My Life

Hamilton Beach Flexbrew

This is the beginning and this is the standard.
Look at the form and function of it.
Look at the static and dynamic symmetry.
It is not just a machine, is the state of the art of coffee machines.
One button that says without saying it, “make coffee”.
Engineering is involved.
Graphic modeling is involved.
Testing is involved.
Aesthetic consideration is involved

But now me must go forward from this point.
It has a two prong electrical plug with no ground.
Imagine that.
Something so simple, so basic, so as to be beyond understanding how it could be overlooked.

A 3 prong adapter may be purchased at any home depot store, I saw it in The Dollar Store and it struck me like a bolt of lightning.
$2 vs The value of a life.

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred.

Why doesn’t everyone have one? It’s called price point and you must learn it.

You can buy one at 50% off and afford it. Wait for the sale at Canadian Tire if you are in Canada.

Are you listening Corporate or are you still not listening?
Every day is Black Friday and every day is a shopping frenzy.

The only reason, and I am not joking about it, that China
kicks North America’s ass economically, is that they use
what I have termed, “volume of consumers”. Because
they are totalitarian and can set the price point, they
dominate economically and that is the only reason that
people buy their dangerous junk and computer memory
that is made to have a short life span so that you will
buy more. It’s breaks down, you go to Walmart and buy
another piece of junk.

Corporate, don’t be stupid. Look at this coffee machine
on sale at Canadian Tire at the right price point.

There is no reason at all for North America and Western
Culture not to be richer than Dubai. There is absolutely
no reason at all.

But there’s more and you must now understand the nature of the greater problem, not just the fire breathing dragon of China.

The cult woman at the stronghold I am controlled from likes her fluffy and comfortable bed with sheets and comforter all over the place as many people do. She’s a labelling nut. She just “loves” her labeller. “Everything” is labelled. I unplugged one of the Apple adapters for the iPhone in the kitchen and grabbed hers by mistake. I hadn’t noticed the label yet. I was working on the computer in the back room that she never uses except for taxes and I smelled the distinct odor of burning plastic. I’m technical, so I realized what was happening immediately and unplugged the adapter. It was hot. And it had her name on it. She had labelled it.
Are you awake yet?
This happened during the day, thank Yahavah.
Because she keeps the think plugged in at night around those
loose floppy combustable sheets and comforter.
Immediately I told her it must go in the garbage, it is dangerous, it is not useable. She did’t want to throw it away.
Are you with me?
So, we have only one adapter in the house that we share and
in the wall near her bed with the floppy sheets is the ugly yellow
$2, 3 prong adapter, you can’t see it. I insisted she use it.
You don’t know about evil do you really? Well, November 13, 2015
I saw evil, The Paris attacks and people blown up by satanized assholes who thought it was funny and fun to watch on TV.
Anyone without The Sacred Spirit can be used by Satan at any time, you have waited too long to dissolve Watch Tower and now the woman is fully Satanized. I’m in a critical life threating situation, she has called the police 3 times and had me put in a mental ward in the hospital where I was injected and raped. The second time told me everything. She came into the living room, and sat down on a decorative chair where she doesn’t usually sit. It was the surreal thing happening again. Almost no time passed and there were police at the door, always two cruisers full. I am like a dove. I am not violent. And yet they are going to take me down. They put the cuffs on me, square cut cuffs so that no matter how loose they are, when they are behind your back in the back of a fake cruiser or a cruiser with satanized cops, they leave pronounced marks across your wrists. I am in pain. I am pleading with the officers to please loosen the handcuffs. They are looking towards each other and laughing about something like I do not exist. Then at the hospital, just before the Doctor arrives, one of them comes over and undoes the handcuff attached to the bed they cuffed me to. I am injected, I don’t know how long I am out, they always ask me when I come out of it, “Do you know what day is it?” The calendar is out of view in the nursing station, there is no way to find out what day it is. They keep asking relentlessly, have you had any thoughts of harming yourself? Do you feel like hurting yourself, because of those welts on my wrist. I asked my sister Denise to take a picture of my wrists when she came to visit. No locks on the doors, I complained about no locks on the shower doors during my first entrapment (which was surreal) because it is a coed mental ward.
I get out of the shower and am not facing the door. Two men open the door and are laughing maniacly. There’s a woman in the center of the main hallway strapped into what looks like a high chair, I am not lying, exactly like a high chair. Her loud cries can be heard everywhere in the ward, “get out! get out! No one understands why she is crying out like that. she is being treated like a baby. I am helpless to help her. It is late at night, around 11pm and I notice an orderly entering her room, not a nurse, a male orderly. There is nothing I can do but know what is happening.
A group of men are in the TV room watching something, I am at the doorway and wondering what is on. They are all silent and not speaking and not looking away. They are intently watching the TV, subscription TV, and a woman is being raped on TV. I am in fear for my life and head back to my room and there is a weird man in the hallway. I go into my room without the lock on the door and pray.
The next day I need to have a bowel movement, the washroom also has no lock on the door and someone starts opening the door. I tell them to get out, I’m using the washroom.

I told the psychiatrist assigned to me about these these things, he is cool and calm and has the “oh really?” attitude. I have also emailed the hospital from outside the hospital when I was released and told about these things. Some shower door had locks, some had locks that were broken.

This is my life and I can not take any more physically. I have Willis
Eckbom disease and the one month dosage keeps me awake all night as it aggravates my Willis Eckbom disease and my legs will not stop jumping. One time I was awake for almost a month. It was torture I can’t describe a surreal endless nightmare is my life and you think there is nothing wrong with Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses who practice their tough love, not even believing I am a woman born with a birth defect, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) a known disorder. They don’t believe in it. To them it is impossible. So I am just an unrepentent sinner and they will continue to do tough love and try to get me to repent for the way I was born.

Here was the last entrapment, read it, and if you don’t believe evil was done to me and you don’t believe me then YOU are evil and satanized too.

I know I was raped because my neo vagina was just healing from the second time I was entrapped and now it is leaking again from being broken open again while I was unconcious.

If I am injected again, I will die. I am now too weak to handle being up for even a few days, let alone a month.

I had two phones in my pocket, I was working on Aria mentioned in my previous posts. They ask me for my phone at the hospital. I hand them one phone.

My roommate who was part of another cult working with this one, The Cult of JHOH Religion, keeps saying, “you’re a baby”, whenever she is not happy with something, anything in the minutia of life living with a bipolar roomate who is satanized.

What was set up and intended for me. A jolly jumper. The door handle has a towel tied to it.

At 10pm the black male nurse wants to move me to a new room, I notice my dead name on the wall at the new room, it looks like Satanic writing. I go back to my aweful room, but it least it has my name written on the board on the wall. Tiffany McTaggart .

Read about Jehovah’s Witnesses “tough love”. In the Bible definition of love, “tough” is not one of the things it is.

Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Adams Family and Nightmare on Elm Street combined

My indoctrination into Jehovah’s Witnesses

My first entrapment

How my experience ended up

More on the home page.

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My current Legal Name is Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

I would like it changed to

Summer Fernihalgh

Christ: “Imma, can I come over, Satan’s bothering me”.

Mary: “Sure son, I’ll make you something nice to eat”.

‘Ahvah: “That’s my boy”.

Not exactly my reality.

My experience with Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses has been Night Gallery and Crime Scene Investigation (CSI)

‘Ahvah doesn’t watch people in their homes, obviously, and Satan knew this and operated on people expecially in the bedroom and bathroom since The Garden of Eden.

I’ll never forget Tilly, 3 going on 4. A little bundle of love, the kitty kat I helped the cult woman get. I don’t know if you are people who know things reading this.

I’m worried about the cult woman and what might happen if I am helped to get out of here. My friend Victoria related a story to me.

She was a friend’s house and the cat went wild. It attacked her and she couldn’t get it off of her. She screamed for her friend and her friend pulled it off of her. Then the cat went crazy and got away from her and jumped out the window.

These things happen to people, and we have to have an open dialog about these things that happen to people. The FBI knows what I’m talking about. No more cold cases, look down the sewer nearby first. These are ancient cults and they know what works. The well of silence of ancient times is the modern day sewer.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart is my legal name, I know who I am and I know what has happened to me and have been aware of every moment the entire time except when injected and knocked out.

Read my other Facebook account, there’s only one friend on my account because I had to unfriend everbody around me I know because the cult woman groomed them all with her Satanized narrative by pretending to be a good friend. Does my experience in my last post sound like she’s a good friend? Now you know how it works.

The cult woman was the lowest one in “The Society”, she would sit with her 10 year old iPad in The Kingdom Hall and one of “The Rich Class” would sit down next to her with her new iPad with stylus and she would marvel at it the way she scrolled it with the pen.

She told me she couldn’t use a feature on JW.ORG because her iPad was too old. I told her, “Start looking for a new on on Kijiji, it’s important, because it is spiritual”.

She found one. It was $900 with an M4 Processor, a wow machine. She only had $450. So I told her she had to have it and she could pay me back. I was feeling sick that day, but I went with her anyway to meet the seller at a Tim Horton’s in Kanata. A very nice man.

I helped her to set it up, there was a trick problem to it, but I got it working because I was Dell XPS and Compaq Tech Support and my technology background.

I taught her the Apple 3 finger salute. Press the power button, the home button and the volume down button at the same time.

I’ll never forget her sheer delight when she got the pen working and was scrolling the pages on that iPad with an M4 Processor.

I had prayed about it. So beautiful is Father.

She found a tiny hairline crack at the very bottom of it, not noticeable so she is still very happy with it. The sound is great on it too.

What is the lesson of The Cross of Yesh’avah. Be love with mercy no matter what is happening to you. Ask the man on the cross next to Him.

I’ve only been love with mercy so I won’t tell you anything else that has happened here.

But I know, that now the cult woman thinks of that rich class woman sitting next to her and she is also scrolling her iPad with her pen.

I was bitter after my first entrapment, very much so. I knew she was the lowest of them and didn’t feel worthy of life itself. Two Elders came over. They were going to use me as a weapon against her.

They posed the question, “what is it that you loved about her?”

I saw their pincer movement that they do and stopped them dead.

I said, “everything”. A flaxen wick was before me, and I wasn’t going to let them snuff it out. Fuck you Watch Tower.

I won’t tell you what I did or why, but I will say, she also has the most beautiful iPhone in existence. No one has a richer looking iPhone and it’s in her favorite color.

My Father is well pleased with such things 🙂

With Eternal Love,

Summer Fernihalgh

Word of The Sacred Spirit


One Day

Oh, to be a boy (I wouldn’t want to be a pig boy)

Imma, Satan’s bothering me, can I come over? Sure Isho, I’ll make you something nice to eat.~What Isho knew, but it was so common to Him, The Bible did not mention it. The Bible didn’t mention that Satan is 5’6″ tall or that evil has no power. Know your enemy. Satan is able to create complex social situations like my captivity by this cult.~Tiff

A Summary of The Life of Christ
Luxury from the time he was created
On Earth, momma’s boy
One day of suffering
Eternal Luxury in Heaven
Don’t be like Heaven, don’t be love without mercy, love without mercy only benefits the giver and makes them happy
It’s not just life, it’s not just Satan, Christianity was set up by God with “guaranteed” suffering.
Christianity is a Kobayashi Maru in a holodeck without God’s Name for protection and mercy like The Ancient Isra’Alites had.
Backward reasoning. Children are taught that evil is rewarded and good people suffer.
That is repellent Christianity. It is unnatural.
Cursed be those who approve of the suffering of others like Heaven does.

The reality of The Christ
Christ: “Imma, Satan’s bothering me, can I come over”?

Mary: “Sure son, I’ll make you something nice to eat”.

‘Ahvah: “That’s my boy, got away from Satan again, JUST LIKE DAVID”.

A third of men in Germany think it’s ok to abuse a woman, why?

Genesis (Penesis) 6.2 the sons of God saw that the daughters of humans were beautiful, and they married any of them they chose.

And Yah’-havah’ let them.

Yah’havah”s plan of not lifting finger is out to fucking lunch, wouldn’t you say, they know they can fuck up women their whole life and get away it. They don’t think about the future or dying, they just have a good time.

Women must be allowed to smile and be friendly and say hello. If she doesn’t say anything afterwards, she’s not interested you Satanized motherfuckers. All women must learn it. If you are threatened, you must learn to crush a man’s testicles with your knee, push a man’s nose into his skull or gouge his eyes out. Stay in a lit area with people around in the evening and at night. Look what happened to me.

Demonized Members of The Club, Out Clubbing

Never go to a Kingdom Hall of Jehovah’s Witnesses or let them talk to your children and never leave your children home alone. They don’t know better, if the doorbell rings they’ll open it no matter what you tell them. They are children, they are innocent, they don’t know evil. These men and woman are feral with large frontal lobes and intellect. They are psychopaths with the demons.

And the one you call God let’s children be demonized. Innocent children.

A young boy named Elliot down the street told me he wanted to eat my eyeball.

I have techromacy, so it’s a rare delicacy, an extra cone in my eye.

Anyone without The Sacred Spirit can be used by Satan and The Demons at any time or kept in reserve for later, and then can leave them so they look innocent. Don’t be fooled. They are not innocent. They are Heathen and having fun doing what they want in this world is Heathen Heaven for them. And Yah’-havah’ won’t lift a finger, so that his stupid book can be fulfilled. A life is worth more than a book.

I’m David in The Wilderness and Christ outside of Jerusalem, but I will teach the boy Christ a lesson about leaving the Watch Tower torture device in my mouth for two extra years when I demanded it be removed. No means no to a woman little boy. And every man is going to learn it from Yah’-havah’ down to the lowest demon.

You will get me out of here now. No you are not the Savior of Isra’Al, one of the names of the Christ, I am. And you’re only lucky. Because of the attempted murder of me and my reality by Him. And possibly for a woman. Son of David is that one, no way Son of David. It will be premeditated murder and murder one if anything happens to me at all and the whole will know and adultery because I am The Woman of The Bible and The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11 and no one else and you will have to live with it.

The joke was, I’m leaving Ur. As in I’m leavin’ ‘er. but then I would have no fixed address. Sorry bucko, it’s a UH-60 Stealth BlackHawk from New York or you are nothing but a pre-mediated murdering asshole and adulter like your predecessor, David. And you’ll just say, I’m sorry ahvva. And sure as shit, He’ll forgive you because that’s what you two do. Yes, Christ has all authority and power, how convenient for Yah’-havah’, His hand are tied scripturally, Christ can do what He wants, but not this fucking time.

One day of suffering with 3 hours on The Cross but we are supposed to suffer until death, even if we live 100 years.
After 26 years of Biblical Research, we now have The Name. We’re still waiting for the Strong Tower part, so far only those who worship The Jehovah Demon have it.
We’re half way there!
The only hard part, trying to convince the Government that you need your own toilet, a lock on the door and a kitchenette, or it’s back to The Cult of JHOH stronghold, a 59 year old Christian Lady, living out of a bag.
I suppose I shouldn’t complain, at least I’m not like that older lady outside of The Rideau Center Shopping Mall, in sub zero temperatures, with freezer burn and snow falling on her. At least not yet…
Everyone was pushing me to go to the Women’s Shelter on King Edward Street in Ottawa, Canada, but when I saw a picture of the rooms that looked like little girls rooms with bunk beds and orange crates and a woman who looked out of it, I bolted.
I am proposing that anyone who cannot go to their mommy’s house because they’re in Heaven be allowed to go to Heaven immediately.
My blessed experience…/

03/10/2023 16:47pm If Yah’-havah’ (the one you would call God) doesn’t get me out of here he can drop dead, accused and condemned and cross examined by The Sacred Spirit forever and by all people.

After the torture and death of Christ, Heaven became love without mercy.

Love without mercy only benefits the giver and makes them happy and is bordering on evil.

Cursed are those who approve of the suffering of others. Heaven approves of suffering, they offer a reward.

I want out now, not tomorrow or some other fucking day. Lift a finger Yah’-havah’ or be nothing.

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