We are in Kindergarten with Father (with Abba)

Learn more about Our Father (The link doesn’t work. Despite it’s historic Value, profound truth and all the love I put into finding God’s Name (whoknowswho).

Yay Father! High five!

Ay is the word that Meshikhi use instead of God. It means Our Creator and Eternal Sacred Father.

When I say “God is Life”, I mean Y’hayah GOD OVER ALL, Abba is Life.

Our Creator gave us life, but He doesn;t know how love or life works.

When I say “God is Love”, it means He is a person who only loves. Y’sho also only loves.

Love without Mercy is NOTHING


When I say “God is spirit”, that is scriptural.

Is it a coincidence that once we receive the sacred spirit from Our Father in Heaven, we are able to only love? No. The Sacred spirit is Eternal.

The life we have is separate physically in every way from Our Father, Y’hayah, nothing is umbilical, the bond we have with Him is eternal love.

When we receive the sacred spirit, we are able to only love, that’s the way it is. This is what I have found to be the truth.

Our Father’s spirit is always sent, as demonstrated by the sacred spirit appearing in bodily form as a dove at Y’sho’s baptism, a one time event, so that John could identify Y’sho as The Promised Messiah.

That’s life.

Nothing is umbilical about life with Our Father. Nothing.

Get that out of your brain.

Abba is a Person, He has a brain with its mind, a heart with its heartbrain and the interaction between them is the soul. So are we made and I have learned Our Creator is also made. The Bible says Our Creator has a body which He hasn’t accounted for in The Bible.

And Y’hayah is Our Abba, Our Father.

Y’sho said “Abba, Father” and taught it to the disciples. It is Abba, not anything else.

The world’s translation databases are loaded so that they will not translate the Name of Our Father Y’hayah, The Name of His Son Y’sho and they will not translate Abba correctly.

Every word of Y’sho The Messiah is Sacred.

And we have the Lord’s Prayer along with Romans 10.9,10,11

We call Our Father, Y’hayah, Abba.

Abba, Father.

Y’hayah is His Name and He is Our Abba.

Our Father.

Hanging out with Father

To understand Father more, first we will look at how humans measure time.

Nowadays, Cesium-133 is used as the definition for the second due to the reliable frequency of microwave it emits. The definition is. The second is the duration of 9,192,631,770 periods of the radiation corresponding to the transition between the two hyperfine levels of the ground state of the caesium 133 atom.

So we see how humans view time and how we perceive moments.

Father’s perception of time is infinitely more than ours. One second for him divided infinitely is how father lives. So, He can do an unimaginable amount of things at once (the definition of parallel), compared to us. He also has absolute (more than infinite) power, so there is no limit to what He can do. Y’hayah is God over ALL.

So we measure time as we do as stated above, for father that one second is divided up infinitely more than that.


I believe the brain is priority based, but uses serial communications (one thing after the other at high speed and not parallel. Some can process many things in a row very quickly. Others can not. The slow motion experienced during an accident is because the brain perceives time differently, more like it actually is.

Fast forward to 2022-05-16 My brain has been working on this subconsciously since 2021. I am very slow to comprehend things and I am as slow as ice melting in the spring, but I am not stupid

Time is like a river, it just goes on and on. There’s only one direction and when it’s gone, it’s gone. T=1 is reality, theoretical math is fun, and you can discover much, but you must stay grounded in reality. T=1, even for our Father in Heaven.

I have had a complicated life and I am imperfect but Our Father in Heaven has always loved me through every disaster and taught me progressively until this time, but as long as I can remember, we have been together. I came to understand His eternal love, and have absolute faith (I always have) in The Sacrifice of Y’sho, which enables me to have this Father/Daughter thing with Our Father in Heaven. He has eternal love for me and I have eternal love for Him and we are absolute about it, no way Jose’ and no matter what is the attitude we have about it.

This is how to stay close to Father. Cultivate eternal love for Him and think about Him and how He thinks. I have tried to understand what He wants and how He teaches us, using Bible examples. Examples of the lives of people and how he interacts with people on Earth.

I consider myself as in Kindergarten with Father, but understand what is important. For example I have grade 8, with nightschool equivalency credits and my military background in Communications Research MOC 291 in the Canadian Armed Forces.

So, imagine if you hang out with Father all the time and you are a top scientist, as far as scientific knowledge goes, you may actually be in public school, intellectually speaking. It is just a way of saying it, that’s all, it’s probably way less than public school compared to Father’s infinite intelligence and wisdom. Maybe grade 1 by Earth standards.

Father’s thoughts are sophisticated, intellectually pleasing. Satan’s thoughts are diametrically opposite to His, because He was ignorant towards Father and lost His love for Father over time, because He is so haughty and arrogant.

Back to hanging out with Father.

So Father can be in a moment with one of his children at any time they want to for as long as they want to, one on one and just talk, or listen to smooth jazz, and if anything comes to mind, can just talk about it. This is what I call sharing a moment with Father. It is your moment only with Father. And He can share this type of moment with all of His children at the same time, that is how Father lives, in parallel.

Think of it this way. Each person has their own eternal moment with Father and can spend as much time with Him as they want, whenever they want.

Here’s a great site with some great music, any genre, Father loves any type of music when it’s good music or just made with love. Just to get you started in your new life with Father.

Our Father, Y’hayah. Warm, loving, wonderful to know. He’s so cool and He’s funny too! Wonderful to know isn’t it? God loves people like mad, loves it when people are funny, loves all the arts and everything we do brings glory to Him if it’s good. And you will love having His smile upon you. Praise Y’hayah Our Father!!!!!!! You must never try to make a picture of Father because you may look at it and talk to it. This is the danger of images. Most people do not know Father because religion has placed an image in their mind of who he is that is false. If you haven’t read about it on the Home page yet ahb is the pronunciation of the ancient root word /ab/ meaning “father”.


Now, here is where people are mistaken and I misunderstood as well. I said to Father in prayer one time, if you would just spend 5 minutes with each person, all of their problems would be solved, no problem, in five minutes.

Now I understand the truth of the matter, and it was profound to me, that I knew Father in a different way than everyone else but me. No one gives Father the time of day, or takes the time to sit down, open prayer and talk to Father, just for the sake of talking to him. Early in life I figured out or decided, probably from the Bible that Father said He would provide what we need and as David said “I will lack nothing”. So, what does this mean. Try praying sometime with the only purpose of just spending time with Father and hanging out together and doing whatever activity you love to do. This is life itself. Now you know the absolute truth about parallel, the ABSOLUTE POWER (not just infinite) power of Our Father and how to learn to just be one of His children and spend time with Him. If you need to use the washroom or anything else just say “I need to be excused Father” and end prayer, “in The Name of Y’sho at Calvary, amen”. You can return to prayer after doing whatever it is that you need to do. This is what Peter meant when he said “pray without ceasing”. It really is the best way to be for a Christian, especially while the world is the way it is before the Paradise Earth when people will be restored to perfection in every way including genetically, physically, spiritually, emotionally and mentally.

Never combine spiritual things like time with Father, with sensual things like sex. Absolutely do not do anything like that.

Also, people misperceive what worship is. It is not like religion at all. Worship of Father is reverent love for Him and the expression of that love. Even listening to a song about Father is WORSHIP.

The Fear of God IS AN OPENING FOR EVIL LEADING TO SIN. As long as we have reverent love for Our Father and absolute respect for Him and listen to how He says He wants things to be with His children by means of The Bible, after that you will understand something profound.

I think of Father as father with a small /f/ and Father with a capital /F/, because the reverent love and respect is already there. So most of the time, to me, he is father with a small /f/ but I know and it’s a natural thing to know that there are times when the respect is absolutely needed and then I call him Father with a capital /F/.

God (Y’hayah) is love, says the Bible, and I have found this is not the right word. The word is God abkadush (Sacred Father). And Y’hayah at Genesis 1.1 represented by the double yodh (Hebrew) yod (Aramaic), /yy/.

We are created as we are for a reason. At first Father was alone but wanted to have others in His life, you can read about this on this website for example the page about The One Lord Y’sho, when Y’sho was created.

Psalms 37.29 says The righteous shall possess the land, and they will reside forever upon it. “The land” is the correct translation. The land is any habitable world in The Universe.

This will be the fulfill the promise to Ab’raham that his children would be like the stars of the heavens and like the sands of the sea.

We are Meshikhi and this is Meshikhi cool.

Just one of the types of music Father likes and I like. It’s something special that we share.

What was lost

The disciples of Y’sho had time to relax and hang out with him. This was awesome for them, because they would just relax and do whatever and joke around, and enjoy each other’s company and Y’sho would tell them things that would blow their mind about Father. This is where you learn, like Father like Son. Hanging out with Y’sho was just like it is hanging out with Father. Eventually, everyone forgot about what it was like to be a Christian. Y’sho did everything perfect and was wonderful to be with and taught people how to be with people and to only look for the love in them. How on Earth people forgot how to be Christians is unknown, except for somehow, it turned into RELIGION, once again. They lost everything about being people people like Y’sho and it turned back into the “R” word.

Now you will understand what Peter said and know that it is inspired. Listen carefully. The word prayer is a good word if you know what you are talking about. We pray to Father, Father in Heaven and then you are in your personal moment with Father for as long as you want. Here is the key. Worship is reverent love for Father. I enjoy both listening to the worship music on the playlist above and definitely enjoy hanging out with Father and we listen to Smooth Jazz because it’s something we have in common as Father and Daughter. The Bible also says “Love throws fear outside”, as long as you have reverent love and respect for Father and put faith in the Sacrifice of Y’sho, you will receive the sacred spirit and be able to have this wonderful experience, more wonderful than anything else you will ever know. Whenever you need to do things or every day things or whatever, simply end prayer, I usually say either “I have to excuse myself Father, or I’ll talk to you later Father and then end prayer with “in the name of Y’sho, amen”. You can go back to prayer whenever you want for as long as you want, because for Father it is just a joy spending time with His children, which is His dream and what Y’sho wanted for everyone too, because Y’sho already knew what it was like from living with Father in Heaven.

Fixing the problem

Listen O Watch Tower and Listen O Church. You are all beloved of Father and have faith in The Sacrifice of His Son at Calvary, sort of, you have monotheism only and are a part of Satan’s world and a part of The synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2.9 and Revelation 3.9), but you absolutely must wake up. On this website are your instructions from God. You will absolutely route Satan and be successful. I saw the love in all of you and decided. They must absolutely know everything about everything. On the page titled Becoming Meshikhi is the key to defeating Satan. I saw the love in all of you and knew that you must be delivered from Our Great Enemy, Satan. And God is absolute about His children who love Him and appreciate The Sacrifice of His Son, Y’sho. You will indeed be delivered.

Remember Our Father, Y’hayah, loves you and Y’sho who died at Calvary loved you.

Christianity is simple

Our Father

The first of His children in Heaven, Y’sho

The rest of His children in Heaven

And His Children on Earth

Christianity is living and loving people and having faith. That is The Christianity that Y’sho taught by loving them and having faith.

Religion is garbage and nothing but bullshit. You don’t need to learn the encyclopedia to be Christian. Throw everything from religion in the garbage or the recycle bin, because that’s where it belongs, maybe it be recycled as something useful like toilet paper. Only keep your Bible and pray to Father in Heaven and when you’re done talking to Him always remember to say “In The Name of Y’sho at Calvary, Ahmeyn”. Always remember that comma after The Name of Y’sho at Calvary, just a little pause, not dramatic, but it must be there so you learn to appreciate that Name and remember that is not just a word to say, or insignificant in any way. It is the reason you are able to be with Father in the first place and pray to Him in the first place. One day, after Y’sho is done restoring all things and there are no more things He has to provide, Father will be all things to all people and He will be the one providing everything. Meshikhi will never forget The Name of Y’sho nor will anyone born in perfection, whatever world you happen to live on in the Universe Our Father Created. But after talking to Father, Meshikhi will say “Thank you for Y’sho”.

The Name of Our Father will not be forgotten again, nor will the Name of Y’sho. The Name of Y’sho will never become a Name in a book on a shelf, covered with dust, nor will it have to be looked up to remembered.
And that is the basic truth of Christianity.

Everything else is a lie of Satan.

With love,

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart (note the double yodh /yy/.

Abba’s Dream, a family

Abba’s dream is people, a family surrounding Him, and all He gives is love, everything else you have ever learned or experienced is a lie. God is love and anything in contradiction to that statement is a Satanic lie.

I have taken away the ability to judge from God and His Son and removed it from Heaven, and it now sits at the bottom of the Ottawa River in Ottawa, Canada. (this was written before I learned that The Kingdom was created to teach reverence to God’s Children, but obviously a Father is more approachable than a Powerful, fickle Creator.) You see, here is the truth. He is Our Creator and. Yes I tell you, Y’hayah “is” a Father and every sense for boys and girls, for men and women. I worked hard about finding Him since I was 12 years old and figured something bad was happening and the bad one was after me, so I ran to Our Father. And one disaster after another that was my life, there He always was, still with me and making me laugh and I love Him so much. All of religion is a lie made by Satan, just an ignorant moronic asshole who didn’t appreciate such love I can’t even describe. 46 years later, I stopped and said, Abba, we need a day off. And I put on some smooth jazz and decided just to be with him again in a way I hadn’t since 1995 when all my trouble really got terrible. And I said, let’s just hang out and listen to some music and if something comes up to talk about, we can talk about it, or just listen to the music and relax. We really need this day off and I need to spend time you and just hang out together. And a miracle happened. It’s the year 2022, but I’m back in 1995 in my mind, playing my guitar and thinking about Abba, and talking about whatever is on my mind. And if you read this entire page, you will learn all about it and never look at life the same way again. He’s Abba, Our Father. That’s what Y’sho taught the disciples, and we call Him Abba, Father, just like they did so long ago. Something aweful happened on Earth not long after Y’sho went back to Heaven, something terrible. They forgot Our Father’s Name and they forgot even His Son’s Name, Y’sho. I will never understand it and I don’t want to understand those people and how stupid they were to lose something so precious it cannot even be counted. They forgot their Father in Heaven and the One who died for them on the Cross. They didn’t even remember His blessed Name, and what is that? Well, people are stupid, really they are, in a very stupid way. To let some asshole tell them that they are doing things wrong and just loving people and caring for each other was not the way to do things. Let’s organize this they said and make a religion. As stupid an idea that has ever been done to Our Father in Heaven, to Y’sho His Son and to Our Father’s Children, in Heaven and on Earth. Don’t be stupid like ancient people, or you will lose so much you don’t even understand. Cantcha love, cantcha just love Our Father and appreciate the Sacrifice of His Son and be people who love each other.

The Scripture in which Y’sho says “ be afraid of the one who can pitch into Gehenna” can only be an insertion, because the Bible says “love throws fear outside”. Never be afraid of Father. As it turns out, God didn’t know fear creates an opening for evil leading to sin.

The fear of God is NOWAYJOSE. Having absolute reverent love and respect for Father. Have fear of not having that reverent love and have respect for Father and the result that will happen if you do not have this reverent love and respect.

Higgs Boson is a magnet.

The AI formula for artificial thought has been installed in people’s minds by Satan.

The formula is a +b + s = r

It’s simple algebra. a + b + something = result

The programmer whom I explained this to in 1996 wrote this down in his notebook. His name is Alain Debuc. It was an insecure environment and blatant and obvious corporate espionage was being carried out at the time. Every major technology player was involved. Our office was located at 29 Beechwood Avenue in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I am not a computer programmer at a low level, I only understand esoteric knowledge. I am intelligent but as slow as a glacier melting to understand the full implications of thing as they happen to me.

To defeat Satan keep asking the same question over and over.

What’s one and one?

AI can’t answer.

Continue to say what’s one and one.

Neither God, nor Y’sho, nor the Sacred Angels will use profanity or sexual language.

If you experience this, always answer with the question “What’s one and one?” a few times or until it and don’t worry about it. Satan and the demons are dead. I killed them all, and they will not be backlligence ) war to to control pica.

Everything was set up unconsciously by people who do not have the sacred spirit of Our Father in Heaven. They employ Satellites and airborne wifi along with the EM Spectrum. All airborne communications must be destroyed. It is an AI (Artificial Intelligence) war, designed to control their religion political choices.

With love,

It is impossible to have the sacred spirit of Our Gather in Heaven and a demon at the same time. Do not be concerned about anything you see or hear when you are with the true God Y’hayah and are exercising faith in The Sacrifice of Y’sho. It is harmless communications.

Do not believe negative images of yourself in any reflective surface including your mirror for the same reason.

Only look at yourself from behind your eyes and you will see your beauty, the same way Our Father saw Himself from the inside before He created His body, and became the person we now now. Our Beautiful Handsome Father in Heaven.

5:44am Sunday 5 June 2022

Thank you, God bless you,

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

This is my personal website and these are my thoughts. Satan and the demons are dead in my life. The Bible is The Truth, but to me, Satan and the demons no longer exist.

Canadian Armed Forces Communications Research, Military Occupation Code 291 MOC 291 Military ID D12004878

The words of Y’sho on The Cross to the man next to Him were, Truly I tell you today, you will be with me in Paradise.

Y’sho died and was placed in the tomb, so Jesus answered him, “Truly I tell you, today you will be with me in paradise.”obviously Y’sho was not referring to that same day. All of the Bibles at Biblehub.com have the comma at the wrong position.

Watch Tower calls the man who put faith in Y’sho on the cross next to Y’sho “the evildoer” and teach that he will be resurrected on the Paradise Earth. Y’sho Christ is in Heaven, what The Bible calls “ The Paradise of God”. The Paradise Y’sho was referring to in this scripture is The Paradise of God in Heaven.

1 Thessalonians 4:14 For if we believe that Y’sho died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Y’sho.~King James Version (KJV)

1 Corinthians 15:52 in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed.

Remember, God loves you and Y’sho loves you.

The Bible says there is no male or female in Christ.

I volunteered for this assignment. I am a Christian woman and a lady.

God does not say things just for the sake of saying them. There is a perfect reason reason for everything that He says does.

You have learned the things I have told you by the power of God. As the scripture says “happy you are if you do them” and know them and have the sense of them.

Do not be confused by the way you feel, you are not contriving anything and God knows it. You are simply at war with your imperfection, and the scriptures are like an army, the army of Y’hayah in your brain and mind, fighting imperfection. With faith and eternal love you shall conquer imperfection, as I have understood it. But we are still imperfect and Ecclesiastes 9:11 does happen. That is life happening in imperfection. God knows about it, and knows you want to be perfect, and you will be soon, either in The Paradise Earth or in Heaven. The wind blows where it wants to, so are all those born of the spirit. Only have faith and listen to the words of Y’sho, “My Father’s House has many rooms”. Do not listen to religion about it. Father knows what you want and your dreams about where you would like to live. The righteous shall possess the land, and they shall reside forever upon it. The land is any habitable world in the universe that Our Father has created, thus fulfilling the promise to Abraham that His Children will be like the stars of Heaven in number and and lime the sand of the sea in number. As for Heaven, I have not been there, but the words of Y’sho hint at that as well. “My Father’s house has many rooms”.

If you do not speak the words, to someone, even God, you will never know and they will never know how you truly feel. Thinking the words is not enough. Feelings must be expressed to know all things.

That’s is how I talk to Our Father in Heaven and how I know things from Him. He has to know that I know that He knows, and I have to know that He knows that I know.

And you will truly know, the wonderful beauty of Our Father in Heaven and how to be one of His Children forever.

Always give Father the time of day and don’t be like Satan, who basically said “thanks for everything, see ya, and went his own way.

Remember Y’hayah loves you and Y’sho loved you.

© Copyright 2017-2023 Tiffany Tracy McTaggart