The New Way to Hack You and Kill you in a car

The Bell telephone wiring system is inspired by Satan. Upon examining the network structure at Bell while applying for work, they showed it to me. It is a resonator and a radiator. Every Bell pole must be removed and replaced with nursury trees. The lines must be buried. See the technology page.

I have 15 years of Communications Research Experience and 25 years of Biblical Research
Human Flesh Search Engine, oh no you don’t China. Scientists have concluded the neuron is a communications device. Communications devices do not create themselves. Ask Mitsubishi Heavy Industries from Japan and their Engineers, developers of the I-6 F1, if a communications device creates itself. They will laugh at you and look at you as if you are a moron. All of these things are oversimplified by various images used in education. 


Praise Y’hayah! Honor Ishouh!

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Behold, The Glory of Y’hayah

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin7/15/20162 CommentsThese Are Cryptic Words. They Are Words Which Proclaimed Imminent Judgment To A King Who Was Drunk With His Own Power.  They Rise From The Mists Of Ancient Babylon, A Kingdom Destroyed Some 2,500 Years Ago, Largely A Victim Of Its Own Arrogance, Indulgence And Presumption.  These Prophetic Words, Written On The Wall By The Hand Of God Himself Would Not Prove False.  By Morning The King Would Be Dead And His Kingdom Given Over To Foreigners.Translation:
‘Mene’ – “God Has Numbered The Days Of Your Kingdom And Brought It To An End;

To illustrate, New Scientist reported that two physicists at the University of Tokyo applied an extremely strong magnetic field to a horizontal tube partially filled with water. The water rushed to the ends of the tube, leaving the middle section dry. The phenomenon, discovered in 1994, works because water is weakly diamagnetic, repelled by a magnet. The established phenomenon of water moving from where a magnetic field is very high to where it is lower has been dubbed The Moses Effect. New Scientist noted: “Pushing water around is easy—if you have a big enough magnet. And if you do, then nearly anything is possible.”

Of course, one could not say with absoluteness which process God used when he parted the Red Sea for the Isra’alites. But the Creator knows in the fullest detail all the laws of nature. He could easily control certain aspects of one law by employing another of the laws that he originated. To humans, the result could seem miraculous, especially if they did not fully grasp the laws involved.

Love with Mercy is more powerful than infinite power and strength, more powerful than The Creator of this Earth.

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