The Problem with Watch Tower

Look carefully at the name on that statue at the Vatican then read about The Roman Jehovah and The Roman Yahweh.

Love throws fear outside.

And as sure as evil is at work in the world and in Satan, it is at work in Watch Tower.

Let it be known, and I will attest to it. God is Mercy and so am I. Watch Tower is so cosmically stupid, they actually believe that what they believe represents Our Father in Heaven, and have turned The Majesty of God into a joke about masturbation on the Internet. Evil wishes to control you and every aspect of your life, including your most intimate things and even what you wear. This is not God. And Creation is evidence that God loves endless variety, not the dress code of North Korea. I would say, in my humble estimation, that none have dishonored God to such an absolute degree and loved Him at the same time. Watch Tower is absurd. And if you read the page titled The Roman Jehovah, you will learn about how they program thoughts in people and even change the meaning of scriptures to maintain that control. Be in disbelief O people of Earth and guffaw, believe it or not, they are not even aware that they are doing it and evidence to that effect has been provided on the page titled The Roman Jehovah, undeniable evidence that they are practicing Christian Kabbalism and that evil is at work in them, The Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2:9, 3:9). They are trying to get into your mind in a most obscene way and their thoughts are all about their penises and what to do about their penises, which they believe are the evil at work in people. Masturbation is not the problem O Watch Tower, it is the evil at work in you and you must wake up from your cosmic stupidity or you will surely die, Kabbalists with nothing on your mind, but the thought that you have defeated evil by telling people not to masturbate. I have explained it further on your special page, but this is only a mild reproof and mere glimpse at your profound stupidity.

It may rightly be said that with regard to masturbation, Watch Tower does not know their left hand from their right hand, they are that stupid, and God does not want to hear any more about sex from Watch Tower.

Nothing is needed but the clear instructions in the Bible about sex.

Sex time is play time and God is not watching and that is that.

But for couples, you must be married and that is that. See the page titled Spiritual Couples to have the correct viewpoint about it.

We are dignified with privacy by God and stop worrying about masturbation.

This is the truth of God, and He is Our Father and I am speaking for Him, for

the degree to which He is embarrassed by Watch Tower is unimaginable.

Watch Tower denies The Cross instead calling it a “pole” and they display Our Lord upon it. Their sacred pole. Watch Tower says The Cross is a phallic symbol. What looks more like a phallus Watch Tower, a cross or a pole? Josephus is a respected authority, a historian and he says it was a cross.


Josephus is the authority [PDF] and he says it was a cross.

Romans Chapter 5 must be read by all people and to all people you who are Levites so they know what they are getting and why if they put faith in The Sacrifice of Yeshua.

The powerful ones in the organization have big penises and their lackies have little shorties.

I am the woman born with a birth defect mentioned in the Synagogue of Satan cult described in the page titled

At a convention of Jehovah’s Witnesses, one of the men made an oral sex gesture at me.

Everything about them, including their sacred pole is about penises. I had a birth defect so they thought I was a “shortie”.

If they did not love Him and His Son so much, truly, the mere thought of them by God would evaporate them and wink them out of existence and out of our misery.

But God is love and loves them, even in their stupidity, and it is a profound truth for all time regarding Watch Tower. God is Mercy.

Be thankful Watch Tower that Our Father in Heaven is also hilarious, bordering on insane funny.

And that Yeshua, given judgement, is just like Him.

Or you would truly perish.

Be mortified Watch Tower, beloved children of God, and be saved.

To masturbate or not is a matter of personal choice.

Stay out of peoples’ bedrooms Watch Tower, and I am warning you today, or you will exceed the infinite limit of the patience of God, and God, yes God Himself, will lose it.

With your policy of two witnesses required, you have misused the sacred scriptures by disgarding God’s mercy as refuse. See the page titled Justice from God. You have become a haven for abusers who know you will defend them if there are not two witnesses, you absolutely stupid pawns of Satan and the abusers have found out about it and are taken advantage of it by joining your religion.

It is written, God is hilarious bordering on insane and Yeshua is just like Him. However, be forwarned, Yeshua is the quiet one and He will sneak up on you and you will know it when He does.

This is Our Family in reality, appreciating sacred things first and also crazy funny. That is what it means to be Meshikhi, a Follower of The Messiah, Yeshua Christ if you are on Earth and to be The Children of God both in Heaven and on Earth.

See the page titled Justice for Women to learn more.

With love,

ת’ישוע שחר T’Yeshua, Sher

© Copyright 2017-2023 Tiffany Tracy McTaggart