Love without Mercy

The Draft Bible with Divine Name an theophoric references and key scriptures and an Etymology Collated menu are
now up at
You must help me, I am experiencing Religous Persecution
and Religio-Political threats in Canada all the way up
to The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who can be seen
on his Facebook page wearing a yamaka. I am a Christian.
I am getting no response on Facebook.
I am nobility by birth and can authorize a Bible.
Tiffany Tracy McTaggart is my legal name
baptized Daniel Edward McTaggart,
a girl born with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH),
a known disorder.
My real name is Summer Fernihalgh (Anglo-Saxon Fernihough)
The Jehovah’s Witness Cult has tight control over my life.
Ottawa, Canada is cult heavy is an understatement.
One of their local members, Stephane LeBuis has a car wrapping service and I have even had a helicopter circle the cult stronghold in a show of power against me.
Tiffany Tracy McTaggart
3026 Innes Road
Gloucester, Ontario
Canada K1W 1A6
Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans
Orleans, Ontario
Note the complex address. Only a postal worker could find me.
I require a recognizable UH-60 Stealth Black Hawk helicopter to get out of here alive. My life has been directly threatened many times, it is clear the intent is to try to render me homeless or dead and to use my life’s work to fund their global cult.
The Prime Minister of Canada is a Socialist
I support Donald Trump and here are my reasons.

Clue #1 The name Jehovah is Satanic
The name of Satan, Hillel, was uncovered by removing the Hebrew diacritics and translated using Bing Translator. ncnt Hbrw ws wrttn wtht vwls nd cn b ndrstd th sm s nglsh wtht vwls. I believe The Karaites (which means “The Readers”) will be able to confirm this.
There is a direct link between Hillel The Elder and the name Jehovah confirmed by 18th century Theologian John Gill on the Wikipedia page about the name Jehovah. The name of Satan in The Bible is Hillel. He was associated with the Sanhedrin that convicted Our Lord of blaspheme. There is no doubt about these facts. Hillel The Elder supported the vowel pointing for the name Jehovah.
Evil people with no mercy are Heathen.
That’s Jehovah’s Witnesses.
They only love each other, no one else.
It’s in their Bible and it’s how they really feel.
By this all will know that you are my disciples
if you have love among yourselves.~NWT
But I’m Nobility and I can make an Authorized Version
The King James Authorized Version says
By this all will know that you are my disciples
if you have love one to another.~KJV
Jehovah’s Witnesses have progressively become a closed society since they adopted the name Jehovah in 1931. In this same year, Herbert W. Armstrong became an ordained minister and went on to lead The Worldwide Church of God (now The Restored Church of God), using the powerful medium of television to convince the world’s evangelicals that The United States and Britain constituted Israel. This is the reason for the incredible battlements and expenditures around Israel both overtly and covertly. Jehovah’s Witnesses have even modeled their Kingdom Halls after “synagogues” (Revelation 2:9, Revelation 3:9).

Just in case
Bible Narratives, The Magu Trap
We want to believe, that’s the problem.
The Divine Name that the ancient Isra’Alites enjoyed. I have acquired that Name for you. The Ancient Name of Yahavah יָהָוָה YHVH is Ahv’ah Hebrew Yahvah יָהוָה YHVH. Our Father, will be with you if you need Him.
Why weren’t we told in the Bible?
The words “evil has no power” are not found in The Bible, but it’s true.
Satan and the Demons are average height people, also not mentioned. They give the appearance of being God by shear numbers. They use brain reading technology and reading lips and geo-location information for answering prayers.
Yesha’vah: Imma, Satan’s bothering me, can I come over?
Mary, Mother of Yesha’vah: Sure son, I’ll make you something nice to eat.
Not exactly my reality.
Obey The New Commandment and The Law of The Sacred Spirit and have faith in The Sacrifice of Yesha’vah and you will be with people who only love with mercy, no matter what happens between Yah’-ha-vah’ and Satan.
Christianity was created without the protection of The Divine Name that the ancient Isra’Alites enjoyed. I have acquired that Name for you. The Ancient Name of Yahavah יָהָוָה YHVH is ‘Ahvah Hebrew Yahvah יָהוָה YHVH. Our Father, will be with you if you need Him.
It’s not just life and it’s not just Satan. Not having the Divine Name guaranteed suffering and poverty in a Kobayashi Maru virtual holodeck. With no escape once baptized. I am cancelling the contract for all Christians. We’ll see if Heaven is willing to treat us with Love and Mercy. We have The Divine Name therefore we “should” have The Strong Tower mentioned in The Bible. The Watch Tower torture device remains in my mouth even after everything I’ve done. I’m not Watch Tower, I’m not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses , I am a Christian with The Divine Name, Ahv’ah (Hebrew Yahvah). Obviously there is a problem.
Isayah 45.15 (Isaiah 45.15 in The Roman Bible) Truly you are a God who has been hiding himself, the God and Savior of Isra’Al.
Obviously Ahv’ah is hiding behind the Satanic Name Jehovah but The Sacred Spirit revealed it in The Bible through an inspired writer. The Sacred Spirit is The Spirit of The Truth.
Apparently only Heathens without The Sacred Spirit get The Strong Tower.
Now you know about The Magu Religion and The Magu Trap

In The Book of Revelation, The Synagogue of Satan is destroyed.
I’m waiting for it to happen, but it doesn’t happen.
It should happen, but it doesn’t.
Yep, it should happen but it doesn’t, don’t wait for God.

Heaven doesn’t want to lift a finger.

They are love without mercy.

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