Weapons of Satan

Meshikhi fight the weapons of darkness like this. Hiyaaa!

These are the weapons of Satan

When magnets are placed behind the ears, they change mood. Such is Satan’s ultimate headphone plan for wireless headphones. They cover the ears totally for an immersive experience listening to music. Using The Electromagnetic Spectrum (EM Spectrum) Satan’s only real tool to use (He has no power from God), He plans to control people completely and give them a suicidal or violent mood, either way it spells death for people.

The early wireless headphones overheat, because that’s wireless if done wrong, and the battery blows up and you end up with battery acid all over your face.

I suspect Satan plans to use an aluminum/copper mix, to heat them up automatically.

That is Satan basically. he wants to kill The Children of Y’hayah, he always has.

Watch Tower is with Satan like the rest of the world, but are too stupid to know it. Talk about the pot calling the kettle black hahahahah lol!

You can’t love people enough, if you hate everything they do and think their worship is demonized.

Smoking is a good example.

Certainly, chemicals and additives in most cigarettes are a defilement of the flesh. But I got permission and believed I had it to fix this problem. Satan told me I couldn’t have them. I don’t take orders from Satan and blew smoke in his face. And prayed for natural cigarettes and they were provided for me by Our Father in Heaven.

100% natural, rolled and dried (not organic, there is a problem with the curing process) and a filter to remove environmental factors introduced into the environment by Satan to try and prove that there was something wrong with Our Father’s Creation. Bullshit.

Smoking is also not related to spiritism and is not sexually suggestive, unless that’s the way your mind works, Watch Tower.

I call Watch Tower, Nazi North Korea, Kingdom Hall cops, Pharisees really who would control every part of your life, including sex, if they could. They turned The Majesty of God into a joke about masturbation on the Internet. Everyone suspects they are a cult, and I proved it is. They even “suggest” how to dress, subtle control, but control no matter how you slice it. Becoming Meshikhi is different. Be you and choose your own look. The requirement is modest, meaning decent dress. And for the men, relaxed hair length is as long as you should go and beards are optional. Watch Tower traditionally had no beards in North America, it is a funny thing and a shaming from God. Ask Fareed Zakaria about it, he is an expert on Middle Eastern Culture. Only women get to wear the crown of beauty, long hair if they want to (and that is optional too). In The Paradise soon to come and in Heaven, all people are supermodels, with no genetic defects and with perfect health. What will matter most is your personality, who you are as a person, and cultivating wonderful qualities, not looks. Like a field of flowers, all beautiful, but all different at the same time. Think that way.

See the page titled Watch Tower Indicted to learn more.

We are Meshikhi, The Real Christians and know how to be balanced and have joy, fun and laughter without being controlled by anyone, and we only love people and want to help them if they need it, and know when to speak and when not to about spiritual things. Mainly, we are true friends, not practicing what to say or anything, if Our Father in Heaven wants us to help someone the sacred spirit helps us do that. We don’t practice like Watch Tower does. Watch Tower makes even the most casual situation unnatural, a sales pitch. They are a part of The Synagogue of Satan. Don’t buy it. The reason there are 8 million of them is that most people are protected by The Lord’s Prayer, deliver us from evil.

Satan’s great weapon, The Bum of The Dog

Satan has used breeding over thousands of years to produce animals with their anus exposed. This is unnatural and not part of Our Father’s Creation. All such animals with their anus exposed will be destroyed at Armageddon.

A video on the Internet, shows a child putting his finger into the anus of a dog and then into his mouth and the parents are laughing. This is Satanic in nature. It is not funny, it is gross and indecent that someone would do this to their child and laugh at them for doing it.

There are no talking animals. Animals can only mimic, but once domesticated, they do have feelings. They can also associate words like the word “tuna” for their catfood, or “mommy” and “daddy” for the ones who show them love. Animals simply do not have a language center in their brain as people do.

There are no talking machines. See the page titled God is Life, to learn more about that.

I will now prepare you as all Meshikhi are prepared to face our great enemy, Satan The Devil. And you will know him if you complete this part of the training. Be pepared, you must see Satan’s face to know what Meshikhi know.

That’s the truth.


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