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The latest mutation of Omicron 2022-04-25

Starts with a dry cough for several days

You will note that you lose your sense of smell

Then coughing produces nasal congestion

which creates a moist environment

within the nasal passage for Omicron.

You will defeat Omicron with 24 hours if you

do the following:

You must continually expel the nasal

congestion by blowing your nose

after each coughing bout.

Stay awake as much as possible at onset

of nasal congestion.

pseudoephedrine (Sudofed) is indicated.

Make sure there is no film on your teeth

where Omicron can hide. Brush your teeth.

While your nasal passages are clear, get some

sleep or at least rest so that your immune system may complete

decoding Omicron.

If symptoms persist, see your doctor.


  • Ensure your room is not too warm
  • After nasal congestion abates, you will
  • Have a slight sore throat, warm beverages will soothe it
  • A slight cough may persist, simply continue doing the above and ensure you have tissues with you so the moist environment of Omicron may not continue in your nasal passages for any length of time

Tuesday August 2, 2022 update

The final part of my omicron experience, involved dry asophagus and dry cough. I took a tablespoon of Benylin Extra Strength Cough Complete syrup, and expelled a large quantity of phlegm. The coughing has stopped.

Enjoy your recovery from Omicron!

with love,

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Mayo clinic advised.

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