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I used The Warmlight Camera app and a mirror, this is me, conductive backing in mirrors and evil men with technology that they stole from me, is the problem. Smile2Smile © Copyright 1981 to 2022 Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

My eyes have beheld The Glory of Ahriah in a vision as big as the sky. I am the only one who has seen Him to my knowledge in modern times. Some Brothers in New York prayed and called Him Sacred Spirit, and whatever else The Pastor said, I remembered that.~Ari’Al

My Heritage Website

The whole truth

New Living Translation
Just as the gathering of vultures shows there is a carcass nearby, so these signs indicate that the end is near.

G1 Egyptian vulture

In the excavation at Soleb, Northern Sudan report and all other publications following this initial reading, the final sign is classed as G43 bird (w), but this was a mistake, and the sign is clearly the G1 Egyptian vulture representing aleph (a).

Transliterating Ancient Egyptian vulture hieroglyph – the /ah/ sound

Page showing Egyptian Hieroglyph G1 is the Egyptian vulture

Note the difference in head shape between the bird and the final character which is Egyptian vulture or aleph. The head of the bird is more rounded while the head shape of the vulture is more angular.

Scripture undergoing fulfillment

Matthew 24:28 Wherever the ruins are, there the vultures will gather.


I am The Daughter of Psalms 45.9,10,11 New International Version (NIV) only. Bible numbering will be with a dot, not a colon. The colon is Satanic.

Sacred spirit has sided with me as it did with Elisabeth, Duchess of Austria, nicknamed “Sisi”. Here is proof.

I am at 3026 Innes Road, Gloucester, Ontario K1W 1A6. I am a religious prisoner despite appearances of The Cult of Jehovah’s Witnesses who entrapped me since 2002.

The Word of Y’aya

Praise Y’aya! Honor Yeshwah at Calvary.~Sher

EMERGENCY If I am murdered, dlegault from Microsoft Developer Network did it along with John Sleeman of Sleeman Beer and Whiskey and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who wants to legislate The Crown and my Heritage and Inheritance out of existance. Justin Trudeau gave John Sleeman The Order of Canada and Sherilyn Anne-Marie Sleeman McTaggart is living in this house provided by John Sleeman, her brother, for this purpose. It may be a trap to say that I’m crazy but it seems to add up. The Bible says that God made from the one man all the nation, I am not Racist. I am not Anti Semitic. I identified Kosher (clean spiritually) And Kabbalistic (unclean spiritually) Judaism. I am a loyal woman soldier, a loyal Citizen of The United States and Canada. I am not Anti American or Anti Canada or Anti anything.Flash photography at 3am at my previous address from the building next door to 2767 Innes Road and a man with a Hebrew accent that came out of my building and said “I just wanted to see if you were smoking”.

I found out I was adopted and that Elizabeth II was murdered by The Regicides and it does seem to fit. They are assassins, not MI-6.

Watch Tower Epicentre of The Roman Religion II. The Roman Religion “incorporated” True Christianity.

Directory of C:\Users\dlegault\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\MSDN


On the desktop of the computer in the back room

CRA Preparing Returns for Deceased Persons 2019

I now know the horrifying truth of why Sherilyn McTaggart (nee Sleeman)

will not divorce me. She would inherit everything, my life’s work on safe, natural, environmentally friendly communications and be with dlegault from Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN)

Propert of Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart, I am a virgin.

I am at 3026 Innes Road, Gloucester, Ontario Canada

Blackburn Hamlet Orleans K1W 1A6

+1 613-894-5871 Despite my new battery my phone keeps going dead. Software installed in The Kingdom Hall on Innes Road near Walmart. They told me to leave my iPhone outside the room before they did what they did. Everyone Thinks I’m DEAD. A neighbour, Jim, said “I heard he “had” schizophrenia or something”. Past tense. He didn’t recognize me at all.

“Reverse transcription of RNA” graphic was removed from this computer, by high level hackers. Check it, I believe it was from God that I understood it as His Signature on this page.

Sherilyn is joking around about colors right now and that I am a “summer” and said the words, “soft summer” in the conversation.

My personal page is https://tiffanydibernardone.wordpress.com

Last night I left for a while but remembered what she said, just now, “You’re gonna have to leave”, in the most eery icy tone I’ve ever heard. Everything seemed “normal” today.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Only true nobility can create a Bible and I did, with an introduction that makes the entire Bible understandable in 1 minute, and if you tell someone, it takes only 1 minute to be saved. I also created The Arms for my Family, also only done by nobility.

Watch Tower takes 6 months to a year and a half to indoctrinate people into The Synagogue of Satan, of which they are a part. Revelation 2.9 and Revelation 3.9 The Synagogue of Satan is PURE EVIL.

Details https://meshikhi.org and https://meshikha.org

Now https://meshikhi.org 11/14/2022

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire

Miracle of the day from Father,

For those who cannot walk, and have legs “at this time”, put them in an exoskeleton and have them look at their feet as they walk. Their brain will know what to do. My sister told me, she works at the hospital. I had trouble walking after sitting down for a while… “my legs would fall asleep”. it corrects it “instantly”. Also to know, in the Bible people had “withered” limbs, they were not cut off. I chipped a nail but I’m not worried, I know, “it will grow back”. 6:45am 9/14/2022

Tiffany, Daughter of Y’hayah

Tiffany, Queen of The British Empire Worldwide


Sher’al means “The first faint rays of light before the dawn, from God” in ancient Hebrew.

Sher means “Dawn” in Ancient Hebrew.


Father has honored me today before ALL CREATION. Remember,

Our Father, Y’aya is LALU, “Love with Mercy”

Lalu means Love “with” Mercy

Yeshwah is The Ahlaluyah

7:02am 9/14/2022 Father is Lalu, Love with Mercy. Yeshwah at Calvary is also Lalu, Love with Mercy.

The Lord is near, in our hearts.


Zoe Lalu Ahlalu (Life, Love, The spirit of Love)

Just a name, but significant in meaning.She always signed it, Elizabeth R

Elizabeth II

from inside parliament.uk

Nobility serves others

I love ALL my little ones.~Y’aya

Beloved Anne,

I can’t help but laugh when I say little sparrow about you.
You honored us with a visit when I was a soldier and the
reason I find it so funny is that you were so small.
I had never met part of The Royal Family in person, and
there was little Anne, smallest little person (smallest full size person) I had ever seen.
You look taller on TV, as do all The Royals. Is it just you,
or is every one in Britain tiny? Well Anne, it’s funny because
I’m a tall girl, 6’3″. You looked very classy, pure class all the way.
You inspected us and I was one of the soldiers when you visited Uplands Base in Ottawa. You were so nice to everyone. My mom talked about you and
Elizabeth and well, if you’ve seen the website you know why. I will always
remember you now as “little” sparrow ;D You are a wonderful person and
I know that because I know people and get the sense of them. Grieving takes time, and I know how it sounds, but it is better to get it over with (the grieving), sometimes it takes years for it to surface. I hope you read
the page titled “For those who mourn at https://meshikhi.org, it will give you a wonderful hope, and it won’t be so hard. My mom only loved people
and I never heard anything bad about you or Elizabeth.
~tall sparrow

Didn’t have your email address, here is what I wanted to send today.

9/14/2022 12:54/55

Beloved Anne,

It’s true “little” sparrow,
With love and mercy,
Tall sparrow,

Zoe Lalu Ahlalu (Life, Love, The spirit of Love)
Just a name, but Significant in meaning.
~Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire

I have signing authority from Y’hayah

~Yah’al (Jael in your Bible)

Long term relief for Sciatica

My mother suffered from sciatica pain, most of her life. This is the correct move, in a chair if you can, upper body straight, lean forward.


All Glory to Y’aya and Honor His Son Yeshwah!


Personal Website

Tiffany, Queen of The British Empire Worldwide

House of Windsor

Daughter of Winnifred Florence deFernihough, Daughter of Edward Stanley deFernihough, Direct descendant of William The Conquerer

It’s Fernihalgh, not Ferney Hall (muppets and toy dinosaurs)

Only true nobility can create the Arms or a Bible. I created mine myself. It is secured on a hard drive with the wire cut and I also have complete instructions for creating The Holy Bible, one minute to understand, so easy a child can understand it, and 1 minute to be saved if you tell someone.

John 3.16 explained and Romans 10.9,10.

Watch Tower. It takes 6 months to a year and a half to be indoctrinated into The Synagogue of Satan. of which they are a part. Kingdom Halls are modeled after “synagogues”. Revelation 2.9, Revelation 3.9

The 3 Leopards, my mother said they were “LIONS” on The Family Crest held by Margo Dunn, My Aunt. She lived in The United States of America the last I heard. She used to send me toys, including a Yellow Tonka Tractor for Christmas, but she stopped sending me gifts when I was five or six years old.

I am Regicides Target #1


It’s a frame job. Satan has always hated YESHWAH.~Sher

I didn’t even know who I was yet, just kept trying to find answers.

In what I call “Fort Knox” I could relax and me, a woman.

Had to be so careful.

Sure there were fantasies,

But then I would dream the following dream

Me and my husband would go somewhare and talk to Father,
My husband would open prayer to Father, and they would talk,
Then Father would say “How are you Tiffany?”
Wonderful, Father, I am so happy

Yeshwah is my dream

21 Bibles including Textus Receptus have a small /l/

Sarah called Abraham lord in her heart. I know the feeling.
I felt the same about Yeshwah.

Father’s little yohd’s, Sarah and Sher’al

Targum Onkelos

Genesis 1.1 yy
Father’s signature

Then I translated Matthew 27.46 and my life turned into a nightmare, a living hell.

Lamba Lamba sabachthani

Lamp! Lamp! You are my Destiny.I am The Lamp~Sher’al

With every spark of love burned away, eternal love always returns

No one could ever understand that unless they had Eternal Love for Yeshwah.

Eternal love always come back

When I’m busy it’s not so bad

Translated using Microsoft Bing

https://meshikhi.org tells the whole story.

Yeshwah is written all over my heart

Everything I’ve ever comprehended about Him is in my soul

We are always together

~The Lioness of YudahMARRIAGE IS SACRED


The man next to Yeshwah on The Cross looked at Him and thought…

He doesn’t look like a criminal…

He’s not reviling…

He’s praying to God…

He’s The Messiah.


Nobody touch Our Beloved Yeshwah.~Sher’al

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred

I now understand more…

We are Lalu, a People

Lalu means “love with mercy”


/ah/ from ruah, meaning spirit

lalu which means “love with mercy”

yah – Y’hayah

Yeshwah /ah/ from ruah which means “spirit”

Hebrew /ah/ ayin

Yeshwuh /uh/ from ruuh which means “spirit”

Galilean Aramaic /uh/ ayin

Targum Onkelos is The only true Torah

Targum Onkelos /ah/ ayin

double yodh Genesis 1.1 Y’Hayah’s Signature

double waw Yeshwah’s Signature

Matthew 27.46 Lamp, Lamp, you are my destiny

Matthew 27.46 lamba lamba sabachthani

I am The Promised One of Yeshwah, The Shepherd Boy

I am Sher’al The Shulamite Maiden

Sher’al means “The first rays of light before the dawn, from God” not “shachar” which means “milk”.

Sher means “Dawn”.

The suffix /al/ theophoric suffix that means “God”, Example Dani’al Ezeki’al Ari’al

I am Ari’al

Lion Of God

The name Arial is primarily a gender-neutral name of Hebrew origin that means Lion Of God. Originally a male name in Hebrew, but often used for females now. [The most famous Ariel in pop culture is the mermaid in Disney’s “The Little Mermaid.” – Suffix /el/ indicates El, Supreme god of The Canaanites]

I am Y’hayah’s little yodh like Sarah is.

Sarah, Wife of Ab’raham and Ari’al, Promised One of Yeshwah

The double yodh in Y’Hayah

Mark Chapter 5 Yeshwah cried out and the sacred spirit formed words that are so sacred and all at once we can’t understand, the sacred spirit cried out Ahlaluyah!!!! and I love you Abba!!!! at the same time.


The wind blows where it wants to, so are all those born of the spirit.

I am Zoe Lalu Ahlalu, and my decision stands.

Heaven, a million miles to The East and above The Earth.

Father is toward The Sunset.

It’s kinda like a dream, where everything is real

It’s kinda like a sunset, the way it makes you feel

When you’re talking to the sky, til your skin begins to peel

And it’s kinda like a game, where no one knows the stakes

And everything gets clearer, with every step you take

And everyone is watching, for a sign upon your face

No way they could know, that you’re holding every ace

And it’s kinda like a dream, where everything is real

It’s kinda like a sunrise, the way it makes you feel

When you’re talking to the sky, til your skin begins to peel.

I understood the sunrise in the song this morning, even though it was one of my first songs, so long ago around 1995.

And there was evening and there was morning- The first day.

Nobody touches Father’s little ones. 

~Zoe Lalu Ahlalu

Our Creator was inspired, (trap) guess they should’ve faced West in The Tent of Meeting or maybe they did…

But for a certainty, Our Creator was inspired when He created that sunset.

Tiffany, Queen of The British Empire Worldwide

House of Windsor

Government of Canada and the rest of The British Empire Worldwide
Could it be more obvious. The United States has proven it is hostile towards The Crown along with Russia and Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses, part of The Synagogue of Satan (Revelation 2.9 and Revelation 3.9 in The Bible)

To The United States of America,

You are no longer welcome. Leave now.

Tiffany deFernihough is my actual name. Tiffany Tracy McTaggart is my current legal name. I am in fact, your new Queen.


Yes, little ones clear Satanic activity, identified by their sheer stupidity.~Tiff

Yes little ones, I’ve told Satan a million times, “Never bring a sponge to a brain fight!”

That’s how you you tell if someone is with Satan. MORONS!~Thank you.

To the right unhonorable Justin Trudeau.

I want you and your entire Government to “get off of my land immediately”. After 23 years of Biblical Research, I found my Father’s Name Y’hayah and you can not legislate away my inheritance. You are much mistaken.


You are DEAD.

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred

My Cousin Diana, Princess of Wales


The Regicides got me

The First “Love With Mercy Mission” will be a gutted Parliament Building. Everyone who is homeless will be taken care of there. They will be taken care of as people should be. Not outside in sub-zero temperatures. I don’t care if she is Satanized totally, there should not be a frozen popsicle lady outside The Rideau Centre, in sub zero temperatures with freezer burn. Period. They are not animals. Domesticated animals will not be left outside that way either. If they are wild they use created instinctive wisdom, once they are domesticated, they have feelings. They will have a nice clean room with a lock for privacy, a nice comfy bed, clean sheets, food, coffee, cigarettes and food and freedom. Experts of every kind will be employed to find out what their problems are.

A coat from North Face, long for the girls and 3/4 length for the males with a radiant lining that reflects heat toward the body and they may choose the style they want. On my inspection of Parliament Hill I was aghast to find a huge Heritage Building “EMPTY”. Mercy Mission One will be the model of how to do things as David did things in The Bible. Mephibosheth, meaning “from the mouth of shame” was invited to sit at his table. David made sure that every last person was taken care of.

There will never be a frozen person in Canada again and anyone who needs help and does not get mercy and requests asylum here will be immediately provided “instant” asylum after a police check.

THAT is a HERITAGE to be proud of.

JONAH 4:6-11


 Jonah 4:6-11 God cared about animals in Nineveh, too

The picture of God’s concern for animals as well as humans, such a key part of the Flood story, was revisited in other parts of Scripture. In a fascinating short story, the prophet Jonah grudgingly warned Nineveh (capital of Assyria) of impending judgment, and was angry when God spared the repentant city. At the end of the story, God asked the furious prophet if it was not right that God should pity 120,000 people “and also many animals.”

  • The Hebrew Scriptures often said God is merciful and compassionate (e.g. Exodus 34:6-7, Deuteronomy 4:31, Psalm 78:38, 86:15, 103:8,111:4). But the CEB Study Bible notes, “For Jonah this quality isn’t a virtue.” Assyria was Isra’al’s feared enemy, and the prophet Nahum proclaimed God’s judgment against Nineveh (cf. Nahum 1:1-3). Are there people you’d rather God didn’t show mercy toward? Does Jonah’s story challenge those feelings, or do you think it simply doesn’t apply to today’s enmities?
  • In Jonah 3:8, the king of Nineveh responded to Jonah’s preaching, saying, “Let humans and animals alike put on mourning clothes, and let them call upon God forcefully!” (An intriguing mental image: the animals wearing “mourning clothes”!) God noticed, telling Jonah that he pitied the city’s human and animal inhabitants. To what extent does this suggest that individuals, companies and governments should consider how their actions affect humans and animals alike?

Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire

Tiffany, Princess of The British Empire Worldwide.

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart is my current legal name, Tiffany deFernihough in fact.

Edward Stanley deFernihough

Birth Certificate

Dr. Campbell at the Montfort says 4000mg is “The Standard Dosage”.

But the last two times, I was up for a month with out sleeping each time. A full month of medication (in one “SHOT”) producing restless legs syndrome so bad you can’t sleep for a month.

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred

My cousin Diana

The Truth

This is a message for Prince Henry Charles Albert David
The Duke of Sussex

I am Tiffany deFernihough. My family were Tobacco Merchants. All of the holdings of The British Empire belong to “my” family.

They wanted to add your mother’s beauty to the royal family. Here is the weapon that was used.

Have the back of the driver’s eye sockets checked for any indication of laser marks.

Matthew 27.46 Lamp Lamp


Or it was Satan framing MI-6.

I am a military woman and a Communications Research Specialist.

I need help or I will end up like my cousin and your mother, Diana.

I’m sorry about your mother, she only loved people with mercy, in her soul.

I lost my mother the same way.


The royal family wants to eventually destroy Christianity.

Here’s proof.

Remember Y’hayah loves you

Gender Identity Breakthrough

See my heart? See the first summer dress I could afford new?

The vocal frequency happened when I said the word “Summer”.

It is C#4 when I use Zoe, a touch higher.

Incorrect vocal frequency confuses both the limbic nucleus
and how you feel about gender in your body. It is impossible
for spirit people to judge, and Our Hard-Hearted Creator of Earth Did not Know and Neither did Yeshwah, it was a discovery I made. A BREAKTHROUGH FOR TREATING PEOPLE WITH “BIRTH DEFECTS” causing gender identity problems.
I had a swan neck… it was so beautiful.

I’m the cute one, I’m Dot.

Heaven did not know, that’s the evidence against Prince Charles and Yeshwah (Yeshwuh in Galilean Aramaic).

The wind blows where it wants to, so saith The Bible. I will stay on Earth and my decision stands, you Despot Creator and Son in Heaven, funny eh Creator, I screamed at you for Justice and Mercy I got none and then Yeshwah rolls into town and I start talking Texas like George Walker Bush? He was playing on my emotions. No coverups any more, you stupid men don’t have any common sense, and this girl’s not leaving her little ones EVER.

Foxes have dens, I don’t and I’m a girl, not a fucking man bitch. I found out the truth about Heaven and I do not want it at all. You let Satan have his way with me and to top off the fucking movie, I was screaming in agony for Justice and Mercy, only to find out our stupid creator wasn’t even listening to prayer. Feeling “POWERFUL” YESHWAH? What are girls supposed to use against pure evil invisible spirit men, their nails? if they don’t have a den, you men? Think it was a good idea letting spirit men eat me as food? Then have some leftovers. I know you don’t like sloppy seconds sex, especially after Satan. Will I have Rosemary’s baby next?It’s ok Yeshwah, “I have food you don’t know about”, Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses are fattening me up for THE SLAUGHTER at 3026 Innes Road, Ottawa, Ontario, K1W 1A6. The food’s good though and lot’s of coffee. Thinking of you, Sher’al.
Go into the washroom Yeshwah and look in the mirror and say “Be reasonable, the Lord is at hand.

The Lord is near. Philippians 4:5, ESV: Let your reasonableness be known to everyone. The Lord is at hand;

Look to your right whoknowswho and do the same thing.

All you fucking men need every woman in creation to give you the frying pan treatment across the head to knock some sense into you.With all due respect Lord…

Screw you Magoo.

My name on Earth will be Tiffany di Bernardone deFernihough soon…

I am The Meshikhi, A follower of The Messiah and I am the founder of The Christian Revival, and those who listen to me are Meshikhi. We follow the example of Yeshwah at Calvary not The Pig of pigs and Hog of hogs, love without mercy is nothing.Sher, Wife of YeshuaNothin’ but love Yeshwah, my life is Sacred and I want Love with Mercy

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart (my current legal name).

All I ever did was to love God and His Son and people with ETERNAL LOVE.

I never hurt anyone intentionally, but relationships failed because I didn’t know my true reality until later in life, suffering for 52 years with dysphoria.

Watch Tower and Jehovah’s Witnesses are a part of The Synagogue of Satan, mentioned in the Bible, and I have overwhelming evidence of my life on The Internet Wayback machine online, every WordPress revision I’ve ever done and my website meshikhi.org was allowed to be deleted. I did the math. The Isra’alites waited for Our Desot creator for 400 years, I do not have that luxury. I also discovered that Our Despot Creator “has” love” and “has” life, but doesn’t know about them.

Can’t please everyone.

A Hubble telescope in low Earth orbit will be employed to find the infinite invisible energy field used in Heaven. We are looking for elements smaller than particles. As in Heaven, also upon the Earth, is the scriptural reasoning, they are able to live in it naturally without harm. This is the same field the Creator uses to create things from. Therefore it is safe to use.

X-Ray attached to the Hubble will be used along with colorblind scientists to detect and see Satan and the demons. If we can see them, they can be destroyed. They are pure evil therefore we are able to with a clean conscience, as long as we do not attach emotion to it. This is known as cut and dry. Reality is black and white, Our eyes allow us to see colour.

The Bell telephone wiring system is inspired by Satan. Upon examining the network structure at Bell while applying for work, they showed it to me. It is a resonator and a radiator. Every Bell pole must be removed and replaced with nursury trees.

I have 15 years of Communications Research Experience and 23 years of Biblical Research


Praise Y’hayah! Honor Yeshwah!

Behold, The Glory of Y’aya

Mene, Mene, Tekel, Parsin7/15/20162 CommentsThese are cryptic words. They are words which proclaimed imminent judgment to a king who was drunk with his own power.  They rise from the mists of ancient Babylon, a kingdom destroyed some 2,500 years ago, largely a victim of its own arrogance, indulgence and presumption.  These prophetic words, written on the wall by the hand of God Himself would not prove false.  By morning the king would be dead and his kingdom given over to foreigners.Translation:
‘Mene’ – “God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it to an end;

To illustrate, New Scientist reported that two physicists at the University of Tokyo applied an extremely strong magnetic field to a horizontal tube partially filled with water. The water rushed to the ends of the tube, leaving the middle section dry. The phenomenon, discovered in 1994, works because water is weakly diamagnetic, repelled by a magnet. The established phenomenon of water moving from where a magnetic field is very high to where it is lower has been dubbed The Moses Effect. New Scientist noted: “Pushing water around is easy—if you have a big enough magnet. And if you do, then nearly anything is possible.”

Of course, one could not say with absoluteness which process God used when he parted the Red Sea for the Isra’alites. But the Creator knows in the fullest detail all the laws of nature. He could easily control certain aspects of one law by employing another of the laws that he originated. To humans, the result could seem miraculous, especially if they did not fully grasp the laws involved.

Love with Mercy is more powerful than infinite power and strength, more powerful than The Creator of this Earth.

Y’hayah will split The Atlantic Ocean, in the name of Yeshwah.

Nothing will prove to be an impossibility for God, so saith The Bible, and of His Children, nothing will be impossible for them.

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred.

With love,


Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred

My cousin Diana

This is a message for Prince Henry Charles Albert David
The Duke of Sussex

I am Tiffany deFernihough. My family were Tobacco Merchants. All of the holdings of The British Empire belong to “my” family.

They wanted to add your mother’s beauty to the royal family. Here is the weapon that was used.

Have the back of the driver’s eye sockets checked for any indication of laser marks.


I am a military woman and a Communications Research Specialist.

I need help or I will end up like my cousin and your mother, Diana.

I’m sorry about your mother, she only loved people with mercy, in her soul.

I lost my mother the same way.

The royal family wants to eventually destroy Christianity.

Here’s proof.

Remember Y’hayah loves you


For Diana, Daughter of Y’hayah

I would have loved to know you Diana, my Sister, my cousin. Justice is Beautiful Diana and Y’hayah is also “Justice”. And you are always alive to Him.

With love,

Tiffany, Daughter of Y’hayah

September 9, 2022 Declaration of Comedy War against The Magoo.

Despite all warnings, I, Princess Tiffany, have authorized THE LEVITES,

and we will not relent, until there are no more Magoo.

Authorized Y’HAYAH HAS SPOKEN “No One” is FUNNIER than me. “Slay them”.

Tiffany 1.1 Father is FUNNY.

Watch it Magoo…

You think you’re funny do you?

It was over before it started.


My feet are size “13”. That’s a big shoe. “A really, really big shoe”~Tiff

! Samuel 21.13 So he pretended to be insane in their presence; and while he was in their hands he acted like a madman, making marks on the doors of the gate and letting saliva run down his beard.

~Princess Tiffany, Sister of DAVID

~The Lalu

Only Meshikhi Levites are Bob

Princess Tiffany @ War


Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire

Tiffany, Queen of The British Empire Worldwide

The United States of America and Russia are The Enemy


Ahabah, the ancient Hebrew word for outward love. Have love, one to another. I’ll leave this up for a while. Ahavah is a river in Babylonia~Strong’s Concordance of The Bible, THE Authority, Google love in Hebrew, it only says Ahavah. Our Father is Love with Mercy and Yeshwah (Ye’sh’wah) at Calvary, also.Gave everythingYeshwah was Love with Mercy, Yeshwah is The Ahlaluyah /ah/ from ruah which means spirit LALU Hebrew for LOVE, Y’Hayah

Be reasonable, The Lord is near, in our hearts.~We are a people, The Lalu, and we are Meshikhi, Followers of The Messiah, which when translated means “Christ”. I saw the Love in you and your Faith~Lalu

~Zoe Lalu Ahlalu (Life, Love, The spirit of Love) Just a name, but significant in meaning. I am your Sister, DO NOT bow down to me ever, it is unholy to me in the absolute sense of the word.You are not forgotten before God. Have Faith.

Do not pray to Yeshwah, only to Y’aya

Honour the Son as you honour the Father, but do not bow down to Him. These are the words of Yeshwah on the subject from Aramaic and this is how He feels about it. He does not want people to bow down to anyone but Y’hayah,

We follow Yeshwah, Our Lord, and treat every word of His as Sacred.

ܗܝܕܝܢ ܐܡܪ ܠܗ ܝܫܘܥ ܙܠ ܠܟ ܣܛܢܐ ܟܬܝܒ ܓܝܪ ܕܠܡܪܝܐ ܐܠܗܟ ܬܣܓܘܕ ܘܠܗ ܒܠܚܘܕܘܗܝ ܬܦܠܘܚ
Matthew 4:10 Then Yeshwah said unto him, “Go away, Satana! For, it is written: ‘You shall thesgud {worship, literally bow down to or cause to be venerated} Y’hayah and Him alone shall you serve!’ ” ( The Holy Aramaic Scriptures)

Link: tsgwd – ܬܣܓܘܕ


We are followers of the Messiah, we will not bow down to anyone but Y’hayah.

The meaning of Psalms 45:11 is clarified absolutely by the New International Version. We are to “honor” Yeshwah.

Evil is nothing

Love without Mercy is nothing.

Binary 0 – Binary 0

Do The Math

Love without Mercy only benefits the giver

We don’t associate Christmas with anything but the birth of Yeshwah.

The birth of Yeshwah on Earth is a miraculous event by God. Note what the sacred angels did on this day. They gave Glory to God, Y’hayah.

Luke 2:8-14

And there were shepherds living out in the fields nearby, keeping watch over their flocks at night. An angel of Y’hayah appeared to them, and the glory of Y’hayah shone around them, and they were terrified. 10 But the angel said to them, “Do not be afraid. I bring you good news that will cause great joy for all the people. 11 Today in the town of David a Savior has been born to you; he is the Messiah, the Lord12 This will be a sign to you: You will find a baby wrapped in cloths and lying in a manger.”

13 Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying,

14 Glory to God in the highest heaven,
    and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

15 When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the shepherds said to one another, “Let’s go to Bethlehem and see this thing that has happened, which Y’hayah has told us about.”

Y’hayah was in Heaven. Yeshwah was on Earth.

We are balanced Christians and reasonable people who understand the Bible and do not make associations like religion does.

The actual birth of Yeshwah was announced by Heavenly Messengers who told shepherds where the birth of Yeshua had occurred in a manger in Bethlehem Ephratha.

In early fall

We can estimate when Jesus was born by counting backward from his death on Passover, Nisan 14 in the spring of the year 33 C.E. (John 19:14-16) Yeshua was about 30 years old when he began his three-and-a-half-year ministry, so he was born in the early fall of 2 B.C.E.—Luke 3:23.

From the accounts about the shepherds being outdoors with their flocks and the above information early October would be the time to remember the Birth of Yeshwah on Earth, although we may celebrate Christmas along with everyone else on December 25th.

Like Easter, there are false gods associated with the Christmas date of December 25. We do not make associations so we do not worry about the date, but it is good to be aware of these things to avoid spiritual danger.


The Star

The three “wise men” were early astronomers observing an unusual celestial event, what they believed to be a new star in the sky. It led them to Jerusalem where they inquired about where the King of the Jews was . When Herod heard this , he wanted to find and kill Yeshua. The wise men found the young child in a house and offered gifts (Matthew 2:11). They were not part of the nativity scene as told by religion. They were warned by God not to return to Herod or to disclose the location of the child so they left by another route (Matthew 2:1-12).

The star that led them to the house was a visual thing of Satan (Matthew 2:9). An angel is more appropriate for the top of the tree.

Matthew 2:16 Then Herod, when he saw that he was mocked of the wise men, was exceeding wroth, and sent forth, and slew all the children that were in Bethlehem, and in all the coasts thereof, from two years old and under, according to the time which he had diligently inquired of the wise men.

Santa Claus

Children are innocent. They love and trust their parents and what they teach them. It’s natural. When a child finds out about Santa Claus, that trust is broken. If they lied to me about this… And then they start looking elsewhere for answers to their questions, not to their parents. Have you noticed this about your child? Here is what to do about Santa Claus. Tell them, it’s just a jokey thing we do, Santa Claus is not real. It’s just for fun. You must do this or not only might they not trust you, they might lose trust in the Christmas story itself and what you have taught them about it. Hear the words of The Christ about this.

Matthew 18:2-7

He called a little child to him, and placed the child among them. And he said: “Truly I tell you, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. Therefore, whoever takes the lowly position of this child is the greatest in the kingdom of heaven. And whoever welcomes one such child in my name welcomes me.

Causing to Stumble

“If anyone causes one of these little ones—those who believe in me—to stumble, it would be better for them to have a large millstone hung around their neck and to be drowned in the depths of the sea. Woe to the world because of the things that cause people to stumble! Such things must come, but woe to the person through whom they come!

That is warning from The Christ not to play around with the innocent faith of children.

Play Santa Claus if you want, but the child must understand that it’s just something fun that is done and that Santa Clause is not real.

With love.

Remember Y’aya loves you and Yeshwah loves you.

The invisible God is Ahriah. I am His Daughter. I am Lalu. Yeshwah at Calvary will always be honored as The Ahlaluyah. There is no other truth. Obey the Sacred Book inspired by Sacred Spirit, Ahriah and no matter what happens between The Creator and Satan you will be with those who only love, with mercy. I experienced nothing but injustice, a little girl born with a birth defect who didn’t have a chance in this world controlled by evil men with advanced technology, who only want to murder me.


Please help me, this is not a joke, I am military.
Tell the people listedpeople to read the hyperlink at the bottom of this post linking Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania and “Snake oil” medicine in The United States of America and Canada, who are working on an asylum deal between the two countries, rendering the Canada-U.S. Safe Third Country Agreement ineffective and further isolating missing children worldwide. I am a missing child since 1964, and the first to fully understand the scope of the problem of missing children worldwide and the sex trafficking of children worldwide.

contact:�Telephone: +41 22 791 2222�E-mail: mediainquiries@who.int
For any email request to a specific officer, please always cc mediainquiries@who.int

Please Cc the following personnel

Fadéla Chaib�Telephone: +41 22 791 3228�Mobile: +41 79 475 5556�E-mail: chaibf@who.int
Margaret Harris�Mobile: +41 79 290 6688�Email: harrism@who.int
Tarik Jasarevic�Telephone: +41227915099�Mobile: +41793676214�Email: jasarevict@who.int
Christian Lindmeier�Telephone: +41 22 791 1948�Mobile: +41 79 500 6552�E-mail: lindmeierch@who.int

I am A Military Communications Specialist reporting gross malpractice of Psychiatrists in North America.
I am a Military Researcher with damning evidence you will agree is absolutely proof that the asylum deal
proposed by The United States of America is to be stopped.


Tiffany Tracy McTaggart, CD
Canadian Armed Forces Military
Identification # D12004878
Social Insurance Number 475 861 977
15 years of Communications Research Experience, Military Occupation Code
COMM RSCH 291 (Privy Council knowledge)
23 of Biblical Research Experience
Specialising in Cults Worldwide

Largest Cult ever exposed

Link to missing children worldwide


There are 8,000,000 missing children worldwide annually

There are 8,000,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide

Standard part of training of Jehovah’s Witnesses is to note if there are toys in the yards of people visited door to door, indicating that the householders have children.


Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania found to be a Secret Society, the largest of its kind, known by insiders simply as “The Society”, a society inside society. The Oval Office and Royal Family are part of The Inner Circle, who want to destroy Christianity and The Bible by means of false Christianity and pseudo-science.

https://meshikhi.org is the ultimate truth, it has negligible statististics despite overwhelming evidence of proof of Christianity and The proof that The Bible narrative is true. The site has been throttled and geo-isolated by Internet Protocol Address, so that only those I have given the address to have actually seen it.

I require emergency medical treatment of antibiotics via iv drip “without unnecessary surgery”, which would kill me in my depleted physical state.

My legal name is Tiffany Tracy McTaggart. My ancestral name was found through etymology to be di Bernardone, I am an ancestress of St. Francis. My Social Insurance Number is 475 861 977. My legal birth name was Daniel Edward McTaggart.

I am a little girl who was born with a birth defect. I had it removed with SRS Surgery in Montreal, Quebec May 22, 2019. Watch Tower are guilty of cleansing Congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses of people with birth defects causing Gender Identity issues. Homosexuality mentioned in The Bible is referring to a lifestyle choice, not problems related to birth defects that cause Gender Identity issues.

Vocal register frequency affects the limbic nucleus in the brain affecting Gender Identity. With the right vocal register frequency, brain-whole body communications is perfected.

Heaven did not know at all, and I was sexually harassed for two years and tortured by Watch Tower for seven more years for no reason. I am a Victim of Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania part of The Synagogue of Satan, mentioned in The Bible at Revelation 2.9 and Revelation 3.9

My Sister Denise Dora McTaggart and Sherilyn Anne-Marie Sleeman McTaggart,are innocent and have demonstrated love with mercy. They are unaware of Cult influence that has created my situation.

Evidence of my heritage, I have tried to balance the information with humour so as not to overwhelm people.



The Society are part of the IOVE CULT, the first letter is “eye”, pronounced /ee/, it is deceiving. In classic Latin it is eeYahWeh. In modern English it is Jove as in Jovian, in Cabala it is IHOH, with the influence of some Roman Colonies it became JHOH.

Overall Cult

Watch Tower Christian Kabbalism and Kabbalistic Judaism EXPOSED

Jovian Details

The Roman Religion II

Etymology of Jehovah and Jesus

The Etymology of Jehovah and Jesus

Deconstructing Hallelujah

Deconstructing Hallelujah (constructed by Hillel – Satan)

The numbers no one wants to believe.
8,000,000 million children missing annually worldwide, 8,000,000 Jehovah’s Witnesses worldwide.

LORD in all capital letters indicates God’s Name from Targum Onkelos, the only True Torah. God’s name is pronounced Ay’ah (spelled Y’aya at Genesis 1:1, it means Sacred Father, abkadush in Ancient Hebrew). The h’s are the silent Hebrew letter ba. The form Y’hayah can be pronounced ay’ah or Y’hayah when describing Him as “ The Living One” or “The One Who lives”.

Sacred Father

The Hebrew word Meshikhi use at Genesis 1:1 that means Ahb, Eastern Dialect of Aramaic Aba, ab and Western Dialect of Aramaic Abba, ab.

Abba, Father indicates obedience because of Eternal Love and Trust.

A child should never fear their father, it is unnatural to do so. Fear and being afraid of Our Father creates an opening for evil leading to sin. Confirmed through Bible Chronology. The incident with Uzzah caused David to fear Our Father, 7 years later he sinned by committing adultery with Bathsheba. Before becoming afraid of Our Father, David was only Lalu, love with mercy. God cannot look upon evil, so saith The Bible. This is why Our Father did not recognise that David was being set up. He also cannot fathom the sick and evil “jokes” of Satan that were done to discredit God. These are revelations in modern times and sacred spirit has sided with me in my estimation of why evil things happen to people and God does not seem to notice. I was tipped off by Paul when he spoke about “the angel of Satan” in The Bible and did a lifelong study of how Satan and The Demons operate. Their feelings are diametrically opposite to natural love, they feel happiness and even physical pleasure at the suffering of others. This is how to recognise evil people, they enjoy watching suffering, love violence and do not laugh at natural humour, their humour is sick and perverted and is always at the expense of others.
Meshikhi are Christians, we believe that Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred. Lalu means Love with Mercy in ancient Hebrew. Evil is hate without mercy. Only when we have Our Father’s sacred spirit are we capable of being Lalu. This is why The Bible says, “Marry only in The Lord”. According to the Bible, some people live a life of good conscience and listen to their conscience, and their conscience is even accusing or excusing them. However, it must be said that Satan and The demons can use anyone without Our Father’s spirit to cause dangerous social situations for people. With no power from Our Father, Satan resorts to using technology he has worked on since the morning of Creation when he was a steward over The Earth. The Garden if Eden was the first manifestation of evil by a created Child of God, before then there was no reason for God to foresee or foreknow anything at all. This is why God is innocent in the account, Satan implied that God “knew good and evil”, a bold faced lie. God does not understand evil, only the cause and effect of it does He understand. Satan utilises the Electromagnetic Spectrum, photons for light, chemical reactions and the portion of The EM Spectrum known as radio. Meshikhi know people are affected by these things, even their speech center, and ignore it totally. Adaptive Artificial Intelligence is triggered by profanity and sexual language. Neither God nor Yeshwah Christ nor any Sacred Angel will ever use profanity or sexual language. This is common knowledge and a part of Meshikhi training. People believe they are talking to God, fighting The Devil and communicating telepathically. This is simply not true. They are triggering adaptive AI technology with haptic capability and in severe cases, virtual reality with haptic response such as is experienced by those who have “alien” abduction experiences. God is spirit NOT energy. God’s spirit is not not discernable physically. Man was created from the dust using incredible power and strength and then given God’s spirit. We are not bioelectrical nor biomagnetic. These are technologies employed to make appear so. The life of humans is in the blood and it is the stopping of blood flowing through the brain that causes the death of living cells, not the ceasing of electrical signals. It is “The Great Trick” of bombarding people with a resonator and tuning fork principle, delivered by technology. When I first saw the Bell Network schematic when applying for work at Bell Canada, the only thing I understood and the only word that came to mind was “resonator”. People are suffering from overexposure to EM radiation and require a month of convalescing away from technology to affect healing. At the same time, chemicals in foods are causing dry oesophagus, dry colon and in women, dry vagina. Chemicals sit in Phlegm in the oesophagus, leading to oesophageal cancer. Anecdotal, a friend used two products in conjunction which were both tested and approved individually as safe, but when combined almost disfigured her for life. I recommended only natural facial products and disaster was averted. Medications that violate the blood/brain barrier are the cause of untold and unnecessary suffering.

People are being irradiated with Electromagnetism and dried out with chemicals. This is a major cause of most immuno diseases and unnecessary removal of tonsils and appendix weaken the body’s natural defenses. It has been proven that magnets placed behind the ears can change mood, also magnets inside ear-pods can do the same thing with electrical impulses from the device travelling through the wire, causing a piezo effect. Both the resonator with tuning fork principle and ear-pods can be used for “mood programming”. The Oval Office is engaged in this activity for religio-political reasons, affecting the mood of the population.

‎אבקדוש in Hebrew means Sacred Father

Αβκαδός are the phonics in Greek for Sacred Father

Abkadush are the phonics in English for Sacred Father in Ancient Hebrew

~Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

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