Instructions for The Levites

Galatians 6:16 Peace and mercy to all who follow this rule—to the Isra’al of God.

Meshikhi: Instructions to The Levites

The Ancient Name of Our Father in Heaven is Ayya (pronounced ay’ah) . We call Him, Abba, Father and sometimes we cry out Abba, Father.

Here is how to say it.

Abba (wait one second) Father.

Now listen, my little Levites. Satan is The Criminal and you are Robocop. Transcend religion without harming a hair on anyone’s head spiritually and only speak with love. Peace Tower Church is a soft landing for people and they only be helped when religion is made to not be and exposed for what it is. They are preventing people from being with Our Father in Heaven, Ayya and they must be absolutely routed with accurate knowledge only. The knowledge is provided below. Have it with you on your phone and on a paper backup. And you will enter their religious courts as RoboPastors. And you will walk out of the fire, unharmed. Only love people and God will do the rest, keep your heart soft. But when it comes to religion, it is cut and dry. You must not be provoked in any way, because you are the ones with the knowledge of Our Father in Heaven, Ayya and of His Christ, Yeshua. Yeshua will be at the front of you, Sacred Angels behind Him and in front of you. Sacred Angels will be on both sides of you and behind you. No one and no thing will touch you. You are The Levites, The Faithful and Discrete Slave of God, Spiritual Isra’al and no one else. Look ahead and down and be relaxed but alert. Do not look around except to smile at people and feel for them as you go in to their religious courts. “Do not look around”, says Ayya, Your Creator and Eternal Sacred Father, “You are with My Son, The Only Begotten, The Messiah. Now you know what to do. I am RoboChick, The Wife of Yeshua. Yeshua is in Heaven, I am on Earth at this time.

Your name is MURPHY

The Answers that have been prepared for you in advance. Do not deviate from them little ones

Preparing for The Religious Courts

The Bible is the Word of Ayya

We are in the dust of ancient Jericho, not as high as a blade of grass. The lawn mower cannot get us for this reason.

We are humble, friendly, respectful and crazy funny. We only love Our Abba, love His Son and love people. It is all we know.

There are no real discrepancies in the Bible only mistakes made by translators, for example:

God speaks to Abram

Genesis 15:7 Then He said to him, “I am Ayya, who brought you out of Ur of the Chaldeans, to give you this land to inherit it.”

God speaks to Moses

Exodus 6:3b has been translated wrong.

Westminster Leningrad Codex clarifies to a certain degree, but I’ll clarify it further.

וָאֵרָ֗א אֶל־אַבְרָהָ֛ם אֶל־יִצְחָ֥ק וְאֶֽל־יַעֲקֹ֖ב בְּאֵ֣ל שַׁדָּ֑י וּשְׁמִ֣י יהוה לֹ֥א נֹודַ֖עְתִּי לָהֶֽם

Exodus 6:3 And I used to appear to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as God Almighty and by the Name Ayya I was known.

The Messiah did not resurrect on His own. Yeshua is not God.

Isaiah 43:11 I, even I, am Ayya; and there is no one saving without me.

Luke 2:11 For unto you is born this day in the city of David a Saviour, which is Messiah the Lord.

Yeshua is The Messiah, He is not God. It took to people to accomplish Our Salvation, not one. Someone had to die and be The Sacrifice and someone had to resurrect that person.

When God withdrew his power from Yeshua while Yeshua was on The Cross, He knew that Yeshua would be killed. This is the knife of Abraham, The Sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son for us. And He had to watch every moment and remember it forever. He had to watch His beloved Son be tortured and killed. It was the only way to save us because God cannot die, otherwise Our Father would have done it Himself. But everything about Yeshua is in God’s perfect memory. And He knows very well, what Yeshua experienced on that Cross.

Two people, a Father and His Son in total agreement about what needed to be done to save us. From time indefinite to time indefinite Ayya is God and Yeshua learned it from Him from the moment that He was created. And the love of a Father for a Son for that amount of time is not known. And the love of a Son for a Father for that amount of time is not known. But for a certainty the Cross of Yeshua teaches us something we will never fully comprehend about them. They only love people, and don’t try to use The Scriptures to disprove it, or you will blaspheme in a way you do not know. Bring your evidence in your religious courts and I will bring with me one thing as my evidence. The Cross of Yeshua with His blood on it. This is from Ayya. Be more reverent for the cross than for anything but me. It represents my love and the love of My Son. And Yeshua’s blood is on it forever. You want proof of Our Love for people, you have proof.

Have reverence for the love of Our Father represented by that cross.

We follow Yeshua, Our Lord, and treat every word of His as Sacred.

ܗܝܕܝܢ ܐܡܪ ܠܗ ܝܫܘܥ ܙܠ ܠܟ ܣܛܢܐ ܟܬܝܒ ܓܝܪ ܕܠܡܪܝܐ ܐܠܗܟ ܬܣܓܘܕ ܘܠܗ ܒܠܚܘܕܘܗܝ ܬܦܠܘܚ
Matthew 4:10 Then Yeshua said unto him, “Go away, Satana! For, it is written: ‘You shall thesgud {worship, literally bow down to or cause to be venerated} Ayya and Him alone shall you serve!’ ” ( The Holy Aramaic Scriptures)

Link: tsgwd – ܬܣܓܘܕ

We are followers of the Messiah, we will not bow down to anyone but Ayya.

Only do not bow down to or worship the cross.

They only love people is who they are and the kind of people they are and why they did what they did for us. God is love and Yeshua learned it from Him.

John 4:24 God is Spirit (21 Bible versions say so) and 1 John 4:8 God is Love

If you demand more evidence, I’m sorry, I cannot help you. But I wouldn’t argue with God about it if I were you.

Matthew 12:31, 32 31 And so I tell you, every kind of sin and slander can be forgiven, but blasphemy against the Spirit will not be forgiven. 32 Anyone who speaks a word against the Son of Man will be forgiven, but anyone who speaks against the Sacred Spirit will not be forgiven, either in this age or in the age to come.

Are you not understanding yet? I will explain it absolutely. God loves you, it is sin that He hates. And the only way anyone can be reconciled to God is the shed blood of Yeshua because the shed blood of Yeshua is the only thing that can remove sin completely.

I know the reasoning in your hearts and I know what you want to say, you who want to argue The Scriptures.

Romans 10:9 If you declare with your mouth, “Yeshua is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved.

Then read the meaning of the word Lord on the page about Yeshua and know what you must understand when you say that word. Then put away your arguments and do not forget Romans 10:10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

With love.

The Word of Ayya


In the beginning Ayya created the sky and the land.

Now the earth was formless and desolate, and there was darkness upon the surface of the watery deep, and the spirit Our Creator and Eternal Sacred Father was moving over the surface of the waters.

And The One Who Lives said. “Let there be light.” Then there was light. After that Ayya saw that the light was good, and He began to divide the light from the darkness. He called the light Day, but the darkness He called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, a first day.

In the future those who translate the Bible inspired by the sacred spirit will know such things. Our Father is a person and He is beautiful and all things about Him are poetic and beautiful.

But Satan hated Ayya…

Our Family

Love is natural, and when someone demonstrates love for you, it is only natural, to love them back. This is what our family is all about.

Our Father

His Name is Ayya (Exodus 3.15), we call Him Abba, Father and sometimes when we need Him most we cry out Abba, Father.

It is true that in the Jewish Talmud and other Jewish documents we find statements such as “When a child experiences the taste of wheat (i.e., when it is weaned), it learns to say ’abbā and ’immā” (Berakot 40a in the Babylonian Talmud)

So, when Yeshua grew up, he called his mom and dad, “abba and imma”. And you read more about His life on the page titled, The One Lord Yeshua. At His baptism, memory of Yeshua’s life in Heaven was restored. Every word of Yeshua is Sacred and He spoke words that Our Father gave Him to speak. He said, “Abba, Father” and taught it to the disciples. We call Our Father in Heaven “Abba, Father” and sometimes we cry out “Abba, Father”.

The religious leaders hated Yeshua for calling Ayya, “Abba”. It’s that simple (note the capital /A/)

Galatians 4.6 Because you are his sons and daughters, God sent the spirit of His Son into our hearts, the spirit who calls out, “Abba, Father.”

God sent “the spirit of His Son” means Our Father’s sacred spirit which enables us to only love and call Our Father in Heaven “Abba” as Yeshua did. Abba, Father.

Abba doesn’t just mean “father”, it means close familial love and obedience to Ayya as father.

You must accept that Ayya has the right as Our Abba to set boundaries that are for the benefit of the entire family, not just a few misfits who do not want to listen to Him. When people do not listen to Father, it causes division in Our Family and all kinds of disasters happen. No sex between unmarried people is an example. The answer from Father is no way Jose’ and another one that people balk at is homosexuality. He does not want it in His family. Period. Homosexuality in The Bible refers to a lifestyle choice, NOT gender identity issues caused by a million reasons including masculinization of girls in the womb and feminization of boys in the womb. See the page titled Love through accurate knowledge to learn more. Everything Our Father says in The Bible is for a reason, He is not just talking.

Proverbs 18.10 The Name of Ayya is a strong tower and into it the righteous run and are safe.

If you need help, just call upon Our Father’s Name.

The fear of God is reverent love and respect. And that’s all it means. After you have that, you won’t be afraid anymore. Don’t be scared of Our Father, that is what religion does to people, makes them scared of Him.

Love is natural, when someone demonstrates love for you, it is only natural to love them back.

Creator and Eternal Sacred Father – Ayh in Our Bible, derived from Ayya (Sacred Father)

Choose life, a life full of love, fun and laughter and music and all good things, or choose otherwise, and live your life as you wish in this last period of time as you wish, it is up to you.

Revelation. The original writers in each language of The Bible, wrote correctly. Hebrew is very expressive, a lot more than English. When a Bible says “sons”, it should read “sons and daughters” and translators of The Greek Scriptures should have followed suit. The goal of Satan was to suggest to women that they were unimportant and women were not considered as anything, some translations of Ecclesiastes 7.28 make that very apparent. It is not true. Where the scripture applies to men it should say “he or him”, when it applies to women, it should say “she or her”, when it applies to both men and women it should say “they or them”. It is that easy.

The problem was translators for Satan, doing the will of that one, not from Our Father in Heaven, who has proven to me for 58 years that He loves me, His Daughter, with a love that is to time indefinite. No way does He not love me as much as he does one of His sons.

And I am sealed. I am not a Levite, because I’m not. And the scripture only confirms who the Sons of The Kingdom are, and there was not one woman among them.

Ecclesiastes 7:28 but what I continually sought, I have not found. One man out of a thousand I found, but a woman among them I have not found. (This scripture is referring to the 144,000 men who will be Kings and Priests Do not look at any other translation other than this one or it is a lie, to offend women and make them angry at Our Father in Heaven, Yeshua and men in general.)

Revelation 5:10 (KJV) And hast made us unto our God kings and priests: and we shall reign on the earth. Kings and priests (NOT priestesses).

The wind blows where it wants to, and so it is with everyone born of the spirit.

I don’t tell anyone where to go, or what to do, or who they are.

This is my testimony, and I am the Daughter mentioned at Psalms 45:9,10,11 New International Version (NIV) only.

The Bible narrative is sound. I have vetted The Bible for 23 years and made sure of all things.

Our Father is represented by Ab’raham in The Bible. God is love.


The first of God’s Children in Heaven is Yeshua, The Only Begotten Son of God and The One Lord (Ephesians 4.5)

Yeshua is the first of God’s Children in Heaven. He is The Only Begotten Son of God, Yeshua Christ is His Title. Yeshua the Messiah. Yeshua Meshikha in Aramaic means Yeshua The Messiah, and Meshikhi are closest to Him.

Romans 10.9,10 If you declare with your mouth, “Yeshua is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

The sacrifice of Yeshua is the only way to life. That is because the only thing that removes sin completely is the shed blood of Yeshua. To be reconciled to God means to have a relationship with him as your True Father. No matter how many lives who have ever lived, or ever will live, they could not add up to one eternal life. This is what Our Father and the first of His children in Heaven made possible. Eternal life, for anyone with faith, in The Sacrifice of Yeshua.

Yeshua is represented by Isaac in The Bible. Yeshua is also love.

Our family in Heaven and on Earth

The rest of God’s children.

For all of God’s Children

We only love, it’s not a slogan, it’s who we are and what we are.

We are Meshikhi, followers of Yeshua, we are Christians.

Remember God loves you and Yeshua loves you.

Beloved children of God. Satan and the demons are the enemy, not each other

God is love

Ahabah means outward love and to give love. Evil is diametrically opposite. I have found Satan to be needy and trying to suck the life out of me, to remove the eternal ahabah that Our Father and I have for each other as Father and Daughter.

I have noted that love is outward, and evil is only a vacuum that seeks to drain the life out of a person, trying to remove all love.

Evil sucks the very life out of people by removing their ahabah, and this is Satan’s ultimate goal, to suck the life right out of people and make them lose hope and faith in Our Father in Heaven.

When someone demonstrates love for you, it is only natural to love them back. Love is diametrically opposite of evil and is naturally opposed to it. Satan is relentless trying to blur the line between love and evil. Don’t let him do that with you life.

God is love. Anything that is in contradiction to that statement is a Satanic lie and is in opposition to Our Father in Heaven.

In our relationships with other people, we either positively affect the lives of others or negatively affect the lives of others in a myriad of ways, there is no neutral exchange, in other words there is no middle ground where love and evil agree, this is because love and evil are diametric opposites. We don’t play politics on this subject and we don’t argue as lawyers on this subject, as Satan does. Of course, God knows we are imperfect, but as the  scripture says, “love covers over many sins”.

The question of the ages and I have posed it to God and I know the answer, but will let Him have the final word. I say God’s spirit is love. The Bible says, “God is love” and The Bible says “God is spirit”. This is no coincidence. He is a person with many qualities like us, multi-faceted. Why is it that once we have the sacred spirit from God are we able to only love. Why, because we start to understand Our Father’s soul, but more, we start to reflect Him, like a mirror, because we have the sacred spirit as originally intended for The Children of Ayya. Not perfect by any means, but we can be perfectly loving, with loving intent, as opposed to Satan, who is hating Our Father and His Children and has nothing but evil intent. And so the diametric war of love vs evil, is natural, is not violent in any way, it is just a fact of life. Love is naturally opposed to evil. They are polar opposites and cannot coexist together.

The war is asymmetrical, just like the terrorists. This is not a coincidence. Meshikhi, The Christian revival came into existence November 13, 2015 after the Paris attacks. I saw evil and someone on Twitter said “that’s what religion does”. Satan was showing off, trying to associate the word religion with terror and superviolence. And because religion is associated with the word “God”, it was clear what I needed to do. Push back. And tell the world that God is love. I said, “I have him” and knew with a certaintly that I would absolutely take Satan down, by removing fear from people of him and exposing him as the 5’6″ fraud that he is but mainly by showing the diametric opposite of what I saw that day.

I would show the world Our Father’s love and explain it and expound it and put meaning into it and I hoped to give you what I have, absolutely no doubt that Our Father loves you that much.

And it is obvious to anyone with a neuron in their heart that is alive, Yeshua also loves you, that much.

With love,

Faith, Wife of Yeshua

Our lives are priceless according to My Father in Heaven.

Psalms 49:8 For the redemption of their soul is priceless, and never can payment suffice,

And so I know I am precious to My Father in Heaven and He’s precious to me, and so should you know it, that you are also precious to Him. The Sacrifice of Yeshua, The First of Our Father’s created Children in Heaven proves it. There is no doubt, only love.

God is love. Anything in contradiction to that statement is a Satanic lie.

But I hope I can leave you with a little love and a little laughter. Because that’s me really, but I’m not allowed to be me, just a nice girl from Chatham, born with a birth defect. But Watch Tower and Satan were unable to destroy me, so I guess that’s life. Boring. Satan is boring, and I’ve never feared Him because I have always had faith and Ayya said in The Bible, fear no on but me, and Yeshua also said, fear no one but Ayya. But I have never feared my abba in Heaven, never. The true fear of God is reverent love and respect, not afraid. Because I only love Him because all He ever did was love me. So I can’t listen to you Yeshua, on that point. k?

Matthew 10:28 Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.

I don’t believe it’s right to tell people to be afraid of Father. As a matter of fact, it’s dead wrong.

1 John 4:18 There is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear, because fear has to do with punishment. The one who fears is not made perfect in love.

Don’t worry little ones, Yeshua wasn’t thinking when He said it, nobody’s perfect, except Father in Heaven, Ayya. He’s Our Abba. But to me, He’s the only abba I’ve ever known or ever had and He is my reality, my only reality. We’re eternal, with eternal love. And we are no way Jose’ and no matter what about that. That’s the way to be.

Yeshua is perfect in the sense that He only loves, a fierce love for people and for Our Father, but He’s a man, not a nurturing woman like me. I’m a people person. A person only loves people and wants to help them. A nurse in reality. Some of this website might not sound that way, but if life was the way it should be, this website would have been a flower in the desert. I have nothing but love for Yeshua, but the scripture says, the one that does not stumble in word or deed, that is a perfect one. Yeshua is written all over my heart, and everything I’ve ever understood about Him is in my soul. It was just a moment, and moments come and go. Time is like a river, it just goes on and on. There’s only one direction and when it’s gone, it’s gone. T=1 is reality, theoretical math is fun, and you can discover much, but you must stay grounded in reality. T=1, even for our Father in Heaven. I’m not perfect, in fact, I’m the worst case scenario, but I only love too. I’m just different, a nurturing woman, not a man, saying man things. It was just a stupid moment Yeshua and you were only trying to help, but you mispoke. You can’t scare people into loving Father by threating them that is NOT The Way.

When someone demonstrates love for you, it is only natural to love them back. It is only natural to love Our Father in Heaven, and it is only natural to love Yeshua, the absolute example of what a created person was meant to be. Because He is perfectly loving. And I am honored to even know such people and to be part of such a beautiful family of faith. All those who hoped in the Messiah, all those who met Yeshua in person, and all those who hope in Yeshua now.

Don’t be afraid of Our Father in Heaven, Our Abba and remember that He also had fierce love for people and sent Our Beloved Yeshua to Earth after Yeshua volunteered. Because Our Father cannot die, He is Eternal. Otherwise He would have. Someone had to actually die to pay for Adam’s sin.

The meaning of John 3.16 For Our Father in Heaven, Ayya, so loved the world, that he gave his beloved only begotten Son, Yeshua, The First of His Children in Heaven, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

Our Father has infinite love to give and if you declare Yeshua is Lord and believe in your heart that Yeshua’s Father, Ayya resurrected Yeshua from the dead, you will be saved. Hands down.

Because when someone demonstrates love for you, it is only natural to love them back, and the infinite love that Our Father has for you makes it happen, He wants to send you His sacred spirit, and you become as One of The Children of Ayya was meant to be, and you are able to only love, because you have Our Father’s sacred spirit.

It’s that easy and that beautiful.

See the page titled “The soul and the sacred spirit” before baptism. You can even baptize yourself by water immersion and the angels are witness of it. If you can’t be immersed but want to, it is the same as if you had been immersed.

If you understand the soul and the sacred spirit when you read that page, then you have received it already.

Because religion has people so confused and absolutely in the dark, just send them to

and they will arrive here. Let the website do the work.

Once you know more, you can explain what you know “at the right time”.

Just be real friends, love people and see the love in them and their faith only, don’t look at anything else.

A Muslim girl is just a girl in a birka, that’s all. They have faith in God, but don’t know Him at all as He truly is.

And they MUST put faith in The Sacrifice of Yeshua to be saved. There are no exceptions.

Only love people and God will do the rest and keep your heart soft.

People without the sacred spirit may be used by Satan at any time and say and do things that are negative, just ignore it and be loving and courteous and polite as much as possible. And if it happens in a social situation, just pray Abba, Father and the situation will be resolved. You’ll learn not to worry about it, it CAN be frustrating sometimes, just know about it.

Remember that Satan and the demons are the enemy, not each other, and that will help you.

What is happening

Humans have extraordinary perception, so much so, that all are aware that what you are beginning to see is a dangerous escalation, a manifestation of evil itself. Vladmir Putin is religously crazy, has absolute power and he made sure he did, before he began this agression that you are currently seeing. He has consolidated power, ensconced himself with it, and considers himself a Czar, which may only include the four tradition religions of the Czars. Everyone else to him, is something to be cleansed and destroyed. And don’t kid yourself and believe that he is not with Satan himself, because it is written in The Bible, that The King of the North, Russia and eventually, if Vladimir Putin is successful, all of The Former Soviet Union with absolute control of not only a nuclear arsenal, but the largest air army ever created. I have informed The President of The United States of these facts, whether he believes these facts or not is not my business, but I made it my business to profile Vladimir Putin, and it is on this website.

The Antichrist is also in this world at this time. A man, who has been approved legally by a court, supported by rabbis who know nothing about anything concerning God or sacred things at all. Satan and the demons again, but of course, the question arises. And here is the answer. Satan will use anyone without the sacred spirit of Our Father at any time and that is the truth.

The religous leaders with their PhD’s are boyscouts and the credentials of Harvard and Princeton are boy scout badges on their arms, they couldn’t translate their way out of a paper bag.

Your References

Only know these things and use these answers. Listen to me little ones, Ayya loves you and Yeshua loves you.

Yeshua has Infinitum Absolutum power (but not aeternum increatum sive), Only Abba is the hearer of prayer. It is scriptural (Psalms 65.2). Yeshua has absolute power and authority, except for prayer. That is what it means. Yeshua is King of God’s Kingdom. Yeshua is The Son of Davyd, Yeshua is the Son of God, the first of God’s children in Heaven. That is what “Only Begotten” means. Before Yeshua was created. God was alone. With infinite love to give. Ahabah is the ancient word for love and it means primarily to give love. Ahavah is a river in Babylonia according to Strong’s Concordance, related to the etymological sea monster mentioned in The Bible. Ahavah is the modern word for love that came about via phonological evolution. The farther back you go, it is a /b/ not a /v/. It is Abba, not Avva or Ava, proven on this website. Before Ayya created His body, He was anthropomorphic, which means a person with a heart, soul and a mind with infinite power. And so it was. He exchanged one reality for another, He is only one person and exists in one plane of existence only.

Using the infinite infinite invisible energy field around Him and with His infinite strength, He began to take that energy and materialize it.

God is spirit, NOT ENERGY.

Father’s thoughts are sophisticated, intellectually pleasing.

Ayh (pronounced Ay’-yah slight emphasis on the yodh /y/) Our Creator and Eternal Sacred Father (derived from Ayya – Sacred Father)

His Name is Ayya pronounced Ay’ah (Exodus 3:14 Ahyah, silent first /h/ known in Hebrew as a ba. The /ah/ is from ruah which means “spirit”.

Ayya has Infinitum aeternum increatum sive absolutum power.

One person, in absolute parallel. Hear O Isra’al. Ayya  is one. (he is a person, one person only, never forget it).

Only Ayya is the hearer of prayer.

The Earth wobble is a timing mechanism, similar to a self winding watch. So it is with the Universal Disc. Black holes anchor and rotate the universe at the same time and emit graviton waves.

To understand

As each one of a person, so is Our Father in Heaven, but perfect, with infinite power and ability. He created things to find out how it came to be that He was alive. He knew he had what we know is a brain with it’s mind but also that He had something else that was located where our heart is located. And so He began looking at these two aspects of Himself. Incredible power did He use to the absolute degree in parallel to examine both of these aspects of Himself. Anything Our Father can imagine can become a reality. And this is how He worked, like mad He worked on it. With a perfect memory with that much power he could visualize in His mind each part of His brain and created a working brain as His own brain. He also examined His heart and noted that His heart was different from His brain, but there was a connection between His brain and His mind and His heart with its heart brain. Both contained neurons. And so it continued until He knew that there was something happening between the two. This was His soul, the interaction between His brain with its mind and His heart with its heartbrain. And so He began to build a person, as He sensed Himself to be. He created a body, that was as His own, based on the blueprint of Himself. And so the person who was to become Yeshua was first formed. He knew that with His spirit he could do many things, in fact nothing was impossible for Him to do, along with His infinite strength. And He learned something unique to Him only. He could send His spirit and it would do whatever He wanted it to do. God’s spirit is always sent. And so He sent His spirit and it was located between the brain and the mind. Now Yeshua was a complete person and since God is able to communicate at unfathomable speeds, was able to communicate to Yeshua and to see if He was alive. You must remember that Our Father can communicate any amount of knowledge to anyone instantly and gave Yeshua all the knowledge needed to communicate back to Him.

The meaning of Life and the reason we exist is because Abba wanted other people in His life and not to be alone and always was the need to give love, and that is what is known as ahabah.

God is spirit says the Bible and the Bible also says that God is love.

Do not be confused, the person is composed of the brain with it’s mind, the heart with its heartbrain and the interaction between them, is the soul. That is what a person is.

Yeshua is The Only Begotten Son of God, made from the original blueprint God made of Himself.

There is only one Only Begotten Son of God.

Then Our Father began to teach everything He had learned to create Yeshua and Yeshua became a Master Worker along with Our Father. Everything that came into being after Yeshua was created for Him and by Him. This is scriptural.

And so the children of God in Heaven were created. They are The Sacred Angels.

Because of His limitless power and perfect memory, anything Our Father can imagine can become reality. He materializes things from the infinite invisible energy environment around Him. He created everything in Heaven. This is not the same as physical energy which Our Father created and then materialized (a new creation). Our Father created everything including particles.

Remember that before anything else was known, the person we know as God was anthropomorphic. He did not want to be anthropomorphic and to create people and not be with them, He wanted a family of people.

And so with all the above knowledge accumulated and all the understanding of it, with the infinite power of His mind he changed His reality from being anthropomorphic to having a body. This is proven on the page titled God is Life and it is scriptural and it is from the Bible. If there is a physical body then there is a spirit body. And so reasoning upon this I came to the conclusion that God had created His own body.

The term “from time indefinite to time indefinite” means there is no time reference in the past and there is no time reference in the future because Our Father is Eternal. And so it came to be, that I understand that Our Father had changed from an anthropomorphic person, and created a representation of how he sensed Himself in the form of a body.

This is the person of God, a person like us but with extraordinary power and ability, who lives in parallel, which means that He can do an infinite number of things at the same time. That is the definition of parallel. Yeshua also has this ability, and it has to be so otherwise how could provide the things He does to any amount of people at the same time if He did not also exist in parallel. It is only logical.

On this website you will find out more, including God is Life a general explanation of Life, The True God Abba, which is precisely what this person is all about and also a page about The One Lord Yeshua, everything about the very creation and life of the first of Our Father’s children in Heaven and how it came to be that he was sent to the Earth. God’s spirit is always sent and it performs any task that He can imagine. So it was with the virgin, Mary. Our Father sent His Sacred Spirit and it performed the invitro operation, transferring the life of Yeshua itself and combining that life with the life contained in one of Mary’s imperfect eggs. Our Father first removed the imperfection in the egg and then did the combining required to create the new life known as Yeshua on Earth. This is how the miraculous birth of Yeshua was achieved. Only His life itself was transferred, that is, everything that made Yeshua alive as a person, was reduced to the molecular level and combined with a specific egg from Mary that contained all of the genetic information transferred through the lineage mentioned in The Bible. Before the operation was done, Our Father removed any imperfection from one of Mary’s eggs. At no time and not for one moment was Yeshua imperfect.  It is in this way that Yeshua was born a perfect human child.

As you will read on the page titled The One Lord Yeshua, Yeshua was born a normal child, but perfect. Everything that made Yeshua a person, His brain with its mind, its heart with its heart brain, and genetic code from the entire lineage mentioned in the Bible were used to create, the human Son of God on Earth. This one was now known as The Son of Man, having the genetic code of everyone in the lineage of Mary as well as the genetic code of Yeshua in Heaven.

The reason Yeshua was chosen is that He was a tried stone, with eons of reverent love with Our Abba in Heaven. His soul was recreated absolutely, by reducing the very building blocks of of life that made Yeshua who He was in Heaven along with all of the genetic code of those in the lineage of Mary.

And so you see that it was an unprecedented and extraordinary operation that was performed using the sacred spirit of Our Father along with all of ability in parallel and all of His power to achieve.

Yeshua himself was alive on Earth, except for His memories of His life in Heaven, which were restored at His baptism by John. More about these things on the page titled The True God Abba and the page titled The One Lord Yeshua.

Two people, nothing strange a Father and the first of His created children in Heaven, The Only Begotten Son of God.

Our Father is represented by Ab’raham in The Bible and Yeshua is represented by Isaac in The Bible. It is that simple.

Harvard and Princeton will write an encyclopedia to try to explain the nicene creed, which is the lie that created the imaginary Roman Jesus and causes religious confusion only in this world.

The reason we are able to only love is because we have the sacred spirit from Our Father in Heaven. And the only way to have the sacred spirit from Our Father in Heaven is to have faith in The Sacrifice of Yeshua. Otherwise, it would be impossible to only love.

The sacred spirit from Our Father in Heaven makes us complete as children of God as His children were in The Garden of Eden before they sinned against Him.

Meshikhi receive the Sacred Spirit once and it is with us forever and it is scriptural, spoken by Yeshua Himself.

John 14:16 And I will ask the Father, and he will give you another Helper, to be with you forever.

When a person is ready, they will except that Ayya is God’s Name and that he is Our Sacred Father in Heaven and they will accept that Yeshua the Messiah is the Son of God and that the Sacred Spirit is the Helper created by God and that it is not a person.

Pray for The Sacred Spirit. It will help you understand everything you are learning. If you are understanding and believing everything already, then God has given it to you.

There are two people, nothing strange. A Father and His first created Son.

Most Sacred to Our Father in Heaven. Just as Abraham and Isaac were two people, a father and his son, So Abba and Yeshua are two people, a father and his son. It is no problem to say The Son of God because that is what He is. It is not a title. He is the firstborn of God’s children in Heaven just as we are God’s children on Earth. This is scriptural (Colossians 1.15). Before Yeshua was created, God was alone.

Most sacred to God is The Sacrifice of Yeshua his only begotten Son (John 3.16)

Bible prophecy undergoing fulfillment. Many historic events will happen. Do not be afraid. The time period we are in is identical to that of Jericho. Remember Ayya loves you and Yeshua loves you.

Satan’s full strategy is loosely outlined on this page, which is also a part of instruction for The Meshikhi. If carried out worldwide, these instructions will effectively neutralize Satan in regard to attacks on God’s Children.

On your way to the religious court.

Deuteronomy 31:6 Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for Ayya your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Remember this little ones, even if you feel that Ayya is not there, He is there. k?

You have the absolute power of God with you.

Do not be afraid of anyone or any thing. Be polite, be courteous with everyone in The Government and speak respectfully to each one. Do not speak one word against The Government ever. They are God’s Ministers for our good.

But if you are practicing evil, be afraid, for it is not without reason that they bear “THE SWORD”.

Remember Ayya loves you and Yeshua loves you.


Remember Ayya loves you and Yeshua loves you.

Praise Ayya! Honor Yeshua!

You are dignified by Ayya, friendly, loving, respectful, cool.

You are Meshikhi cool. Sound it down in your soul. Ayya has raised up A Great Pastor, Deitrick Haddon for you to emulate, my little ones. You are The League of Extraordinary Worshipers. You are now, Meshikhi cool.

Last minute instructions for the Levite’s

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