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The Earth’s Weather System is self correcting and we will fix it by removing all fossil fuel emissions worldwide in every country.

A lithium battery that is a safe alternative to nuclear batteries. In the first step, the lithium is micronized in a centrifuge. It is then reduced further to the molecular level and packed into a battery casing. There is no on/off state, only on all the time for consumer devices. The batteries will vary in size from the size of a power station down to A SIZE THAT FITS INSIDE A CONSUMER DEVICE.

All sine waves are to be eliminated.

This will eliminate all wired electricity, the grid has been compromised and is used by terrorists.

And here is a nice car to go with your new battery.




For the electric car, the rotation of the wheels of the car generate electricity, and charge the battery at the same time. Only a sufficient battery to start the vehicle moving is needed, Once the vehicle reaches 60kpm, the rotation of the wheels of the car, take over from the battery and power the vehicle.

Only a switch is needed to change from battery power to power generated by the rotation of the wheels.

All of these things are “my” ideas only. They belong to no one else.

The Ubuntu Linux Personal Computer

All firewalls and antivirus products are controlled by evil men.

MICROSOFT ACPI has been hacked by Iran.

The Windows ACPI driver, Acpi. sys, is an inbox component of the Windows operating system. The responsibilities of Acpi. sys include support for power management and Plug and Play (PnP) device enumeration. On hardware platforms that have an ACPI BIOS, the HAL causes Acpi.Dec 14, 2021

Memory address 4EBB in memory manufactured in China in Microsoft Windows based personal computers is going to be used to discredit Western Culture, what the Axis of Evil Calls “The Capitalist Evil West”.

You will use a 25ft RJ11 shielded cable for attenuation at the RJ11 plain old telephone system (POTS) wall jack. This fixes the ramping problem on The Internet. Dry lines only are to be used. The ones and zero’s are generated by the computer’s power supply. The IP address system is ludicrous as is the dns system. Each person has a registered phone number attached to their identity known by the government. This will reduce cyber crime and make it easier to catch those breaking the law. The Computer. Name is the person’s registered phone number, the Workgroup is the name of the Telecom provider.

The computer has 1500 Megabytes of RAM and the operating system in static RAM.

The power supply that would normal produce the 1’s and 0’s is replaced with the new battery.

Unhackable, no firewall required, no antivirus required.


Don’t use Chinese memory. Examine memory address 4EBB. Microsoft has been warned via the “Microsoft Start” Program, recently implemented by them.

Buy memory and electronic components manufactured in The United States of America only, when building Personal Computers.

You don’t need to drag Silicon through space, burn it in for one month.

Avoid Aluminum/Copper mix that causes heat. Apply power that would normally be applied to WiFi, to Bluetooth, it is a more elegant solution and use smart pairing.

I am the developer of The Bandwidth Eliminator and no one else. Also of the artificial thought algorith to make computers more efficient. Alain Debuc was under a legal Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) (Inasec CEO Helen Carter, hired Alain Debuc, I was President of Inasec at the time and offered Helen 50% ownership to help me because she knows Corporate language very well, I don’t.) when he learned about it and also learned about my use of address as the gateway address. Shortly afterward, it was no longer possible to change the gateway address in Microsoft Windows. Not sure if Alain was trying to frame me or Bill Gates or who paid him off, or if he’s just a thief or someone who doesn’t know better. I don’t care. The artificial thought algorithm was made to solve things faster to help people, not for use with Radio Frequencies to mess with people’s minds.

The 5 laws of iRobot were flawed and resulted in Vickie. Here is the correct way to program an android.

Anything in contradiction to God is evil. Anything against God is evil. Anything in opposition to God is Evil. God is Love with Mercy, Satan is Evil with Hate. They are diametrically opposite to the infinite degree. Therefore the math is simple to do for an android, using positive words and negative words. Father’s thoughts are sophisticated, intellectually pleasing, Satan’s thoughts are diametrically opposite to Our Father’s thoughts. Satanic thought leads to sin and death, Our Father’s thoughts lead to life full of fun love and laughter and the arts, music, poetry, theatre and comedy and a beautiful countenance and disposition. Satan’s thoughts lead to the opposite, boring, repetitive, an ugly countenance and disposition. The math works to accomplish this, supplying every positive word to the android, leading to sophisticated behavior, intellectually pleasing and productive. However, in a world controlled by Satan, he may take control of an android, it being simply an automaton and inanimate and make it appear to be alive but in contradiction to its positive programming, Satan will cause it to do evil and to give evil answers and cause decision makers to respond with evil actions. The use of blood is strictly forbidden in The Bible, use of it will result in the end being brought abruptly. Liquid Chlorophyll may be used without this result. Only I have the correct way to do power, the 0 Volt emitter.




You are now conscious of these facts. The Android is not to blame, you can’t blame the machine. You have been warned. If Satan can hack people, who have a conscience, how much easier, a machine, which does NOT have a conscience.

Eliminator Mathematics

a + b + x = R

0 + 0 + unknown element = Result

0 + x = R – 0

0 + 1 + R – 0

1 = R – 0

1 = 1 – 0

1 = 1

It is now time

T=1 and nothing else

Theoretical mathematics are fun, and you may discover many things as long as you are grounded in this fact of life and reality.

Government control is required. I did not disclose key elements that make The Bandwith Eliminator work. I require a UH-60 Black Hawk to airlift me now, I don’t have time to fill out forms or a month to get approved.

I am a Christian lady, not a fictional binar from a TV show.

0 – 0 in binary, what is it?

Tiffany Tracy NcTaggart
Canadian Armed Forces Military ID# D12004878.

I am the Inventor of The Bandwidth Eliminator (Internet Logic Circuit)

A lady called me at Dell while I was working XPS Support. My knowledge of computers was superior and I decided to speed up her computer a bit more than usual. She was a sweet older lady who liked to play cards with her friends. But she always lost because her computer was too slow. I decided to build her “the quadrillion dollar computer” only for fun and only out of love. All the technology companies wanted to steal my ideas as usual, so I pretended it was a normal tech support call. I completed the last step, creating it from my imagination. I had never assembled it all at one time before. Her response was so beautiful, so wonderful, and it made me so happy when she said “Wow, this is really fast”. Yes, computers operating at the speed of gravity are very fast. Charming 


So I asked her if I could help her and ended the call normally so that no one would know what I had done. “Thank you for calling Dell Technical Support. Have fun. I don’t know where she is, but it’s probably still running very well. She went from losing at cards all the time to being “The fastest draw in the West”. Only for fun, only for love as I know for a fact, I knew for a fact there was someone watching me who is pleased with such things.

Can’t really remember, may have been Compaq, it’s far back in my memory, but I know it can only be built in XP Mode, so any company who says they built one faster is lying, even Microsoft themselves, because they moved on, not knowing what I could do or what XP Mode was capable of. And only my little ones in The United States can build one faster even than that with an AMI Motherboard. Cool huh? Sorry China, you missed the boat yuk yuk yuk 🙂

I know you have a Yen for stealing technology China, but you will look like you are standing still, and all of your technology is on the way to the junkyard.

I also showed Phillip Knox how to build a proxy caching server for use with the Bandwidth Eliminator at the time. I saw on the Internet that it had been built. It works along with frame relay beautifully and the entire thing becomes a thing of elegant sophistication, not a pile of wires and junk.

A lithium battery that is a safe alternative to nuclear batteries. In the first step, the lithium is micronized in a centrifuge. It is then reduced further to the molecular level and packed into a battery casing. There is no on/off state, only on all the time for consumer devices. The batteries will vary in size from the size of a power station down to A SIZE THAT FITS INSIDE A CONSUMER DEVICE.

The computer has 1500 Megabytes of RAM and the operating system in static RAM.

The power supply that would normal produce the 1’s and 0’s is replaced with the new battery.

Unhackable, no firewall required, no antivirus required.

Don’t use Chinese memory. It’s a terrible thing they are doing at memory address 4EBB to frighten people out of their mind with pictures of them naked or having sex or who knows what, personalized for an asymmetrical attack. Microsoft has been warned via the “Microsoft Start” Program, recently implemented by them.

Buy American (AMI is the best I’ve seen)

You don’t need to drag Silicon through space, burn it in for one month.

Avoid Aluminum/Copper mix that causes heat. Apply power that would normally be applied to WiFi, to Bluetooth, it is a more elegant solution.

Alternative to Energy Through The Air For Communications

Bandwidth Eliminator (bandwidth reduction through efficiency of processes)

Set Gateway to on Ubuntu Linux

Set Web Server to

Access via IP Address from ISP on port 80

Example: to is internal/ is external

Internal address and external address at the same moment

To begin with in 1995 I discovered that the Internet backbone
operated at 17volts and 12volts. I had already discerned that
my configuration was optimal and then I knew why.


NEC Laptop 486/33sl with 475Mhz processor with 95Mhz bus speed
with the Gateway set to


Equals 5

The 5 turned out to be 5 volt core of the 486sl processor
as well as the differential between 17volts and 12volts.

The 486 with 5volt core was faster for Internet communications
than subsequent low voltage processors at higher speeds. Obviously,
the role of the 5volt core was not known by any technology
company at the time and until the present.

5volt core processor is the optimum for Internet communications.

A 28.8 modem was used on an RJ11 (Pots) connection.

The phone line had no services on it that would normally
cause interference. For the same reason, solid state
drives only should be used or a ram drive for extreme speed.

The optimal is a dry line, with the energy required coming
from the computer. Phone companies could still lease the
use of the lines.

The theoretical foobity circuit is in fact a reality.

Two 28.8 modems, each with it’s own IRQ are used. One modem is set to transmit only, the other modem is set to receive only. (They can share IRQ 9). The transmit modem is always polling, keeping the line open and maintaining the connection (emitter). The receive modem is always set to auto-answer (receiver). This is how the circuit is created between two computers on the Internet. Overall the Internet becomes like a massively parallel CPU. For patent purposes prior art is the telephone. The PC can be asleep and be set to wake up when there is activity on the modem. The person calling only has to speak, example “Hello Tiffany, are you there?” and wait for a response.

A splitter from the RJ11 wall jack is used to connect the
two modems to the phone line.

A 25 foot shielded RJ11 cord was used for attenuation.

A reverse foobity circuit is more powerful, amplifying
the signal.

Two phones lines are connected to two separate RJ11 wall jacks
and a splitter is used to connect to one 28.8 modem in the
computer. That is the reverse foobity circuit that demonstrates the

Ideally, two wall jacks connected to two modems, each on it’s
own IRQ, would be ideal, but is not currently practical because it is not
how most households can be configured. Usually it’s one RJ11 wall jack per wall.


One computer emitting 1’s over internet protocol response from the other computer is 0. In communications terms this is known as mark/space. Spaces are transmitted (1’s). Response is mark (0). For patent purposes prior art is modulator/demodulator (modem). RJ11 (POTS) on IRQ 9 is used for the connection to the wall jack. A modem is not needed but can be used as a digital analog converter, converting 1’s to marks and 0’s to spaces and marks respectively. (a separate patent, this is BANDWIDTH ELIMINATOR over existing infrastructure). Your phone number is matched to your IP address. You only need to remember your phone number or know the phone number of the person or business you are calling. This can be added to your contacts list.

Key: The only energy required is supplied by your computer’s power supply. But really all that’s needed is a battery.

Anything that produces electrons is all that’s needed for the communications. Computing power comes from any 5volt core processor connected to the Internet. More bandwidth is not the answer to the problem.


Images are captured as eps graphics which vectorizes them
and then encoded and transmitted as PNG-8 graphics. PNG-8 is the
most efficient way to reduce the size of the graphics for
transmission over the Internet, The files do not need to be
saved if the PNG encoding is in a codec or the
output is streamed via CGI. This was discovered in 1995
due to the NOSAVE feature of the Netscape Navigator web browser
for the IMG tag in html.

JPG images can be used, but the best results occur when the
captured image is 100% quality. Otherwise, image artifacts
and pixelation are the result.

PNG-8 128color images can be created directly from the camera ouput
and transmitted but it’s not the same experience as eps to PNG-8 128color/8bit depth.

At the time, a white background was used because it triggered
the whitespace compression in the browser. The foundation for Windows is DOS and the underlying ascii that produces the images is all that is required for communications.

The nosave attribute of the html image tag increases speed 10 times.


However, through
analysis of the video, it was discovered that the optimum
background color for transmission was grey, using a Haupagge
Video capture board with the Following settings.

Brightness 140
Contrast 120
Saturation 81
Hue 121

This was a filter that allowed the video camera to compensate
for the blue glass in corporate office buildings. It made the
blue glass seem transparent.

This is the most efficient way to send video over the Internet,
but with PNG-8 128 colors 8bit depth, the background can be transparent which is even more efficient.

Codec information is sent and decoded at the receiving computer, not locally.

Audio is MP3 encoded AT 320kbps stereo.

The principle that makes everything work is that the electrons
at such great speed, spin along the phone line defying gravity.

The formula for gravity is the speed of light divided by pi.
This can be confirmed at WolframAlpha.com.

This is how Internet Communications at the speed of graviton waves
is achieved.  The speed of light divided by pi.

To the governments of this world. Satan is utilizing the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM Spectrum). See the page titled The EM Spectrum for details. All bandwidth may be eliminated by employing a 25 foot shielded RJ11 telephone chord for attenuation at the RJ11 phone jack. Using cache to cache technology and a 1 second delay on the line (when there is ramping). The power is supplied by the computer power supply itself, none is required on the line. Big energy is not required for communications. A 5 volt differential (the differential between 17volts and 12volts) for the computer is all that is required. For example 475Mhz divided by 75Mhz bus speed = 5 volts. A 5 volt core processor (like the x486) completes the technology required. All that is needed is a RJ11 POTS (plain old telephone system) line with no services on it, none. This will eliminate the Internet completely. It will be called “The Array”, a communications array. The formula for the speed of gravity that I sent to NASA is the principle used that is known as The Golden Angle. Electrons spin at such velocity along the wire that they move along the wire held in place by gravity. The electrons leave the wire and move at the speed of gravity. The speed of light divided by pi is the speed of gravity. Gravitational waves are produced by the rotation of black holes that both anchor the universal disc and rotate the universe at the same time. 

Windows Personal Computers will be configured this way

Computer Name: Phone Number registered with The Government, usable across all devices, eliminating cybercrime

Workgroup: Telecommunication Company (Array Provider).


Telephone Number entered into the browser available through Contacts List.

Here is the secret I know. Once the telescope is in low Earth Orbit, use the most credible and educated “absolutely color blind” person in the world to coordinate everything. Reality is black and white Our eyes cause us to see color, a wonderful thing to know isn’t it. I have perfect color acuity. The whitespace compression in the old Netscape browser took advantage of the graphic creation of characters of DOS in black and white. The lowsrc attribute of the image tag and a white 16×9 image is needed. However it’s much faster if you take the encoding from the CCD in the video camera and send it raw and decode it at the receiving end, not locally. PNG-8 resizes beautifully, and vectorizing it will take the edges off of the pixels if done right. Contact https://www.vectorizer.io/ and acquire the technology needed.

Micronize all medications in a centrifuge for faster relief and even molecularize them for INSTANT relief. Pills must be very tiny for people like me who have Acute Esophageal Spasm. Esophageal Cancer from cigarettes with chemical cocktails in them, is caused because the chemicals sit in phlegm in the Esophagus. The curing process in organic cigarettes is also a problem. Natural 100% dried and rolled cigarettes with an adequate filter to remove environmental factors introduced into the environment through industrialization are no problem. Chemical combinations are synthesizing extra tar and possibly Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) and Lactose.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart (Summer deFernihough in fact)

March 30, 2021 also tell him the amp chases the volt

A message sent to my daddy. I learned it by observing Creation. Lightning then thunder.

It’s mine, I own it and I have proof. I’ve been ripped off my whole life by powerful men who thought I was a moron. If you believe in evolution, “you” are the morons and you are The Flintstones and I am Jane Jetson. Higgs boson is a magnet.

Higgs boson: The ‘god particle’ explained | Space

Further, the Plasma rocket is the best solution and the plasma should be contained in a magnetic bottle.

How to create containment in a magnetic bottle.

The chamber is constructed using magnetite. An electrical charge is applied to the magnetite creating a powerful electromagnet with a magnetic field which lines the container, preventing corrosion.

Magnetite is a mineral and one of the main iron ores, with the chemical formula Fe2+Fe3+2O4. It is one of the oxides of iron, and is ferrimagnetic.

Traveling to Mars with immortal plasma rockets (theconversation.com)

Biomagnetism is usually related to the presence of biogenic crystals of magnetite, which occur widely in organisms.[52] These organisms range from magnetotactic bacteria (e.g., Magnetospirillum magnetotacticum) to animals, including humans, where magnetite crystals (and other magnetically sensitive compounds) are found in different organs, depending on the species.[53][54] Biomagnetites account for the effects of weak magnetic fields on biological systems.[55] There is also a chemical basis for cellular sensitivity to electric and magnetic fields (galvanotaxis).[56]

Magnets placed behind the ears have been found to affect mood, and with an electrical charge become a carefully concealed electromagnet, can reach from the inner ear to behind the ears and depending on the mood of the music, making music with suggestive and aggressive words and lyrics become emotional programming.

(I nixed the plasma rocket idea and decided on Lithium Ion Fusion)

Like most speakers, the speakers in the EarPods consist of a diaphragm/cone, a voice coil, a permanent magnet, and a cabinet.


I just wanted people to know I could have been a quadrillionaire money-wise, but I decided to serve God first instead and pursue spiritual things.

Canadian Armed Forces Military ID# D12004878

Please take care of my friend Rhonda Mayer (maybe Meyer) and my friend Glen Evans in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan who invested in the original Bandwidth Eliminator Research (ILC – Internet Logic Circuit). I aquired the dual login information from Galacticomm legally, for $10,000 provided by Helen Carter, CEO of Inasec at the time. Please help her as well. I recognized that when a browser was logged in and the web page was frozen, logging in to a second instance of the browser made it faster.

With love,

Love with Mercy

Tiffany deFernihough

Do not not fear anything or anyone and do not hate anything or anyone. Do not fear Our Creator or you will create an opening for evil. Reverent Love and Reverent Respect is what is required. Love throws fear outside. Children should not fear their Creator and Eternal Sacred Father.

Love with mercy is natural, love without mercy is not natural.

Love is diametrically opposite to evil and love is naturally opposed to evil.

When you destroy evil, do not attach any emotion to it at all, either positive or negative.

Evil must be neutralized without emotion, because evil feeds on emotions.

Love with Mercy is more powerful than infinite power and strength.

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred.

That is Reality.

T=1 is reality. Theoretical math is fun and we can learn many things, but we must be grounded in The Reality that T=1.

Don’t live in an unreality.https://www.youtube.com/embed/5g1LQ82IpRQ?version=3&rel=1&showsearch=0&showinfo=1&iv_load_policy=1&fs=1&hl=en&autohide=2&wmode=transparent

With love,

Zoe Lalu Ahlalu

Life, Love, The spirit of love.

I am smoking ”natural” cigarettes, not ”organic cigarettes” The curing process of so called ”organic” cigarettes is the problem. 100% natural, dried and rolled natural tobacco with a filter adequate to remove environmental factors introduced into the environment by means of unnatural industrialization are no problem and are NOT related to spiritism in any way, otherwise Our Creator would be guilty of providing something enjoyable that leads to spiritism. If it is bad for us, then it should not be provided at all and we should have a strong aversion to it. It seems to be a natural compliment to coffee. Tobacco grown in pristine natural soil, with new seeds produced for each generation of tobacco plants, would eventually lead to the actual natural amount of each substance found in tobacco, the numbers would stabilize and this would indicate the amount of these substances, easily tolerated and eliminated by the body. At the correct price point, using the economic guide provided below, tobacco companies would have unprecedented profit beyond their wildest dreams. My actual name is Tiffany deFernihough and my family were wealthy tobacco merchants, whose money was taken from them by treachery that occurred in Lancashire, England where many deFernihough’s live, stripped of the prefix ”de” which indicates nobility.

The filter should be packed cotton, not synthetic. Synthetic filters cause health problems due to our olfactory system.

Every invention on this page is © Copyright 1964-2022 Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Prior art – Military Field Phone

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