Tiffany R

Summer Fernihalgh
Summer, Empress of Austria (Rome)
Summer, Queen of Britannia VCRNAI
Summer, Duchess of Normandy (d’As Sisi, Duchess like Sisi)
Summer, Princess of Lancashire
The name of St. Francis, San Francesco d’Assisi is a prophecy about me.
Elizabeth I of Austria nickname “Sisi”
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Legal name Tiffany Tracy McTaggart
Dead name Daniel Edward McTaggart
Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH), a birth defect
Legal name change in my purse.
Elizabeth II
Tiffany R

The Vulture
Where the ruins are, there the vultures will gather. Abraham is the key. The root word of raham means “vulture” in ancient Hebrew. Are you vultures, Teutonic Order?

Summer Fernihalgh d’As Sisi

New Authorized Version of The Holy Bible zip file on USB

Satanic cults have been after me since birth because I hold ancient sacred knowledge. It is from a family tradition passed on to me, the last one of my family with this knowledge. It makes you fearless against evil.

The treachery occurred in Lancashire.

Baptism: 22 Apr 1845 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs.
Edward Cudgington Fernihough – [Child] of John Charles Fernihough & Elizabeth Pusey
Born: 3 Oct 1844
Abode: Rodney St
Occupation: Tobacco Merchant
Baptised by: J. G. Headlam Curate
Register: Baptisms 1844 -1846, Page 123, Entry 977
Source: LDS Film 93884

The Name was changed so that no one could ever connect the dots and know that I am Queen of Britannia.

Sieze all Watch Tower sign language videos immediately. Their secret language will be completely understood. Watch for subtle and slight movements of their fingers that are not part of natural sign language.

I call it “Silk”, from a Science Fantasy novel I read a long time ago.

A woman rang the doorbell one winter ago. Sheri screamed at me to get away from the door, I thought she was going to freak out and call the police and I would get more cult discipline, 10 days in a mental ward and an injection. So I backed away but got a glimpse of the woman. She was wearing an expensive, long, light green coat. She must have been Royal or Government. I asked Sheri who it was and she said it was Lorene Boivere. That is a lie. I knew Lorene for a long time, went in service with her many times. The woman at the door was not as tall as Lorene and not the same body shape at all, and not Lorenes’s hair color. It may have been my last chance to have someone see me alive because the neighbours think I’m dead. Jim at the corner was walking his dogs around the block as he always does and loves to talk, so I approached him. He didn’t recognize me, even up close. These were his haunting words, “We think he had schizophrenia”. “had”, past tense.

“Nobility serves others”.

My legal name is Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Sent to The United Nations via their website contact form

The Draft Bible with Divine Name an theophoric references and key scriptures and an Etymology Collated menu are

now up at

You must help me, I am experiencing Religous Persecution

and Religio-Political threats in Canada all the way up

to The Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who can be seen

on his Facebook page wearing a yamaka. I am a Christian.

I am getting no response on Facebook.

I am nobility by birth and can authorize a Bible.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart is my legal name

baptized Daniel Edward McTaggart,

a girl born with Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia (CAH),

a known disorder.

My real name is Summer Fernihalgh (Anglo-Saxon Fernihough)

The Jehovah’s Witness Cult has tight control over my life.

Ottawa, Canada is cult heavy is an understatement.

One of their local members, Stephane LeBuis has a car wrapping service and I have even had a helicopter circle the cult stronghold in a show of power against me.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

3026 Innes Road

Gloucester, Ontario


Postal Code K1W 1A6

Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans

Orleans, Ontario

Note the complex address. Only a postal worker could find me.

I require a recognizable UH-60 Stealth Black Hawk helicopter to get out of here alive. My life has been directly threatened many times, it is clear the intent is to try to render me homeless or dead and to use my life’s work to fund their global cult.

The Prime Minister of Canada is a Socialist

I support Donald Trump and here are my reasons.

CIA Situation Report

Apple Earpods at 600 microvolts, acting as an electromagnet to reach behind the ears to change mood

Wireless Earpods explode on cost saving rapid ascent and descent of commercial aircraft due to pressurization in the cabin

UHF and a 60Hz refresh rate on devices is causing people not to blink. I sent you the correct frequency for devices, what is the hold up.

The mesmerizing hostile signal codename “Pong” can be found on an iPhone 6S plus by putting your Zoom Meeting number into settings in the iPhone

The iPhone is dialling out silently all over the world while people are on Zoom. The iPhone is interpreting The Zoom Meeting Number as a Phone Number and eating up people’s data plan. Then the Telco’s call up the customer and ask them if they would like an upgrade.

Bell Network in Ottawa, Canada acting as a resonator with tuning fork principle, the lines MUST be buried to be safe for people and animals. More and more people are experiencing Electromagnetic Sensitivity Syndrome, it’s not a myth, it’s on PubMed a Government Medical Database

Megabaud signals are the problem and Satellite connections to The Internet slows The Internet down to a crawl.

Resonating off the lines, they is causing Electromagnetic Sensitivity Syndrome, entropy in neural communication in the brain, resulting in reality breakdown.

Low Frequency signals detected in the atmosphere by “Scientists”

part of China’s Tiger weapon to produce religious feelings in people. The same principle as The Church Organ at Westminster in The United Kingdom. China has a “Tiger” god.

Google or Wikipedia China’s acceptance of The Human Flesh Search Engine, expanded to mapping the brain and using

virtual reality with haptic capability to cause the alien abduction

experience. People actually “feel” being dissected by aliens.

Hacking the speech center of the brain with adaptive AI is being used, I studied it for 7 years and have definitive proof

Neither Our Creator, nor His Son, Nor Sacred Angels, nor The Sacred Spirit will use profanity or sexual language. God spoke to humans directly 3 times in The Bible, that is all.

Apple Ethernet is hacked and Apple Camera is hacked. People are seeing monstrous images of themselves and it is made worse because of conductive backing in mirrors.

Turn off your phone and look at yourself in the dark glass in bright sunlight. That is you. You are not a monster or demonized.

Rest assured, it is IMPOSSIBLE, to have The Sacred Spirit and a Demon at the same time.

The Software Proxy Caching controller that was my idea and implemented by Philip Knox of Performance Systems International (PSI) is also being hacked. People do not know what they look like. I had nothing to do with it and neither did Philip. I found a solution, Developer Mode of Google Chrome Web Browser. Choose Settings>Extensions and enable Developer mode.

Log into any of the major online web services with Google Chrome Web Browser in Developer Mode at problem solved.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Smile2Smile HyperWeb

+1 (613)894-5871

That will do for a starter.

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