Never Forget

From the Meshikhi

This website is dedicated to the victims of terror and to all those who have fallen while serving us and to our soldiers. We love you.

Learn to fight evil

Satan said to The Demon, “You be God, I’ll be The Demon”.

The words that I learned that saved me.

“Help me Ari, help me Sacred Spirit”.

Ari is pronounced Ah’ri

Ah from ruah which means “spirit”.

ri from ridi which means “with laughter”.

Anyone without Ari (pronounced Ah’ri), The Sacred Spirit may be used by Satan at any time for anything or reserved for use at any time for any aweful thing.

Evil has no power. Satan and The Demons are average height people, feral with large frontal lobes and intellect. People are psychopaths when they are used by Satan and The Demons. You see the danger. Global Cults are the problem, complex social situations created by Satan and The Demons. This is not clearly explained in The Bible.

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred.

Love with Mercy is diametrically opposite to evil with hate and
Love with Mercy is naturally opposed to evil with hate.
There is no neutral exchange between Love with Mercy and evil with hate.
There is no agreement and there is no middle ground between Love with Mercy and Evil with hate.

Do not be deceived. There is no “fine line”, between Love with Mercy and evil with hate. They are as far apart as the sunrise is from the sunset. East does not meet West.

The Nature of Evil People

Satanic people who manifest evil.

Diametric spiritual, mental, and emotional response to the suffering of others is unnatural and felt even physically through brain/mind whole body communication as pleasure. Spiritual, mental, and emotional response to the suffering of others is an enjoyable experience to them. Each response of this type of person when understanding that another person has pain is inappropriate and absolutely amoral.

When destroying evil people, do not attach any emotion to it, or it will be damaging to you. Don’t laugh about it, don’t cry about it. Let your eye not feel sorry. Be professional about it.

Evil is not attractive, it is repellent, ugly. All of God’s Children are beautiful when they have His spirit, because we are naturally more attractive.

Funny, loving, loving the arts, cool, intelligent and able to do anything we can imagine.

Those who persist in manifesting evil have an ugly disposition, are boring, stupid, senseless morons who will eventually end up like Satan at Armageddon and either kill themselves or each other.

God’s thoughts are sophisticated, intellectually pleasing.

Satan’s thoughts are diametrically opposite.

Neither God, nor Yesou in Heaven nor The Sacred Angels will use vulgar, profane (profanity) or sexual language.

Yah’-ha-vah’s Name is Ahv’ah (Hebrew Yahvah), it means “He is Our Spirit Father”.

Koine Greek Ἰησοῦ Yesou pronounced Iesoh Hebrew יְשׁוֹ Aramaic ܝܼܫܘܿܥ Y’sho, prove it to yourself, Google Aramaic Isho

Koine Greek Ἰησοῦ transliterated Ihsou and translated to Yiddish is Isaac, Esou is Coptic for Lamb.

In the one language that preceded Hebrew it is Yesh’avah.

Matthew 1.1 He is The First of Yah’-ha-vah’s Children in Heaven.

Meshikhi will not speak one word against The Government, nor look at any individual or group that misrepresent The Government in any way to try and undermine The Government along with Satan and the demons. If anyone says they are Meshikhi and says one word against The Government, they are NOT Meshikhi at all, they are apostates.

Yesou, The Son of Yah’-ha-vah’

Our oldest Brother, Our Beloved Yeshwah. 💕👩
Perfect Love with Mercy. The Ahlaluyah.

You are to observe one minute of silence for Yesou “first”.

Yesou Christ, The Messiah at Calvary, The Finest Soldier who ever existed or ever will exist. He is “The” Fallen and I am honouring Him today. He must always be remembered First on Remembrance Day. We are Army of Calvary and we are with Him. We are Meshikhi, Followers of The Messiah and One is Our Leader, The Christ. He is Sacred to us. Watch Tower and their evil affiliation want us to forget the death of The Christ by saying “Common Era”, C.E. It is NOT C.E. it is not The “Common” Era, it is A.D. “Year of Our Lord”. We refuse to forget Him, we will NEVER FORGET HIM.

I sat down and prayed and had a cigarette with the boys who fought evil. I stood at attention and saluted them and talked to them even though they are asleep in death, I drew strength from their example. I am honouring them today. One of them was communications like me, we are The Four. I am only one but I have the strength of four. A woman soldier.~Tiffany Tracy McTaggart, CD

I would ask those officiating to read this out loud on your days of remembrance.

From The Holy Bible

The Government and all those who serve under them are ministers for our good, but if you are practicing evil, be afraid, for it is not without reason that they bear the sword.

The People of Yahvah love and respect those who serve them and those who die for them. I have served also with 15 years of service in the Canadian military and I am honoring you today. Yah’-ha-vah’ bless you, you are not forgotten before Yah’-ha-vah’. No way will He forget you. His Son also knows what courage and loyalty and honor mean to Yah’-ha-vah’ and exemplifies these qualities. Do not be confused, living by the sword and being a minister of Yah’-ha-vah’ authorized with the sword of justice by Yah’-ha-vah’ are not the same thing.

To all those who serve. Thank you for your service. Yah’-ha-vah’ loves each public servant and every soldier and every law enforcement person and wants each one to accept the free gift of salvation. When you do good you are His ministers from the lowest servant to the highest official.

Yah’-ha-vah’ hates those who love violence, including the terrorists.

Psalms 11:5 “Yah’-ha-vah’ considers the righteous: but the wicked and him that loveth violence his soul hateth”. This is in agreement with James 1:13 and with Yah’-ha-vah’.

He does not try anyone who is righteous. With evil Yah’-ha-vah’ cannot be tried nor does He try anyone else. Those who try to associate the person of Yah’-ha-vah’ with their violent acts face the judgement of Yah’-ha-vah’. They have violated His very soul. Yah’-ha-vah’ is ahavah. (1 John 4:8)

Let it be clearly understood.

To the terrorists.

As long as it is quick and efficient and humane you can and will be destroyed if you think you can use super violence indiscriminately to terrorize and kill people. It is not without reason those who act as ministers of Yah’-ha-vah’ for the people bear the sword.

Terrorists and those who support them must face the ultimate judgement of Yah’-ha-vah’. Let your eye not feel sorry.

Romans 13:4 4For he is the minister of Yah’-ha-vah’ to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain: for he is the minister of Yah’-ha-vah’, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

Fighting evil people with Yah’-ha-vah”s authority is not a sin. Remember that when you put on your uniform or your suit or whatever else you wear.

Never judge those who serve and administer justice including all law enforcement people and the soldiers in the military. They are not accused by Yah’-ha-vah’. Only respect and honor them.

To the victims, your loved ones will live again. Everything about them is safe in Yah’-ha-vah’’s limitless and perfect memory. I hope you will be comforted by this. Remember Yahvah loves you and Yesou the Son of Yah’-ha-vah’ loves you. We all mourn with you.


Pray with me

Merciful Father in Heaven, Ahv’ah

Bless all those who serve and all those who must make decisions with this knowledge that they may not be afraid anymore and act decisively without feeling guilt or having emotional problems. They are only doing what is right according to Your word. That people may know, that you, whose name is Yahvah, you alone are Most High over all the Earth. You alone are Yah’-ha-vah’.

In the name of Yesou,


The Meshikhi came into existence November 13, 2015 to tell people that Yah’-ha-vah’ is love and that Yah’-ha-vah’ is diametrically opposite to what you saw Satan do along with the terrorists. It’s cut and dry. Destroy them and don’t give it a second thought. Don’t them sit there in court smiling while the victims’ loved ones look on. That is Satan smiling you people. Satan thinks it’s a big joke and so do the terrorists with him. People die fighting evil, remember that and you will honor the ones who have fallen. Their blood screams to Yah’-ha-vah’ for justice.

Yah’-ha-vah’ is love and Yah’-ha-vah’ is mercy but Yah’-ha-vah’ must also be Justice. He does not want to harm a living thing, not a sparrow falls without Him knowing it. But He is Yah’-ha-vah’, and a Father mourning His children with you today.

Psalms 116:15 Precious in the sight of Yahvah is the death of his faithful servants.

Romans 13:4 For he is Yah’-ha-vah’’s minister to you for good. But if you do evil, be afraid; for he does not bear the sword in vain; for he is Yah’-ha-vah’’s minister, an avenger to execute wrath on him who practices evil.

Has Yah’-ha-vah’ not called them ministers doing his will and all those who served with them? Those who have fallen and those who served with them are precious in the eyes of Our Father in Heaven and He will never forget. Not a sparrow falls without Him knowing it, how much moreso His children who are ministers of Yah’-ha-vah’ and have served Him. Beloved of Yah’-ha-vah’ are His ministers who have died while serving Him and death has no hold on them.

O death, where is your victory? O death, where is your sting?” 1 Corinthians 15:55

No I tell you, the victory belongs to Yah’-ha-vah’ and His Son.

Praise Ahv’ah and Honor Yesou for what they have done.

Those who have fallen are alive to Yah’-ha-vah’.

For those still living, if you will only have faith in Yesou, the first of Yah’-ha-vah’’s children in Heaven and that Yesou is Lord and that Yah’-ha-vah’ resurrected Him from the dead you will share in this hope.

Remember Father loves you and Yesou loves you.

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