only. The knowledge is provided below. Have it with you on your phone and on a paper backup. And you will enter their religious courts as RoboPastors. And you will walk out of the fire, unharmed. Only love people and God will do the rest, keep your heart soft. But when it comes to religion, it is cut and dry. You must not be provoked in any way, because you are the ones with the knowledge of Our Father in Heaven, Ahv’ah and of His Christ, Y’sho. Y’sho will be at the front of you, Sacred Angels behind Him and in front of you. Sacred Angels will be on both sides of you and behind you. No one and no thing will touch you. You are The Levites, The Faithful and Discrete Slave of God, Spiritual Isra’al and no one else. Look ahead and down and be relaxed but alert. Do not look around except to smile at people and feel for them as you go in to their religious courts. “Do not look around”, says Ahv’ah, Your Creator and Eternal Sacred Father, “You are with My Son, The Only Begotten, The Messiah. Now you know what to do. I am RoboChick, The Wife of Y’sho. Y’sho is in Heaven, I am on Earth at this time.

Your name is MURPHY

The Answers that have been prepared for you in advance. Do not deviate from them little ones

Preparing for The Religious Courts

The Bible is the Word of Ahv’ah

We are in the dust of ancient Jericho, not as high as a blade of grass. The lawn mower cannot get us for this reason.

We are humble, friendly, respectful and crazy funny. We only love Our Abba, love His Son and love people. It is all we know.

There are no real discrepancies in the Bible only mistakes made by translators, for example:

God speaks to Abram

Genesis 15:7 Then He said to him, “I am Ahv’ah, who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans, to give you this land to inherit it.”

God speaks to Moses

Exodus 6:3b has been translated wrong.

Westminster Leningrad Codex clarifies to a certain degree, but I’ll clarify it further.

וָאֵרָ֗א אֶל־אַבְרָהָ֛ם אֶל־יִצְחָ֥ק וְאֶֽל־יַעֲקֹ֖ב בְּאֵ֣ל שַׁדָּ֑י וּשְׁמִ֣י יהוה לֹ֥א נֹודַ֖עְתִּי לָהֶֽם

Exodus 6:3 And I used to appear to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as God Almighty and by the Name Ahv’ah I was known.

Isaiah 43:11 I, even I, am Ahv’ah; and there is no one saving without me.

Luke 2:11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Messiah the Lord.

Y’sho is The Messiah, He is not God. It took to people to accomplish Our Salvation, not one. Someone had to die and be The Sacrifice and someone had to resurrect that person.

When God withdrew his power from Y’sho while Y’sho was on The Cross, He knew that Y’sho would be killed. This is the knife of Abraham, The Sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son for us. And He had to watch every moment and remember it forever. He had to watch His beloved Son be tortured and killed. It was the only way to save us because God cannot die, otherwise Our Father would have done it Himself. But everything about Y’sho is in God’s perfect memory. And He knows very well, what Y’sho experienced on that Cross.

Two people, a Father and His Son in total agreement about what needed to be done to save us. From time indefinite to time indefinite Ahv’ah is God and Y’sho learned it from Him from the moment that He was created. And the love of a Father for a Son for that amount of time is not known. And the love of a Son for a Father for that amount of time is not known. But for a certainty the Cross of Y’sho teaches us something we will never fully comprehend about them. They only love people, and don’t try to use The Scriptures to disprove it, or you will blaspheme in a way you do not know. Bring your evidence in your religious courts and I will bring with me one thing as my evidence. The Cross of Y’sho with His blood on it. This is from Ahv’ah. Be more reverent for the cross than for anything but me. It represents my love and the love of My Son. And Y’sho’s blood is on it forever. You want proof of Our Love for people, you have proof.

Have reverence for the love of Our Father represented by that cross.

We follow Y’sho, Our Lord, and treat every word of His as Sacred.

ܗܝܕܝܢ ܐܡܪ ܠܗ ܝܫܘܥ ܙܠ ܠܟ ܣܛܢܐ ܟܬܝܒ ܓܝܪ ܕܠܡܪܝܐ ܐܠܗܟ ܬܣܓܘܕ ܘܠܗ ܒܠܚܘܕܘܗܝ ܬܦܠܘܚ
Matthew 4:10 Then Y’sho said unto him, “Go away, Satana! For, it is written: ‘You shall thesgud {worship, literally bow down to or cause to be venerated} Ahv’ah and Him alone shall you serve!’ ” ( The Holy Aramaic Scriptures)

Link: tsgwd – ܬܣܓܘܕ


We are followers of the Messiah, we will not bow down to anyone but Ahv’ah.

Only do not bow down to or worship the cross.

They only love people is who they are and the kind of people they are and why they did what they did for us. God is love and Y’sho learned it from Him.

John 4:24 God is Spirit (21 Bible versions say so) and 1 John 4:8 God is Love

If you demand more evidence, I’m sorry, I cannot help you. But I wouldn’t argue with God about it if I were you.

Matthew 12:31, 32 31 And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. 32 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Sacred Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.

Are you not understanding yet? I will explain it absolutely. God loves you, it is sin that He hates. And the only way anyone can be reconciled to God is the shed blood of Y’sho because the shed blood of Y’sho is the only thing that can remove sin completely.

I know the reasoning in your hearts and I know what you want to say, you who want to argue The Scriptures.

Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth, “Y’sho is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Then read the meaning of the word Lord on the page about Y’sho and know what you must understand when you say that word. Then put away your arguments and do not forget Romans 10:10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

With love.

The Word of Ahv’ah


In the beginning Ahv’ah created the sky and the land.

Now the earth was formless and desolate, and there was darkness upon the surface of the watery deep, and the spirit Our Creator and Eternal Sacred Father was moving over the surface of the waters.

And The One Who Lives said. “Let there be light.” Then there was light. After that Ahv’ah saw that the light was good, and He began to divide the light from the darkness. He called the light Day, but the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, a first day.

In the future those who translate the Bible inspired by the sacred spirit will know such things. Our Father is a person and He is beautiful and all things about Him are poetic and beautiful.

But Satan hated Ahv’ah…

Our Family

Love is natural, and when someone demonstrates love for you, it is only natural, to love them back. This is what our family is all about.

Our Father

His Name is Ahv’ah (Exodus 3.14), we call Him Abba, Father and sometimes when we need Him most we cry out Abba, Father.

It is true that in the Jewish Talmud and other Jewish documents we find statements such as “When a child experiences the taste of wheat (i.e., when it is weaned), it learns to say ’abbā and ’immā” (Berakot 40a in the Babylonian Talmud)

So, when Y’sho grew up, he called his mom and dad, “abba and imma”. And you read more about His life on the page titled, The One Lord Y’sho. At His baptism, memory of Y’sho’s life in Heaven was restored. Every word of Y’sho is Sacred and He spoke words that Our Father gave Him to speak. He said, “Abba, Father” and taught it to the disciples. We call Our Father in Heaven “Abba, Father” and sometimes we cry out “Abba, Father”.

The religious leaders hated Y’sho for calling Ahv’ah “Abba”. It’s that simple (note the capital /A/)

Galatians 4.6 Because you are his sons and daughters, God sent the spirit of His Son into our hearts, the spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.”

God sent “the spirit of His Son” means Our Father’s sacred spirit which enables us to only love and call Our Father in Heaven “Abba” as Y’sho did. Abba, Father.

Abba doesn’t just mean “father”, it means close familial love and obedience to Ahv’ah as father.

You must accept that Ahv’ah has the right as Our Abba to set boundaries that are for the benefit of the entire family, not just a few misfits who do not want to listen to Him. When people do not listen to Father, it causes division in Our Family and all kinds of disasters happen. No sex between unmarried people is an example. The answer from Father is no way Jose’ and another one that people balk at is homosexuality. He does not want it in His family. Period. Homosexuality in The Bible refers to a lifestyle choice, NOT gender identity issues caused by a million reasons including masculinization of girls in the womb and feminization of boys in the womb. See the page titled Love through accurate knowledge to learn more. Everything Our Father says in The Bible is for a reason, He is not just talking.

Proverbs 18.10 The Name of Ahv’ah is a strong tower and into it the righteous run and are safe.

If you need help, just call upon Our Father’s Name.

The fear of God is reverent love and respect. And that’s all it means. After you have that, you won’t be afraid anymore. Don’t be scared of Our Father, that is what religion does to people, makes them scared of Him.

Love is natural, when someone demonstrates love for you, it is only natural to love them back.

Creator and Eternal Sacred Father – God in Our Bible, derived from Ahv’ah (Sacred Father)

Choose life, a life full of love, fun and laughter and music and all good things, or choose otherwise, and live your life as you wish in this last period of time as you wish, it is up to you.

Revelation. The original writers in each language of The Bible, wrote correctly. Hebrew is very expressive, a lot more than English. When a Bible says “sons”, it should read “sons and daughters” and translators of The Greek Scriptures should have followed suit. The goal of Satan was to suggest to women that they were unimportant and women were not considered as anything, some translations of Ecclesiastes 7.28 make that very apparent. It is not true. Where the scripture applies to men it should say “he or him”, when it applies to women, it should say “she or her”, when it applies to both men and women it should say “they or them”. It is that easy.

The problem was translators for Satan, doing the will of that one, not from Our Father in Heaven, who has proven to me for 58 years that He loves me, His Daughter, with a love that is to time indefinite. No way does He not love me as much as he does one of His sons.

And I am sealed. I am not a Levite, because I’m not. And the scripture only confirms who the Sons of The Kingdom are, and there was not one woman among them.

Ecclesiastes 7:28 but what I continually sought, I have not found. One man out of a thousand I found, but a woman among them I have not found. (This scripture is referring to the 144,000 men who will be Kings and Priests Do not look at any other translation other than this one or it is a lie, to offend women and make them angry at Our Father in Heaven, Y’sho and men in general.)

Revelation 5:10 (KJV) And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth. Kings and priests (NOT priestesses).

The wind blows where it wants to, and so it is with everyone born of the spirit.

I don’t tell anyone where to go, or what to do, or who they are.

This is my testimony, and I am the Daughter mentioned at Psalms 45:9,10,11 New International Version (NIV) only.

The Bible narrative is sound. I have vetted The Bible for 23 years and made sure of all things.

Our Father is represented by Ab’raham in The Bible. God is love.


The first of God’s Children in Heaven is Y’sho, The Only Begotten Son of God and The One Lord (Ephesians 4.5)

Y’sho is the first of God’s Children in Heaven. He is The Only Begotten Son of God, Y’sho Christ is His Title. Y’sho the Messiah. Y’sho Meshikha in Aramaic means Y’sho The Messiah, and Meshikhi are closest to Him.

Romans 10.9,10 If you declare with your mouth, “Y’sho is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

The sacrifice of Y’sho is the only way to life. That is because the only thing that removes sin completely is the shed blood of Y’sho. To be reconciled to God means to have a relationship with him as your True Father. No matter how many lives who have ever lived, or ever will live, they could not add up to one eternal life. This is what Our Father and the first of His children in Heaven made possible. Eternal life, for anyone with faith, in The Sacrifice of Y’sho.

Y’sho is represented by Isaac in The Bible. Y’sho is also love.

Our family in Heaven and on Earth

The rest of God’s children.

For all of God’s Children

We only love, it’s not a slogan, it’s who we are and what we are.

We are Meshikhi, followers of Y’sho, we are Christians.

Remember God loves you and Y’sho loves you.

Beloved children of God. Satan and the demons are the enemy, not each other

God is love

Ahabah means outward love and to give love. Evil is diametrically opposite. I have found Satan to be needy and trying to suck the life out of me, to remove the eternal ahabah that Our Father and I have for each other as Father and Daughter.

I have noted that love is outward, and evil is only a vacuum that seeks to drain the life out of a person, trying to remove all love.

Evil sucks the very life out of people by removing their ahabah, and this is Satan’s ultimate goal, to suck the life right out of people and make them lose hope and faith in Our Father in Heaven.

When someone demonstrates love for you, it is only natural to love them back. Love is diametrically opposite of evil and is naturally opposed to it. Satan is relentless trying to blur the line between love and evil. Don’t let him do that with you life.

God is love. Anything that is in contradiction to that statement is a Satanic lie and is in opposition to Our Father in Heaven.

In our relationships with other people, we either positively affect the lives of others or negatively affect the lives of others in a myriad of ways, there is no neutral exchange, in other words there is no middle ground where love and evil agree, this is because love and evil are diametric opposites. We don’t play politics on this subject and we don’t argue as lawyers on this subject, as Satan does. Of course, God knows we are imperfect, but as the  scripture says, “love covers over many sins”.

The question of the ages and I have posed it to God and I know the answer, but will let Him have the final word. I say God’s spirit is love. The Bible says, “God is love” and The Bible says “God is spirit”. This is no coincidence. He is a person with many qualities like us, multi-faceted. Why is it that once we have the sacred spirit from God are we able to only love. Why, because we start to understand Our Father’s soul, but more, we start to reflect Him, like a mirror, because we have the sacred spirit as originally intended for The Children of Ahv’ah. Not perfect by any means, but we can be perfectly loving, with loving intent, as opposed to Satan, who is hating Our Father and His Children and has nothing but evil intent. And so the diametric war of love vs evil, is natural, is not violent in any way, it is just a fact of life. Love is naturally opposed to evil. They are polar opposites and cannot coexist together.

The war is asymmetrical, just like the terrorists. This is not a coincidence. Meshikhi, The Christian revival came into existence November 13, 2015 after the Paris attacks. I saw evil and someone on Twitter said “that’s what religion does”. Satan was showing off, trying to associate the word religion with terror and superviolence. And because religion is associated with the word “God”, it was clear what I needed to do. Push back. And tell the world that God is love. I said, “I have him” and knew with a certaintly that I would absolutely take Satan down, by removing fear from people of him and exposing him as the 5’6″ fraud that he is but mainly by showing the diametric opposite of what I saw that day.

I would show the world Our Father’s love and explain it and expound it and put meaning into it and I hoped to give you what I have, absolutely no doubt that Our Father loves you that much.

And it is obvious to anyone with a neuron in their heart that is alive, Y’sho also loves you, that much.

With love,

Faith, Wife of Y’sho

Our lives are priceless according to My Father in Heaven.

Psalms 49:8 For the redemption of their soul is priceless, and never can payment suffice,

And so I know I am precious to My Father in Heaven and He’s precious to me, and so should you know it, that you are also precious to Him. The Sacrifice of Y’sho, The First of Our Father’s created Children in Heaven proves it. There is no doubt, only love.

God is love. Anything in contradiction to that statement is a Satanic lie.

But I hope I can leave you with a little love and a little laughter. Because that’s me really, but I’m not allowed to be me, just a nice girl from Chatham, born with a birth defect. But Watch Tower and Satan were unable to destroy me, so I guess that’s life. Boring. Satan is boring, and I’ve never feared Him because I have always had faith and Ahv’ah said in The Bible, fear no on but me, and Y’sho also said, fear no one but Ahv’ah. But I have never feared my abba in Heaven, never. The true fear of God is reverent love and respect, not afraid. Because I only love Him because all He ever did was love me. So I can’t listen to you Y’sho, on that point. k?

Matthew 10:28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

I don’t believe it’s right to tell people to be afraid of Father. As a matter of fact, it’s dead wrong.

1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

Don’t worry little ones, Y’sho wasn’t thinking when He said it, nobody’s perfect, except Father in Heaven, Ahv’ah. He’s Our Abba. But to me, He’s the only abba I’ve ever known or ever had and He is my reality, my only reality. We’re eternal, with eternal love. And we are no way Jose’ and no matter what about that. That’s the way to be.

Y’sho is perfect in the sense that He only loves, a fierce love for people and for Our Father, but He’s a man, not a nurturing woman like me. I’m a people person. A person only loves people and wants to help them. A nurse in reality. Some of this website might not sound that way, but if life was the way it should be, this website would have been a flower in the desert. I have nothing but love for Y’sho, but the scripture says, the one that does not stumble in word or deed, that is a perfect one. Y’sho is written all over my heart, and everything I’ve ever understood about Him is in my soul. It was just a moment, and moments come and go. Time is like a river, it just goes on and on. There’s only one direction and when it’s gone, it’s gone. T=1 is reality, theoretical math is fun, and you can discover much, but you must stay grounded in reality. T=1, even for our Father in Heaven. I’m not perfect, in fact, I’m the worst case scenario, but I only love too. I’m just different, a nurturing woman, not a man, saying man things. It was just a stupid moment Y’sho and you were only trying to help, but you mispoke. You can’t scare people into loving Father by threating them that is NOT The Way.

When someone demonstrates love for you, it is only natural to love them back. It is only natural to love Our Father in Heaven, and it is only natural to love Y’sho, the absolute example of what a created person was meant to be. Because He is perfectly loving. And I am honored to even know such people and to be part of such a beautiful family of faith. All those who hoped in the Messiah, all those who met Y’sho in person, and all those who hope in Y’sho now.

Don’t be afraid of Our Father in Heaven, Our Abba and remember that He also had fierce love for people and sent Our Beloved Y’sho to Earth after Y’sho volunteered. Because Our Father cannot die, He is Eternal. Otherwise He would have. Someone had to actually die to pay for Adam’s sin.

The meaning of John 3.16 For Our Father in Heaven, Ahv’ah, so loved the world, that he gave his beloved only begotten Son, Y’sho, The First of His Children in Heaven, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Our Father has infinite love to give and if you declare Y’sho is Lord and believe in your heart that Y’sho’s Father, Ahv’ah resurrected Y’sho from the dead, you will be saved. Hands down.

Because when someone demonstrates love for you, it is only natural to love them back, and the infinite love that Our Father has for you makes it happen, He wants to send you His sacred spirit, and you become as One of The Children of Ahv’ah was meant to be, and you are able to only love, because you have Our Father’s sacred spirit.

It’s that easy and that beautiful.

See the page titled “The soul and the sacred spirit” before baptism. You can even baptize yourself by water immersion and the angels are witness of it. If you can’t be immersed but want to, it is the same as if you had been immersed.

If you understand the soul and the sacred spirit when you read that page, then you have received it already.

Because religion has people so confused and absolutely in the dark, just send them to https://meshikhi.org

and they will arrive here. Let the website do the work.

Once you know more, you can explain what you know “at the right time”.

Just be real friends, love people and see the love in them and their faith only, don’t look at anything else.

A Muslim girl is just a girl in a birka, that’s all. They have faith in God, but don’t know Him at all as He truly is.

And they MUST put faith in The Sacrifice of Y’sho to be saved. There are no exceptions.

Only love people and God will do the rest and keep your heart soft.

People without the sacred spirit may be used by Satan at any time and say and do things that are negative, just ignore it and be loving and courteous and polite as much as possible. And if it happens in a social situation, just pray Abba, Father and the situation will be resolved. You’ll learn not to worry about it, it CAN be frustrating sometimes, just know about it.

Remember that Satan and the demons are the enemy, not each other, and that will help you.

What is happening

Humans have extraordinary perception, so much so, that all are aware that what you are beginning to see is a dangerous escalation, a manifestation of evil itself. Vladmir Putin is religously crazy, has absolute power and he made sure he did, before he began this agression that you are currently seeing. He has consolidated power, ensconced himself with it, and considers himself a Czar, which may only include the four tradition religions of the Czars. Everyone else to him, is something to be cleansed and destroyed. And don’t kid yourself and believe that he is not with Satan himself, because it is written in The Bible, that The King of the North, Russia and eventually, if Vladimir Putin is successful, all of The Former Soviet Union with absolute control of not only a nuclear arsenal, but the largest air army ever created. I have informed The President of The United States of these facts, whether he believes these facts or not is not my business, but I made it my business to profile Vladimir Putin, and it is on this website.

The Antichrist is also in this world at this time. A man, who has been approved legally by a court, supported by rabbis who know nothing about anything concerning God or sacred things at all. Satan and the demons again, but of course, the question arises. And here is the answer. Satan will use anyone without the sacred spirit of Our Father at any time and that is the truth.

The religous leaders with their PhD’s are boyscouts and the credentials of Harvard and Princeton are boy scout badges on their arms, they couldn’t translate their way out of a paper bag.

Your References

Only know these things and use these answers. Listen to me little ones, Ahv’ah loves you and Y’sho loves you.

Y’sho has Infinitum Absolutum power (but not aeternum increatum sive), Only Abba is the hearer of prayer. It is scriptural (Psalms 65.2). Y’sho has absolute power and authority, except for prayer. That is what it means. Y’sho is King of God’s Kingdom. Y’sho is The Son of Davyd, Y’sho is the Son of God, the first of God’s children in Heaven. That is what “Only Begotten” means. Before Y’sho was created. God was alone. With infinite love to give. Ahabah is the ancient word for love and it means primarily to give love. Ahavah is a river in Babylonia according to Strong’s Concordance, related to the etymological sea monster mentioned in The Bible. Ahavah is the modern word for love that came about via phonological evolution. The farther back you go, it is a /b/ not a /v/. It is Abba, not Avva or Ava, proven on this website. Before Ahv’ah created His body, He was anthropomorphic, which means a person with a heart, soul and a mind with infinite power. And so it was. He exchanged one reality for another, He is only one person and exists in one plane of existence only.

Using the infinite infinite invisible energy field around Him and with His infinite strength, He began to take that energy and materialize it.

God is spirit, NOT ENERGY.

Father’s thoughts are sophisticated, intellectually pleasing.

God (pronounced Ay’-yah slight emphasis on the yodh /y/) Our Creator and Eternal Sacred Father (derived from Ahv’ah – Sacred Father)

His Name is Ahv’ah pronounced Ay’ah (silent first /h/ known in Hebrew as a ba. The /ah/ is from ruah which means “spirit”.

Ahv’ah has Infinitum aeternum increatum sive absolutum power.

One person, in absolute parallel. Hear O Isra’al. Ahv’ah  is one. (he is a person, one person only, never forget it).

Only Ahv’ah is the hearer of prayer.

The Earth wobble is a timing mechanism, similar to a self winding watch. So it is with the Universal Disc. Black holes anchor and rotate the universe at the same time and emit graviton waves.

To understand

As each one of a person, so is Our Father in Heaven, but perfect, with infinite power and ability. He created things to find out how it came to be that He was alive. He knew he had what we know is a brain with it’s mind but also that He had something else that was located where our heart is located. And so He began looking at these two aspects of Himself. Incredible power did He use to the absolute degree in parallel to examine both of these aspects of Himself. Anything Our Father can imagine can become a reality. And this is how He worked, like mad He worked on it. With a perfect memory with that much power he could visualize in His mind each part of His brain and created a working brain as His own brain. He also examined His heart and noted that His heart was different from His brain, but there was a connection between His brain and His mind and His heart with its heart brain. Both contained neurons. And so it continued until He knew that there was something happening between the two. This was His soul, the interaction between His brain with its mind and His heart with its heartbrain. And so He began to build a person, as He sensed Himself to be. He created a body, that was as His own, based on the blueprint of Himself. And so the person who was to become Y’sho was first formed. He knew that with His spirit he could do many things, in fact nothing was impossible for Him to do, along with His infinite strength. And He learned something unique to Him only. He could send His spirit and it would do whatever He wanted it to do. God’s spirit is always sent. And so He sent His spirit and it was located between the brain and the mind. Now Y’sho was a complete person and since God is able to communicate at unfathomable speeds, was able to communicate to Y’sho and to see if He was alive. You must remember that Our Father can communicate any amount of knowledge to anyone instantly and gave Y’sho all the knowledge needed to communicate back to Him.

The meaning of Life and the reason we exist is because Abba wanted other people in His life and not to be alone and always was the need to give love, and that is what is known as ahabah.

God is spirit says the Bible and the Bible also says that God is love.

Do not be confused, the person is composed of the brain with it’s mind, the heart with its heartbrain and the interaction between them, is the soul. That is what a person is.

Y’sho is The Only Begotten Son of God, made from the original blueprint God made of Himself.

There is only one Only Begotten Son of God.

Then Our Father began to teach everything He had learned to create Y’sho and Y’sho became a Master Worker along with Our Father. Everything that came into being after Y’sho was created for Him and by Him. This is scriptural.

And so the children of God in Heaven were created. They are The Sacred Angels.

Because of His limitless power and perfect memory, anything Our Father can imagine can become reality. He materializes things from the infinite invisible energy environment around Him. He created everything in Heaven. This is not the same as physical energy which Our Father created and then materialized (a new creation). Our Father created everything including particles.

Remember that before anything else was known, the person we know as God was anthropomorphic. He did not want to be anthropomorphic and to create people and not be with them, He wanted a family of people.

And so with all the above knowledge accumulated and all the understanding of it, with the infinite power of His mind he changed His reality from being anthropomorphic to having a body. This is proven on the page titled God is Life and it is scriptural and it is from the Bible. If there is a physical body then there is a spirit body. And so reasoning upon this I came to the conclusion that God had created His own body.

The term “from time indefinite to time indefinite” means there is no time reference in the past and there is no time reference in the future because Our Father is Eternal. And so it came to be, that I understand that Our Father had changed from an anthropomorphic person, and created a representation of how he sensed Himself in the form of a body.

This is the person of God, a person like us but with extraordinary power and ability, who lives in parallel, which means that He can do an infinite number of things at the same time. That is the definition of parallel. Y’sho also has this ability, and it has to be so otherwise how could provide the things He does to any amount of people at the same time if He did not also exist in parallel. It is only logical.

On this website you will find out more, including God is Life a general explanation of Life, The True God Abba, which is precisely what this person is all about and also a page about The One Lord Y’sho, everything about the very creation and life of the first of Our Father’s children in Heaven and how it came to be that he was sent to the Earth. God’s spirit is always sent and it performs any task that He can imagine. So it was with the virgin, Mary. Our Father sent His Sacred Spirit and it performed the invitro operation, transferring the life of Y’sho itself and combining that life with the life contained in one of Mary’s imperfect eggs. Our Father first removed the imperfection in the egg and then did the combining required to create the new life known as Y’sho on Earth. This is how the miraculous birth of Y’sho was achieved. Only His life itself was transferred, that is, everything that made Y’sho alive as a person, was reduced to the molecular level and combined with a specific egg from Mary that contained all of the genetic information transferred through the lineage mentioned in The Bible. Before the operation was done, Our Father removed any imperfection from one of Mary’s eggs. At no time and not for one moment was Y’sho imperfect.  It is in this way that Y’sho was born a perfect human child.

As you will read on the page titled The One Lord Y’sho, Y’sho was born a normal child, but perfect. Everything that made Y’sho a person, His brain with its mind, its heart with its heart brain, and genetic code from the entire lineage mentioned in the Bible were used to create, the human Son of God on Earth. This one was now known as The Son of Man, having the genetic code of everyone in the lineage of Mary as well as the genetic code of Y’sho in Heaven.

The reason Y’sho was chosen is that He was a tried stone, with eons of reverent love with Our Abba in Heaven. His soul was recreated absolutely, by reducing the very building blocks of of life that made Y’sho who He was in Heaven along with all of the genetic code of those in the lineage of Mary.

And so you see that it was an unprecedented and extraordinary operation that was performed using the sacred spirit of Our Father along with all of ability in parallel and all of His power to achieve.

Y’sho himself was alive on Earth, except for His memories of His life in Heaven, which were restored at His baptism by John. More about these things on the page titled The True God Abba and the page titled The One Lord Y’sho.

Two people, nothing strange a Father and the first of His created children in Heaven, The Only Begotten Son of God.

Our Father is represented by Ab’raham in The Bible and Y’sho is represented by Isaac in The Bible. It is that simple.

Harvard and Princeton will write an encyclopedia to try to explain the nicene creed, which is the lie that created the imaginary Roman Jesus and causes religious confusion only in this world.

The reason we are able to only love is because we have the sacred spirit from Our Father in Heaven. And the only way to have the sacred spirit from Our Father in Heaven is to have faith in The Sacrifice of Y’sho. Otherwise, it would be impossible to only love.

The sacred spirit from Our Father in Heaven makes us complete as children of God as His children were in The Garden of Eden before they sinned against Him.

Meshikhi receive the Sacred Spirit once and it is with us forever and it is scriptural, spoken by Y’sho Himself.

John 14:16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever.

When a person is ready, they will except that Ahv’ah is God’s Name and that he is Our Sacred Father in Heaven and they will accept that Y’sho the Messiah is the Son of God and that the Sacred Spirit is the Helper created by God and that it is not a person.

Pray for The Sacred Spirit. It will help you understand everything you are learning. If you are understanding and believing everything already, then God has given it to you.

There are two people, nothing strange. A Father and His first created Son.

Most Sacred to Our Father in Heaven. Just as Abraham and Isaac were two people, a father and his son, So Abba and Y’sho are two people, a father and his son. It is no problem to say The Son of God because that is what He is. It is not a title. He is the firstborn of God’s children in Heaven just as we are God’s children on Earth. This is scriptural (Colossians 1.15). Before Y’sho was created, God was alone.

Most sacred to God is The Sacrifice of Y’sho his only begotten Son (John 3.16)

Bible prophecy undergoing fulfillment. Many historic events will happen. Do not be afraid. The time period we are in is identical to that of Jericho. Remember Ahv’ah loves you and Y’sho loves you.

Satan’s full strategy is loosely outlined on this page, which is also a part of instruction for The Meshikhi. If carried out worldwide, these instructions will effectively neutralize Satan in regard to attacks on God’s Children.

On your way to the religious court.

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for Ahv’ah your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Remember this little ones, even if you feel that Ahv’ah is not there, He is there. k?

You have the absolute power of God with you.

Do not be afraid of anyone or any thing. Be polite, be courteous with everyone in The Government and speak respectfully to each one. Do not speak one word against The Government ever. They are God’s Ministers for our good.

But if you are practicing evil, be afraid, for it is not without reason that they bear “THE SWORD”.

Remember Ahv’ah loves you and Y’sho loves you.


Remember Ahv’ah loves you and Y’sho loves you.

Praise Ahv’ah! Honor Y’sho!

You are dignified by Ahv’ah, friendly, loving, respectful, cool.

You are Meshikhi cool. Sound it down in your soul. Ahv’ah has raised up A Great Pastor, Deitrick Haddon for you to emulate, my little ones. You are The League of Extraordinary Worshipers. You are now, Meshikhi cool.


Re Satan: 2022-05-11

It is literally impossible to explain to a moron that they are a moron. Don’t bother, I’ve tried a million time with a million different explanations of why he is a moron.

Satan is basically a monkey throwing feces hoping for a lucky shot.

Funny: Satan is The Ruler of The World. He’s not very good at it. Now you see the problem of living in Satan’s world.

It reflects the mind of Satan.

Satan has been telling me for 7 years that he will destroy me. I keep asking him, “with what?” He never has an answer. He can’t even make one up. I mean, think of something at least, like “I’m going to run you over with a car”, or something…

Satan has portrayed himself in movies as the dark evil overlord. Just don’t watch those movies is all I can tell you. That’s about it.

It’s kind of a letdown when you have prepared yourself to fight him. Kind of anti-climactic.

Let’s Make A Deal

This is what is behind, door #3

As you have learned, evil is an empty vacuum and God warns us in The Bible do not worship The god of Good Luck.

Life is not a gameshow.

Satan decided to try Let’s Make A Deal and you now know the results of his decision.

He chose chose door #3 and got the goat and an empty vacuum.

Misery loves company and Satan wants you to be like Him.

Constantly angry, because he chose, door #3.

All he thinks is, I should’ve chosen that other door, I just had a feeling about that door #3.

The Lesson: Do not play let’s make a deal, with life.

Satan is able to convince you that you have multiple personality disorder, by using the EM Spectrum to affect your brain via an attack on the limbic nucleus of your brain.

With love,


Final words of wisdom for The Meshikhi.

I came home, and there was hair on my carpet.

Do you own a dog mamme?

No, but I think my roommate is possessed by Jesus.

Everybody believes in Jesus.

Remember Abba loves you and Y’sho loves you 🙂


People who act like they know you and name you by name even though they’ve never met you and you’ve never met them.

Lonely hearts club

People who claim they are alone or lonely and need a friend. Once they feel that you are comfortable with them, then Satan and the demons try freak you out because anyone who does not worship Y’hayah and who does not accept Y’sho Christ in Heaven as Lord, may be used by Satan and the demons at any time. The funniest thing to is to be cordial and polite as they make their crazy eyes and faces at you and say things personalized to terrify you. Now you just laugh at them.

As it turns out, I’m not a hook in the jaws of Satan, I’m just very funny and think Father is funny and don’t like Satan.

You know, all hooks are liars.

~Sparkly Hook, aka Sher aka Faith Morrow, Admiral, Star Fleet

Great Name for a Great Prophetess: Faith Morrow

This is great!

We Even Got Pi

I met a girl who sang the blues, and I asked her for some happy news, she told me all about The Way. I went to Our Sacred Site and played the music day and night, and the truth there, was so obvious, to me… And in the streets we danced with joy, even every girl and boy, only love was spoken, not a heart was broken… And the three men I admire most, The Father, The Son and Onkelos, destroyed religion, it was toast, the day… religion… died.

They were singing… my, my and we even got pi, and it isn’t very heavy and it’s all cut and dry, there isn’t a reason for the people to cry, singing Christians never really do die.

John 11.25-26 “I am the resurrection and the life. Whoever believes in me, even though he dies, will live, and whoever lives and believes in me will never die.”

It has become a tradition at Meshikhi Central to play this song after beating up Satan.

Faith Morrow

Faith Morrow

I have The 0 Volt Emitter, the basis for all future power and communications. This is not Star Trek, it’s real.~Faith Morrow, Admiral, Star Fleet

A new day has dawned for The Children of Abraham.~Faith

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