My patience is running out

Get this trash Bible fixed. The Magu of China are kicking everyone’s ass and will destroy the world with their biotechnology and hyperstealth biotechnology. This Bible Game is out of hand.

How we must proceed.

I have sent The United Nations information
about The Bible and The Name of God.

Use the key scriptures already done and the theophoric references in our Bible.

Step by Step we must do the following:

Remove the Hebrew diacritics

Transliterate one letter at a time using the Hebrew Lexilogos Keyboard only

Translate one word at a time using Microsoft Bing Translator

mode/1up?view=theater Copy and paste to Windows Notepad.

Once done, it must be checked for etymology using
Reverso Context Hebrew to English and English to Hebrew.
There are enough Bible Scholars in the world, that there is no excuse not to proceed this way and produce a beautiful work of art that is worthy of having the word Alvahi in it.

Then and only then will I feel comfortable putting
Alvahi in The Bible which has been so heavily romanized.

Any thought that leads to the conclusion that Alvahi
is anything but Love with Mercy, Perfect and Beautiful
must be discarded as refuse.

Watch Tower neither has accurate knowledge nor common sense.

The example is the account with the drunken incest between Lot and his daughters being rationalized and taught to
infants. And so it goes for every other mature subject as
well, and expounded to infants using The Watchtower magazine in even more exquisite detail. They are taught this way, “from the womb”. I cannot tell you how grateful I am that I went to Sunday School and learned about love with mercy and was not raised as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, who do not experience the innocence of childhood.

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