Message from Princess Tiffany

She always signed it, Elizabeth R

Elizabeth II

Nobility serves others

Message from God. I love ALL my little ones.~Y’hayah

Beloved Anne,

I can’t help but laugh when I say little sparrow about you.
You honored us with a visit when I was a soldier and the
reason I find it so funny is that you were so small.
I had never met part of The Royal Family in person, and
there was little Anne, smallest little person (smallest full size person) I had ever seen.
You look taller on TV, as do all The Royals. Is it just you,
or is every one in Britain tiny? Well Anne, it’s funny because
I’m a tall girl, 6’3″. You looked very classy, pure class all the way.
You inspected us and I was one of the soldiers when you visited Uplands Base in Ottawa. You were so nice to everyone. My mom talked about you and
Elizabeth and well, if you’ve seen the website you know why. I will always
remember you now as “little” sparrow ;D You are a wonderful person and
I know that because I know people and get the sense of them. Grieving takes time, and I know how it sounds, but it is better to get it over with (the grieving), sometimes it takes years for it to surface. I hope you read the page titled “For those who mourn at, it will give you a wonderful hope, and it won’t be so hard. My mom only loved people and I never heard anything bad about you or Elizabeth.
~tall sparrow

Didn’t have your email address, here is what I wanted to send today.

I am so tall, I believe I would feel like Tiffzilla visiting Britain and they discontinued the Concord so now the flight is too long for me.

9/14/2022 12:54/55

Beloved Anne,

It’s true “little” sparrow,
With love and mercy,
Tall sparrow


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