Ihyah and Ihsou

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The Paradox

Ihyah אִהיָה as in Eliya

Exodus 3:14 Ihyah asher Ihyah “I am Ihyah who is called Ea”, in other words, “I am Ihyah and they are calling me Ea”.

Ihsou ιησου

Matthew 1:1 Greek Textus Receptus Ihsou

Coptic Esou – Lamb

Yiddish Ihsou – Isaac

Go to https://stevemorse.org/greek/grk2eng.html

Select “Direct”

Enter ιησου into the text entry field and press spacebar on your keyboard

Result ihsou

Aramaic Eastern Dialiect ܝܫܘܥ Pronunciation ‘ i: šu:

The Aramaic confirms the sheva for Y’shu.


Genesis 49:18 לִֽ ישׁוּעָ תְךָ֖

Authorization from God to correct The Torah at Genesis 1:1 and to replace Elohim with /yy/. This is double yodh authentication which God uses. Ayya is the word for God and means “Sacred Father”.

Gen 1:1 [Targum Onkelos]

בקדמין ברא יי ית שמיא וית ארעא (without diacritics)

bqdmyn bra yy yt shmya wyt ara’a (letter by letter transliteration)

Hebrew Lexilogos Keyboard

Genesis 1:1 the word for God in Hebrew is Ayya Aramaic Aya and means “Sacred Father”

Genesis 3:14 The pronunciation of The Name of God is אהיח Ihyah

Genesis 3:15 The Ancient Name of God is Ihyah

aba, ab Eastern Dialect of Aramaic

abba, ab Western Dialect of Aramaic

And that’s it.

We are working from a copy of The Torah, God is not Elohim at Genesis 1:1, as proven on this site. Our Father is The Ayh of Isra’al. Ayh is derived from Ayya as represented by the double yodh at Genesis 1:1. It means Creator and Eternal Sacred Father and nothing less. See the Welcome page for proof and the page titled The Holy Bible.  Also anything that you read in the Bible that leads to any thought that is Satanic about God will be ignored by Meshikhi and will be considered to be a product of The Roman Religion that incorporated Christianity. No matter what it is, if it presents God as anything but holy and perfect you are to ignore it. The sacred spirit of God will be with you and teach you these things. I have cleaned up the false gods out of the Bible names as much as I could and it is all that I can do for you as I am going the way of all the Earth. Only have faith in Our Holy God, He is Aba, Father to us (pronounced ahb’-ah).

Ahb is the pronunciation of the ancient root word /ab/ which means Father. /ah/ is from riah which means spirit.

ri is from “ridi” meaning “with laughter”.

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