What happened at Peace Tower Church

The epicenter of love in this world on Bronson Street in Ottawa, Canada. Copy it down to the floorboards and everything they do, including Outreach, Prayer Group and Celebration worship. They have a large room for coffee and reflection and I actually saw someone who came in off of the street beat up and they were binding his wounds with bandages, binding up the broken hearted in every way. With love and mercy. They always say, “Welcome, Brother” or “Welcome, Sister” at the door.~Tiffany McTaggart, I am a member of Peace Tower Church and proud to be a part of such beauty. I looked around at all the love there and felt it and said “Isho built this” They got the message loud and clear. I knew that Abba wanted me to experience it because my friend Amma kept asking me if I wanted to go to Church with her, every Sunday. I finally acquiesced. Abba definitely wanted me to go there. My friend Karen Howard, also a Sister from Peace Tower Church, told me, “Only love people and God will do the rest”. It was the most profound thing ever said to me, I stopped Witnessing that day and never thought about what to say again. And my friend Cheryl Willet, one of Jehovah’s Witnesses used to be Pentecostal and told me, “We have to keep our heart soft” I added it up and Peace Tower Church has my testimonial on record about it.

The Roman Bible causes confusion for those desiring to be Christian. The Romans incorporated Christianity with disastrous results for people. I was at a Church service and at the end of the concluding prayer the Pastor actually said, “Thank you Jesus, in Jesus’ name, Amen”. Over 300 brains were scrambled that day.

The religious leaders are wrong, but Christian love flourishes among the laity, so the laity believe that they have the truth.

~Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

The Bless’ed Event

Listen, O Children of God, and pay attention.

Guffaw, O you Heavens and Howl you Priests at The Alter, yes, howl with laughter you Priests at The Alter and fall down laughing and roll on the floor laughing!

It is the truth!

And what’s more, they mock Y’hayah, The Holy One of Isra’al who is laughing hysterically with derision at them, like a madness it is with Our Father in Heaven, and all of Heaven is falling down laughing because they have never seen Our Father in Heaven laugh so hard ever over this report.

Be aghast O Heavens and all you Children of God, for the powerful ones, yes, even the ones with Harvard and Princeton do not know that 1 and 1 = 2 in natural mathematics.

The religious leaders have so confused them that they actually believe sincerely that 1 and 1 = 1 in natural mathematics.

I am not lying. And God is my Witness.

Even the most loving and sincere Pastors do not know that 1 + 1 does not equal 1.

At Peace Tower Church, on Bronson Avenue, in Ottawa Canada a Pastor named Mike Vincent, a beautiful man and wonderful Pastor of The Flock was saying the final prayer and said, and I quote

“Thank you Jesus, in Jesus’ name, amen.

With love,

Immediately I prayed to The God of Heaven and in absolute disbelief said “Father! He does not know!”

I had actually been in prayer along with about 300 others, thankfully I was with Father.

I do not know know how many brains were scrambled from the ending to that prayer, so much so that they too believe that 1 + 1 = 1.

I was stumbled for a time, but decided finally to return in case this was only an isolated incident and easily dismissed as a mistake by The Congregation.

And so I returned.

To my horror, all of them now believed that one and one = one.

And so, little ones, as Paul said, we must teach them from the beginning that 1+ 1 = 2.

Even children, in the earliest stages of education, understand that 1+ 1 = 2 in natural mathematics. They have lost their way.

Our Beautiful Father in Heaven, Y’hayah, represented by Avraham in The Bible and Isho, The first of God’s Children in Heaven, represented by Isaac in The Bible.

Avraham and Isaac are not one person, they are two people, a father and his son.

Hopefully, this will stop the madness that religion has perpetrated.

Like a Sacred Angel, as one of Our Brothers and Sisters in Heaven we must speak, with a soft voice with love in it, as we teach them this simple truth.

And the comedy war against Satan and religion must reach its natural conclusion.

If anyone is to die, they must die laughing and be resurrected by God either in Heaven or in The recreated Paradise Earth.

With love,


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