Only the Hebrew Lexilogos Keyboard is to be used.


To type directly with the computer keyboard:

  • Use the capitals: H for ח, T for ט, S for צ
  • Type c for ש
  • Type c or w for ש
  • Type c= for שׁ and c== for שׂ
  • Type a for א and type j for ע
  • Type a space key to form the final characters: ex. m + [space key] for ם
  • Type an apostrophe [‘] to add the daguesh: ex. b’ for בּ
  • Type a=, a==, a===, i=, i==, i===, u=, u==, u===, u==== to add a diacritic sign for a vowel
  • Type x to add the meteg
  • Type hataf (ĕ, ă, ŏ) + meteg, for a medially positioned; example : tăx תֲֽ (ă halaf patah: a===)
  • Type hataf (ĕ, ă, ŏ) + L + meteg, for a Left-positioned; example: tăLx תֲ‌ֽ
  • Type meteg + R + hataf (ĕ, ă, ŏ), for a Right-positioned; example: txRă תֽ͏ֲ
  • Type diacritic + R + diacritic, to reverse the order of the diacritics (to place them Right to left).
  • To get the furtive patah, use the font Ezra; example: vHá וּחַ

Copy [Ctrl]+[C] & Paste [Ctrl]+[V]

Download & install the fonts:

  • Ezra Sil for the Ancient Hebrew (to get all the diacritics)
  • Gveret Levin for the cursive (Modern Hebrew)

• Sil Language Technology: the font Ezra Sil

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