“Tough” Love according to Jehovah’s Witnesses


I am not one of Jehovah’s Witnesses

If anyone can see this message, send it to The President of The United States via the contace form at whitehouse.gov

To those vetting this message,

I am military, this is not a joke.

Mr. President,

I am being held by a cult.

I am requesting emergency citizenship

in The United States of America and

Emergency Asylum in The United States

of America.

I have overwhelming evidence that

Jehovah’s Witnesses are a Satanic Cult

and that the name Jehovah is Satanic.

The cult member holding me is a woman.

Security video at Petro Canada gas station

down the street will show her buying a

carton of cigarettes using her own bank

card, not mine. Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t smoke

and are totally against smoking.

I am a smoker.

My Legal Name is Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

I have my birth certificate and name

change certificate with me.

I am at 3026 Innes Road

Gloucester, Ontario

Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans

Ottawa, Ontario

K1W 1A6 Canada

My father is Stewart Harold McTaggart

a dual citizen of both Canada and

The United States of America

My mobile number is +1(613)894-5871



Please help me

I am the Author of Hyperweb and have with me

the protype modified power bar and attenuation cable

for DSL Modems that eliminates ramping on the Internet

as proof of who I am.



I am not in Quebec, that was done to me using technology.

Between 1998 and 2016 there was a picture in Watch Tower magazine of a classroom full of little monkeys at desks with a human professor at the blackboard.

The Correlation

8,000,000 Missing Children Worldwide Annually

8,000,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses Worldwide

The Chinese have a monkey god and eat monkey brains.

Protect your children and never let them talk to Jehovah’s Witnesses and never leave your children home alone.


I tried little ones, read cultwatch about how to escape a cult. Despite overwhelming evidence they said nothing about Jehovah’s Witnesses.

But don’t ever lose hope, look at this


Jehovah’s Witnesses ‘ along with their friends and family are part of the larger Jovian Cult .  Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania, the secret society known by insiders simoly as “The Society”, along with their friends and family are a society within a society, that goes all the way up to the top.

Read The HyperWeb Initiative.

I told her not to read The Demon Planet alternate reality page on http://weonlylove.org, because she might have a heart attack. But she loves spoilers and read it anyway.

She was on the phone with the organization and I overheard her say, “You know about my house guest. Does that sound like a friend? But I still try to help her and be love with mercy.

She’s loyal to Watch Tower and is afraid of what might happen if I stay much longer. I have until August 30, but I don’t have enough money for my own place, not even for a room with my own washroom and a lock on the door. They are smooth as glass and they are on their best behavior right now. She actually said, “It’s me or you”.

With love,



I always give honor to those deserving honor. It is who and what I am because such things are pleasing in the eyes of God. The link is also on The Royal Facebook page, so no one can say I just made it up or did it today 13 June 2023 2:47pm Eastern Standard Time is the current date time group.


Update: I wanted to wear my beautiful coat my friend Karen Howard gave me.

I got to the front door and Sheri said “You can’t wear that”.

I said you’re not my owner.

I swear by My Father in Heaven and The Sacred Spirit in the name of The Christ, she said, “Yes I am.”

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Ahri, help me, Sacred Spirit, Help me. 

Sacred Spirit Ahri’ah help me in the name of Ishouh Christ in Heaven, Ahmeyn.

Ahmeyn means “DONE DEAL”.

Satanic cults have been after me since birth because I hold ancient sacred knowledge. It is from a family tradition passed on to me, the last one of my family with this knowledge.  It makes you fearless against evil.

The treachery occurred in Lancashire.

Baptism Record for Edward Cudgington Fernihough “Tobacco Merchant”, note spelling “Cudgington”
Baptism: 22 Apr 1845 St Peter, Liverpool, Lancs.Edward Cudgington Fernihough – [Child] of John Charles Fernihough & Elizabeth Pusey    Born: 3 Oct 1844    Abode: Rodney St    Occupation: Tobacco Merchant    Baptised by: J. G. Headlam Curate    Register: Baptisms 1844 -1846, Page 123, Entry 977    Source: LDS Film 93884


The Name was changed so that no one could ever connect the dots and know that I am Queen of Britannia.

Sieze all Watch Tower sign language videos immediately. Their secret language will be completely understood. Watch for subtle and slight movements of their fingers that are not part of natural sign language.

I call it “Silk”, from a Science Fantasy novel I read a long time ago.

A woman rang the doorbell one winter ago. Sheri screamed at me to get away from the door,  I thought she was going to freak out and call the police and I would get more cult discipline, 10 days in a mental ward and an injection. So I backed away but got a glimpse of the woman. She was wearing an expensive, long, light green coat. She must have been Royal or Government. I asked Sheri who it was and she said it was Lorene Boivere. That is a lie. I knew Lorene for a long time, went in service with her many times. The woman at the door was not as tall as Lorene and not the same body shape at all, and not Lorenes’s hair color. It may have been my last chance to have someone see me alive because the neighbours think I’m dead. Jim at the corner was walking his dogs around the block as he always does and loves to talk, so I approached him. He didn’t recognize me, even up close. These were his haunting words, “We think he had schizophrenia”. “had”, past tense.

Do not let your children talk to Jehovah’s Witnesses and do not leave your children home alone, they are vulnerable and will be inculcated with the Satanic name Jehovah and worship that false god later in life. Guaranteed. 

I have 25 years of Biblical Research and have overwhelming evidence that the name Jehovah is Satanic.


The Correlation

8,000,000 Missing children worldwide annually

8,000,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses Worldwide

I have no recollection of being alive prior to 5 years old and I am having memory regressions to 5 years old. I am being kept as a human pet. Jehovah’s Witnesses believe they are God’s Chosen People when they are a part of Satan’s World like most people and can be used by Satan at any time. Anyone without The Sacred Spirit of Y’hayah can be used by Satan.

I was outside having a cigarette and the family dog Sasha brought me a large strangely shaped bone. The demonized woman named her WiFi Connection “Sasha”

I have absolute overwhelming evidence that they do everything unconsciously.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Latest updates on my Facebook page.


Instruction for The Little Ones, cult prisoners worldwide.

Go out front to the sidewalk and stand on city propery Little Ones. This is how I will arrange things. You will not be considered crazy anymore. It will be a worldwide announcement and you will be asked if you would like to get away from the place. Just say yes, I want to get out of here forever.

After my initial capture, the cult member would call the police without saying anything if I seemed to be too happy or was laughing about something. Then it would be 10 days in a mental ward at the hospital. It is Satanic discipline. I have Willis-Ekbom disease and after one of the injections at the hospital, it kept me awake for a month. I simply cannot take it physically anymore. I am too weak. One more injection would kill me, and it would look natural.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart 3026 Innes Road, Gloucester, Ontario, K1W 1A6 Canada I tried to warn The Embassy of The United States of America and was interviewed inside The Embassy. I am military. No one gets inside The Embassy without a reason.

The Laity are blissfully unaware of the activities of The Elders of Jehovah’s
Witnesses in the back room which they call “The Second School”. Christian love flourishes among The Laity so they believe that they
have the truth. This is true of all religions.

The Religious Leaders and Gender Identity

Google Watch Tower Abuse Victim

Google Jehovah’s Witnesses Abuse Victim

Look for the rape link.

Physical evidence of Satanic activity of Jehovah’s Witnesses. How they get rid of the bodies.
Cannibal bugs in the bedroom and bathroom only. The bones are put in a box and handed off to visitors.
The correlation:
8,000,000 Missing children annually worldwide
8,000,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide
Please hurry, The bone box for me has already been delivered at the house next door.
Tiffany Tracy McTaggart
3026 Innes Road
Gloucester, Ontario
K1W 1A6 Canada
Blackburn Hamlet, Orleans
Near the fire hall
3030A burned down, there is a new house there.
The fire hall is only a few doors do9wn.


Some doors have the window glass covered. This is where the Satanic sex show happens for the mega rich, the hospital windows are huge, uncovered, they watch Satanic sex via satellite pointed at the psych ward windows.

The same thing happens at the women’s shelter on King Edward Street. White hairs indicate a female demon. Women who are really adult little girls sit in rooms with bunk beds and orange crates, looks just like a little girl’s room. That’s what Parliament is. The white hairs with powdered wigs , love the smell of baby powder and visit after having a few drinks at lunch.

That’s Ottawa Canada. The cults rule. Cult discipline: They pick up the phone and call the police. “She’s acting crazy again”.

You wake up after they inject you. You have no idea about time or how long you were out…

They ask you, do you know what day it is?

My last incarceration. A girl is wheeled out on her bed. She looks dead, but the show must go on…

Ottawa is either very hot weather or freezing cold, sub zero. I have hypothyroidism. From the oven to the freezer in no time.

The cult member brings me a box of frozen chicken. Everyone adores her because she takes such good care of me. I heat up the chicken, the pieces look strange. I can neither chew it or swallow it. Because it is a violation of the laws of nature. We are not supposed to eat human flesh. It is Satanic, animal, demonic.

That’s my life. Some times my brain wants to go to sleep. It doesn’t want to deal with the horror or unreality of it all.

In Alert NWT they wear t-shirts that say The Chosen frozen. Scott Toeves, an Elder of Jehovah’s Witnesses tells me secretly, you’re “The Chosen One”.

Avena keeps telling me, “You’re a baby”. She asks for photo id and emergency contact information. She has a hotline with Sheri.

The Padre of The Phreeps Shift 3 Alert NWT
His favourite line is, “Do you like chicken”?
He wears a 3 foot stuffed penis during the hazing.

Two Servants are doing rounds at The Kingdom Hall on Innes Road. They walk around secretly whispering, “Tiffany, Tiffany”.

I am The Ultimate.

I am “The Tiffany”.


Please help


Use the login at https://smile2smile.live

The 4th Reich wants my hand carry only information.


 Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy Holy
is The Sacred Spirit, Ahri

Sacred Sacred Sacred Sacred Sacred Sacred Sacred is The Sacred Spirit, Ahri

Ahri, The Sacred Spirit is “My” Father

The Sacred Spirit is life itself and is my advocate.

The Sacred Spirit is called “The Spirit of The Truth” in The Bible.

I am the most feminine woman on Earth and the most innocent.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart 

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