Pronounced Yah-hwah. The Name that is above every other name!  
The First (1st) and only Name given to mankind by which we should call our Heavenly Father.  ​Originally written in Paleo Hebrew!

Ancient Paleo Pictograph 

Ancient Abri (Paleo) Hebrew Alphabet

Modern Babylonian Hebrew Alphabet


Name of the Mashiach (Messiah) / Son

Ancient Abri (Paleo) Hebrew Alphabet

Modern Babylonian Hebrew Alphabet

Yahusha = Yahu Saves

YAHUAH, loves Life, Beauty, Colors, Songs & Sounds of Praise, along with Faith (Amunah), 
which ultimately pleases him.   For without Faith (Amunah) it is IMPOSSIBLE to please YAHUAH! Hebrews 11:6 

(אהיה אשׁר אהיה )  

 Strong’s Hebrew #1961 – 

AahYAH (Strong Leader revealing YAH): to exist, become, come to pass, exist, happen. be in existence, to abide .

Strong’s #1933,1934 = HAUAH: – to exist, to be or become, come to pass, that, which (is), who, to breath, (especially in connection with other words.)(comp with Strong’s Hebrew #1961)  Same meaning as haYAH!

Strong’s Hebrew #834 – ASHER: (one of the 12 tribes ) means: happy, blessing,who, which, what, that  orStrong’s Hebrew #1931 – HU: he (who); him, same, such, that, this, wherein, which, who. (the same meaning as 


Strong’s #1933,1934 –  HAUAH:=  

 to be or become, come to pass, that, which (is), who, to breath, to exist.(HAUAH – HU – HAUAH=YAH – HU – AH = Which was, which is, and which is to come



AahYAH (Strong Leader revealing YAH) = HaUaH

א  = ALEF

 = FIRST, #1, Strength Leader – H (silent)

ה  = HEY     = ‘the‘, to reveal – ah

י     = YAD/YOD    = work,

 a deed, to make –Y

ה   = HEY    = ‘the‘, to reveal – AHAsher =Who/That Is = HU

א  = ALEF    =

 FIRST, #1, Strength Leader – A (silent)

שׁ = SHEEN = 

to consume, to destroy – sh

ר   = REYSH = 

a person, the head, the highest – r

AahYAH (Strong Leader revealing YAH) = HaUaH

א = ALEF =

FIRST, #1, Strength Leader – H (silent)

ה  = HEY   = ‘the’, to reveal – ah

י    = YAD/YOD   = work, a deed, to make – Y

ה  = HEY   = ‘the’, to reveal – ahStrong Leader revealing YAH, who was, Who is and Who is to Come, Strong Leader revealing YAH

“Strong Leader revealing YAH”

(1st) First witness it is not I AM
Beresheet (

Genesis 15:7)… 

אנייהוה (Ani YHUH) means “YHUH” or I AMYHUH

(2nd) Second witness
Judges 6:10)… 

אנייהוה (Ani YHUH) means “YHUH” or I AM YHUH


I  (the first (1st) person nominative singular pronoun, masculine and feminine) א = F

irst, 1st, Strength Leaderנ  = Life

, activityי  = 

to Make, work, a deed


“What is His Name, and what is His Son’s Name, If you know it!”  This powerful scripture found in

 Mashaly (

Proverbs 30:4) is a beautiful invitation to search out the only Name ever given by the Most High:


יהוה =  Yahuah (YHUH/HUHY )
First written in Paleo Hebrew as 

YHUH, then in Modern Babylonian/German influenced Hebrew asYHWH

/YHVHtransliterated in Paleo hebrew as  Yahuah

also known in Modern Babylonian/ German Hebrew as Yahuwah/Yahweh, Yahuvehand even Yahweh or Yahwah

plus Yahovah and others, under the German influenced  Modern Hebrew language, which adds vowel points and gives us the letter (

W), there is no letter (W) or (W) sound in Hebrew

יה YAH and  יהושע =

Yahusha  HaMashiach

 (the Messiah

) / Yahuah (

YHUH)’s only Son, along with his רוחהקודש = Ruach (Spirit) Ha (the) Qudesh= (Set Apart, Separation or the Separator) the “Spirit of  Yahuah (

YHUH)” all “ONE”!The (

6) Six Names used for the Father and Son throughout Abri (Paleo) Hebrew scriptures are 

יהוה (Yahuah) (

6820 times), which is typically concealed from the modern reader of the Bible; virtually all standard translation render 

Yahuah as 

The Lord

God, or T

he Eternal


50 times),  Aluhym (

Elohim) (

2600 times), 

Adonai (

439 times),  

AL (EL) (

238 times),  

Yahusha (

216 times).The Name

 YAH is the shortened form of

 (YAHuah the

 Father) and is composed of the first three letters ofboth Names.  It appears 

50 times in the Tankh (Old Testament) and is found in the names such as 

ELIYAH, meansYahuah is 

Alahym (Elohim) and 

AdonaiYAH means: my Master is Yahuah and 

YeshaYahu (Isaiah) which means: Salvation of 

Yahuah, ZacharYahu (Zechariah) means:

 Remembered by 

YAHUAH, plus many others,  also found in the expression HalleluYAH (meaning PraiseYAH (Yahuah).  Found in 

Psalm 68:4Most translations today have changed the Name of Yahuah into the Lord and Alahym (Elohim) into God.
The Name of “the Creator and Heavenly Father” is NOT “theLORD or God!”  It is YAHUAH”!יהוה=Yahuahי

   Yad/Yod, Image: Hand reaching down, The actual Hebrew word “Yod” means “Arm or Hand, Work, Throw, Worship, transliterates as “

 Y ”  Produces a “

Y” sound. 

ה  Hey, Image:Man with arms raised and is the shape of a window (in Heaven), transliterates as “

H“, Means: Look, Reveal, 

Breath.  As a Hebrew vowel letter it produces an “ah” sound. וUau also calledVav/Waw, Image: Tent Peg and means “Nail, Add, Secure, Hook. The Uau/Vav is also the number

 (6), the number of man.  

Yahusha came as the Son of Man, transliterates in Modern Hebrew as “

W” (

Double UU) or “

V“.  In Paleo Hebrew it transliterates as UO.   As a Hebrew vowel letter it produces an “uu, (U), (

Double UU) or “

ooh” sound (like in 

Ruach).  ה

Hey, Image:Man with arms raised and shaped like window again, transliterates as 

“H”, Means: Look, Reveal, Breath.  As a Hebrew vowel letter it produces an “

ah” sound.So what we see depicted in the shape of the letters

YHUH is the arm and hand of

YAHUAH reaching down through a window in heaven, and catching us up through the window into heaven.  Sounds like a description of the Rapture!No matter what language you use, whether you translate or transliterate, 

YHUH it directly points to His real name, which is the same in all languages.The first (1st) three (3) “letters” of the tetragrammaton – 

YHU – are the “identifying” part of the tetragrammaton. They identify YaHUaH as 

“I AM” HE – YaHU.  



– YAHUDAH (יהודה)YahuDah 

(יהודה) (Judah) (the 

4th son of Jacob and Leah, and the name of the tribe and patriarch from which the Messiah came and the family from which springs all those known as “

Yahu’s/Hebrews“.  Spelled, in Hebrew:  

YOD (Y)-HE (AH)-UAU (U)-DALET (D)-HE (AH) In the center is the word “

YAHUDAH“, which serves as a litmus test for how to really pronounce the Name Yahuah.  YahuDah contains all four Hebrew letters of the Name, but has the letter “DALET” 

(D) inserted just before the last letter.  The one letter that differs from the name of 

Yahuah is the dalet.  Dalet is the

 4th letter of the Hebrew aleph bet and means door. 

Yahuah has placed a door in the name of 

YahuDah to show us His name.  The name of the tribe in which His branch would sprout (

Lion of YahuDah/Judah ). With the removal of the dalet we are left with 

Yahuah, pronounced

YAH-OO-AH. This is a complete fulfillment of the name of the Father.


Yahusha (יהושע) found

 216 times:  

YAD-HAY-UAU-SHIN-AYIN ,  rendered in the KJV as


YahuSHA –  contains the Hebrew root, 

yaSHA, meaning deliverance or salvation.  So “

Yahusha is the acceptable transliteration.The Son of 

Yahuah, has His father’s name with a 

Shin and an

 Ayin added to the end.  

Shin means Tooth and 

Ayin means Eye.  So, in the death of the son, the law of an “Eye for an Eye, and a Tooth for a Tooth” is fulfilled.Making the true name of the Messiah/Savior, in Hebrew, his own language

Yahusha pronounced (

Yah oo shah).The Name 

Yahusha is found 

2 times in 

(Deuteronomy. 3:21 and 

Judges 2:7)but in each case they are referencing the person named 

Yahusha, which was crying out for help (one was 

Yahusha of Nun, the other was the son of Yahozadak) so, this is why the 

shua was added to the end of the Name.  

SHUA means:Cry out for help, making 

Yahushua an incorrect transliteration for the Name of the Messiah! 

Strongs #:7769.

 shua. You can say the Name 

Yahushua and declare

 YAHU is crying out for help or you can call on the Name that actually saves you and that Name is 

YAHUsha declaring 

YAHU Saves YOU, making you a


יהושע = YAHUSHA

Yad/Yod – Produces a “

Y” sound. 

Image: Hand reaching down, The actual Hebrew word “

Yod” means: “Arm or Hand, Work, Throw, Worship


Hey – A Hebrew vowel letter that produces the “

ah” sound, I

mage: Man with arms raised and is in the shape of a window (in Heaven). Means: Look, Reveal, 

Breath! Image: Man with arms raised ו

Uau – Also called “

Vav/Waw“. As a Hebrew vowel letter it produces an “

uu/oo” “

U” (

Double UU) or “

ooh” sound (like in #7307 


Image: Tent Peg and Shaped like an arm reaching down through the window in Heaven and means “

Nail“, Add, Secure, Hook.  The 

Uau/Vav is also the number 

6, the number of man. 

Yahushacame as the Son of Man . 

ש  Shin – Produces the “

sh” sound.   

Shin means 

Tooth, Sharp, Press, Eat, Two and symbolizes the Spirit, the Spiritual Fire, The Flaming Sword.    

עAyin – Silent without a vowel point but indicates an “

ah” sound at the end of “

Yahusha“.  Ayin means Eye, Watch, Know, Shade.  It signifies the Source and the Nothingness out of which everything has emanated.Hebrew names can be translated; they make a statement Like: 

Yahusha = 

Yahu” is Salvation” and Deliverance. 

 YAHU is the Father 

Son aspect of the Name, influenced by the 

SHA, the Salvation aspect of the Name YAHUsha

!If you confess with your mouth 

Yahusha is

 Messiah (you are declaring 

Yahu Saves YOU and 

Delivers YOU), and believe in your heart that 

Yahuah raised Him from the dead, you will be saved!  

Romans 10:9


Yahusha said to them again, “Most assuredly, I say to you, I AM the door of the sheep. John 10: 7
I AM the door. If anyone enters by Me, he will be saved, and will go in and out and find pasture. John 10: 9
22 Then 

Yahusha went through the towns and villages, teaching as he made his way to Jerusalem. 23 Someone asked him, “Rabbi (Teacher), are only a few people going to be saved?”   He said to them, 24″Make every effort to enter through the narrow door, 

because many, I tell you, will try to enter (through other names) and will not be able to. 25 Once the owner of the house gets up and closes the door, you will stand outside knocking and pleading, ‘Sir, open the door for us.’ “But he will answer, ‘

I don’t know you or where you come from.’  26 “Then you will say, ‘

We ate and drank with you, and you taught in our streets.’  27 “But he will reply, ‘I don’t know you or where you come from. Away from me, all you evildoers!’ 

Luke 13:22-27(evildoers = Torahless = Lawless)

Yahusha is The Door from the Tribe of 

YahuDah, which leads us to 

Yahuah.  The Dalet (door) from the tribe  of Yahudah proclaiming  the name of the Most High… Yahuah.  Yahusha means “

Yahu is Salvation” Deliverance”. 

רReshImage: Head of a man 

– Meaning: First, Top, Beginning- 

 Sound: R
ו    Uau/Vav/Waw

Image: Tent Peg

 – Meaning: Add, Secure, Hook –

 Sound: o, 

U uu, oo, oh

ח  Hhets

Image: Wall

 – Meaning: Outside, Divide, Half –

 Sound: CH (like the “ch” in the name Bach)

הHeyImage: Man with arms raised

 – Meaning: Look, Reveal, Breath –

 Sound: AH

Quph, Image: Sun at the horizon – 

Meaning: Condense, Circle, Time –

 Sound: Q
ו  Uau/Vav/Waw

Image: Tent Peg

 – Meaning: Add, Secure, Hook –


U, uu

ד  DaletImage: Door

 – Meaning: Move, Hang, Entrance –

 Sound: D

Image: Two (2) front teeth

 – Meaning: Sharp, Press, Eat, Two (2) – 

Sound: SH and symbolizes the Spirit, the Spiritual Fire, The Flaming Sword (2 two edge Sword).    The 

Spirit of Yahuahthat Separates you and Sets you apart for 

Yahuah’s Esteem (Glory) and Good Pleasure!THE TRUE NAME OF YHUH / YAHUAH (GOD)

YHUHis known by many different names that describe who he is and his characteristics, such as: YHUH = Yahuah


(Yahuah Who Sanctifies You) 



(Yahuah My Banner



(Yahuah My Shepherd



(Yahuah Heals




(Yahuah Is There



Yahuah of Hosts) 


Yahuah Is Peace)

·     YHUH TSIDKENU (Yahuah Our Righteousnes


·      YHUH YIREH (


Will Provide) ·     

YAHshortened and poet form of 

Yahuah the Father, as in 

HalleluYAH  meaning: Praise 


YAHU is the name found in both the Father and Son’s name and transliterates as the Name of his people the Jew’s (

Yahu)’s, he delivers the Gentile throughYAHU and came through the tribe of YAHUDAH, which brought us the Lion of YAHUDAHAre you a YAHU?One in YahuahThrough Yahusha·       Aluahym

 (Elohim) translated 


) The creator of Heaven and Earth and means

: Strong 


AL (EL)usually appears with some attribute attached as below.

·      AL (EL) OLAM (The Everlasting GOD)

·      AL (EL)SHADDAI (YahuahAlmighty)

·       AL (EL)ELYON (The Most High GOD)

·        YAHUSHA translated asJoshua(means: YAHU Saves or YAHU

 Delivers) ·       ADONAI


) ·       AB


(Dearest Father



Yahuahbeing Infinite and Omnipotent

 (Unlimited Power), everything was created by him and for his pleasure.  Being Omnipresent

 (Present Everywhere), everything exists within him and everything is part of his body.  

Example: Everything that makes you, you, resides within the confines of your body, your organs, blood, tissue, mind and Spirit/Soul.  

Visual:If it was possible to pull far enough away, to expand our field of vision to see the vastness of 

Yahuah the most high Aluahym (

GOD), you would see the form of a Man (

Yahusha) and within this form you would see all the Universes, Galaxies and Planets, all Heaven and Earth would reside within him, along with all his creation including 

MANkind.  “

I AM “the vine, you are the branches: He that abides in me, and I in him, the same brings forth much fruit: for 

WITHOUT ME  you can do nothing. 

John 15:5


Yahuah– The ABBA Father

Yahusha 216 times  – The Son, Ha Mashiach

 (the Messiah), The Savior – This Name in Hebrew Means  Saves 


Yahu Delivers.

Ruach Ah Qudsh – The Feminine aspect of Yahuah’s Spirit, her Name is the 

Ruach Ah Qudsh, means the Spirit that Separates or Sets you Apart.

  • The Father aspect of Yahuah is the being, from which everything precedes.
  • The Ruch Ah Qudsh is the spirit or character aspect of Yahuah, and therefore a  part  of  Yahuah (Isaiah 40:13). The Ruach is pictured allegorically throughout the Tanakh as the feminine or motherly aspect of Yahuah, and is also synonymous with Wisdom, as depicted in the Proverbs where wisdom says, “Yahuah possessed me in the beginning of his way, before his works of old. I was set up from everlasting, from the beginning, or ever the earth was.” (Proverbs 8:22,23) The phrase, “YHUH possessed me”, indicates that wisdom is the Ruach, or the bride, especially since wisdom is portrayed as feminine.
  • Yahusha is the only begotten Son, the word, body, substance of Yahuah which was brought forth, or revealed to mankind at the dawn of the Creation. Yahusha is also a part of Yahuah as evidenced by His statement, “The Father and I are One”, among many others Scriptures. 

It is through the being of 

Yahuah (Fatherly aspect) and the wisdom or 

Spirit of Yahuah (Motherly aspect) that the Son of 

Yahuah, the bodily manifestation or substance of 

Yahuah was conceived, and eventually brought forth into the world by the means of a virgin named Miriam. H

a Mashiach was conceived OF the Ruach (

Matthew 1:20), and in the physical portrayal of this, He was born OF Miriam. The meaning of the word “OF” carries through in that 

HaMashiach is conceived and born of the Ruch, as pictured in Miriam. The conception in the spiritual realm was also pictured at 

HaMashiach’s baptism when the 

Ruch Ah Qudshdescended upon Him in the form of a dove, and

 Yahuah spoke from heaven saying, “My Son, the Beloved, In You I am well pleased” 

Luke 3:22.The Family of

 Yahuah, just as your Family has the Name of the Father, so if you wish to be grafted into Yahuah’s Family and use His Name

, you need to have a Power of Attorney giving you authority to use 

His NAME, this is 

Given through 

His Spirit, the 

Ruch Ah Qudsh, together in the Son 


HaMashiach (The Messiah), making you a chosen 

YAHU, having the Father and Son’s Name written upon you and also within the Family 


 Book, the Book of Life!Whatever you ask in My name 

Yahusha, that will I do, so that the 


Yahuah may be glorified in the 

Son Yahusha. 14  If you shall ask anything in my 

Name, I will do it.  

John 14:13-14In Hebrew thought, 

Ruch Ah Qudsh was considered a voice sent from on high to speak to the Prophet. Thus, in the Old Testament language of the prophets, Ruch Ah Qudsh is the Divine Spirit of indwelling, sanctification and creativity and is considered as having a feminine power. “He” as a reference to Spirit has been used in theology to match the pronoun for

 Yahuah, yet the Hebrew word 

Ruch is a noun of feminine gender.  Thus, referring to the 

Ruach Ah Qudsh as “she” has some linguistic justification. Denoting Spirit as a feminine principle, the creative principle of life, makes sense when considering where Father 

Yahuah plus 

Ruch (Spirit) leads to the Divine Extension Son ship, which completes the Family of 

Yahuah, all contained in One (1) Name!”For you did not receive a spirit that makes you a slave again to fear, but you received the

Spirit of Son ship. And by him we cry, “

Ab Father.” 

Romans 8:15

Yahuah said, “Let us make Mankind in our image, after our likeness,” and then “

Yahuah created Mankind in his own image, in the image of

Yahuah he created them, male and female he created them.” Thus, the image of 

Yahuah was male and female – not simply one or the other. 

ShekinAH, ShekinAH, ShechinAH or 

SchechinAH (As in “Glory”

), the “

AH” aspect of

  YahuAH (Hebrew: 

שכינה‎) is the English spelling of a grammatically feminine Hebrew word that means the dwelling or settling, and is used to denote the dwelling or settling of the divine presence of 

Yahuah.”You, however, are controlled not by the sinful nature but by the Spirit, if the Spirit of

Yahuah (Ruch Ah Qudsh) lives in you. And if anyone does not have the 

Spirit of Mashiach (Messiah), he does not belong to 

Yahusha Ha Mashiach the Messiah.” 

Romans 8:9


Yahusha withtheRuch Ah Qudsh and power, and how he went around doing good and healing all who were under the power of the devil, because 

Yahuah was with him. 

Acts 10:38For the one whom 

Yahuahhas sent speaks the words of 

Yahuah, for Yahuah gives the Spirit (Ruch) without limit.” 

John 3:34 At that time 

Yahusha, full of joy through 

Ruch Ah Qudsh, said, “I praise you, Father, Alahym (Elohim) of heaven and earth, because you have hidden these things from the wise and learned, and revealed them to his chosen children. Yes, Father, for this was your good pleasure.”

Luke 10:21 Clearly there is ample evidence from the Hebrew that if 

YAH belongs to the Father and 

Hu to the Son, then certainly

aH belongs to the 

Ruch, giving us the name 

YaHuaH, whichcontains all three in One Name.  Yahuah

Saves and is the

Giver of Life, Eternal Life!YAHUAH’s (YHUHS) MEMORIALAnd Aluhymsaid to Moshah (Moses) again, You shall say this to the sons of Yasharal (Israel), 



(Elohim) of your fathers, the 


(Elohim) of Abraham, the 

Aluhym (

Elohim) of Isaac, and the 

Aluhym (

Elohim) of Jacob, has sent me to you. This is My Name forever, and this is My memorial from generation to generation.  

Exodus 3:15 So the Name of


YAH’s memorial?  Just what is this word “Memorial” ?​Strongs Definition: zêker zeker, zay’-ker,


H2142; a 

memento, abstractly 

recollection (rarely if ever); by implication commemoration memorial, memory, remembrance, scent. 

Brown-Driver-Briggs Hebrew Definitions
1) memorial, remembrance. 1a) remembrance, memory. 1b) memorial Part of Speech: noun masculineA memorial as we all know commemorates a specific event or a person known for something special. We see this same word used in relation to the Set Apart High Sabbath Days. As we all know those days are a memorial of specific events, as well as a shadow of things to come. 

Colossians 2:17So what event could the Name 

YAHAUH (YHUH) be a memorial of? Obviously it is something that is “from generation to generation” which many translations render “my memorial unto all generations”. By the time that 

YAHAUH (YHUH) said this to Moshah (Moses) there had been a few generations already. So we have to go back to the beginning to find what it might be a memorial of. In 

Genesis 2:7 And 

Yahuah  Aluahym (Elohim)formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.​We firmly believe that this is the event that 

Yahuah’s name is a memorial of.  What we are looking for is from the oldest form of Hebrew, so is there a word that would connect with both the event and


Ancient Hebrew word for Love:Havah Strong’s H160;Original Hebrew word:


 AahbA(H) Pronounced: 

Short Definition: “I give” and also love,  Love is giving!  Therefore 

Yahuah who is

 aahbah (

Love & Life through His

 Breathe), gave us life twice, first when he Breathed the Gift of Life and then again when he gave his Life, so we could live through his Son’s Name Yahusha (Yahuah Saves or Delivers), sealed by his 

Spirit, the Ruch ha Qudsh

(Set Apart Spirit or the 

Spirit that 

Sets you Apart).  So, this means 

Yahuah‘s Love is the Gift of Life, Eternal life!

Strongs Definition: Havah Strong’s H1933; A primitive root (compare H183, H1961) Means to breathe; to be (in the sense of existence): Original Word:


Pronounced: ha-b (v)-ah Short Definition:

 to Breathe or 

(Eve) and to

 Become or

 Get! Here we have a three (3) letter primitive root words that mean to breathe, and is exactly the last 

letters of the 

4 letter tetragrammaton. the only letter missing is the first letter, the

Yod Strong’s transliterates this word as ‘

habah”.The ancient pictogram for the

 Yod  meaning the hand or the work. So, this would make

Yahuah to mean, “

He works Breath” or “

Giver and

 Sustainer of Life”.  And 

Yahuah Aluhym formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.  

Genesis 2:7 Is it possible that we can say that there is one short phrase or word, that can contain the height, depth and width of 

Yahuah?  Yahusha means “

Yah will deliver”.  In 

John 1:4 we read in reference to the Messiah/ha Mashiach: In Him was life, and the life was the light of men. In 

John 14:10 Do you not believe that 

I AM in the Father and the Father is in Me?  The Words which I speak to you I do not speak from Myself, but the Father who abides in Me, He does the works*. So, we see that the Father abides in

 HaMashiach and so does Life. Could it be that “

Life” = The Father.    If we were to say that 

YAH pertains to the Father and 

HU pertains to The Son as “He” who spoke ”The Word” that became flesh, then we have the Father and Son in 

YAHU. Can we find The 

Ruch Ah Qudsh in the final ‘

AH’? Let us look at some Scripture that tells us the attributes of the

Ruach. The following verses from Isaiah tells us of the 

Spirit of YHUH that was to be upon 

HaMashiach. And the 

Spirit 7307 of 

YHUH 3068 shall rest 5117 upon 5921 him, the

Spirit 7307 of wisdom 2451 and understanding 998 the 

Spirit7307 of counsel 6098 and might 1369 the

 Spirit 7307 of knowledge 1847 and of the fear 3374 of 

YHUH 3068 And shall make him of quick understanding 7306 in the fear 3374 of 

YHUH 3068 and he shall not 3808 judge 8199 after the sight 4758 of his eyes 5869 neither 3808 reprove 3198 after the hearing 4926 of his ears 241.  

Isaiah 11:2-3  Also in 

Exodus 31:2-3, we see The 

Ruch Ah Qudsh given to Betsal’el for special purpose.  See 7200, I have called 7121 by name 8034 Betsal’el 1212 the son 1121 of Uri 221, the son 1121 of Hur 2354, of the tribe 4294 of 

YahuDah 3063: And I have filled 4390 him with the

Spirit 7307 of 

Aluhym 430, in wisdom 2451 and in understanding 8394 and in knowledge 1847 and in all manner 3605 of workmanship 4399The numbers given in both extracts are from Strong’s; we have underlined those words pertaining to the attributes of the 


Spirit). Let us briefly take a closer look at those words.Isaiah 11:2-3 Wisdom – H2451 – chokm

Understanding – H998 – biyn

Counsel – H6098 – ‘ets

Might – H1369 – gebur

Knowledge – H1847- da’ath*Fear – H3374 – yir


Exodus 31:2-3 
Understanding – H8394 – tebun

Workmanship – H4399 – mela’k

ahFrom these Scriptures we see that with only one exception* all the Hebrew word end with “


Psalms 119:40 we see: Behold 2009, I have longed 8373 after thy precepts 6490: quicken 2421 me in thy righteousness 6666The word translated “

quicken” H2421 is 


chayah’ and variously translated as; quicken, live, lived, alive, save, life, revive, saved, recover, preserve, restored, and a number of other words that all pertain to be quickened by the 

Ruch (

Spirit). Also from the same verse, we see the word “

Righteousness” H6666 “

tsedaqah”.Let us also look at 

Psalms 40:10: I have not 3808 hid 3680 thy righteousness 6666 within 8432 my heart 3820; I have declared 559 thy faithfulness 530 and thy salvation 8668: I have not 3808 concealed 3582 thy loving kindness 2617 and thy truth 571 from the great 7227 congregation 6951.We see here the two (2) words ‘faithfulness’ and ‘


Faithfulness – H530- 


Salvation– H8668 – 

teshu’ahBy now we have made the point that by looking to the Hebrew words pertaining to the 

Ruch,  we see that the vast majority end in ‘ah’.HalluYAH, “Barak (Bless) the Name of 


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