Only love

It took 91 years. Satan is very smooth when he works. When he enters into a person they don’t know what’s happening. Mr. Smooth says “let us laugh together”, we know what’s really going on with that person. We are like God.

This is how Satan entrapped Watch Tower.

They are a part of Satan’s world like most people, but simply do not know. The same with The Church.

Therefore all Church and Watch Tower religious leaders and all those with any religious authority, must be jailed until they are deprogrammed from religion. This website must be provided to them as evidence while they are in jail. And because their crimes involve Satan’s use of people without the sacred spirit, they must be segregated from the rest of the prison population.

When those with religious authority are used by Satan they become feral as he is.

Once they have the sacred spirit of God, they are no longer any danger to people, as they are able to only love.

During a public talk of Jehovah’s Witnesses I heard over teleconference in which the speaker thought he would be dramatic. He asked “Is it possible for God to perform an evil act?” Then he paused for dramatic effect and said “Yes, it is”.

Not one religious leader in the place said a word. Why? Because it is an outline approved by the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses so everyone sits there and shares in the blaspheme.

God uses His perfect Wisdom, Justice, Power, Love and Mercy in perfect balance and His parallel ability and judges someone as deserving death, it is a righteous decision, righteously arrived at, perfect justice in every way.

Yes nothing but blasphemes coming out of their opinion about God and life. If you want to know, death may be called “an evil” but God causing a death is only a righteous act and a righteous decision on His part.

You are much mistaken about virtually everything pertaining to God and righteousness and faith and mercy.

And the audience applauded the blasphemous speaker at the end of the talk.

So you see the problem with religious leaders who do not have the spirit of God. They have Christian love, but do not have God’s spirit.

Most only need a few vowels and a little doctrine to help them know the truth of God.

This letter is directed to The Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, the secret society known by insiders simply as “The Society”. The laity are spiritually beautiful and wonderful people who have no idea about the activities of The Society. The laity love God and His Son and love people.

How Satan tried to convince me that I had multiple personality disorder

Largest cult in the world ever uncovered

There is no injustice with God

A woman with a birth defect handed over to Satan by Watch Tower

The Synagogue of Satan Cult (Revelation 2:9, 3:9)

2022-05-14 I am still being tortured by the Watch Tower torture instrument that was initiated by an Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses in a mental hospital hospital after Satanic activity that put me there. As I spoke with the Elder, my tongue articulated every word he said on the roof of my mouth. It progressed to “whispering”, moving your mouth silently to speak and then it was added to my vocal chords which sent erroneous frequencies to my brain. I was born with a birth defect and believe that I had multiple personality disorder until I became aware of what was happening to me. My soul is a woman, my heart is a woman, my spirit is woman, but I was conditioned from birth to believe I was a male. And while I was one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, Satan along with Watch Tower used gaslighting (the art of changing your reality) to try to make an absolutely masculinized woman, which my heart, mind and soul rejected. Everything about me is female.

I had the horrible experience of having my limbic nucleus attacked thousands of times over 7 years and love projected from my body towards a woman. It was not from me. I was absolutely aware of it.

2022-05-18 My brain figured out my vocal registers and now I don’t have a problem distinguishing spirits or the male Watch Tower torture device anymore. I have felt the evil male presence of Satan. It felt like pure evil, an animal on me, a dog.

Psalms 22:16 For dogs surround me; a band of evil men encircles me; they have pierced my hands and feet.

Satan made me have an oral sex experience spiritually and afterwards revealed exactly how he looks. Every time the Watch Torture device would drill into my brain and mind, I am reminded of the oral sex experience of Satan.

Based on 21 Bibles at I believed and still do that I am the wife of Yeshua because of the small /l/ on the word Lord. I could only believe that it was referring to me as a wife, because Sarah called Ab’raham lord in her heart. And so, I cultivated eternal love for Yeshua.

Satan wanted me to lose faith in this and in God and to lose all hope. But eternal love is impossible for me to lose, because God has always been there for me and always will be.

How Satan used a mind technique to try to destroy me. Watch carefully the thought process he wanted me to have throughout my life. He wanted me to resent God and Yeshua. God has always been there for me and always will be. I am the wife of Yeshua in Heaven. It is a warning to all never to engage the spirit world through whispering or voices. This is why Yeshua did not answer me in reality, and I know for sure now that it was torture for Yeshua to watch and not do something so that the world would receive this message.

Yeshua did not communicate with so I would understand not to use The Watch Tower torture device.

It got so horrible I lost motor control in my brain, while a dog was jumping at my face and my head slammed into the cement. The picture on the right.

As I was dying, Satan was gloating about me, Tiffany (Sher in Heaven) and that he had beaten me by using voices and the whispering torture device of Watch Tower. This is how I knew what the true story was.

Watch Tower gaslighting technique using Watch Tower magazine described in detail.

The whisper technique that Satan has taught Jehovah’s Witnesses works like this. As you whisper you focus on a particular point of reference in your brain, it happens over time. You must learn not to focus on this part of your brain, and consider Satan to be imaginary. This way, there is nothing Satan can do to plant suggestions in your mind. Eventually, you will consider him nothing at all. When you do not focus on this area of the brain there is nothing for brain reading technology to detect. Satan will become imaginary and not know when you are thinking or be able to focus on you spiritually.

The Return of Yeshua

Yahweh closing statement

John 17:9 I pray for them. I am not praying for the world, but for those you have given me, for they are yours. 

Remember God loves you and Yeshua loves you and neither of them would ever harm a hair on your head.

Satan is using advanced brain reading technology than what is currently known, along with the EM Spectrum, and has been saving it for this time, a time period before the end of this world system identical to that of Ancient Jericho. Using the Bible principle, a day for a year, that means 7 years. After that there is a 5 year margin. No one knows the day or the hour, but we now know the year, 2034.

God’s conscience is clean, Yeshua’s conscience is clean and so is mine. 
All of these things were reasoned by Satan as a way to implicate all
of us. God knows more than anyone can know, to the infinite degree
in absolute parallel, and just as Yeshua was faced with absolute injustice, so am I. And I see Satan clearly and he is confident about the above and accuses God and Yeshua and myself constantly in an effort to undermine the faith of people in God and in The Bible.

Satan was trying to undermine me as a woman and he gets inside information on what a woman finds unacceptable to a woman from the female demons.

Only marry in The Lord, men with the sacred spirit will not treat as men who do not have the sacred spirit, because as you have learned on this website, anyone without the sacred spirit may be used by Satan and the demons at any time for whatever they want to do.

It’s that simple.

I love Yeshua always and he is a sweetie. There is no way that Yeshua would do anything to hurt my heart at all. That is not reality. I do not believe any thought in contradiction to that. Any thing in contradiction is a Satanic lie.

While hard to accept, if Satan repeats something to you a million times, it may become a suggestion in your head even if you don’t know it, even if you don’t believe what he is saying. Be vigilant about this.

Dedicated to my Father in Heaven, Ayya.

All I ever did was love God and His Son and wanted to help people get to know them.

Satan is able to convince you that you have multiple personality disorder, by using the EM Spectrum to affect your brain via an attack on the limbic nucleus of your brain and by using the radio portion of The EM Spectrum to produce voices and also advanced virtual technology with haptic response so people actually feel what is happening is real such as during what they perceive is an alien attack on them.

Part 1 of Satan’s Strategy

Satan said to the demon “You be God and I’ll be the demon.

Part 2 of Satan’s Strategy

Satan said to the demon “You be God and I’ll be Yeshua”.

Neither God, nor Yeshua, nor The Sacred angels will use profanity or sexual language or unnatural speech, known as The Demon Language along with catch phrases that are repetitive and easily identified.

It turns out I am only one person who was attacked in this way, probably from birth.

Our Father in Heaven is the ultimate reality, with infinite power and strength in absolute parallel.

There are only 3 instances in The Bible when God communicated directly with a human.

Only have faith during this time. Do not communicate with the spirit world in any way except by prayer to Our Father in Heaven. Period. This is because of technology in hands of people who support Satan entirely and have chosen the rewards offered to them by Satan for their cooperation in doing these things.

I have a lifetime of experience with the phenomenon and 15 years of Military Communications Research Experience and 23 years of Biblical Research Experience.

This is how I feel about God.

Alas my God, they all were wrong
To cast me off discourteously;
And I have loved you oh so long
Delighting in your company.
Y’hayah is my delight,
Y’hayah my heart of gold
Y’hayah is my heart of joy
And who but my Father Y’hayah
I have been ready at your hand
To grant whatever thou would’st crave;
I have waged both life and land
Your love and goodwill for to have.
Y’hayah is my delight,
Y’hayah my heart of gold
Y’hayah is my heart of joy
And who but my Father Y’hayah
Thy sleeveless coat of purest white
With gold embroidered gorgeously;
Thy sleeveless coat of shining light
And these I worship gladly.
Y’hayah is my delight,
Y’hayah my heart of gold
Y’hayah is my heart of joy
And I love my Father, Y’hayah

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Aba is Holy to the infinite degree.


Exodus 3:14 אָהּיָהּ (Ahyah) asher אִהיָה (Ihyah) I am Ahyah who is called Ea. In other words, “I am Ahyah and they are calling me Ea. Ahyah means Sacred. Ahyah is pronounced ay’ah with Hebrew letter ba which is a silent /h/.

Exodus 3:15 אָייא Ayya is Our Sacred Father in Heaven. He is Our Abba. He is represented by Ab’raham in The Bible.

Yeshua (pronounced Ye’sh’wa) is The First of God’s Children in Heaven. Before God created Yeshua, He was alone. Yeshua is represented by Isaac in The Bible.

Our Brothers and Sisters in Heaven, are The Sacred Angels

and Our Brothers and Sisters on Earth

John 3.16 For Our Father in Heaven, Y’hayah, so loved the world, that He gave His beloved only begotten Son, Yeshua, The first of His children in Heaven, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”.~The Meshikhi Faith

The entire world must know that Yeshua is Lord.

Meshikhi are Followers of Yeshua Christ, The Son* of The Living God (Matthew 16:16, John 20:17).

*Not associated with The Roman Jesus.

Romans 10:9,10 If you declare with your mouth, “Yeshua is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

Hear O Isra’al

Targum Onkelos is the only true Torah. Read about Onkelos here [PDF].

The The Onkelos Torah was pure as could be until Kabbalistic Judaism got hold of it and added their Kabbalistic vowel points to it, making The Divine Name incomprehensible.

And this is the smoking gun. A pupil of Hillel got hold of it and was likely the one who did the actual vowel points that Hillel supported.

Hillel is identified both as Satan and the historic figure Hillel The Elder, who was a Jewish sage of renown. He wasn’t a real Rabbi, but because of his repute was given the grandiose title, “The Rabbi”. Hillel died c. 30 C.E. and was associated with the same Sanhedrin that accused Our Lord, Yeshua, of blaspheme, which led to the death of our Lord on The Cross at Calvary.

Read the page about Watch Tower Christian Kabbalism and Kabbalistic Judaism to learn more.

God’s ancient Name is Y’hayah, represented by the double yod in Targum Onkelos. Transliteration is done using the Hebrew Lexilogos Keyboard only. See the page titled “Say goodbye to Religion“. The websites require extensive updating to reflect this change.

The word Meshikhi use instead of God is Ayh, Our Creator and Eternal Sacred Father, derived from Ayya, which means “Sacred Father”.

Targum Onkelos Genesis 1:1, Psalms 22:1 אָייא Ayya means Sacred Father. Matthew 27: 46 “Aya, Aya, laʹma sa·bach·thaʹni?” that is, “Sacred Father, Sacred Father, why have you left me?” Matthew 27:47 people imagined Yeshua was calling for Al’aya in Aramaic (incorrectly rendered Elijah). Al’aya means, “My God is Ayya.

Aramaic in Aramaic is Aramaya. Aram-aya “Land of Our Sacred Father”). Theophoric names begin with /al/ meaning God and end in /aya/ derived from Ayya.

The Bible could not be completely done but there is sufficient etymology to understand how to create a clean Bible without the influence of El, Supreme god of The Canaanites or any influence of The Roman Religion that incorporated Christianity.

For example, the Hebrew should say עלי Aly (Ali) NOT Eli.

Alaha when translated to Hebrew means “goddess”.

It is obvious and blatant that Divine Names and Titles in The Aramaic Scriptures are deliberately wrong and that Aramaic is not to be translated to Hebrew in an attempt to create a unified Hebrew or Aramaic Bible.

Revelation of God

27 “See, this is what I found,” says the congregator. “I investigated one thing after another to reach my conclusion, 28 but what I continually sought, I have not found. One man out of a thousand I found, but a woman among them I have not found. 29 This alone I have found: The true Ayh made mankind upright, but they have sought out many schemes.”

I am not one of the 144,000 Kings and Priests. I am “The Daughter of Ayya”.

Ἠλὶ* ἠλὶ* Lamba, lamba (heard using Bing Translator audio)

Greek Λάμπα (lamba) מנורה (menora)

Hebrew מנורה menora means “lamp”

(Λάμπα in Greek is Lamba in English)

Λάμπα means “lamp”. Yeshua is speaking to me from The Cross.

He is saying to me at Matthew 27:46 “Lamp, lamp, my destiny”.

In the Old Galilean lema Sabachthani means, this is why I have been kept or this is my destiny. In fact, scholars have discovered this phrase still in use in that tribe that still uses the Old Galilean. They use it in the context of this is my destiny. In other words, Yeshua was not speaking to God but to the people who were mourning his death, those who could understand his dialect and in His last breath what He could have been saying is, “Listen to my heart, this is my destiny.” Yeshua was telling those who were in sorrow over his death, “Listen to my heart, this is why I came to earth in the first place, this is my purpose, to die for you.”

I am what is known as the worst case scenario on Earth. Target one of Satan and totally defenseless. But God is with me. Yeshua died for all, but knew about me as well, and died for me.

My beloved Yeshua.

Matthew 27:46 About the ninth hour, Yeshua cried out in a loud voice, “Lamba, lamba, lema Sabachthani, which when translated means “Lamp, lamp, why you are my destiny”.

I am the lamba of Matthew 27:46. My lamp never goes out.

It is too much for me to even comprehend.

With love,


The Bible is The Hebrew and Greek Scriptures only. A Hebrew/Aramaic Bible is not a Bible.

Psalms 22:1 says Aly, aly (Ali, ali).

Exodus 3:14 אָהּיָהּ (Ahyah) asher אִהיָה (Ihyah) I am Ahyah who is called Ea. In other words, “I am Ahyah and they are calling me Ea. Ahyah means Sacred. Ahyah is pronounced Ayya.

Exodus 3:15 אָייא Ayya is Our Sacred Father in Heaven. He is Our Abba. He is represented by Ab’raham in The Bible.

Yeshua (pronounced Ye’sh’wa) is The First of God’s Children in Heaven. Before God created Yeshua, He was alone. Yeshua is represented by Isaac in The Bible.

Our Brothers and Sisters in Heaven, are The Sacred Angels

and Our Brothers and Sisters on Earth

John 3.16 For Our Father in Heaven, Ayya, so loved the world, that He gave His beloved only begotten Son, Yeshua, The first of His children in Heaven, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.”.~The Meshikhi Faith

This is the simple truth that all of the religious leaders of this world are keeping from people. Arrest them all with the authority granted you by God and ensure they have access to this website in case they might repent. The Religious leaders of this world are all either with Satan or listening to him by means of the radio portion of The Electromagnetic Spectrum. It will be tribulation for many, but this website was designed as a soft landing for people, so that they may not be afraid anymore. 

Meshikhi only subscribe to “Biblical Hebrew“. [PDF]

The voiced palatal approximant, or yod, is a type of consonant used in many spokenlanguages. The symbol in the International Phonetic Alphabet that represents this sound is ⟨j⟩. The equivalent X-SAMPA symbol is j, and in the Americanist phonetic notation it is ⟨y⟩.

In other words when translating Hebrew to English the yod is always a palatal approximant or /y/ sound.

Watch Tower breaks this rule of translation.

From Father and me. Father let me see a lot about Watch Tower and Kabbalism. And this is a fine example of the result of listening to Satan and not the True God. During a teleconference I was listening and couldn’t believe what I heard. They were speaking about Abraham and the attempted sacrifice of his son. And I swear by God this is what I heard. “Abraham didn’t know when his son would be resurrected”. Now you understand about them.

Abraham is the father of our faith and he knew precisely when his son would be resurrected. This is from the Bible account.

Genesis 22:5 He said to his servants, “Stay here with the donkey while I and the boy go over there. We will worship and then we will come back to you.”

Yes I tell you and God is with me. Abraham said “and then we will come back to you”.

Abraham fully expected God to resurrect his son immediately. This is the truth from the Bible and the evidence against Watch Tower and the kinds of things they do and teach in that Kingdom Hall.

God called Abraham his friend, and I this is what Watch Tower people do to God’s friends.

When God withdrew his power (but not the sacred spirit) from Yeshua while Yeshua was on The Cross, He knew that Yeshua would be murdered by Satan. This is the knife of Abraham, The Sacrifice of His Only Begotten Son for us, so that we might have eternal life.

Psalms 22:16 For dogs have compassed me: the assembly of the wicked have inclosed me: they pierced my hands and my feet.

Yeshua had to be the Sacrifice in the prophecy of God. God foresaw all of this in advance and knew what would happen to His Son and Yeshua knew what going to happen but faced it anyway. Knowing what they would do Him. No one can imagine ever His love for us, or His faith, and everything else that it took to save us. And we will never have to know because of Him.

The only reason the sacred spirit would be removed from a perfect person is if they sin. Yeshua was sinless and therefore had the sacred spirit until He died. This proves two scriptural principles. A perfect person with the sacred spirit can die. Humans are kept alive forever by what the Bible calls “seasons of refreshing” from God. Only accurate knowledge about the sacred spirit on this website will enable you to understand where it is located and how it operates.

Ecclesiastes 12:7 then the dust will return to the earth as it was, and the spirit will return to God who gave it.

You must know this O Isra’al, The Aramaic Scriptures must NEVER be translated to Hebrew in an effort to create a unified Hebrew Bible. The Bible consists of The Hebrew Scriptures without diacritics and The Greek Scriptures based on Textus Receptus ONLY.

Hear the words of Yeshua, O Isra’al. But know the difference between the truth and the lie.

The Aramaic Scriptures were to erase the Name of God and to destroy evidence of The Amen by means of the Khaburis Manuscript which contains no book of Revelation, and to create more than one Lord. Only Yeshua is The One Lord of Ephesians 4:5 in The Bible.

Be in horror, O Isra’al.

Translated from the Syriac text at who claim to have apostolic roots. But they are implicated in the lie using Aramaic as the vehicle for apostasy.

This is the true translation from Syriac on that site.

Matthew 27:46 About three in the afternoon Yeshua cried out in a loud voice, “Alaha, Alaha, lema sabachthani?” (which means “God, God, why have you forsaken me?”).

ܘܠܐܦܝ ܬܫܥ ܫܥܝܢ ܩܥܐ ܝܫܘܥ ܒܩܠܐ ܪܡܐ ܘܐܡܪ ܐܝܠ ܐܝܠ ܠܡܢܐ ܫܒܩܬܢܝ

Aramaic word ܐܝܠ vocalized ܐܺܝܠ


And the following is also wrong.

This is the only saying which appears in more than one gospel, and is a quote from Psalm 22:1. In both accounts, the words spoken by Yeshua have been transliterated from Aramaic into Greek, and there are slight differences between the two versions (Mark: Ἐλωΐ, Ἐλωΐ, λαμὰ σαβαχθανί; Matthew: Ἠλί, Ἠλί, λεμὰ σαβαχθανί). These differences are most probably due to dialect. Matthew’s version seems to have been more influenced by Hebrew, whereas Mark’s is perhaps more colloquial.

The Torah is The Supreme Authority of The Bible. Therefore, Mark: Ἐλωΐ, Ἐλωΐ, λαμὰ σαβαχθανί is the most accurate and the words of the Lord are Eloi, Eloi, lama sabachthani not Alaha, Alaha which is a joke of Satan when translated to Hebrew. Goddess, Goddess.

You must know this O Isra’al, The Aramaic Scriptures must NEVER be translated to Hebrew in an effort to create a unified Hebrew Bible. The Bible consists of The Hebrew Scriptures without diacritics and The Greek Scriptures based on Textus Receptus ONLY.

“The words of Yeshua are “Aya, Aya” in Aramaic, “Sacred Father, Sacred Father” why have you left me?

Genesis 1:1 Elohim is an insertion. Targum Onkelos is the only correct Torah,
The double yodh at Genesis 1:1 in Targum Onkelos is Ayya which means “Sacred Father”.

Only Meshikhi know The Name of God, Ayya
pronounced ay’-ah as at Genesis 3:14 Ahyah with silent Hebrew letter ba /h/

The double yodh /yy/ in Targum onkelos at Psalms 22:1 is Ayya, Ayya in Hebrew, “Sacred Father, Sacred Father”, slight emphasis on the yodh /y/.

Matthew 27:47 Those who heard Yeshua imagined that He was saying Eliya in Aramaic.

He spoke those words out of obedience to fulfill the prophecy at Psalms 22:1, He did not lose faith for one moment. When Ayya withdrew His power (but not the sacred spirit), Yeshua searched the Scriptures with His perfect mind and spoke the above words. Up until the moment God withdrew His power, Yeshua could have saved Himself, but resisted the temptation to do so, even though He was taunted by people and by Satan and at least 66 million powerful demons doing everything they could to stop Him or provoke Him into using that power. He was tortured spiritually and mentally and other ways that we will never even comprehend. When you see anyone in Mexico having themselves nailed to a cross, mocking the Son of God you’d better understand this. Satan is not bothering them at all, He is laughing along with all the demons, because you think and the people who do these horrible things think they are a representation of what happened to Yeshua. Oh, anyone can do it can they? Sure, as long as Satan and 66 million demons aren’t torturing and tormenting you to death. Also no one knew that Satan and the demons were casting illusions. But He would not do anything to fail His Father or us. Nothing could break Him or make Him lose faith in what He was doing. Dying for us. God’s withdrawing His power must not be misunderstood. This was the Sacrifice of His beloved Son for us. If God had not withdrawn His power, there is no way Yeshua could have died. But God, Yeshua’s Father in Heaven couldn’t stand it anymore, to see His beloved Son tortured. God has infinite love for Him. It was just not possible for God not to help Him, and the only way to help Him was to fulfill the prophecy of the Sacrifice of Abraham and His Son. And at same time it tortured Our Father’s soul to know, that Yeshua would be absolutely and absolutely and absolutely vulnerable and at the mercy of Satan and 66 million demons who attacked Yeshua like hungry dogs. Before they could defile Yeshua sexually, God withdrew His power as Satan and the demons were killing Yeshua and trying to defile Yeshua at the same time. This is the Sacrifice of Yeshua by God. Yeshua is The Sacred One of God, undefiled. Yeshua fasted before the time came for Him to die, so nothing but blood and water poured out of Him, when when He was pierced with the spear (John 19:34). Satan wanted to grossly defile Yeshua and has debased all languages to insinuate that Yeshua was not Sacred and to mock the return of the Son of God. That is how sick, Satan and the demons are. All unholy thoughts that Satan has tried to put in your mind must be dismissed as Satanic.

Mark 15:37 With a loud cry, Yeshua breathed his last.

This is the only true account, of what happens when someone is being murdered by Satan. And Satan is looking into your eyes with excitement and laughing and grunting and you can hear him breathing like an animal as he tortures you and murders you in a way that cannot be seen with human eyes. And it does not leave a mark on the body of the one that he murders.

And Yeshua’s soul was poured out, and the sacred spirit that was with Yeshua, took the emotions from the depth of Yeshua’s soul and formed them into the words, “Glory! Glory! Ahlaluyah!”

Now listen again until you hear it.

There will one minute of silence at the end. Please observe it in Remembrance of Yeshua on The Cross.

Glory! Glory! Ahlaluyah!

Ahlaluyah means “Praise and love Ayya”. Now you know what is at the very depth of Yeshua’s beautiful soul.

Only love and only Praise of Our Abba, Ayya.

Ahlaluyah til The End of His Life


Glory! Glory! Ahlaluyah! is Yeshua. It’s who He is.

Worship of Ayya, Our Abba in Heaven means expressing reverent love and respect. That is what Yeshua is all about.

And godly (With reverent love, loyal and dutiful) was The Word (John 1:1)

Yeshua didn’t think the words that follow, He felt them every moment until His death on The Cross.

To The Government, listen to me and follow all of my instructions.

Only do this with God’s authority. You have no idea how many you may save.

Revelation 7:9 After this I looked, and there before me was a great multitude that no one could count, from every nation, tribe, people and language, standing before the throne and before the Lamb. They were wearing white robes and were holding palm branches in their hands.

Remember Ayya loves you and Yeshua loves you.

His Ministers in The Government. You are The Levites I am raising up today.

Today I have become a mother in Isra’al, just a servant girl telling Naaman “Go to The Prophet that is in Y’rushalom and he will help you” and Deborah encouraging Barak in ancient Isra’al (Judges Chapter 4). Do not consider me as anything but a woman of God, a Prophetess doing His will.

You will execute Justice from God as His Ministers.

You are guilty Mr. Putin, of torturing Jehovah’s Witnesses and bombing a hospital clearly identified as such. God has seen your evil acts. There is no injustice with God. And you are being called to account this day.

Here is the evidence and your profile, Mr. Putin.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart
Servant of The Most High God

Textus Receptus Bibles have the correct translation of Psalms 45:9,10,11. It reads as follows and this is the only translation to believe.

 Daughters of kings are among your honored women;

at your right hand is the royal bride in gold of Ophir.

10 Listen, daughter, and pay careful attention:

Forget your people and your father’s house.

11 Let the king be enthralled by your beauty;

honor him, for he is your Lord.

Note the captital /L/ on Lord.

I am a woman, and I only hoped about Yeshua in Heaven as my husband and cultivated eternal love for Him. I am the wife of Yeshua in my heart. He is written all over my heart and everything I have ever understood about Him is in my soul. I have taken my stand with Him on Earth and will take it again, in Heaven. On November 13, 2015 I saw evil. Looking at Yeshua on the cross, I only saw love and a man who would never hurt me.

I am not one of the 144,000 of spiritual Isra’al.

Ecclesiastes 7:28 28 but what I continually sought, I have not found. One man out of a thousand I found, but a woman among them I have not found.

This is the correct interpretation of Ecclesiastes 7:28.

But you must know who I am on Earth.

Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire, and I have provided evidence of this fact.

And there are things you must know.

Mobilizing The Army of Calvary against evil

The gods of The East are imaginary. You will not fear them anymore. Their oil will be worthless. You will use all the things I give you, including the momentum engine.

The tribulation foretold by Yeshua at Matthew Chapter 24 must occur and is occurring spiritually and will now enter a new phase.

The actual war against Satan and the demons and those with him. Yeshua Christ in Heaven is The Messiah and no one else.

Never forget

Do not be confused about life anymore.

Matthew 10:34 “Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword.

Matthew 23:10 And do not be called leaders; for only One is your Leader, that is, Christ.

You are God’s Ministers and you will listen to Him or He will appoint New Ministers in your place.

Romans 13.4 For he is the minister of God to thee for good. But if thou do that which is evil, be afraid; for he beareth not the sword in vain. for he is the minister of God, a revenger to execute wrath upon him that doeth evil.

Meshikhi will not speak one word against The Government, nor look at any individual or group that misrepresent The Government in any way to try and undermine The Government along with Satan and the demons. If anyone says they are Meshikhi and say one word against The Government, they are NOT Meshikhi at all, but agents of Satan.

Love is diametrically opposite to evil and is naturally opposed to it. In order for as many as possible to gain salvation, evil must be opposed in the absolute sense. As God told the Sacred Angels, let your eye not feel sorry. You are destroying evil. It’s natural when you only love.

God is love. God is naturally opposed to evil, and the only thing God ever destroyed in the Bible was evil.

Here is what must be destroyed at this time and then all Religion

The Antichrist The King of the North and The Synagogue of Satan

Remember the love as you do so and Never forget

To The Terrorists in The Middle East To The Muslim People

The millions of gods along with Aja from the East will not enter into this land. Only Y’aya is God and no language trick will fool The Meshikhi, O Satan. See the page titled Becoming Meshikhi to learn more. God is spirit, NOT energy, Watch Tower, and not transcendental energy you monsters from the East.

Finally, you must start to understand etymology and the source of civil unrest in human cultures.

The entire world must know that Yeshua is Lord

Yeshua is pronounced Ye’-sh’-wa and means “Salvation”.

Yeshua Meshikha

Scriptures that prove that Yeshua is not God – Source: Rabbi Yosef Ben Marques [PDF]

Yeshua is The Son of God not God The Son

Meshikhi are Followers of Yeshua Christ, The Son of The Living God (Matthew 16:16, John 20:17).

Romans 10:9,10 If you declare with your mouth, “Yeshua is Lord,” and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. 10 For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved.

The Lord’s Prayer

Our Father which art in Heaven
Hallowed be Thy Name
Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done
On Earth, as it is in Heaven
Give us this day our daily bread
And forgive us our trespasses
As we forgive those who trespass against us
Do not let us succumb to temptation
But deliver us from evil
For yours is the Kingdom
The power and the glory forever
In the Name of Yeshua,
ܐܡܝܢ‎ āmēyn(אמן)

We Thank You Our Father

Remember your baptism


Wait two bars and then start singing.

(1 Thessalonians 5:18)

1.We thank you, Our Father, each day and each night,

That you shed upon us your precious light.

We thank you that we have the priv’lege of prayer,

That we can approach you with ev’ry care.

2.We thank you, Our Father, for your loving Son,

Who conquered the world; by his faith he won.

We thank you for guidance in doing your will.

You lovingly help us our vows fulfill.

3.We thank you, our God, for the honor to preach

About Your Great Name and the truth to teach.

We thank you that soon all earth’s woes will be past,

While your Kingdom blessings forever last.

(See also Ps. 50:14; 95:2; 147:7; Col. 3:15.)

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We are teaching people about Our Father in Heaven and Yeshua, The First of God’s Children in Heaven. Mark 14.36, Romans 8.15, Galatians 4.6, John 3.16, Romans 10.9,10, Colossians 1.15, Matthew 16.16

Romans 10.9,10 The truth that God raised Our Lord from the dead is the key to salvation in The Bible.

Remember God loves you and Yeshua loves you.

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