Middle East Peace

Harmonizing Religions to Achieve Middle East Peace

The Aramaic Solution

by HRH Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire

Dear Prime Minister,

I asked the reigning Queen for help with a Bible revision that would help alleviate tension with the Middle East around October 15, 2019 and nothing was done. Therefore I am exercising my right as legal heiress of William I to take care of it myself, speaking the opening and ending of the Lord’s Prayer as it should be prayed in Aramaic and also written in English. You may talk heart to heart with Jja before saying amen or simply let Him know you need to be in His presence for a while.


The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic

Ab w’n d’ b’Shmaya

Merciful Father in the Heavens Jja

net qadda shmach

Hallowed be Your Name

tee-ete mal-ku-tach

May Your Kingdom come

neh-weh tsarayanic

May Your will be done

ay kannat b’shmayaph bonop

as so in the Heavens, also in the Earth

havalah lahma d’sunkunana ya manah

Give unto us the the bread of our need today

wash-bu-o-qan hau-bayn waha-tym

And forgive us our debt

ay-kana do-phnan sh-bo-qan ahlay-ban

as we have forgiven all who are indebted to us

we-la tah-lan layanes-yu-nah

and do not let us enter into testing,

ela pa-tsan min bi-sha

but deliver us from evil,

me-tul dee-la-khe mal-ku-tah

because Yours is The Kingdom

nu-hay-ee bahan, wah-tesh-buhta

and The Power, and The Glory

l’-ah-lam al-min

never ending, eternal

‘ a:l ‘ ap pé Jshua

In the name of Jshua



This is not merely a model prayer, this is an essential prayer. God already knows what you want and He knows what you need.  That’s why Jshua said, You “must” pray this way. And have confidence that you will have the things that God wants to provide for you.

Let anyone who prays this way be blessed with whatever they need, that people may know that you, whose name is Jja  you alone are Most High over all the Earth and that your Son Jshua, is reigning as King of Your Kingdom, to bring your Creation back to Perfection.

Let the one who is with the Holy One of God be judged as righteous. Jshua is the Holy One of God.


We Thank You O Jja

When we read the Bible, God’s voice is that of a kind, loving Father.

(1 Thessalonians 5:18)


1. We thank you, O Jja, each day and each night, That you shed upon us your precious light.

We thank you that we have the priv’lege of prayer, That we can approach you with ev’ry care.

2. We thank you, O Jja, for your loving Son, Who conquered the world; by his faith he won.

We thank you for guidance in doing your will.

You lovingly help us our vows fulfill.

3. We thank you, our God, for the honor to preach About your great name and the truth to teach.

We thank you that soon all earth’s woes will be past, While your Kingdom blessings forever last.

(See also Ps. 50:14; 95:2; 147:7; Col. 3:15.)

We are thankful to have a God who is infinite in Love, infinite in Wisdom, infinite in Justice and infinite in Power. So much so that we need nothing but what comes from Him. Anything in contradiction to that statement is a Satanic lie, against the truth of God. But you must not have and you must not bow down to, any other God but Jja, not even to Jshua who is the Son of God, or you forfeit this blessing and have to settle for half truths, half miracles, half justice and no mercy, because you end up in the hands of Satan. Honor the Son as you honor the Father, only do not bow down to the Son or pray to Him (John 5:23, Matthew 4:10, Matthew 6:9). This is how you remove Satan from your life and throw him down and live the full life God wants for you. Your Father is only wanting to give you whatever you need and in the future, everlasting life in perfection. Do not believe anything else. And He will love you forever and that is the end of Satan’s influence over this world and that is the sign you have been seeking from God. Because I am bringing you the name of God, Jja and the name of the Son of God, Jshua Meshikha, Jshua the Anointed One. Stop being beggers in the wealthiest Kingdom of all time, the Kingdom of God in the Hands of His Christ, Y’shu. Do not be afraid anymore.

Do not be afraid of anything.

With love,



Harmonizing Middle Eastern and North American Religions Using the Holy Aramaic Scriptures

الله ܐܲܠܵܗܵܐ

Worshipers of Jja (ייא), The Greatest Name of God

Jja is Alaha (God)

Eastern Syriac :
Western Syriac :
Eastern phonetic :
‘ a la: ha: / a ‘ la: ha:


Happening Now

President of the United States notified 2019-10-31 22:00 Eastern

Prime Minister of Canada notified 2019-11-01 9:47am Eastern

Arab League Notified 2019-11-03 6:09am

For immediate release

I have contacted the Muslims via the Arab League about problems in the Bible and the Koran to achieve perfect harmony between the Middle East and North American religions.

Alaha and Allah share the same root word.

Using the Holy Aramaic Scriptures creates harmony of religions between Eastern and Western cultures, while isolating the terrorists.

I notified the President of the United States of this breakthrough as well as other Heads of State.

Queen Elizabeth has been notified about an error in the Bible that contributes to the world conflict with the Muslims The Muslims were notified via Meshikhi.org




Listen as children of Allah.

Although there are Muslims who love Jshua, the Koran itself denies that He is the Son of God. Suras 4:169; 6:101; 19:36: Bible Revelation 18:4, 1 John 2:22

The above cited Koran references and Bible Scriptures reveal that there are references in the Koran that deny the Messiah, God’s means of salvation.

Do not be using this book as long as those passages are in it. The Holy Bible says those passages are anti-Christ, against the Messiah.

You are a beautiful, clean and Godly people, but you have a problem that is astronomical in nature. (Quran 9:31) Matthew 3:17, Matthew 17:5, Mark 1:11,
Mark 9:7, Luke 3:22, Luke 9:35, 2 Peter 1:17

You are worshiping Alaha but you are associated with the terrorists because of the Koran.


Anyone who does not obey Allah at this time will understand why He is the Almighty One.

Those passages are creating anti-Christs, against the Messiah and only satana is against my Messiah says Allah the Almighty and fear inspiring one.


You are now a free people if you accept God’s means of Salvation, Jshua Meshikha and acknowledge Him as the Son of God.

First there was only God, then there was Jshua. That is the truth.

God loves you.

May you be blessed.

We are worshipers of Jja. We would never bow down down to anyone but Alaha as Jshua said Matthew 4:10 Holy Aramaic Scriptures.

The root word for Allah is the same as for Alaha.

We are your brothers and sisters.

Anyway, Allah loves you and has revealed the problem.

Only use the Holy Bible and what is provided on this website for now, And thank Jja Alaha الله ܐܲܠܵܗܵܐ in the name of  Jshua Meshikha, amen. The Holy Bible takes precedence over the Quran.  Imran 3:3,4 / Al-Maidah 5:46,47 / Al-Nisa 4:163 /  Yunus 10:94

Allah has placed life and death before you. He wants you to choose life. This decision is before all creation, you are no exception.

Allah and His Christ will deal with the terrorists for you. Praise Allah, for Salvation has come to the Muslim People this day.

And please forgive those who worship Jshua in error, the Holy Bible has a revision that needs to be done at Psalms 45:6 and Hebrews 1:8 referring to Jshua. The scripture was ambiguous and some thought it was referring to God and this led some to believe that Jshua was God. I have told Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth about it.It was a translation error which triggered the operation of error. The correction is “Thy throne given of God”, referring to Jshua.

Praise Aba

Source Meshikhi.org

2019-11-05 9:25am Fax to Ottawa Citizen newsroom confirmed.

Her Majesty The Queen
Buckingham Palace
London SW1A 1AA

HRH Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire
3424 Albion Road South
Ottawa, Canada K1V 8W4

Your Majesty,

A critical revision to the King James Bible should be instituted. It is from God Himself.

To signify it, I humbly suggest it be named the Queen Elizabeth Version. This will distinguish it from all other versions.

By prayer and your own reading you will be able to understand this scripture which at present triggers the operation of error mentioned at 2 Thessalonians 2:11.

Regarding Hebrews 1:8 it should read as follows:

Hebrews 1:8 But unto the Son he saith, Thy throne given of God is for ever and ever: a sceptre of righteousness is the sceptre of thy kingdom.

Regarding the Messianic Prophecy at Psalms 45:6 It should read as follows:

Psalms 45:6 Thy throne given of God is for ever and ever: the sceptre of thy kingdom is a right sceptre.

The only possible vocalization of the Name of God is Jja, according to Tiffany McTaggart, the foremost authority on this matter. It would be appropriate to address the matter of Our Father’s name in the Bible now that it is known. Jja is to be used.

The name of the Son of God is Jshua. Jshua is translated “Salvation”.

Aramaic ܝܫܘܥ Pronunciation ‘ i: šu a:

The Aramaic confirms no sheva for Jshua.

I have wanted to help people understand the Bible for a very long time and God is merciful and wants to save as many as possible in the time remaining.

Thank you Your Majesty and may God bless you.

Always remember Jja loves you and Jshua Meshikha loves you.


Servant of the Most High God


Jerusalem – A New Identity

To the lovely and faithful people of modern day Jerusalem. You are now under the direction of Jerusalem Above (Heaven).

God loves you, all you have to do is accept His means of Salvation. Jshua Meshikha.

You do not need a million rockets to defend you, only the name of Jja. Your rockets are an embarrasment to the power of Almighty God because you are relying on men and not on God.  Remove your rockets and rely upon Jja and call upon His name in trueness and He will defend you as never before.  The Name of Jja is a strong tower and into it the righteous run.

Stop being afraid.

This is a sign from God for you, only have faith.

May you be blessed

God allowed Jerusalem to be destroyed in 70 C.E. for rejecting His Son and murdering Him.

(Numbers 1:4-16) 4 “And some men should be with YOU, one man to a tribe; each is a head to the house of his fathers. 5 And these are the names of the men who will stand with YOU:

Of Reu′ben, E·li′zur the son of Shed′e·ur;
6 of Sim′e·on, She·lu′mi·el the son of Zu·ri·shad′dai;
7 of Judah, Nah′shon the son of Am·min′a·dab;
8 of Is′sa·char, Ne·than′el the son of Zu′ar;
9 of Zeb′u·lun, E·li′ab the son of He′lon;

10 of the sons of Joseph:

of E′phra·im, E·lish′a·ma the son of Am·mi′hud;
of Ma·nas′seh, Ga·ma′li·el the son of Pe·dah′zur;
11 of Benjamin, Ab′i·dan the son of Gid·e·o′ni;
12 of Dan, A·hi·e′zer the son of Am·mi·shad′dai;
13 of Ash′er, Pa′gi·el the son of Och′ran;
14 of Gad, E·li′a·saph the son of Deu′el;
15 of Naph′ta·li, A·hi′ra the son of E′nan.

16 These are the ones called of the assembly, the chieftains of the tribes of their fathers. They are the heads of the thousands of Israel.”

The Mosaic Law Covenant

The Bible says Messiah is the end of The Law (Romans 10:4). Messianists are not under The Mosaic Law. It was a tutor leading to Messiah. (Galatians 3:24). The Law was nailed to the cross (Colossians 2:14, Colossians 2:16-23) . Once you know this you are not to return to it (Hebrews 6:4-8).


Hashem means “the name” it is a Jewish superstition that God’s name should not be spoken hence “hashem”, the name. God’s personal name is Jja and should always be spoken.  Proven by Tiffany McTaggart. Many Bibles use LORD in capital letters in place of JJHWH and it is usually explained in the preface of the Bible. Example: Psalms 110:1 is a Psalm of David. The LORD said to my Lord. Jshua is David’s Lord spoken of prophetically. The actual reading is “Jja said to my Lord”. There is no God beside Jja and we must only bow down to Jja. We must honour the Son of God the same as the Father but we must not bow down Jshua, He is not God, He is the Son of God. Psalms 45:6 and Hebrews 1:8 trigger the operation of error mentioned in the Bible because they are ambiguous and cause many to believe that Jshua is God.

False Religion

There is no Revelation book in Aramaic, The words of Jshua foretell the prophecy of the end times, Bible time period 1914-2034 C.E. Matthew Chapter 24.

False Religion includes Jewish worship that does not acknowledge J’shu Meshikha (J’shu the Anointed One) as the foretold Messiah.  In modern times this includes The Worldwide Church of God and Herbert Armstrong, the biggest apostate you will ever want to meet, who bombarded people on television every week decades ago, and convinced the evangelicals in the United States and Britain that they are the modern Israel. Hence the millions of rockets around Jerusalem and the thunderous applause when the Prime Minister of Israel addresses the political houses in both nations. Political Israel geographically located in the Middle East on Earth has nothing to do with spiritual Israel (the anointed ones) and  “Jerusalem above” (Heaven) mentioned in the Greek scriptures.

I was anointed by members of the Worldwide Church of God and attacked by Satan directly in the year 1998. Apparently he had big plans for me.  I do know the enemy, Satan, very well.

But I am free of the blood of all men and women on Earth by putting up Meshikhi the original Christian Faith in Aramaic.  God have mercy.