Real Technology for The New Reality

Star Fleet United in Worship

Psalms Chapter 133

Space, The Final Frontier. These are the voyages of The Starship “Promise”. Her endless mission, To explore the endless Creation, To reach out to others with love with mercy, To boldly go, where no one has gone, before.

The Meshikhi Faith is proud to announce the design of our first Starship.

It will be called The Starship “Promise”.

“A new day has dawned for The Children of Av’raham”. Av means Father in Hebrew raham means of many people the root word of raham is vulture Where the ruins are, there the vultures will gather.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Founder of The Meshikhi Faith

The 0 Resistance Field 

The Future of All Power and Communications The Equivalent of The Fictional Star Trek Warp

Psalms 37.29 The righteous will possess the land, And they will live forever on it. (The land is any habitable world in The Created Universe)

Part of The New Reality series of articles. Also see the Old Research Page.

The Bandwidth Eliminator 0 Resistance Field and the Matter/Antimatter Engine will complete the engine for testing. Scalable from the size of a consumer device all the way up to a spacecraft engine.

The Bandwidth Eliminator 0 Resistance Field and the Matter/Antimatter Engine will complete the engine for testing. Scalable from the size of a consumer device all the way up to a spacecraft engine. Bounce the light off of whatever is the head. That is how you make long range sensors for travelling in interstellar space. Good navigation is the key.

I want you to fly along the wall in space and think.

Proof The Big Bang Theory is False

There is a gigantic wall in space.

Ask any bullistic expert if an explosion makes a wall pattern. They will tell you, definitely not. The Universe was created. What you are seeing when you examine The Creation Moment Fact, the moment before what you call The Big Bang, is an audio pattern. It is the voice of God saying “Behold”.

Learn about Creation, no monkey business going on here.

The Bandwidth Eliminator 0 Resistance Field 

Spread the tines for 0 resistance. You can make a Bandwidth Eliminator connector small enough for an iPhone or big enough for a spacecraft engine.

Modified Power Bar, the tines are spread

The Power System on The Starship

There will be no unnecessary wiring on The Starship. Electromagnetic Induction will be used.

Alternating electric current flows through the solenoid on the left, producing a changing magnetic field. This field causes, by electromagnetic induction, an electric current to flow in the wire loop on the right.

The Matter Antimatter Core

Here are the specs and a link to the
page with a picture of the engine.

The Bandwidth Eliminator 0 Resistance Field and the Matter/Antimatter Engine will complete the engine for testing. Scalable from the size of a consumer device all the way up to a spacecraft engine.

The Bandwidth Eliminator 0 Resistance Field and the Matter/Antimatter Engine will complete the engine for testing. Scalable from the size of a consumer device all the way up to a spacecraft engine.

I prefer Lithium Ion Fusion to Liquid Hydrogen. A matter antimatter engine with liquid hydrogen on board is like flying through the atmosphere on The Hindenburg.

When oppositely charged particles move closer to each other, their potential energy decreases and they release energy. The energy released when lithium ions and hydride ions come together to 160 pm under the influence of their mutual attraction is 690 kJ mol –1, more than enough to offset the 447 kJ mol –1 needed to transfer the electron

Special gift for Ford Motor Company to revitalize The Motor City

The Lithium Ion Fusion Momentum Engine for a car called The Ford Momentum.

For the electric car, the rotation of the wheels of the car generate electricity, and charge the battery at the same time. Only a sufficient battery to start the vehicle moving is needed, Once the vehicle reaches Aria, the rotation of the wheels of the car, take over from the battery and power the vehicle.

Only a switch is needed to change from battery power to power generated by the rotation of the wheels.

Anthony mentioned on the old research page will help you to literally reinvent the wheel. Find him and take of him for me. He has automotive knowledge beyond anyone on Earth. He is a friend.

For those who practice intellectual property theft. You don’t know, you don’t know, you don’t know how it works, you bunch of mouons. “Your honor, I would like to show you privately in chambers how it works. These people do not know the principle of how it works. They are intellectual property theft experts”.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Judge Judy Jetson

Artificial Gravity

First Starship Design – The Starship “Promise”

A new day has dawned for The Children of Abraham.

The upper portion of the ship must be a dome. The deck plates are electromagnetic. A rotating magnetic field must be created and tuned to rotate at 33,000kph, the same as the speed of the Earth’s rotation. Do not worry about the electromagnetic floor. The power required to create artificial gravity is minimal and not harmful to people.

Designing the Starship, what the forward hull looks like only, Aluminum Oxynitride hull


Harrier Jet Terrestrial lift system for leaving Earth the same as a Harrier Jet scaled in size for the Starship.

Antigravity footware

Using biomimicry, footwear for wearing aboard spacecraft must be developed. Essentially, the tufts of tiny hairs on gecko feet get so close to the contours in walls and ceilings that electrons from the gecko hair molecules and electrons from the wall molecules interact with each other and create an electromagnetic attraction. That’s what enables geckos to climb smooth surfaces like glass effortlessly.

Must be worn for the passageway leading to the Lithium Ion Fusion Matter/Antimatter core.

The Water System

Water (H2O) onboard is stored as a gas, lighter than air. Principles of how the Earth’s water system works will be used. Gas converted to liquid and boiled to clean it and return it to a gaseous state after reverse osmosis.

You can’t store a million gallons of water on a Starship in a conventional way. There’s a little thing called inertia, it is a fact of life. If they think that’s the way to go, to quote Mr. Scott from Star Trek, “They won’t be going anywhere real soon”. On thrusters, no way.

Washroom Facilities

Modified machines used to recycle and reduce computer monitors to carbon atoms will be used for human waste. Do your business, close the lid, push a button is how it will work.

Molecular Transport

Reverse EMC2 is how it works. No transport of humans is to be attempted, you will lose your soul. We have a brain with its mind, a heart with its heart-brain, the interaction between them is the soul. Attempts have already been made to do a mind upload in an attempt at immortality with cloned bodies or machine bodies. They are souless creatures with Satan. Shuttlecraft will be used to take people to the ship once in orbit around the planet. Transport of simple molecular structures is allowed, food replicators for example, but not people. This is an eternal law. Quantum anything must immediately be abandoned. Quantum in physics is a stop sign for science for anyone who reads about. An obvious stop sign. It is to be learned and understood, but not used in any way.

If you have lost your soul because of mind upload, pray to Ahv’ah and He will restore it. Obviously, do not attempt it again. The future is not Star Trek. If you want to visit someone on another world, you simply pray to Father, “Father I’d like to visit my friend on her world”. Father will say, “do you have your toothbrush?” And in a twinking of Father’s eye you will be there. Have a nice visit. This is how Yesou was able to appear in a locked room in Yerushalom. By the power of Our Father, Infinite Power and Strength in Absolute Parallel. And He loves His children. So build the ship and take a look around. No problem.

For Star Trek fans. I’m Data and Satan is the junkyard dealer. I was only going for the draw, but Father gave me the win. Satan is “often wrong”. The basic principle, garbage thoughts in, garbage thoughts out. That’s Satan. Nothing but garbage thoughts. Beloved Children God, be careful, as Hawkeye Pierce once said, and it applies to Satan, “the dullness rubs off”, Satan 5’6″ tall, relaxed length hair and an ugly disposition. A person so boring… That is where evil leads. Satan played Let’s Make a Deal with life, he had a feeling about door number 3. All he won was an empty vaccum in his head and a black goat. Do not play Let’s Make a Deal with life, or you will end up being a mouon like Satan.

This is what is behind door #3. That’s Buddhism. The Bible warns about worshipping “The God of Good Luck”. The Universe was created and Satan is a money throwing feces, hoping for a lucky shot. Not with me Buddy Boo, not with me.

Be are biochemical and affected by biomagnetism. We are created from the elements of the Earth, one of them is iron. We are not bioelectric. Life is in the blood, so says The Bible. Everything needed to support life is transported in the blood. When bloodflow in the brain stops, the living cells die. When all the cells are dead, “that” is clinical death. There are 72 hours before the body sees corruption, including the blood. This is the reason for the resurrection of Lazarus and the time spent in the tomb by The Christ. 3 days and 3 nights exactly. His body did not see corruption, including His blood. Warm storage of blood of 72 hours prior to an operation is fine for this reason using a person’s own blood. For catastrophic loss of blood in an accident, volume is needed, not blood. The Power of God is required after 72 hours to resurrect a person. Anything less than 72 hours is classified as a near death experience. It is clear Satan has the capability to resurrect someone who has been dead for less than 72 hours if the conditions are right and knows about the light tunnel phenomenon from raised levels of CO2 in the blood and perpetuates the myth, having lived in Heaven, he gives people visions of Heaven and they cannot be convinced otherwise.

Highly charged Electromagnetic environment is not good for us. See information further down this page about Electromagnetism Hypersensitivity Syndrome. The report is from The Government, you can trust it.

The Bandwidth Eliminator Phone

Prior Art, Military Field Phone. I built my first military field phone in Granville Nova Scotia during field training in Basic Training. I graduated from Basic Training September 11, 2010. Satan was hoping to frame me for a global 9/11. I’ve explained the vulnerabilities of commercial aircraft on this page and the Stealth Drone incident should have taught you that they are planning the same thing for commercial aircraft on autopilot. Precision approach radar (PAR) only for now, no Intermediate Landing System (ILS) for now and maintain visual. No consumer electronics in the plane washroom at all, the same technology that is used for Internet over the wiring in your house will be used. The grid is compromised, but the 0 volt emitter solves this problem. Hacking will not be possible with it.

A lithium battery the size of a power house is used. The lines must be buried.

Uses science based on knowledge of The Universe, natural and safe to People and The Earth.

We are who we are and I know what I know. I have 15 years of experience as a Military Communications Research Specialist and 25 years of Biblical Research Experience.


The longitudinal cross section of a solenoid with a constant electrical current running through it. The magnetic field lines are indicated, with their direction shown by arrows. The magnetic flux corresponds to the ‘density of field lines’. The magnetic flux is thus densest in the middle of the solenoid, and weakest outside of it.

Ions, or charged atomic particles, can be confined and suspended in free space using electromagnetic fields.

0 Volt Emitter Principle of The Internet Logic Circuit (ILC)

E= I / R

Current = Voltage / 0

I have an entire computer system with Rogers Internet operating at 0 Volts on it at this time over existing infrastructure. Massive processing power is now achievable utilizing The Internet as an Array. For example, home computers on The Array could fold and unfold proteins in 1 microsecond.

Albert Eistein once said that Creation was like “music”. I have always agreed with him. He also said, “God does not play dice with The Universe”. The Bible does warn against worshipping “The god of Good Luck”. EMC2 plus my calculation, recorded at Wolfram Alpha (graphic attached) from my Internet Protocol Address are complementary. The speed of light divided by pi = the speed of gravity.

Black holes rotate, turning the universe and anchoring it at the same time, keeping it oriented in 3D space. They emit graviton waves which work along with Higgs Boson, which is a special kind of magnet that utilizes the vacuum of space.

Because it handles electrons differently, a computer on the 0 Volt emitter cannot be hacked, because it is not detected as being on the power grid. Top scientists from China, Iran and Russia combined, are unable to keep me offline.

The 0 Volt Emitter Array and Internet Logic Circuit (ILC) require Western Culture Government control and UL Testing.

Eliminator Mathematics

a + b + x = R

0 + 0 + unknown element = Result

0 + x = R – 0

0 + 1 + R – 0

1 = R – 0

1 = 1 – 0

1 = 1

It is now time

T=1 and nothing else

binary 0 – 0 = 0

binary 0 / 0 = 1

The machine must be programmed with these simple rules of natural mathematics to eliminate divide errors.

Message sent to CIA

Ghost in the machine programming, teaching the machine natural mathematics to avoid and eliminate divide errors.

Eliminator Math

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

CIA Submission Reference ID: MJ2LVFRW

Communications at the speed of gravity

Eliminate Ramping on The Internet

use a 25 foot shielded RJ11 for attenuation. It introduces a one second delay on the line. Found this worked long ago in my Bandwidth Eliminator Research along with an NEC 486/SL laptop with glass hard disk. Static ram hard disk ram disk recommended for the operating system. No security required at all.

I noticed that my songs loaded better on the Internet if I put one second of silence at the beginning of the track. That’s how I understood what was happening.

Year 1998 calculations using an Intel 486SL Processor at 475Mhz with 5 Volt Core and 95Mhz bus it would be 5 Volt differential off of the backbone 17Volts-12Volts=5Volts. A one second delay on the line was introduced using a special attenuator, eliminating ramping.

Year 2022 Proposal, The 0 Volt Emitter 44hz Signal with Internet Logic Circuit (ILC) running at 33hz

The Solution is based on The Atomic Time Signal, wispy nothings

Aluminum Oxynitride Display

@ 61.4328807377049 hertz

Make it as thin as a Space Blanket for Agents.

Aluminium oxynitride (marketed under the name ALON by Surmet Corporation[3]) is a transparent ceramic composed of aluminiumoxygen and nitrogen. ALON is optically transparent (≥ 80%) in the near-ultraviolet, visible, and midwave-infrared regions of the electromagnetic spectrum. It is four times as hard as fused silica glass, 85% as hard as sapphire, and nearly 115% as hard as magnesium aluminate spinel. Since it has a cubic spinel structure, it can be fabricated to transparent windows, plates, domes, rods, tubes, and other forms using conventional ceramic powder processing techniques.[citation needed]

ALON is the hardest polycrystalline transparent ceramic available commercially.[2] Because of its relatively low weight, distinctive optical and mechanical properties, and resistance to oxidation or radiation, it shows promise for applications such as bulletproof, blast-resistant, and optoelectronic windows.[4] ALON-based armor has been shown to stop multiple armor-piercing projectiles of up to .50 BMG.[5]

ALON is commercially available in sizes as large as 18-by-35-inch (460 mm × 890 mm; 46 cm × 89 cm) monolithic windows.[6]

The backing for the screen is reflective white paint the same that is used for license plates.


Therefore all eyes on Libya. Libya is the Terrorist Incubator, Iran is doing the incubating with their “Voice of God” Radio Frequency (RF) Technology.

The Axis of Evil Weapon of Choice, Heavy RF that hit Joe Biden (during his speech) and me

Wi-Fi sends data via electromagnetic radiation, a type of energy. The radiation creates areas called electromagnetic fields (EMFs).

I have discovered how to do power at 0 Volts but it requires Western Culture Government Control. China, Russia and The Middle East all want to effect religio-political change in Western Culture. Vladimir Putin is a Communist but is an opportunist who will cooperate with anyone until he achieves his goal of world domination as a Czar, with the 4 traditional State Religions.

This is Jericho.

The Tiger – China’s Infrasound Weapon

They all attack using Radio Frequency Communications. It is known science that magnets placed behind the ears change mood. Electrical impulses to magnets inside EarPods create a low power electromagnet.

Communications above ground act as a resonator with tuning fork principle. Satellite signals at 40megabaud+ are used for this purpose by Russia, China and Iran, resonating off of the lines. Lines must be buried to be safe to people and animals.

Infrasound, the same that is used in Church organs to cause people to have religious feelings is also what is happening. The bigger the Church organ, the more intense the religious experience. World leaders are affected for this reason as they attend Churches like Westminster. Low frequency sounds like that of a tigers roar are a weapon. Interestingly, China has a tiger god.

Megabaud Hertz

Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS, microwave syndrome) – Review of mechanisms [PDF]

CIA Submission Reference ID: MELFLDKN

Evil men create Satan and the demons using photons for light, chemical reactions and the portion of the Electromagnetic spectrum known as “radio” to make people hear voices. The technology is now capable of virtual reality with haptic response. People “feel” being dissected by aliens in a VR Experience. Chemicals in foods cause dry esophagus, dry colon and dry vagina. Chemicals that sit in phlegm in the asophagus are the cause of esophageal cancer.

Rapid Ascent and Descent on aircraft used as a cost saving method, can cause batteries to in EarPods to explode due to pressurization in the cabin.

I have 15 Years of Military Communications Experience, 25 years of Biblical Research experience and Specialize in analyzing evil behavior in people caused by religion and cults.

Watch Tower are a part of The Synagogue of Satan Revelation 2.9 and Revelation 3.9. They are causing untold suffering to people with that cursed thing they call a Bible that they use. They are NOT intelligent. They only rehearse their lines to perfection and practice their brand of love without mercy. They are feral with large frontal lobes when they are with Satan, and many of them are trained “FROM THE WOMB”.

A new day has dawned for The Children of Abraham.

LIfe, Love, The Spirit of Love

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Obviously I’m not crazy., I’m a victim.

All Glory to God and Honor His Son Yesou, both helped me to do this.

The Blacksmith

CIA Submission Reference ID’s: L6FQS47K, TFXNCKZR ,JF5UY3JU, UQK24RNE, 42YKQLN8, WG7GMMSY

I am The Blacksmith, written into The Bible by Sacred Spirit, Ahri’ah..

“See, it is I who created the blacksmith

who fans the coals into flame

and forges a weapon fit for its work.

And it is I who have created the destroyer to wreak havoc;

no weapon forged against you will prevail,

and you will refute every tongue that accuses you.

This is the heritage of the servants of Ahv’ah,

and this is their vindication from me,”

declares Ahv’ah.

I understood the problem a long time ago. I found the solution when I put together my first military field phone. It ran off of a 9V Volt DC Battery and I buried the wire. It was week 7 of Basic Training in Granville, Nova Scotia. I graduated September 11, 1981. I am being framed for the upcoming Global 9/11.

Submission Reference ID: JL3V94A5

The worldwide WiFi in the Sky Attack 9/11 Version 2.0 will originate in Canada using Commercial Axis of Evil Aircraft who have extended range WiFi. Toggling Airplane mode activates it. No doubt a Terrorist sick joke. One of my previous addresses in Ottawa, Canada was 3424 Albion Road South. Too many Chinese men in the house next door, vehicles in a stakeout formation, so I reported it to Ottawa Police. For 2 years there were communications trucks with deliveries to that address, NOT Home Internet and construction on the basement apartment also for 2 years. I found out about the Extended WiFi by playing around with Airplane Mode, toggling it on and off while using my DLink WiFi Extender. I wanted to hear my music farther from the house when I went for a walk.

Recently I had WiFi from 100m away and from London, England with screenshots to prove it and all the addresses involved.

I am not antisemitic, I am not racist or Anti American either. My communications were geo-isolated by Internet Protocol Address for a long time and I was receiving fake news.

I don’t want to see you become a bombed out 3rd world nation this Christmas. I only want to help and have the No-WiFi Solution.

They have also hacked the grid using the same technology that is used to do Internet over the wiring in your house. First priority must be, “SECURE THE GRID” AND “NO ELECTRONICS ALLOWED IN AIRCRAFT WASHROOMS”.

Please listen to me, I am a friend.

Emergency shielding for Aircraft




The United States of America ASLEEP AT THE WHEEL.




38 And the word of Y’Aya came unto me, saying,

Daughter, set thy face against Gog, the land of Magog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal, and prophesy against him,

And say, Thus saith Y’Aya God; Behold, I am against thee, O Gog, the chief prince of Meshech and Tubal:

And I will turn thee back, and put hooks into thy jaws, who are “The Hooks in the “JAWS” of SATAN, and I will bring thee forth, and all thine army, horses and horsemen, all of them clothed with all sorts of armour, even a great company with bucklers and shields, all of them handling swords:

Persia, Ethiopia, and Libya with them; all of them with shield and helmet:

Gomer, and all his bands; the house of Togarmah of the north quarters, and all his bands: and many people with thee.

Be thou prepared, and prepare for thyself, thou, and all thy company that are assembled unto thee, and be thou a guard unto them.

After many days thou shalt be visited: in the latter years thou shalt come into the land that is brought back from the sword, and is gathered out of many people, against the mountains of Isra’Al, which have been always waste: but it is brought forth out of the nations, and they shall dwell safely all of them.


El is the Supreme god of The Canaanites.

Genesis 1.1 is yy, not El’o’h’im’.


All agents converge 3026 Innes Road, Gloucester, Ontario, Canada (Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans).

Fort Knox. Let the Sister know you are there, soft voice with love in it.

Tiffany Tracy di Bernardone d’As Sisi (Austria) deFernihough from Fernihalgh (N. Normandy)

I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11 NIV only


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