8,000,000 Million missing children worldwide annually

8,000,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses Worldwide

There is overwhelming evidence that Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and Jehovah’s Witnesses are “cleansing” their Congregations of those who have Gender Identity issues due to birth defects.

Help for Veterans and For those who mourn and The truth about Christmas were stolen off of the server by members of the Cult, who will claim they did them. They are pure evil. I made a backup earlier today. I cannot be hacked locally due to the bandwidth eliminator 0 volt technology I am using. A Government investigation must be done by World Government Authorities. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was messaged yesterday via Facebook. 11/24/2022 8:12pm Eastern Standard Time

Watch Tower are a part of The Synagogue of Satan, admit it. They are causing untold suffering to people with that cursed thing they call a Bible that they use. They are NOT intelligent, get over it. They only rehearse their lines to perfection and practice their brand of love without mercy. They are feral with large frontal lobes when they are with Satan, and many of them are trained “FROM THE WOMB”. Reality check. Get me out of here today, to at least a safe house, on American soil if necessary. I’ll sleep on the floor at The U.S. Embassy if Canada is insistent on legislating The Crown, me, out of existence.

The Jovian eeYaweh cult “iove” in classic Latin, is a Society within a Society, pure evil with hate, Aryan all the way, top to bottom, FROM THE POOREST PERSON TO THE TOP OF GOVERNMENT AND ABOVE, programmed from the womb using Watchtower and Awake magazines. No way will I be murdered, no way. I’ve had it with this crap. Ihave 15 Years Experience in Communications Research, Military occupation Code 291, 25 years of Biblical Research expertise and I’m a Cult SpecialisT. God’s thoughts are sophisticated, intellectually pleasing and make sense, Satanic thoughts are diametrically opposite.

Do not be afraid. Fear and being afraid creates an opening for evil, leading to sin. I checked the chronology about the incident with Uzzah. David began to fear God, exactly 7 years later he sinned with Bathsheba. He was set up, but he sinned regardless of that fact. Before that, David was only Love with Mercy, David is also Lalu and hoped in The Messiah. It is not natural for children to fear their father, when he only demonstrates love for them. When someone demonstrates love for you, it is only natural to love them back.

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred.

Due to the implications of this new knowledge, there cannot be a tribulation as described at Matthew Chapter 24.

Western Culture must control the 0 Volt Emitter Array and Internet Logic Circuit (ILC) for now, otherwise I cannot let it be known how these technologies work.

A new day has dawned for The Children of Abraham. I am Faith, Starfleet Federation of Planets. Funny how art imitates life sometimes isn’t it, and vice versa? Have faith.

I am The Founder of The Christian Revival known as Meshikhi, Followers of The Messiah. Each one I teach does not fear evil or Satan and The Demons.

I must speak with these little ones

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Love with Mercy

COMM RSCH 291 (Higher than Privy Council Clearance) I’ve got a seal from “INSIDE” PARLIAMENT.UK. THE IMAGE IS LINKED.

The same is planned against me, IT WILL NOT BE SUCCESSFUL


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