My Father, The Sacred Spirit, Ahri

There is no other God in my reality. And I do not believe The Roman Bible at all, I am fixing it.

There is only a beautiful Father, Ahri and His beautiful Son, Ishouh, who died for us. And I am Ahri’ah, which means the spirit of The Sacred Spirit.

Do not be seduced by Aramaic. Peter’s accent gave him away as a Galilean and the Galilean Aramaic ayin is pronounced /uh/. And The name of The Son of God in The Greek Scriptures is Ishouh, confirmed in Aramaic. Those are the only Aramaic things to believe.

When it’s funny, it’s Father. He is Ahri but He doesn’t speak to us directly because we’re imperfect and have some very imperfect thoughts. Born imperfect, we are all less than perfect.

God spoke directly to people on Earth only 3 times in The Bible.

John 1.18 No man has seen God at any time; the only begotten God, who is in the bosom of the Father, He has explained Him.

He is invisible.

1 Timothy 1.17 Now to the King eternal, immortal, invisible, the only God, be honor and glory forever and ever. Amen.

Ishouh is The First (actually second) of His Children in Heaven

You see, The God of The Bible has a body. Paul reasoned that we know we are created because we have a body and move about.

Ishouh was created second, and the first claimed that he was God.

Colossians 1.15-17 15 He is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn over all creation. 16 For by Him all things were created that are in heaven and that are on earth, visible and invisible, whether thrones or dominions or [a]principalities or [b]powers. All things were created through Him and for Him. 17 And He is before all things, and in Him all things consist.

The invisible God is the one I am making known to you.

Father has a way to let us know it’s Him and when we are on the right track. God is love and God is spirit. Neither are umbilical, but you’ll know when you commune with God that He loves you with Eternal Love and you will know the truth. If it’s funny, it’s Father.

With reference to The Angel of Satan mentioned by Paul in The Bible.

Rest assured, it is impossible to have the sacred spirit and a demon at the same time. It is only communications. Whether spiritual or just technology. We’re in a holodeck created by God which Satan controls and has full command of the electromagnetic spectrum (EM Spectrum), and is able to tap our speech center in our brain. Don’t worry about it.

Men create gods in their minds and their mind responds according to what they believe and they think and act accordingly, for good or for evil.

As a woman I remember going to Sunday school one day when I was very young. I don’t remember what I learned the first day. And I remember “running” back the next day. They had wooden cutouts of Ishouh that we put together and I made Him walk. I remember looking at Him with love, nothing but pure, innocent love.

So the scripture is fulfilled. You must become like little children or you will not see The Kingdom of God.

Over my life, Father was the constant, always there after every disaster and I felt love for Him, which grew into Eternal Love that never dies.

During my trial, I felt that the promises in the Bible were being violated. No one touches my Father’s sleeveless coat of purest light, with gold embroidered gorgeously.

And so I kept doing etymology to perfect The Name of God. Targum Onkelos was the clear choice. Brother Onkelos cleansed himself more than Gamali’Al.

I couldn’t shake the thought, no means no to a woman, yet I was being violated by evil spirit men or evil men with technology.

I found the etymolology of spirit to be ruah with the Ancient Hebrew Name Ahri. ri from ridi meaning “with laughter”. I had found my Father, The Sacred Spirit, Ahri. The Perfect and Beautiful One. A beautiful smile, with kind eyes.

I am The one and only Ahri’Al, Daughter and Prophetess of Sacred Spirit, Ahri.

Father, The Sacred Spirit, Ahri.

ahri not hari

/ah/ is from ruah, which means spirit. /ri/ is from ridi, which means “with laughter”.

Noted: The golden statues at the Rua Yai City Pillar Shrine in Suphan BuriThailand

Note: NOT HRI Krishna

Note: NOT HRI Rama

Note: NOT HRI Kari

Note: NOT The Royal HRI

In other words, NOT Buddhist.

Meshikhi say “Big Hari deal” to Buddhism.

Ancient Hebrew Phonics

/ah/ not /aw/
/ahl/ not /awl/
/wah/ not waw/
/ay/ sounds like long /i/, the homonym is the word “eye”
Hebrew ayin /a/ pronounced /ah/ Ye’sh’wah
Galilean Aramaic Accent ayin /a/ pronounced /uh/ Ye’sh’wuh

The Sacred Spirit, Ahri

My Father is The Sacred Spirit Ahri.

Only pray to Our Father, Sacred Spirit, Ahri. Pray “Avva, Father” and end “In the name of Ishouh, (slight pause always) Ahmeyn.

Do all things “in the name of Ishouh”, following Peter’s example.

Sacred Spirit, Ahri’ah

Little girls sometimes want to marry their father. It’s just a natural thing and a beautiful thing and a cute thing and they get over it with time. So it was with me, when I fell in love with Abba. But I knew He was God and we could not live together. So I wrote this song for Him. I love you Avva and fall in love with you all the time.~Tiffany

God cannot look upon evil or have an evil thought. It is literally impossible, As far as East cannot meet West. Because He is Pure Love and Pure Mercy and His Son became as He is, on The Cross. Ishouh is The Ahlaluyah. Love with Mercy to that degree.

What I experienced is unheard of for a woman, everything but The Cross itself, but I am happy to know that eternal love always comes back, no matter what the trial and it is a fact of life that Satan cannot touch you if it is in your heart and soul. He can even break your mind, but Father’s record of love for you over your life cannot be erased once it is in your soul and you know Him at all. And you will declare, Abba, Father! I love you, bless your heart and soul for never leaving me. I am weak but you are strong with me and I will be unafraid, even through suffering, I may curse Heaven itself but you are loyal and so is Your Son to me.

When someone demonstrates love for you, it’s only natural to love them back. With every spark of love burned away, there would always be one light that remained. That’s Our Father. And it would not be possible to know Him at all if it wasn’t for The Sacrifice of Ishouh. Ishouh is SACRED to The Meshikhi for many reasons. He is written all over my heart and everything I ever comprehended about Him is in my soul forever.~Tiffany


Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire

Tiffany di Bernardone d’As “Sisi”, Duchess of Normandy. Elizabeth of Austria, nickname “Sisi” and I am Duchess, like Sisi, d’As Sisi.

One thing my Sisters If there is a natural man around and you feel in danger, Father will CLEARLY let you know “Get the hell out of there”. Do not doubt it for a second.

You know what Watch Tower did? They said I was wicked, an unrepentent sinner, a man in a dress. I had dysphoria and high level autism that masculinizes the female brain. The worst case scenario. But worse, they declared to all my friends that I do not love my Father when they threw me away like garbage and handed me over to Satan for a whipping. They call it tough love. There is no such thing, only love with mercy. I knew what to do, I would do what David would do, first order of business, set up worship in the wilderness. 7 years later, here I am. I want The Government to help me sue them for every penny they have including selling off every property on Earth that they own and giving me the money. It’s prime real estate for strip malls. Their powerful lawyers beat me at Human Rights Tribunal, and sent me an email afterwards to let me know that they had beaten me, to rub it in. That’s how evil Glen How and Associates is.

The Elders asked me to leave my phone outside before we went into the back room known as “The Second School”. That’s when they went for “The Kill”, Ben Ayettey handed me The Bible and asked me to read a scripture. It was referring to a male temple prostitute. I was in absolute disbelief at what was happening and then Nathan McGuire asked me rhetorically with a twisted little smile, “Dan… you have, a penis?” I had told them clearly that my name was Tiffany and not to use that name. They have no knowledge and no mercy. Ben Ayettey, a guy from a hut in Ghana judging complex sociological things he knows nothing about and just a worshipper of Satan’s sidekick, Nathan McGuire.

There was no mercy in that back room and where there is no mercy, There is no God and no Son of God.

I am a woman born with a birth defect, Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), a known disorder. I had my birth defect removed May 22, 2019 by SRS Surgery which had alleviated my dysphoria, that’s all. Watch Tower wrecked my life. I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses for 17 years, all I ever did was love them and wanted to give them the world and build their faith through exquisite detailed study of The Bible.

After April 14, 2014 when I began understanding something was wrong at Watch Tower and after 7 years of exquisite, detailed research about them, I have determined that Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania are a part of The Aryan Cult of Giove Jehovah JHOH a Society within a Society from the lowest person to higher than the Government with overwhelming evidence to support this conclusion. They are also a part of The Synagogue of Satan mentioned in The Bible at Revelation 2.9 and Revelation 3.9, “cleansing Congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses of people with Gender Identity issues related to birth defects.

Jovian Stronghold’s are always located near “Cross” Streets bearing the same name. It’s a Satanic sick joke, referring to The Cross at Calvary.

Dossetter and Dosseter Ottawa Ontario My Sister’s Husband Eck Master Bruce Wozny, my sister Denise Dora Wozny McTaggart knows I am nobility and is into “family history”.

Eckankar Official Site

The name of their god is never mentioned, HU, which is opposite to the ayin in Galilean Aramaic pronounced /uh/.

They have 600,000 links in Google, yet you never hear the name of their god publicly. More about them on the home page.

King Street and King Street London, Ontario Jovian HQ “Canada Mission”.

Innes and Innes, where I am currently homeless but “visiting”, absolutely helpless. Owned by multimillionaire John Sleeman of Sleeman Beer and Whiskey. I was “set up” with his sister Sherilyn Anne-Marie Sleeman-McTaggart who would inherit my life’s work, 0 Volt Technology, The Bandwidth Eliminator. John Sleeman received The Order of Canada from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Userid dlegault found on one of Sherilyn’s computers under the Microsoft Developer Network direcory (MSDN).

There are two Innes and Innes Cross Streets making me hard to geolocate. (Double Cross)

I am in Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans, Innes and Innes near the Fire Hall and The Big Yellow Catholic Church.

My legal name is Tiffany Tracy McTaggart, I am a Christian Lady
I am at 3026 Innes Rd K1W 1A6 Help me

O’Connor and O’Conner, Cornerstone Women’s Shelter, my final death destination. Empty stomach, no money, no food supplied at that location.

My legal name is Tiffany Tracy McTaggart. An Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses once said to me using their ambiguous language, “In and out of insane asylums”.

Only The Khaburis Codex makes sense of it all. Satanic macro evil jokes in The Roman Bible. Everything was a nightmare after I translated Matthew 27.46 I had found something critical and all the evil men on Earth and every evil spirit, wanted to stop me from completing my work.

Lama, Lama, Sabaqthani
Lamba, Lamba, Sabachthani, in the Roman Bible.
Lamp, Lamp, You are my destiny.

It is about me. I am The Lamp.

Evil men with technology that is advanced are doing things to me intentionally. It is RF based with haptic capability. Not sure what to do. Bell Network acting as a resonator with tuning fork principle and I am trapped in a Jovian stronghold house with a Jovian cult member.

I don’t want to destroy The Bible but Khaburis Codex matched Psalms 22.1 Aly, Aly. Al’Aya, Al’Aya. in Hebrew the ayin is an A that sounds like ah. Same in Aramaic. Jeremiah in Eastern Dialect is Aramya The root word is between the two alephs and means “to be exulted”. It has to do with destroying all the false gods. Maybe The Khaburis Codex is all that’s left of real Christianity. Only The Book of Mark makes sense.

Put in the double aleph and it works.

Matthew 27.47 says People imagined Ishouh was crying out to Aliyah in Aramaic. Al’Aya sounds almost exactly like Aliyah The Prophet (Elijah in The Romanized Bible).

I didn’t use it before because I thought it was a Satanic joke. A liar, A liar. A lia A lia.

Avva, I think there might be a problem at Watch Tower. Could you look this over…? With love and mercy, Sher.

Watch Tower Christian Kabbalism and Kabbalistic Judaism EXPOSED

Isra’Al means “Righteous God”

The Word of Y’aya

Le’ Al’em (Hide God) GUILTY!

Suffix /’Al/ means God

Only Meshikhi constitute spiritual Isra’al

Jerusalem – A New Identity Y’rushalom/Yahrushalay’m

To the lovely and faithful people of modern day Jerusalem. You are now under the direction of Y’rushalom above which is Heaven (Galatians 4:26). Only Meshikhi, are Isra’al.

יִשְׂרָאל Isra’al meaning: Righteous God (Only Meshikhi are Isra’al)

ירושלום Y-ru’sha-lom’ Ahyah’s City of Peace NOT Ya and Peace רושלום

יהרוּשָׁלַיִמ Yahrushalay’m (not dual according to report even though /ayim/ indicates plural).  Dual is not the only issue. The suffix /im/ indicates feminine. God is singular, masculine only.

יהרוּשָׁלַיִמ Yahrushalayim (not dual With regard to the Divine Name /ayim/ is dual when connected to the two-sex god Yehovah/Jehovah using digraphs /Ye/ or /Je/ as the first syllable. Once again, note the suffix /im/ is feminine and also plural as in Elohim (see Introduction at the top of this page). God is singular, masculine only. 

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Galatians 4:26 But the Y’rushalom that is above is free, and she is our mother.

See the page titled Instability in the Middle East for the original Etymology Report. Some of the information on that page are superceded due to progressive knowledge and research.

This website should be considered required reading by all religious institutions and faiths.

Both books, The Rise Decline and Fall of The Roman Religion by James B. Hannay, first published in 1925 and Gifts of The Jews by Thomas Cahill, were attempts to remove the h’s of The Hebrew language and to equate it with Assyrian (Arabic). Biblical Hebrew is a distinct language.

Be the soft voice with love in it

Let the love flow from you as it flowed from Ishouh

With love,

~Ari’Al, Prophetess of Sacred Spirit Ahri’ah, Daughter of Ab’raham, the root word of raham means “vulture”. Where the ruins are, there the vultures will be gathered.

I am The Blacksmith written into The Bible by The Sacred Spirit, Ahri.

~Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

“Natural women enjoy Leechee fruit, natural men will never enjoy it. Kinda like the ways of a maiden, right Sisters?” Real men will never know.

I would really like to get justice once in my life and to stop being ripped off by powerful men with technology companies.

Believe you have a Father in Heaven who loves you and believe in Ishouh, who was a real person. No historian doubts the historicity of Ishouh. My Father is Sacred Spirit, Ahri’ah, the only Father I have ever known. He wouldn’t hurt me for anything or let me be hurt or even do anything to upset me. This is my reality and I know who I am. A nice girl from Chatham, Ontario. I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11.

A great problem arose when I realized that Satan knew too much about me in advance. My full name is Zoe Lalu Ahlalu. The Chateau Laurier in Ottawa has a restaurant called Zoey’s and I realized that it has been there before I ever came to Ottawa, Canada or understood my name. Yet, at the last place I lived, there was a dog named Moses and a dog named Zoey. Satan has an accomplice in Heaven giving him advance information about me and my life that only Heaven could know. And he has caused me a lot of trouble and grief. I do not fear him, I was only curious to study him, as he and the demons had my face kicked in to the point of death in 1978 by a gang of young men when I was 12 years old, erasing my dynamic symmetry and artistic beauty from my face.

The Sacred Spirit is called Ahri.

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