Justice for women

Justice is Beautiful

Some blocks could not be edited, God’s Name is Y’hayah, that is how it is spelled.

Sher, Lioness of Yudah

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart, Wife of Ishouh

27 “See, this is what I found,” says the congregator. “I investigated one thing after another to reach my conclusion, 28 but what I continually sought, I have not found. One man out of a thousand I found, but a woman among them I have not found. 29 This alone I have found: The true Ayh made mankind upright, but they have sought out many schemes.”

I am not one of the 144,000 Kings and Priests. I am “The Daughter of Y’hayah”.

28 But Ayya did find The Daughter of Psalms 45:9,10,11 New International Version (NIV).

For women born with a birth defect

Romans 9:14 What then shall we say? Is there injustice with God? Never may it be.

If you are a woman born with a birth defect, do not engage in “whispering”, the practice of speaking silently in a whisper with the spirit world in any way, it may activate your lower registers. The lower frequency is felt by spirit people as a masculine presence. Believe it. Just as infrasound can be felt, apparently, those in the spirit world cannot distinguish you as a woman if your lower registers are in use at all. They will “feel” the sound and assume you are male.Only speak in an undertone if you are reading the Bible or praying to Abba, that is speak as softly as possible without whispering.

There will be justice because this woman was tortured for 7 years by the whisper torture instrument of Satan given to this woman by an Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses, part of The Synagogue of Satan Cult (Revelation 2:9, 3:9).

Ishouh did this for me and I am in absolute agreement with Ishouh, that Watch Tower used the torture device against me, a woman born with a birth defect, and used it for 7 years without letup and without mercy, along with Satan even after full knowledge was available to them at Meshikha.org and Meshikhi.org by means of messages sent to Watch Tower via the Bible Study Request form on their website, JW.ORG. The domain name given to them to respond was https://thebiblestudents.org which points to https://meshikhi.org

Watch Tower did this with full knowledge available to them.

I volunteered to help God several years ago and offered to do anything to route the enemy, Satan the Devil.

God and Ishouh are innocent, all Heaven is innocent and I am innocent of all charges by Watch Tower against me.

With love,

Sher’al, Wife of Ishouh in Heaven in the future. A spirit man may not be married to a spirit woman. That is absolute.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart while on Earth.

God loves you and Ishouh loves you.

There is no injustice with God.

The True God in Heaven, Y’hayah is my Witness.

I was asked to leave my phone outside before going into the back room of a Kingdom Hall, where they whipped me with the Bible, made me read a scripture implying that I am a male temple prostitute, and told that I didn’t appreciate sacred things like my baptism into Christ.

One of the men asked me rhetorically “You have, a penis?

There was no mercy in that back room of that Kingdom Hall. Where there is no mercy, there is no God and no Son of God.

No woman should go into a back room of a Kingdom Hall without another Sister or a police woman, because I had absolute trust that they were ministers of God and yet they did this to me.

God is love, and God is Mercy.

I was so upset when I left that room that I turned the wrong way to leave. The men laughed at me and one of them said, “You’re going the wrong way”.

The sexual harassment lasted two years. One year after I contacted both the United States and Canada branches of Jehovah’s Witnessses by registered mail and told them my story.

I was expelled and charged with “brazen conduct” for the way I was born, with a birth defect only and masculinization in the womb.

They were like animals attacking me and never had any intention of listening to me at all.

There was no mercy. They do not hear the cry of the lowly one, they don’t see their tears and when they pour out their souls to them, they do not listen nor bother to educate themselves about it.

I finally had to call the police because they showed up where I lived, and I had not given any of them my new address.

The police went to their homes and the harassment stopped.

Officer Brown of The Ottawa Police was very understanding and compassionate and so was Officer Savage from the Crisis Centre.

Officer Brown said he knew what Jehovah’s Witnesses were doing was wrong, but it was out of their jurisdiction and to try human rights and the media.

Human rights also said it was outside of their jurisdiction.

Watch Tower has powerful lawyers, Glen How and Associates. Glen How and associates sent me the verdict to let me know they had won the case to rub it in.

I went to the Court House in Ottawa and explained this to the female Justice of The Peace.

When I told her how I had been treated by the elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses she said “That kind of people scare me” and “ “They have lost their way”.

Never let it be said that there is injustice with God. The Bible says that there is no injustice with God and that is the absolute truth. God is Justice in the absolute sense.

With love,

Your Sister,

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Justice is beautiful.

All women are holy to God and Meshikhi women are holy, godly women.

Holy, Holy, Holy is Y’hayah, The True God of Ancient Times, The Holy One of Isra’al, Our Creator and Eternal Sacred Father.

Sacred, Sacred, Sacred and Perfect, Perfect, Perfect is He and infinite in every way including His Holiness and including His Sacredness.

Godly means with reverent love, loyal and dutiful.

Praise Y’hayah and Honor Ishouh, The Holy One of God.

With regard to justice for women.

Any reference to a husband on this page that has a negative tone, is not referring to Our Father in Heaven or Ishouh in Heaven. Period.

You are now with Father, not Satan or one of his false gods.

If you are a woman, new to being Meshikhi, there is only one way to defeat Satan and please believe me, you don’t have to worry anymore, you are with Father and if you keep reading, you will learn how to deal with Satan.

Father is 100% male and so is Ishouh and every woman knows what that means.

As women, we are nurturing and love unconditionally, do we not?

The reason we were created is to be a complement, a helper and to make a man happy. That is our reason for being. It is not a negative thing at all. It is a wonderful thing, that men and women are the way we are.

Because we are nurturing, we only love.

And the love is unconditional.

And even when we are hurt, and it feels like death for a while, the love always returns.

Sometimes we shut down emotionally if we are hurt too much for too long.

And I understand.

But let me assure you of two things.

If you will spend the time sounding down into your soul that Father would never do anything to hurt you, and that only Satan would, you are about to find true salvation.

Eventually, you will identify Satan as the one who is evil and the one who wants to separate you from Our Father.

And Satan knows all the tricks in the book, but he does not really know us.

No male may ever know the ways of a maiden, The Bible says, and this is the truth. Not even Solomon with wisdom from God and not even Ishouh, wisdom personified.

It is meant to be a beautiful thing between men and women.

You are with Father now, and He also is a male 100% and every woman knows what that means.

And He is Our Father. Sometimes we feel like a little girl with Our Father, sometimes a mature woman. Isn’t that true?

This is why we have unconditional love and even want to marry Our Father when we are little girls.

It’s just a beautiful thing and it’s natural.

We sense that He is Our male Father.

Now, at the outset I told you a bit about myself and that Satan tried everything to get me to hate Our Father and to feel that there is no justice or mercy with Him.

Once you know the things I talk about below, you will be equipped to deal with Satan, and you will eventually get over anything Satan has done to you and be stronger than you have ever been.

Any resentment or anger you have for God, will be gone.

Because you will identify Satan completely and you will identify evil completely and will understand, that it is an attack on our nature as women and our relationship with Our Father in Heaven.

And this is how it is, but it gets better and better the longer you are with Y’hayah, who is the real God, and Our Father in Heaven.

Father understands what you have been through and will love you through all the emotions you must experience as you get over being conditioned by Satan to feel that there is a double standard for men and women. There is not. In Christ there are no men or women, all of God’s children experience the same thing once they become true Christians.

Just ask Father not to listen to you when you are venting or raging over things that have happened to you in the past. He understands and is always there with open arms when you are done venting and raging, And you will feel the feelings of a little girl again completely when you think about Him, because love is Eternal and life can only be one way. There is only love with Father and if you have read this page, you are understanding that God is love, that God is spirit and that God is Life.

If you feel shut down in your emotions, but you have taken the time to sound down into your soul that Father only loves you, after you are done venting and raging, the love you have for Him will always come back and you will start to understand Father more and not be worried anymore that Father doesn’t love you, even unconsciously.

Husbands. If you are silent, it kills a woman who was created only to make you happy. The rejection is too much for us and we die inside every time, a little bit, a little bit and eventually if it keeps going on we shut down emotionally. ‘At that point both the husband and wife are vulnerable to Satan’s attacks and you might even consider another person instead of your husband. You can divorce him if you simply can’t take it, but you are still married scripturally and there is no sex between unmarried people for Christians.

Look, we are women and nurturing and we love unconditionally because that is who we are and what we are and that is just the way it is. We love unconditionally and are hurt easily, yes ladies, no matter how tough you think you are, the little girl in you retreats and you shut down and many other things happen emotionally.

So we are playful girls sometimes and sometimes mature women, depending on the situation.

But if it is real love and unconditional love, no matter how many times we are hurt, the love comes back. And we get depressed because we know that we will die inside, a little more, a little more, and eventually shut down emotionally.,

Listen you husbands if you love your wife at all and don’t want to lose her. Do not be aggressive, violent, mean or cruel and do not be silent, which is all of those things at once.

Getting the picture? True love is eternal and returns when you think the abuse is over. This is the cycle of violence against women. Silence is cruelty like you can not imagine, and you will have no one to blame but yourself if she shuts down emotionally and divorces you. If you are without love, you will not be in the Paradise to come. And after your wife divorces you, if she waits for the Paradise, she can marry a nice man, gentle spiritual, kind, gallant and humble, not a mean prick like you.

It’s up to you husbands, if you want to change or not. But don’t think for a moment that God doesn’t know what you are doing, you abusive bastard. This is the true God of Isra’al, Our Father and He will find us someone else one day.

On a different topic.

Women, the Bible recommends not leaving your husband just because he is an unbeliever. If you only love, He may come to understand that you are happy, and if he loves you, he may have a change of heart. Both of you should read the page titled “Spiritual Couples” on this website. You will start to understand that love is Eternal and that marriage is meant to be eternal. But you don’t have stay in an abusive situation, Father understands. If your husband is loving and no problem you should just be loving also and stay married.

Now women, the moment of truth has arrived.

If love is real, it is Eternal, and the love always returns.

And we love our husbands unconditionally, don’t we?

So it has to be with God at this time, if you are coming from the world alienated from Our Father by Satan and conditioned to feel the feelings of a woman who has not received mercy or justice.

But the feelings will go away, if you love always unconditionally and realize what was done to you is not Our Father’s fault. He is 100% male and can never know what it is like to feel the emotions of a woman or to have a woman’s sense of righteousness or justice.

But love, real love, is unconditional, and He is Our Father, and the little girl in you will eventually trust Him again and you will fall in love with Him all over again if you will not listen to the evil that is Satan. You will be totally healed emotionally.

And here is the cure. Father is male, and not just male. I will say He is a pip of a male. Yes a pip, but as sure as the double yodh is his signature, He is a double pip.

Pray to Him for anything about being a woman, He created us. He can help you, because He is the source of Life, and we must love Him unconditionally, as we do as nuturing women, who’s husbands are pips. There are no exceptions ladies, this is what we must endure and it is eternal. Malachi 3:6 is the truth and then I will write you the scripture for women.

Malachi 3:6 “I Y’hayah do not change. So you, the descendants of Jacob, are not destroyed.

Sher 1:1 I Faith, have understood Our Father in Heaven, Y’hayah, and He is as wonderful as can be. And there is no other explanation I can give to any woman living, except for this. Our Father Y’hayah cannot change, no more than a Leopard can change his spots. He is male and just as we have unconditional love for a husband and roll our eyes, yes I declare today, if you know Our Father and you are a woman, do not pretend you are dumb, roll your eyes if necessary.


Malachi 3:16 But we wouldn’t change Father for anything, or it wouldn’t be Him. That is eternal love for Father.

“it’s a pip of a story”

Pip definition MerriamWebster.com and only in a funny way

Y’hayah is male.

And I did not look this up in advance, it came out naturally
and I told Him so.


Definition: one extraordinary of its kind.

And you can look this up yourself “pip”.

Ahbah is a male, singular masculine. One extraordinary of its kind.

And so is Ishouh, singular masculine and every male who has ever lived or will live.

So in addition to unconditional love, we must at times,
roll our eyes in bewilderment.

And scream, WE LOVE YOU FATHER!!!!!!!!!!!

And that fixes the eye rolling thing, until the next time.

And you will be happy.

Father is so hilarious.

I am the Daughter of The Bible at Psalms 45:9,10,11 (New International Version NIV)

Father’s is a wonderful person and Satan is just an pataQ (weird asshole in English).

Ishouh is the finest example of a created person, wonderful in every way, look closely at this one and learn about life. He is the best Lord we could have hoped for as people.

You must know in your heart, mind and soul that Our Father only loves us and would never do anything to harm our little hearts no matter what and neither would Ishouh.

That’s the difference between being in the world of Satan and being a Meshikhi woman.

We only love.

God is love, anything in contradiction to that statement is a Satanic lie.

If you are coming out of the world, don’t worry, your heart will be healed by Our Creator and Eternal Sacred Father, and you will know that He never did any bad to you at all, He only loved you and got you through it all, because He loves you with a love that is Eternal.

Keep your heart soft and let it heal naturally. Father will help you step by step, and the only time you will roll your eyes is when He is being crazy funny with you and you will only fall in love with Him more every time.

With love.

Tiffany McTaggart, Tiff to my friends sometimes.

I thought maybe it was this simple answer. I am only looking for Our Father in Heaven so I can have His Name. When I addressed Yahweh I felt it between my legs. Yahweh is The god of The Canaanites. I wrote this page before I found out.

A little girl looks for her Father

Revelation 2022-02-19 I now understand much more than I did before. As women, we must carry our cross. Any woman who has ever being violated or masculinized by a male spirit creature knows, it is the most unholy, unnatural and indecent experience that a woman can have. If we have eternal love for Our Father in Heaven, we will glorify Our Father in Heaven, knowing no one touches someone so sacred to us, Y’hayah. True Our Father is singular masculine only and so is Ishouh and will never understand what it is to be a woman so violated in such an unholy, unnatural and indecent way, but we must accept it. Satan does not really want to prove anything about us nor can he. It is pure enterainment for him, but it is allowed. So if we must be Satan’s whores to prove our loyalty to our Father in Heaven and our love for Him, we will.

The scripture says there is neither male nor female in Christ. It is a part of being Christian and we carry our cross and will not blame God.

All I ever did was love God and His Son and love people ever since I ran to Sunday School as a little girl, I couldn’t wait to be there, and I carry my cross. I am clean and holy, regardless how vulgar the experience or how defiled I feel.

Every woman has a little girl inside of them that retreats when a woman is violated. So as a Christian, I carry my cross. The little girl inside of me is innocence itself, and does not understand, but I am a Christian woman at such times and understand. This is a safety thing that Our Father did, so no one can touch the little girl in us.

The little girl inside of me only loves her Father, and I know why I feel the way I do when I am violated.

This is the degree each one must have eternal love for Our Father in Heaven.

There is no injustice with God. This is also scriptural.

Being one of Satan’s whores is different, to Satan using advanced technology to touch part of your brain to produce sensations on your body. That’s Satan’s big trick I’m telling you about.

Justice is beautiful.

We are devoted to Our Father in Heaven, body, mind, skin and bone.

With love,


Revelation of all time for women 2022-02-23 4:03am about husbands on Earth

It doesn’t matter what you do sisters, if your husband does not listen to Our Father and what He says in the Bible, the scriptures inspired by the sacred spirit of Our Father, that is the problem. We are not the problem, and that is why you feel the way you do.

To the husbands: There’s nothing wrong with your wife jerks, listen to God and His words in the Bible inspired by the sacred spirit and you might not have a problem, you jerk.

The problem with couples is stupid husbands not listening to what Our Father says in the Bible, inspired by the sacred spirit of Our Father.

That is the only problem with any marriage in this world.

Sisters, they believe that they can give us a box of chocolates and be romantic and that will solve the problem. It will not.

Pray to Father when your husband is being stupid. He will take care of it.

Solution to the Garden of Eden. Satan desired the man’s penis in more ways than one and convinced other males that it would be good to have sex with the daughters of men. This is proved out in religion of all kinds, by images and sacred poles that include pictures of large penises. That’s why the Nephilim were so big.

Eve was stupid, true, and ate the fruit, the Bible says she was thoroughly deceived, but the man was not deceived. It doesn’t say she had an excuse, because she had a perfect conscience which told her right from wrong according to what she had been told by Our Father in Heaven.

Why was Eve so stupid, that she ate the fruit?

Her husband was obviously an asshole who did not listen to Father and was not about it, making sure about His wife.

The scene of the crime of Adam.

When Eve brought him the fruit, he figured, great! Don’t have to listen to Father, what He says is bullsit, Eve is not dead.

This is great, says Adam, with a smile on His face. I can have this woman and whatever I want with her too.

The rest history proves this is true.

Husbands, who do not respect God enough to make sure their wives are taken care of in every way, including spiritually, by listening to Our Father.

Obviously, Adam did not make sure of all things, obviously, otherwise he would not have been happy about her eating from the tree of life and would have said “Get away from me” and immediately told Father about it.

But that is not the case is it? He didn’t want to listen to Father in the first place.

In all history, and women have no excuse, but obviously there is a problem of epic proportions with disasterous results for the family that God created, starting with the first couple.

Father is not the problem when it comes to couples or anyone else. Husbands are the root of the problem.

That does not excuse stupid women who do not listen to Father, but it explains much.

Husbands, don’t say “Don’t be mad at me”, sweet talk doesn’t do it. Sisters if the problem is real and you feel the man is not doing and will not listen to you, ask Father to tell Him and He will take care of it. Sweet talk will not be any good anymore from any man until he is doing what he is supposed to be doing.

As women, for rest of eternity, if a husband is stupid with us, one word will be on our lips. And that word is FATHER. We will go directly to him immediately and He will deal with you. Meshikhi women will not put up with any bullshit from a husband again.

Now listen to me you people.

There is nothing wrong with Our Father in Heaven. Every word and every thought of His is holy and sacred and absolutely perfect in every way and will solve every problem ever conceived of between people in Heaven and on Earth.

Satan has caused a some problems that will be addressed by Father either in the Paradise Earth soon to come or in Heaven.

I will start the ball rolling by telling you some things about life.

Gender identity problems are not a problem for Father. Masculinization in the womb and feminization of men in the womb is not caused by Our Father in Heaven, the root cause is what Satan has done. Why has entertainment become darker and darker and more frightening? I’ll tell you why. For women who are pregnant. A spike in adrenaline causes a boost in testosterone in the womb and a girl becomes masculinized. For men, Satan has used estrogens and hormones in food and introduced them into the environment causing hormone imbalances, and so boys are feminized in the womb. This is the truth.

Father says in the Bible, no homosexuality. You will not live in the new world, nor in heaven if you choose homosexuality as a lifestyle choice.

Men who have SRS surgery to have frontal sex with another man, is not acceptable to God.

Our Father in Heaven has the right to set boundaries that are for the benefit of all created people and says NO to homosexuality as a lifestyle choice, because it reflects the mind of Satan and His attitude about what Our Father says. When Father says no, it means no.

The entire distaster that is the human family, is the result, of people not listening the source of life Himself, Our Creator and Our Sacred Father who not only created all things perfectly including people, but is the result of people not listening to Him when He tells them something.

The Bible’s clear instructions are all that is needed and a better translation, not by Princeton and Harvard who cannot translate their way out of a paper bag, but by the power of God. I have begun the process of perfecting transliteration and translation of The Holy Bible, by removing the false gods from it that were introduced using etymology by Satan since the beginning of written language. I have also identified the correct Torah, Targum Onkelos as the one to begin with. The real Faithful and Discrete Slave of God, know of it and will continue this work, as I am going to Heaven.

More about whether you are going to Heaven or living on the recreated paradise Earth are detailed on the page titled God is Life.

With love,


Witness of God

Remember God loves you and Ishouh loves you.

Happy, happy am I about my husband.


Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Abba only knows what this means to me 😀


My abba in Heaven

Once you have everything about Father straight in your brain, that is perfect love.

I see the problem of all people everywhere at once.

They don’t listen to Father.

There is a reason for every word that Father says, including every word about how marriage should be and what both the man and the woman should do to have a perfect marriage. We are imperfect, true, but if we listen to every word from Our Father who is the source of life and knows everything about everything on the matter, it would solve every marital problem on this world.


Do not misunderstand me.

I will tell you how to know it is a man of God or not my sisters.

Imperfect man example: Eli the Priest in the Bible

Hanna was praying to Abba and her lips were moving. Eli did not know how women talk with Father.

He said Hanna, “Are you drunk?”

Hanna said, no, but I pour out my soul to Father.

Immediately, Eli saw the tears of Hanna, the look on her face, and heard her voice and immediately understood what to do because Eli is a man of God.

1 Samu’al 1:17 Eli answered, “Go in peace, and may the God of Israel grant you what you have asked of him.

The man of God, Eli,  heard the cry of the lowly one, saw her tears and understood immediately what Father wanted Him to do. He did not need to be told what to do. That is a man of God who knows Father.

Perfect man example: Ishouh The Son of God

A woman who suffered for many years said to herself, if I only touch the fringe of His garment, I will be well.

So, she was technically unclean from the standpoint of the Priests, from a flow of blood that was beyond her control, 

Ishouh was not like them at all. Mercy for the woman did He give. Pay attention to this.

He asked the woman why she touched His garment. Note he did not accuse her of anything at all.

She explained her problem and that she had faith that if she only touched the fringe of His garment, she would be healed.

Hear Ishouh’s reply.

Mark 5:34 And he said to her, “Daughter, your faith has made you well. Go in peace. Your suffering is over.”

You hear not only mercy in Ishouh, but He made double sure she knew exactly what Father needed her to know.

That not only did she have faith, but that she was a daughter no matter what the priests thought of her or may have told her and confirmed what had happened to her was because of her faith that He was sent from Father.

Note in each case, the man of God had mercy on the woman who had faith in God.

If you do not receive such mercy from a Priest of God or any man and they do not listen to your voice, then they are not a man of God.

Now you know the difference between a man of God and one who is not a man of God.

Tiffany, Prophetess of God (Psalms 45: 9,10,11 New International Verstion – NIV)

When choosing a husband sisters look for humility, mercy and respect. Then you will be over the moon happy.

If you do not feel those things from a man you are considering as a husband, wait for a man you do feel those things from.

Sisterly advice.

And Sisters, here is a profound secret. you’ll know you are really in love, all you need to do is say his name, and you’ll know if it is real love or not.

My daddy said, “you are my beautiful daughter Tiffany”.

And then I understood life itself.

Life is beautiful.

With love, 


For Watch Tower, I am innocent of your charges against me.



Mercy is written all over the Bible, but you discarded it as refuse. You do not hear the cry of the lowly one nor do you see their tears. And when they pour their heart out to you, you do not listen to them.

God is love and God is Mercy.

Where there is no mercy, there is no God and no Son of God.

There was no mercy in the back room of that Kingdom Hall.

And you didn’t even bother to look it up, the two links above took less than one minute to find.

I am innocent.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Eli understood, he saw Hanna’s tears, heard the sound in her voice and realized what was going on and then immediately knew what to do. That is a Priest of God with mercy. A man of God.

All I ever did was love you Watch Tower and you threw me away like garbage. So I did what David did, first order of business, set up worship in the wilderness.

To my Sisters, Our Father in Heaven is absolute justice for women, because He has the absolute objectivity do be that for us. 

And He knows enough about us, that even though He is male 100% masculine, He knows how to provide the right help we need at the right time. He is always there to lean on when you really need a strong man, a strong Father, to help us.

He’s Our Abba and He is Our friend. There is no injustice with God, says The Bible, and that is the absolute truth.

With love,


Remember God loves you and Ishouh loves you.

Finding a Husband

For women, here is a formula that will work. 

Bathsheba in The Bible

Abba has things in The Bible for a reason. He’s not just talking for no reason.

Bathsheba found a guy, had all the qualities that a woman could want in a guy, and she knew going in he was a military guy.

But he was not really the type of guy she really wanted.

So, here comes David, cool, funny, handsome, everything else.

And he is crazy about her.

So, what happens. 

Bathsheba commits adultery.

Do you see the disaster of not choosing a guy with the entire package. Make sure he is ALL the things you want to start with and you will not end up like Bathsheba.

Eventually, there will be a trillion guys and we will live all over the universe, so, it’s better to wait because life is short and eternity is a long time to live with the wrong guy. And you will want a divorce or want to commit adultery. It’s that’s simple.

Miley Cyrush

Now, Miley had absolutely crazy love for that guy and she wrote song wrecking ball.

In the song, she is telling this guy everything raw.

The love is so powerful, it is like a wrecking ball.

But it’s not working out, and that’s that.

So she says to the guy in the song, trying to make him understand.

I am swinging with my eyes closed.

You are a wrecking ball.

And she also said “I will always want you”.

So, she’s telling the guy, “look, I will always want you”.

The last line in the song says, “You, ya you. You wreck me.”

That is no joke.

Apparently he got the message.

Fast forward and they eventually get married.

But the guy is a wrecking ball of a guy.

And 6 months later, they are divorced.

Once again, if the guy is a wrecking ball and does not 

give you all of the things you want, it will not work.

You have eternity and lots of time, and everyone will be genetically perfect, like flowers in the field. You want to work on finding a guy to live with forever. Forever is a long time.

Think about it.

Read the man the riot act.

You must tell you wife once in the morning, “I love you”.

Sometime during the day, “Thinking about you”.

Before going to sleep, “I love you” and whatever nice thing you want to say.

This is the bare minimum to keep a woman alive.


not She/Her just in the way (Sher)

Note for God if there is noi car here by lunch.

The real problem.

Ishouh Christ in love with Mary Magdalene
and I’m The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11.

I’m in the way, Ishouh met Mary after Psalms 45 was written.

Life happens.

Time will pass, I’ll be gone, and one day in the future
Ishouh will say to God, I’m in love with Mary Magdeline.

They will have a wedding party and I’m not invited.

Matthew 5.28 But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.

You don’t get two Davids God and Heaven has sinned against me and the wages sin pays is death.

For Ishouh, the finest soldier who has ever existed or ever will exist.

Full Honors

The man next to Y’sho on The Cross looked at Him and thought…

He doesn’t look like a criminal…

He’s not reviling…

He’s praying to God…

He’s The Messiah.

Luke 23.42 Then he said, “Y’sho, remember me when you come into your kingdom.”

Luke 23.43 Y’sho answered him, “Truly I tell you today, you will be with me in paradise.”

Before Y’sho was created, God was alone, with infinite love to give.

Ishouh rolls into town after 9 years of me having the Watch Tower torture device in my mouth. 

Yes, believe it or not, that’s what He’s like, Opie/David.

It’s Scriptural about Ishouh
His anger flares up instantly.

The Sacred Spirit is my advocate,
just as it was for Elizabeth of Austria
who became Empress. d’As “Sisi”. She was captive from a young age like am with Jehovah’s Witnesses.
Empress like Sisi. Sisi was her nickname.

You know, Ishouh lived the life of Adam and was able to have a good job as a carpenter and once He began his ministry, everyone ministered to Him out of their things. I will never belittle his torture and suffering on The Cross but let’s be realistic about it. It was only one day. The rest of His life, He never had a physical ailment, never suffered the ravages of old age, was genetically perfect so no facial flaws so it was easy for Him to be well adjusted. And since Ishouh was from Heaven, he knew Satan was just 5’6″ tall and couldn’t harm Him, only create complex social situations. Too bad this information wasn’t transmitted in The Bible. Luxury information to know. Wasn’t He blessed? And the best safe and stable home life possible. The 30 year old virgin, momma’s good home cookin’. Kinda like finding out the mythical Bob Dylan is just middle class Bob Zimmerman. And yet Heaven is heavy handed and hard nosed about us suffering our entire life. Man of sorrows says the Bible, and that’s probably true, but nothing like we face. He sweat blood when all the sudden He had to face our world for one day. Well, what do we know about suffering. No one will ever face the kind of invisible torture He faced, not even the people who feel like they are being dissected by aliens repeatedly by Satan and The Demons using million year old technology with virtual reality and haptic capability. They actually feel it. Well, I guess I’m just a complainer.

God has never felt a prick in His finger.

Neither God nor Christ are qualified to judge anyone, as long as they live within the bounds of The Bible.

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