The Scene of The Crime

On the page, justice for women I explained ahabah. Outward love.

It is the basis for living as a person, as we are created by God.

I examined religion in detail and found in religion, nothing but sex and symbolism of Satan. As depicted in everything from sacred poles to drawings of large penises, it is obvious what is on Satan’s mind.

Satan wanted a penis, in more way than one.

As evidenced by the Nephilim, a big one.

This is Satan’s underlying problem.

Also, God does not watch us having sex or watch us in the bathroom and Satan knew this and so we arrive at the scene of the crime, The Garden of Eden.

Why was Adam happy to receive the fruit from Eve?

Satan had already made Adam and Eve the deal of the century.

This is known as “The Big O”. Satan promised them better sex and using his power at the time that he once had, made them experience sex as never before. To be graphic and frank, when a woman is screaming “O God”, the man is envious of her “Big O”.

As you reexamine the account at The Garden of Eden it now makes perfect sense in context.

BTW, I have advised Father about a future time when people will return to wearing no clothing. The sheath is “yuk”. Not good. And I have advised Father of a better design that works for women.

Satan’s designs to ruin the creation of male and female on Earth have always been sexual in nature.

Religious art and idols known as sacred poles like the one used by Watch Tower are seen throughout religious history, representing the penis, large ones. That’s why the Nephilim were large. Big ones.

Further, I have deduced that something spiritual happened in the bedroom of Adam and Eve, based on my experience with Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses. God does not look at the bedroom or bathroom of people. I wondered, how it was, that if people were created with love could there be murders, starting with Cain. It is clear to me that something spiritual was done at a low level, to either Adam’s sperm or to Eve’s ovum. Why was Adam smiling when he took the fruit and why did Eve not communicate with God at any time during the encounter with the serpent at the tree of life. I don’t know how, but Satan figured out how to affect the sperm of a man or the ovum of a woman to create a murderer, Cain. This was done asymmetrically and was successful. It looked random and natural.

After Noah’s Ark, Satan waited, and that’s his modus operandi. Once sufficient time had passed and knowing that God does not look in the bedroom or the bathroom, he repeated what he had done in the bedroom of Adam and Eve so that he could produce a line of murderers and make it look natural and random.

Masculinization in the womb occurs when there is a spike in adrenaline which causes a boost of testosterone. Thrill seeking and entertainment with horror or violent scenes should be avoided while pregnant.

Conversely, feminization in the womb can be the result of hormones in food and estrogens that cause hormone imbalances.

Try to eat organic foods if it is possible if you are pregnant. Our Father in Heaven knows it’s not always possible. Do what you can to eat natural foods.

Examples of the problem.

Rest assured, when God says that He wants no homosexuality, He is not referring to gender identity issues that people have no control over, such as being born with a birth defect. God is referring to homosexuality as a lifestyle choice and it is a boundary that He has set along with no sex between unmarried people. These are His boundaries that He has a right to set as a Father and Creator who knows what is best for “all” His created Children, not just a faction who want to decide for themselves to do what is unnatural.

For those with Gender Identity related problems, you will be exactly the gender you identify with absolute physical perfection of that gender in The Paradise Earth soon to come.

There is no eros in Heaven, nor the means to have it, there is only love. Just so you know and just so that you are not disappointed in your choice.

The wind blows where it wants to, says the Bible, and you must want to go to Heaven or to live on one of the world’s God has created for human life in The Universe, including Earth. (Psalms 37:29 is correctly translated “the land”. The land is any habitable world created by Our Father in Heaven to fulfill the promise to Ab’raham that Ab’raham’s children would be as numerous as the stars and like the sands of the sea. Sensibly, they would not all fit on The Earth.

With love,

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Daughter of Y’aya.

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