Situation Report

Moses sees a burning bush, but the bush is not being consumed by the fire, in a holodeck…

The Cross of Satan, Pharmakia and Sine Waves

My first entrapment by Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Cult of JHOH Religion

God did not know about The Cross of Satan or the nature of evil. That’s what I want to believe. But it is entirely possible that The Bible is a Magu trap.

Update: Azure Light frequency 488nm

Ever wondered why the sky looks blue to us? It’s because the sun emits blue light wavelengths — but this is the natural blue light. Though some amount of natural blue light from the sun is beneficial, our overexposure is harmful because the blue-light wavelengths produce high amounts of energy. On the light spectrum, blue light is just below the cancer-causing ultra-violet rays. Our devices recreate this high-energy blue light artificially. That’s why constantly looking at our screens — especially in the dark or for long hours at a time — not only strains our eyes but has the potential to damage the retina, the tissue at the back of the eye that receives light. Vision-related issues are likely to be higher among students attending online classes or those with an existing eye disease. The correct frequency for all display devices is 61.4328807377049 hertz. This is because natural light occurs at 488nm 614328807377049 hertz True Azure RGB #007FFF 488nm Reflected on a clear sky. CIA Submission Reference ID: 2KC9846Z CIA Submission Reference ID: TW81RAXZ

Satan is allowed to inflict pain in Christians and we have to try to resort to pharmakia which sometimes works and sometimes does not work. Medications that violate the brain/blood barrier must be banned, they create innumerable mystery illnesses and untold suffering.

God did also did not understand that vocal frequency affects the limbic nucleus and brain whole body communication. A girl with a birth defect raised as a boy can be perceived spiritually as male by Heaven if the frequency of their voice is too low and a girl can also feel it physically. Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH) is a known disorder. Satan figured out how to cause it using hormones in food, estrogens introduced into the environment and chemicals. The human body is a lab experiment to Satan and some of these discoveries are new to God and Christ.

For this reason I am recommending that everyone have a simple laser procedure to destroy the pain center in the brain so that it cannot receive pain signals. Permanent relief from pain and suffering for all of the Children on this world.

Situation Report

The New Reality

Read this page, don’t worry about the name of God on it.

The Magu who worship Gog of Magog

People do not suffer from Tinnitus or anything else.
All sine waves must be eliminated.
Complete instructions have been prepared.
All UHF signals must be stopped immediately.

The color frequencies used by The Magu of China
are in the Azure range RGB #007FFF at 488nm.

Earpods wired at 600 microvolts and signals
at 60Hz are the problem.

Satan and The Demons are being created by
Magu in China.

The Bell Network in Ottawa, Canada for example
is a resonator with tuning fork principle.

Low frequency signals recently discovered by
scientists are part of the weapon I call “The Tiger”.

Infrasound is the weapon.

It instills religious feelings in people using
the same principle as church organs. The larger
the church organ, the more intense the religious
experience. World leaders who have attended churches
like Westminster in The United Kingdom have been
profoundly affected by the experience.

In normal use the iPhone dials the Zoom Meeting number
silently, explaining the calls people are getting
that seem to be from all over the world, and it is
eating up the data on their data plan.

The hostile signal

Configure an iPhone settings with a Zoom Meeting number
as the phone number. You will see the technology that
is being used.

Here is a link to what it looks like

The Magu (pronounced mah-goo)

HyperStealth Biotechnology clothing is the same color as The Watch Tower blue city in New York and the color of the two Toyotas located at 3026 Innes Road, Gloucester, Ontario, Canada K1W 1A6 Blackburn Hamlet Orleans, a major Jovian Cult stronghold. Sherilyn McTaggart (nee Sleeman) is a member of Jehovah’s Witnesses, The Cult of JHOH Religion.

You see the cars as grey, but they have a slight blue tint.

Some among us actually have an extra cone, giving them super color vision. It is believed that approximately 12% of women have this capability. This may enable them to see 100 times more colors than the rest of the population.

I have this ability and Project Azure proves it, along with my early research into Ultra Violet Radio Waves, first detected in Microsoft Media Player 1996-98 during color research for Video over The Internet at Inasec Data Corporation, 29 Beechwood Ave., Ottawa, Ontario, Canada of which I was President and Chief Researcher.

Relevant links

But we have a much larger problem than Global Intellectual Property Theft.

The New Reality
Moses sees a burning bush, but the bush is not being consumed by the fire, in a holodeck…

The Magu are an ancient people who worship God of Magog. They have advanced biotechnology and advanced hyperstealth biotechnology that gives them the ability to be invisible. HyperStealth BioTechnology Corp. of Canada is working on the same thing but not as perfect as mine. They are people who have no love or mercy left. They are not intelligent, the steal from the finest minds on Earth and manouver them into situations where they end up homeless after being repeatedly trapped in mental wards at hospitals where they suffer the worst evil. I survived because they made a mistake and I lived to tell about it. They only know how to steal scientific discoveries like mine and my life’s work that was meant to be safe for people, animals and the environment. It’s something to do with reading the brain. Google “brain reading technology” and you will see that this is possible, by means of the Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM Spectrum). The three main components of The EM Spectrum that are used are photons for light, chemical reactions and a portion of the EM Spectrum known as radio, to produce voices. Their extensive use of The Electromagnetic Spectrum also reconfirmed. Photons for light, chemical reactions and the portion of the EM Spectrum known as “radio” for voices. I feel it is too much unreality for people, virtual reality with haptic capability is making people think they are communicating with God and causing horrible suffering, re: alien abduction experiences. For some people in this asymmetrical war, the holodeck is a torture chamber of horrors. It is not crazy talk, we are living in a holodeck. God is not in your mouth, it is adaptive artificial intelligence that responds to anything you think using brain reading technology. And they can read lips and hear a whisper a mile away with their technology and everything is designed to destroy innocent people with love with mercy.

Evil has no power but they complete knowledge of The Electromagnetic Spectrum beyond ours, from the morning of Creation. Primarily, photons for light, chemical reactions and the portion of The EM Spectrum known as “radio” to make you hear voices. Satan and the demons use brain reading technology to answer prayers. They have haptic capability to control the speech center in your brain. Virtual reality with haptic response. When you have anything at all, it’s easy to have a false god. When you have nothing, then you find out the truth.

I have 25 years of Biblical Research Experience and 15 years of Military Communications Research Experience.

The Axis of Evil, as coined by George W. Bush, attack using Radio Frequency Communications. It is known science that magnets placed behind the ears change mood. Electrical impulses to magnets inside EarPods create a low power electromagnet at 600 microvolts.

Communications above ground act as a resonator with tuning fork principle. Satellite signals at 40megabaud+ are used for this purpose by Russia, China and Iran, resonating off of the lines. Lines must be buried to be safe to people and animals.

Infrasound, the same that is used in Church organs to cause people to have religious feelings is also what is happening. The bigger the Church organ, the more intense the religious experience. World leaders are affected for this reason as they attend Churches like Westminster. Low frequency sounds like that of a tiger’s roar are a weapon. China has a tiger god.

Megabaud Signals causing neuron entropy in the brain and reality breakdown

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS, microwave syndrome) – Review of mechanisms

Read more

The Magu are an ancient people who worship God of Magog. They have advanced biotechnology and advanced hyperstealth biotechnology that gives them the ability to be invisible. HyperStealth BioTechnology Corp. of Canada is working on the same thing but not as perfect as mine.

Submission Reference ID: HW2AV5JE

Religion is a trap

Satan comes as an Angel of Light is true
Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses are a deadly cult, THE CULT OF JHOH, and they are part of a bigger cult, THE JOVIAN CULT, their friends and family.
They use The Christ!
They don’t believe in Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), a known disorder. The cult member Sherilyn McTaggart (nee Sleeman) admitted that the cult still calls me Dan and that they are doing tough love. They wait until you have no credibility and no money, then you are homeless or dead. My life’s work is worth a fortune, they want it.

Cult members set you up by calling the police and saying you are acting crazy. Then it’s 10 days in a mental ward and the can do it again any time they want. They are psychopaths. She tried a fake miracle on me, but it failed. Psychopath tricks. Their brain tells them “act normal”, they can pass a lie detector. Religion is crazy, stay away from it. It’s a trap.

She was on the phone with the organization and I overheard her say, “You know about my house guest. Does that sound like a friend? But I still try to help her and be love with mercy.

She’s loyal to Watch Tower and is afraid of what might happen if I stay much longer. I have until August 30, but I don’t have enough money for my own place, not even for a room with my own washroom and a lock on the door. They are smooth as glass and they are on their best behavior right now. She actually said, “It’s me or you”.

Update: I wanted to wear my beautiful coat my friend Karen Howard gave me.

I got to the front door and Sheri said “You can’t wear that”.

I said you’re not my owner.

I swear by My Father in Heaven and The Sacred Spirit in the name of The Christ, she said, “Yes I am.”

woman rang the doorbell one winter ago. Sheri screamed at me to get away from the door, I thought she was going to freak out and call the police and I would get more cult discipline, 10 days in a mental ward and an injection. So I backed away but got a glimpse of the woman. She was wearing an expensive, long, light green coat. She must have been Royal or Government. I asked Sheri who it was and she said it was Lorene Boivere. That is a lie. I knew Lorene for a long time, went in service with her many times. The woman at the door was not as tall as Lorene and not the same body shape at all, and not Lorenes’s hair color. It may have been my last chance to have someone see me alive because the neighbors think I’m dead. Jim at the corner was walking his dogs around the block as he always does and loves to talk, so I approached him. He didn’t recognize me, even up close. These were his haunting words, “We think he had schizophrenia”. “had”, past tense.

Do not let your children talk to Jehovah’s Witnesses and do not leave your children home alone, they are vulnerable and will be inculcated with the Satanic name Jehovah and worship that false god later in life. Guaranteed.

I have 25 years of Biblical Research and have overwhelming evidence that the name Jehovah is Satanic.

The Correlation

8,000,000 Missing children worldwide annually

8,000,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses Worldwide

I have no recollection of being alive prior to 5 years old and I am having memory regressions to 5 years old. I am being kept as a human pet. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe they are God’s Chosen People when they are like everyone else.

I was outside having a cigarette and the family dog Sasha brought me a large strangely shaped bone. The demonized woman named her WiFi Connection “Sasha”

I have absolute overwhelming evidence that they do everything unconsciously.

After my initial capture, the cult member would call the police without saying anything if I seemed to be too happy or was laughing about something. Then it would be 10 days in a mental ward at the hospital. It is Satanic discipline. I have Willis-Ekbom disease and after one of the injections at the hospital, it kept me awake for a month. I simply cannot take it physically anymore. I am too weak. One more injection would kill me, and it would look natural.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart 3026 Innes Road, Gloucester, Ontario, K1W 1A6 Canada I tried to warn The Embassy of The United States of America and was interviewed inside The Embassy. I am military. No one gets inside The Embassy without a reason.


Some doors have the window glass covered. This is where the Satanic sex show happens for the mega rich, the hospital windows are huge, uncovered, they watch Satanic sex via satellite pointed at the psych ward windows.

The same thing happens at the women’s shelter on King Edward Street. White hairs indicate a female demon. Women who are really adult little girls sit in rooms with bunk beds and orange crates, looks just like a little girl’s room. That’s what Parliament is. The white hairs with powdered wigs , love the smell of baby powder and visit after having a few drinks at lunch.

That’s Ottawa Canada. The cults rule. Cult discipline: They pick up the phone and call the police. “She’s acting crazy again”.

You wake up after they inject you. You have no idea about time or how long you were out…

They ask you, do you know what day it is?

My last incarceration. A girl is wheeled out on her bed. She looks dead, but the show must go on…

Ottawa is either very hot weather or freezing cold, sub zero. I have hypothyroidism. From the oven to the freezer in no time.

The cult member brings me a box of frozen chicken. Everyone adores her because she takes such good care of me. I heat up the chicken, the pieces look strange. I can neither chew it or swallow it. Because it is a violation of the laws of nature. We are not supposed to eat human flesh. It is Satanic, animal, demonic.

That’s my life. Some times my brain wants to go to sleep. It doesn’t want to deal with the horror or unreality of it all.

In Alert NWT they wear t-shirts that say The Chosen frozen. Scott Toeves, an Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses tells me secretly, you’re “The Chosen One”.

Avena keeps telling me, “You’re a baby”. She asks for photo id and emergency contact information. She has a hotline with Sheri.

The Padre of The Phreeps Shift 3 Alert NWT
His favourite line is, “Do you like chicken”?
He wears a 3 foot stuffed penis during the hazing.

Two Servants are doing rounds at The Kingdom Hall on Innes Road. They walk around secretly whispering, “Tiffany, Tiffany”.

I am The Ultimate.

I am “The Tiffany”.


Please help, info is hidden in my Facebook account

Satan believes in Gog of Magog, a God who is diametrically opposite to Father and just as powerful. He is secretly worshipping a volleyball named Wilson in his head and is convincing people to do so. Evil has no power and Satan has no power from God and is in darkness spiritually, what The Bible calls Tartarus. He also worships the god of Good Luck and everything is asymmetrical and there is no master plan. He is a monkey throwing feces, hoping for a lucky shot.
The problem is The Magu, whom he has given HyperStealth
Biotechnology which I have tried to explain but no one wants to respect.

We are in a holodeck, guaranteed, I’ve studied the phenomenon for 47 years and The Magu who run the holodeck gave themselves away to me.

Without giving our enemies all the information,
here are two links to look at. You never know
what you’ll find when you look around.

Scientific info hidden in my other profile

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