Pain Disruptor

Pain disruptor. acetominophen and ibuprophen. One is for the site of the pain, one is for the pain center in the brain.

I understood the principle after a Dentist recommended both after a tooth extraction. I had zero pain.

Try two extra strength Tylenol and one extra strength Advil or vice versa.

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Update using a mortar and pestle, grind up 4 tylenol arthritis and 4 advil caplets and mix it with orange juice. Pills sitting on the stomach lining dissolving causes nausea.

Update: I went to urgent care and the Doctor said not to take Advil because its not good for your stomach, she prescribed me 500mg Naproxen and told me to take Tylenol with it if necessary. Slowly on the mend.


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Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Acetominophen for the site of the pain

Ibuprophen for the pain center in the brain

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