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Which are you, WHO? What “will” you do?

There are top Doctors and Doctors who finished last in their class. Choose your Doctor wisely, if you have a choice in the matter.

Listen to me Doctors. You took an oath. But it is time for an education or you will be branded as unqualified, stupid and unfeeling and uncaring if you do not listen to me. Period. And you will not make “any” money at all anymore. I suggest you start by reading the home page. No more snake medicine will be considered anything but knives and sticks and snake oil. A psychiatrist who was not even vaguely listening to me and taking no accurate notes told me to use “fish oil”. And I found an article, professionally written about it. Please read this now. The psychiatrist did not write down what I told him at all. Gross malpractice.

Fish oil doesn’t work because it can’t work. It can’t work because there are no significant metabolic pathways that omega-3 EFA derivatives influence that could possibly give those supposed “extraordinary” results (see for “Fish Oil Fallacies” report).

The Doctor was daydreaming about his “sabbatical” in Paris, not me, and he mentioned it often.

But despite all that, he was probably wrong, because in Canada Vitamin D is what is good in fish, good to do due to the following truth.

People feel much better in summer than in winter. With sunshine you can get 10,000 units of Vitamin D just from dressing warm in winter and getting outside, that is, if you’re not poor and working in a dingy office with no natural sunlight 5 days a week, you just start feeling better after the weekend and the cycle begins again Monday morning and you pass by a woman outside in sub zero temperatures frozen like a popsicle with freezer burn, outside The Rideau Centre in Ottawa, Canada, hell frozen over with dampness that enters your bones and wind that goes right through you. No problem if you have a $500 North Face wind proof full length parka with radiant lining (a special lining that reflects heat back) and aren’t homeless and begging for money.

But the radiant lining could be licensed, and nice coats could be made, with very little money that has to be paid. But make the coats pretty you stupid asses, so you don’t end up with even more classes.

James Chapter 2 appliies to you, with all your classes and all you do, your just not Christians, is the problem with you.

I did an inspection of Downtown Ottawa, Canada, big ole empty Heritage Buildings and girls on the street at night, who all convict you. Funny the difference, a few little letters, empty and empathy, show your indifference.

James 2 – New World Translation of The Sacred Scriptures, Why you are NOT “really” Christians

1 My brothers, YOU are not holding the faith of our Lord Jesus Christ, our glory, with acts of favoritism, are YOU?

2For, if a man with gold rings on his fingers and in splendid clothing enters into a gathering of YOU, but a poor [man] in filthy clothing also enters,

3yet YOU look with favor upon the one wearing the splendid clothing and say: ‘You take this seat here in a fine place,’ and YOU say to the poor one: ‘You keep standing,’ or: ‘Take that seat there under my footstool,’

4YOU have class distinctions among yourselves and YOU have become judges rendering wicked decisions, is that not so?

5Listen, my beloved brothers. God chose the ones who are poor respecting the world to be rich in faith and heirs of the kingdom, which he promised to those who love him, did he not?

6YOU, though, have dishonored the poor [man]. The rich oppress YOU, and they drag YOU before law courts, do they not?

7They blaspheme the fine name by which YOU were called, do they not?

8If, now, YOU practice carrying out the kingly law according to the scripture: ‘You must love your neighbor as yourself,’ YOU are doing quite well.

9But if YOU continue showing favoritism, YOU are working a sin, for YOU are reproved by the law as transgressors.

10For whoever observes all the Law but makes a false step in one point, he has become an offender against them all.

Fish is a good source of Vitamin D.

Fish store large quantities of vitamin D in their liver and fat tissues, including the fat associated with muscle, and this makes fish an important dietary source of vitamin D. Fish do not synthesize vitamin D and are fully dependent on dietary sources to meet their requirement.

Love with Mercy Mission One

Life is Sacred and Love with Mercy is Sacred

New International Version If one of you says to them, “Go in peace; keep warm and well fed,” but does nothing about their physical needs, what good is it? New Living Translation and you say, “Good-bye and have a good day; stay warm and eat well”—but then you don’t give that person any food or clothing.


Just a name, but significant in meaning.

Your little Sister, who always loved you.

All I ever did was to love God and His Son and to love people.

Because that’s what the Bible told me to do, Follow Yeshwah and be only Lalu.

Tiffany deFernihough, Founder of The Christian Revival, The Meshikhi Faith

Now ALL God’s Children Laugh and Sing

And tell all the Churches, let the bells ring,

Do not fear anything, not one little thing

Even in New York, where Bon Jovi is King

With Love and Mercy, that’s his thing

With Love and Mercy,

And just loves to sing

There’s nothing any one can do, not “who knows who” or buddy boo.
Whatever happens to this creator, I’ll be with people who only love, with mercy.
And so will all my buddy roo’s.
Thank you for your prayers little ones, I love you too, I truly do.
And always remember I’m proud of you.
No one touches my little ones.
I’m like a lioness with her cubs, am I not?
The Lioness of Yudah

You like Power?

A 120Volt device works with a converter if you go to Germany where it’s 220Volts. All that wasted power and all the people’s money, just to make you happy, and you laugh and think it’s funny, but not everyone’s happy. But I made A new battery to take it all away, so boo hoo to you, you can’t legislate me away. I own this land buddy boo not you, so you can rent this land or help people too.

“This” is how you do communications. A simple thing is what it is. No man made noise on the line (QRM).

The electrons flow at the speed of gravity, zero delay because you remove the problems called conversion walls. Stop converting bits to bauds, back and forth, up and down and back and forth, a trillion times for no reason. I defeated ramping altogether by introducing a one second delay at the beginning of songs I recorded. That told me what the problem was. It is my idea, this is being recorded live on zoom, no one can steal it. Period. The speed of gravity is fast enough forever, you do not need to exceed it to try and prove something, the speed of gravity is natural and works in harmony with the Earth, and will not harm a living thing. Einstein knew and I do too. Creation is elegant and natural. God’s thoughts are sophisticated which means intellectually pleasing. Get over the fact of life that T=1, even for God and anything is possible if you do. That’s why when someone repents and has love with mercy, God does not look back because there’s nothing He can do about it anyway. And people have to learn to think in those terms and then you are not wasting a trillion dollars working on trying to change a fact of life that even God cannot change. Theoretical math is fun and you discover things when you do it, but I’d say you might be astounded if you stay grounded in T=1 and make sure all the math agrees with that fact and bing, bang boom, it’s a done deal. That’s the largest car on the road stopping progress.

2005-01-06 · duesy adj.slang.USA. The finest of its kind. The word originated from the shortening of Duesenburg which was the American built limousine of the 1920’s & 1930’s. The largest car on the road in it’s time.

T=1, that’s life, get over it and you will slap yourself silly and whoop and whoop and not be in an endless unreality loop.

To my Beloved Zoom Communications, who helped me to reach my little ones,

The Bible says, let your yes mean yes. When I started, my friends Glen and Rhonda helped me and believed I could do it and invested in me, they are part of what made this possible. You see, Helen is my friend too and she is a smart CEO and speaks the language of business. So much so, She got all the big tech companies in the world to look at it, IBM, PSI, and many more. I promised her half, so she must get half of whatever I can make. I was The President of Inasec and cut the deal, I would have 50% ownership and take care of Glen and Rhonda. It got a little crazy, but I pretended I didn’t notice. I was working on something important and didn’t want it to be compromised, because some people compromise just to make money. A gold Cadillac parked outside at 3am with the lights on in the car and the guy reading my screen from there. And down the street and across the street on another night, it was only natural to notice a light on that wasn’t usually there, and there was a guy with a telescope aimed at the office. And at the coffee shop next door, a high level mathematics guy asking questions as if I didn’t know, because they thought I was stupid, but I never blinked an eye and answered like I knew “not so much.” And then Boeing rented an office next door… I’m security conscious, my military training. In 1995 it was estimated that all the tech companies had spent a trillion dollars, trying to get it to work right. So I knew there were sharks in the water. And not just sharks. It was getting critical, I couldn’t patent it until I demonstrated it and I knew the game. Even if I went ahead with the 6 figure offer, I knew that I could easily taken out once I got into the shareholder game. Then it happened. I started working 18 hour days and the only way I could do it physically was to take taxis back and forth, so I told Helen I needed a bit of money to get me through.

I was on my way to the office in the taxi and I happened to notice some awefully sophisticated radio equipment for a cab (Gandalf in a cab?). I was a Communications Research Specialist in The military and the drivers for Blueline taxi were speaking a Middle Eastern Language. I didn’t panic I just said, ok, here we go, the religio-political big boys are in town. You see the problem. An insecure environment and “Charlie” was everywhere. So I decided to try and tighten security a bit and called a meeting. I let everyone show up before me, and listened outside the door for 10 minutes. In that 10 minutes, ANYONE could steal about 10 million dollars worth of information. So I entered the office and told them about it. Back to Boeing. The young genius programmer Helen had hired was Alain Debuc. I told her we needed a non-disclosure agreement and Alain was signed up on it. We were working together and I enjoyed working with the young man. But he was skeptical, and I needed him to understand things. So I showed him how the nosave tag worked in HTML. And how the lowsrc tag worked with a 1 pixel by one pixel image. And how the whitespace compression worked in Netscape Navigator. I was trying to get him to understand communications so he could program what I wanted him to is the main point. I came up with DANALOG (my name for Digital Analog). Tuesday 11 September 2001 ring a bell? Well, when you have so much money from OIL you could buy and sell every willing sucker for evil on the planet, and you attend the finest technical academys of excellence in the good ole United States of America, things get problematic. And they don’t buy the toys from the spy stores online. You see where I’m going. I said ok 1 + 1 = 2 in my reality. I got Gandalf equipped cabs with Middle Eastern speaking drivers going to every bus station, train, station and the Ottawa Airport. Yep, I figured Canada was on the hit list, or they would fly the friendly skys from Canada into the United States, knowing the exact arrival and departure time of every bus and every train and every plane. Right? Check. (if you know your Star Trek), but it was no joke. I had 9/11 firmly in mind believe me. And I’m no slouch so I wasn’t going let “Charlie” have one binary particle of it. Well… there’s lots more to tell from those two critical years but let’s fast forward a bit, k?

Read this and see if you think it is any cause for concern.

Take the raw code directly off of the Video Camera CCD and send it over The Internet and decode it at the other end, both ways. “That” is elegant. And “that” is intelligent. And “THAT” is “MY IDEA” and you cannot steal it, this is LIVE on ZOOM and RECORDED. September 3, 2022 11:43am Eastern Standard time.

Helen Carter from Inasec must get 50% from this. And if Zoom will take care of Glen and Rhonda, they may have my 50%, for helping me reach my little ones, if they will agree to take care of Glen and Rhonda.

You helped me reach my little ones. When someone demonstrates love for you, it’s only natural to love them back.

Thank you Zoom 😀

11 in Bible numbers as in 11 LOYAL Apostles and 7 means PERFECT in BIBLE NUMBERS.


I wrote it in and this is mine too, but I love people and that’s how I write, I’ve been through terrible times too and I have written about my feelings and how it felt, but in every song I always put a little hope, so I could express myself to people and tell them I know how you feel, and this is how I felt, but sometimes something profound happens. You find yourself expressing something about life that everyone senses and feels but that you have written for the first time it has ever been written. That is pure art.


Time is like a river, it just goes on and on, there’s only one direction, and when it’s gone, it’s gone.

I learned this from the angel stationed above The River Chabar in The Bible who said, “When will the (time of) wonderful things happen?”

Father doesn’t say things in The Bible for nothing. He’s not just talking. But you have to understand how sophisticated His thoughts are and think about them.

Absolute perfection are the thoughts of Our Father. Satan’s thoughts are diametrically opposite and never work. Period. Satan is a moron in that way and the biggest loser at life who has ever existed or ever will exist. This too is a fact of life.

Paul said it. “Without love I’m nothing”.

Satan is nothin’. Don’t worry bout nothin’. You’ll just end up being a deluded, ignorant asshole, boring, stupid, never happy, idiot, and always be hurting someone in some way. No way Jose’ is that not the truth about Hillel. He’s just an ignorant asshole about Father and Yeshwah and that’s all, because I found another truth that is universal and forever and it does not change and it is just the way it is with people who were given free will. Y’hayah is Father and has the right to set a few reasonable boundaries as I have explained on the home page. They are not hard to do, there is no pain or hardship involved and that’s all. His boundaries are for the benefit os ALL His Children and are perfect and make absolute sense and life is full of love, fun, laughter and music and art and everyone is as close as your immediate family is to you now. That is the future and that’s that, Father has promised a lot of beautiful promises and no way is a 5’6″ tall, Cherub gone wrong, going to change that fact of life either. Everything beautiful that Father wants for His Children will happen, it is unchangeable and no way Jose’ will it not happen.

But you must have love with mercy. If you read the book of Mark and are not moved by The Sacrifice of Yeshwah, I suggest you reexamine your life because you are probably with Satan and he has coninced you with his wrong way of doing things that that is just the way it is. It is not the way it is.

Love is natural and if someone demonstrates love for you it is only natural to love them back.

Any other response is unnatural, there is no neutral exchange between love and evil, East never meets west and that’s just the way it is, there is no line because love is diametrically opposite to evil and love is naturally opposed to evil, God loves ALL of His Children but is naturally opposed to the evil things that people do intentionally. If you sin unintentionally, correct the situation yourself and there is no problem. Life goes on normally. Your conscience tells you and you know, but ignore it too much and voila, you’re with buddy boo doing something evil.

Let us laugh together, it’s all good” is a modern saying of Satan. No, it is NOT all good and now you know why things are the way they are.

Yeshwah is diametrically opposite to Satan and demonstrated to the absolute degree how to love people and to serve them. See? That is ministering to people. That is love with mercy and Yeshwah is the finest soldier who ever existed or will ever exist for eternity because He ministered to the ultimate degree and gave His Perfect Life at Calvary to cancel out the sins of Adam and to make it possible for us to have God’s spirit as originally intended. Only the shed blood of Yeshwah removes sin completely and makes this possible. And Faith in The Sacrifice of Yeshwah is the absolute requirement to live forever and that is the truth. Yeshwah was The Perfect example of everything about being a Child of God. He did everything flawlessly, even on The Cross with nails tearing His hands and feet. The person on the cross next to Him looked at Yeshwah and thought, “He doesn’t look like a criminal… He’s not reviling… He’s The Messiah. And He spoke to Yeshwah and said, Remember me in your Kingdom, Lord. Yeshwah looked at Him and said “Truly I tell you today, you will be with me in Paradise. (note the position of that comma and don’t forget it. Yeshwah was about to die and would be in the tomb for exactly 3 days and three nights.

This is the absolute truth, don’t believe the lies of religion and that is all you need to understand about this fact of life also.

An electronic hackable NIGHTMARE “The Internet”, A Woman is Sacred not a hole, fix it now or lose the poll. Children can find anything on The Internet, including Pornography, Violence, Sex, Profanity and Evil as soon soon as they can read. This is OVER. Gamie Ovary! This is WAR. I am WOMAN hear me roar!!!! Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire, Tiffany, Princess of The British Empire WORLDWIDE


Poles, poles, poles, is all I see. Remove each one and plant a tree.

Your new Landlady.

Tiffany, Princess of Lancashire

Tiffany, Queen of The British Empire Worldwide

And I will live anywhere in the British Empire only to make sure of all things, and nowhere else. I guess that’s just me, but a girl gets to choose and that’s that.

The wind blows where it wants to, so saith The Bible and I learned from Yeshwah and I am not comparing myself to Him in any way or saying anything about His Sacrifice or His horrific death, no way Jose’ will I do that. And what I learned is this. Sometimes more is required.

Dysphoria of Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

I am just a woman born with a birth defect. That’s all. I had it removed May 22, 2019 with SRS Surgery. This relieved the dysphoria, but Watch Tower and The Elders of Jehovah’s Witnesses turned my life into a nightmare by sexually harassing me for two years before expelling me from Jehovah’a Witnesses. They call it “tough love”. There is no such thing as “tough love”, only love with mercy.

Watch Tower accused me of being a man dressing as a woman and charged me with “brazen conduct”. They are totally uneducated and immature sexually.

Look at this link about how they view masturbation. They are homophobic.

I would like a lawyer to help me to sue them for every penny they have for publicly humiliating me and sexually harassing me for two years before they “handed me over to Satan for disciplining” as they call it.

High level autism masculinizes the female brain. I also had dysphoria.……/androgen-insensitivity-syndrome/…/researchers-decode-rare…

Mercy is written all over the Bible, but you discarded it as refuse. You do not hear the cry of the lowly one nor do you see their tears. And when they pour their heart out to you, you do not listen to them.

God is love and God is Mercy.

Where there is no mercy, there is no God and no Son of God.

There was no mercy in the back room of that Kingdom Hall.

And you didn’t even bother to look it up, the two links above took less than one minute to find.

I am innocent.

You are guilty as sin Watch Tower.…/

Watch Tower is part of The Synagogue of Satan mentioned at Revelation 2.9 and Revelation 3.9 in The Bible. They are cleansing Congregations of Jehovah’s Witnesses of people with Gender Identity issues. We don’t have the Aryan look they are going for, Nazi North Korea.…/

Tiffany Tracy McTaggart

Vocal Registry Frequency affects the limbic nucleus in the brain and brain/whole body communication. Vocal pitch training is easy and can help you be fully restored. I made the mistake of lowering my vocal registers when I was young, for singing. I wasn’t aware what it would do to me. I believe even Heaven did not know about it and perceived me as a male spiritually. And I am charging them today as well as giving me the validation name Sher S(her) She(r), which caused me untold grief. A woman does not need validation or to be told she is a woman. We just are. Before I knew about my condition, I used Nature’s Way Ginkgold Ginko Biloba to make my birth defect function and had a baby with another woman. I believe Heaven didn’t want anyone to know it was possible. After translating Matthew 27.46 my life became hell on Earth. It can only be translated with Eternal Love for Yeshwah, The Son of David.

Unfortunately for me, my face was kicked in by a gang of men to the point of death in 1978. I was 12 years old. They erased my artistic beauty and dynamic symmetry. I look like myself somewhat as my smile was by preserved by some miracle so that when I smile it lifts the muscular skeletal damage done to my face.

Something less than Yeshwah is here.

With love,

Tiffany deFernihough

Definition of landlady

a woman who is a landlord

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