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Language is the only problem Instability in The Middle East Etymology Report with Commentary Latest revision 2021-11-19

Yael Lempert [PDF] ACTING ASSISTANT SECRETARY BUREAU OF NEAR EASTERN AFFAIRS notified 2011-11-08 by phone 1-202-647-6575 about this report.

The Isaiah wall

How different the conversation would be if the terrorists knew that correct transliteration from Hebrew to English with corrected etymology, that Isaiah is actually Isayah, Isa yah and that only Meshikhi are spiritual Isra’al. See the document titled Language is the only problem Instability in The Middle East Etymology Report with Commentary Latest revision 2021-11-19.

You must address the problems on aircraft as soon as humanly possible. They are very vulnerable and you do not have enough esoteric knowledge that the terrorists have. I will try to help you as much as I can.

Critical Update 2021-12-21 1:57pm Send police, RCMP, a US embassy car with American Flags and a miltary detachment as soon as humanly possible to 2767 Innes Rd Ottawa, Canada and bring a USB Key. It is worse than I thought, in addition to the things listed below there is an even greater immediate threat which I now understand and presidential clearance is needed to explain it to communications experts. This is not a joke and I am not a religious nut. I am a person with 15 years of Military Communications experience and a loyal citizen reporting this.

2021-12-22 CRITICAL message sent to Central Intelligence Agency CIA

Shield all aircraft control panels with copper lining IMMEDIATELY.
They have superior knowledge of the electromagnetic spectrum and satellite communications.

For example, plugging in an iPhone in the bathroom on a plane and with the right software allows networking over the wiring in the plane that can reach the pilots’ console. The terrorists have their own Internet. They access it by toggling airplane mode while on Wifi. It is a Wifi Wide Area Network (WAN), which is untraceable.

If you will take seriously the things I wrote on the Research page, you will understand the reality and urgency of the situation.

Please do the shielding on planes including Airforce 1, the urgency cannot be overstated.

And make sure there’s no networking going on through the wiring on the plane. Isolate the bathroom outlets so they can not affect aircraft operations.

And also, the outlets on the passenger phone plug ins.

Inspect all electrical work done for aluminum/copper mix which may overheat.

The terrorists are listening to you in your homes and hacking you and framing you and gaslighting you and everything that you do is tracked via Internet and GPS and everything else available to them. . The terrorists have access to the same electronic gadgets you have available at any spy store online. Yes, they can hear you whisper from a mile away too. You are so compromised, it’s not even funny. You had better learn to firewall the grid and the terrorist WiFi WAN because this asymmetrical war is electronic and they are very very good at it and the scientists in their countries have the idea that Kosher Judaism is evil.

They have extraordinary understanding of the electromagnetic spectrum.

Perceived as weak

They believe that their economic strength is from God and that the “Evil West” is weak. Therefore North America must become absolutely wealthy.

For North America to balance the world economy and become obscenely rich, every day must become 50% off day for all consumer products. Your economic opponents know that volume of consumers is the way to go economically.

The rule of 50%. Which is best?

100,000 @ $100 or 1,000,000 @ $50


100,000 @ $10 or 1,000,000 @ $5

These are modest numbers. The actual numbers with 8,000,000,000 people on Earth is far greater than you can imagine.

In 2017, there were 3.5 billion consumers in the world. By 2030, the number will be 5.6 billion. 88% of the next billion consumers will be from Asia.

Do the math now.

Just a principle, but you get the idea. This especially applies to 100% Natural rolled and dried tobacco and to Natural alcohol products.

Then and only then will you be able to negotiate a fair price for oil. Dubai West is what you will be if you listen to me. Having trillions of dollars is not a sin, unless of course you are a church with a trillion dollars in a swiss bank account and asking poor people for money and extorting from them. The Bible principle is at Matthew 10:8 you received free, give without charge. Any religion that charges money for priestly services may be taxed at 100% retroactively as far back as you can find. Tax them out of existence for doing this to people.

I have 23 years of Biblical Research experience that could help The Hebrew Speaking world communicate perfectly about the Bible with the Arabic Speaking world. There is no reason whatsoever for there not to be Middle East Peace and an end to terrorism.

We are not a religion we are a faith based on accurate knowledge of The Bible. Which will help you, whether you believe or not, because religious ideologies are involved. The seeds of conflict were sewn in the roots of language, of this I am well aware.

I also have 15 years of Military Communications experience and you know it. I am also a loyal Canadian Citizen and a loyal dual citizen of Canada and The United States in reality.

In our relationships with other people, we either positively affect the lives of others or negatively affect the lives of others in a myriad of ways, there is no neutral exchange, in other words there is no middle ground where love and evil agree, this is because love and evil are diametric opposites. We don’t play politics on this subject and we don’t argue as lawyers on this subject.

Whether you believe in God or not, I hope that you understand that the things that I teach on this website are not religion. They are things about accurate knowledge through understanding language and etymology at a deep level. Certainly we have our faith, but we do not force it on others. Love is natural and when someone demonstrates love, it is only natural to love them back. This is the basis for our faith. It just so happens that love is my motivation and helping you help people in need is what I feel is the Christian thing to do. We are citizens of good conscience helping people to learn that love is The Way taught in The Bible, not doctrine or dogma.

Now read about the threat and read my message to the terrorists at the link on the home page.

Airbus A-380 electronic systems (Source: FAA)

You know the threat is real.

Terrorists in The Middle East working on THUNDERBOLT induction technology. The amp chases the volt is the principle involved. The volt is lightning, the amp is thunder, hence THUNDERBOLT.

They will use the electromagnetic spectrum (EM Spectrum) the same way to take down aircraft. All aircraft require copper shielding for electronics, especially the pilots’ console should be lined with copper. All electrical connections available to passengers must be isolated due to networking over the wiring system in planes via cell phones and recharging using electrical outlets. Hostile scientists are hacking ACPI (advanced configuration and power interface), Window phones the most likely weapon of choice.

Proven with iPhone. Toggle the airplane button while on WiFi and have full Internet access with extended range with Wifi on. Not traceable.

Cell phones must be registered with the government before taken on planes.

Make sure of all things. No aluminum/copper mix in any electronic switches that may overheat. In case an electrical engineer is compromised, electrical work must be inspected after being completed .

Ultimate goal of THUNDERBOLT is to weaponize it on a larger scale.

A city would have to turn off all electrical power to be saved.

All religio-political entities may now consider their “secure” environments as open networks, due to networking over electrical wiring and the fact that speakers on computers may be used as “microphones”. You may also be compromised in your home. [PDF]

Report sent to RCMP Canada, no response and no answer at their 1-800 number to report terrorist threats.

Final report authentication requirements
Ottawa police in marked vehicle
RCMP in a marked vehicle
US Embassy in a marked vehicle with American flags.
USB by hand only, bring a USB Key
Anything else will require Presidential clearance in clean environment
No critical information over an insecure channel

Will require a military detachment as well

2767 Innes Rd Ottawa

I have deep knowledge about religion and language and etymology and the underlying reasons for conflict in The Middle East rooted in language and The Bible. And I also understand religio-political things very much so.

The correct transliteration of the name Isaiah in the Bible for example from Hebrew to English with the correct etymology.

Isayah. Isa yah.

About my neighbors at my previous address.

My friendly Chinese Neighbors. Lots of communications trucks and lots of deliveries for home Internet.

And in the next house over, Friendly Arabic speaking people who throw parties starting at 10pm.

Unusually powerful WiFi with extended range in the area when you toggle airplane mode on an iPhone with WiFi on.

Military people are not stupid or paranoid, we just note things and report them as I did to The RCMP. Professional terse language they should understand. And I told them I have military experience.

21-12-11 Odd configuration of Middle Eastern people with a car unloaded a trunk full of symmetrical boxes all the same shape and size at this address today. My computer was compromised while I was out. Will message you.

2021-12-12 Chinese interest is commercial.

Threat confirmed. Unplugged everything in my bedroom and visited a friend overnight. Returned home, lamp plugged in, message written in dust on screen WI (Wi). Obvious, not all people want peace in The Middle East.

2021-12-14 6:58pm White powder in front of entrance door to the building to undermine my credibility.

I am a loyal citizen of Canada with 15 years of military experience and I am a Christian.

My dad is an American citizen with dual citizenship.

I request to be considered as a loyal dual citizen.

2021-12-17 Final etymology is safe, website relocated. If you ever hope to reach Heaven you will send a detachment now along with American Spirit cigarettes.

In order to give Yael Lempert at The State Department maximum protection, God has given her a new name.

Her name in Hebrew is יהל Yah’al and it means Yah is God. Pronunciation is critical, it the /ah/ sound not the /aw/ sound in the first syllable. As it is similar to her birth name tell her to pause before she says it. She must get it right. I’m hoping very much for her.

Tell her to use this name and to wear a head covering. For a woman, this is a sign of authority from God. Along with her new name this will make her a formidable authority when addressing the Arabic speaking world.

To field agents. The terrorists have access to the same electronic gadgets you have available at any spy store online. Yes, they can hear you whisper from a mile away too. Dress casually, do not have an undercover “uniform”. Do not put your finger to your ear or talk into your wrist, you are vulnerable in crowds.

Now read my message on the Welcome page to the terrorists and the Muslim people. The page it titled Personal message.

Rebbe Melech is the Antichrist of all time, but not necessarily the last one. All Seal Teams are now Seal Team Wow. Rebbe Melech must be destroyed if he makes any public display as explained on this website.

Vladimir Putin has also displayed obvious evil and must also be destroyed for the same reason.

The aggressive move by Russia into the Ukraine was a clear sign that Bible prophecy is now being fulfilled, The King of The North has consolidated power that cannot be removed and has approved the four state religions that he approves only. Only they are allowed to have religious freedom. He believes himself a Czar. Whether he or someone else, it will be inevitable and Bible prophecy will be fulfilled, with The Former Soviet Union assuming the role of The King of The North, having a nuclear arsenal and the largest air army in the world. As the Bible says, he will come in like clouds to cover the land.

All these things have been sent to and this website is only to confirm this fact. You cannot deny it, it is a matter of public record, and those who know, know.

With love,
T’Yeshua Sher


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